8 Best Golf Training Aids & Swing Trainers in 2023

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Do you think that your game could benefit from a golf swing trainer? Some of the best golf training aids on the market will give us a basic idea of what we are doing wrong in our swings and how to improve them. Golf swing training aids are not magic tools; you must work with them to become a better player. 

Let’s take a more detailed look at some of the best golf training aids on the market. We were careful to choose a swing training aid for various swing flaws so that you have all the solutions you need for your game. 

Best Golf Training Aids: Our Top Picks

Best Swing Trainer: Lag Shot Golf Swing Trainer
Best For Gaining Distance: SuperSpeed Golf Training System
Best Putting Mat: Perfect Practice Putting Mat
Best For Swing Tempo: Orange Whip
Best Grip Trainer: SKLZ Golf Grip Trainer
Best Impact Bag: SKLZ Smash Bag
Best Slice Fixer: Callaway Swing Easy Swing Trainer
Best Swing Plane Trainer: Eyeline Golf Speed Trap 2.0

Best Swing Trainer

Lag Shot Swing Training Aid

$119.00 $84.83

Golf swing training can get complicated, but Lag Shot has simplified the process with the Lag Shot Golf Swing Trainer. 

  • Helps players get more consistent
  • Includes training videos
  • Can be used with a launch monitor to see speed results
  • The weighting of the club is not perfect for all players
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The Lag Shot Golf Swing Trainer is perfectly weighted to help players create more lag in their golf swing and get more distance overall. This golf swing trainer works on everything from the takeaway to the follow-through. 

With the Lag Shot, you can obtain this model for both men and women golfers, and it comes in a driver and 7 iron loft. One of our favorite things about this trainer is that you can hit golf shots with it. Something like the Orange Whip is a great warm-up tool, but the Lag Shot allows you to hit real shots. 

Best For Gaining Distance

SuperSpeed Golf Swing Training System

$199.99 $145.00

The SuperSpeed Golf Training System is widely regarded as the best training aid to improve swing speed. It will gradually increase the weight of the club you are capable of swinging, giving you more distance and increased potential on the course.

  • Detailed instructions on how to use this to improve speed
  • Pros use the device to gain distance
  • The gradual process won’t put your game out of sync
  • High price
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The SuperSpeed Golf Training System is the best swing trainer for gaining speed. Swing speed will produce a higher ball speed and get you more distance. Professional golfers have been known to use this SuperSpeed system to try and get their drives further down the fairway. 

What we love about the SuperSpeed Golf Training System is that it comes with a program to help you succeed. This is not one of those devices you will put in your hands and not be sure how to use. Instead, the SuperSpeed works as a 6-week program to help you improve your speed by about 8%. 

Best Putting Mat

Perfect Practice Putting Mat

$174.99 $129.90

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is a high-quality mat with ball return capabilities and the ability to work on your stroke when not at the course. 

  • Great quality putting surface
  • Ball return works well
  • Very easy to work on aim and stroke efficiency
  • Comes in several different sizes
  • Great material for a perfect roll
  • Not the best choice for working on feel
  • No ability to change hole locations like other indoor putting greens and mats
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There is no doubt that a putting mat is a great way to improve your putting and give yourself access to the putting green both on and off the course. The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is nearly 10 feet long and has two holes to help you train. 

With this high-quality putting surface, the ball will roll very true, just as it does on the golf course. In addition, the ability for the golf ball to return to the player is really convenient. Players can stay in one place and work on putting for hours. 

Best For Swing Tempo

Orange Whip Full-Sized Golf Swing Trainer Aid


One of the best-selling golf training aids on the market, the Orange Whip is a tool all golfers can benefit from. This swing trainer improves the golfer’s club head speed, increases their flexibility level, and enables golfers to attain a repeatable rhythm and temp.

  • It helps players become better athletes
  • Great feel
  • More consistency on the course
  • Although it comes in several sizes, it is not compact
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The Orange Whip helps players of any swing speed get better tempo, balance, and control in their game. With the Orange Whip, you can work on upper body extension and lower body rotation. This tool is so simple that all you will need to do is swing it. 

Many golfers, professionals included, like to use the Orange Whip to warm up their body for a round of golf. Your range of motion will be significantly improved, and the overall flexibility in your game will only help you succeed long term. 

Best Grip Trainer

SKLZ Golf Grip Trainer


The SKLZ Golf Grip Trainer is one of the most convenient ways to practice your grip for both beginners and advanced players. 

  • Helps golfers create muscle memory
  • Fits inside the golf bag
  • It can be put on almost any golf club
  • Designed for right-handed golfers only
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Golfers worried about their hands’ positioning can use the SKLZ golf grip trainer and attach it to any club in the bag. Many golf grip trainers require you to change out the grip on your golf club completely. Luckily with the SKLZ, that is not the case. 

Simply attach this to your golf club, keep it in the side pocket of your bag and break it out when you are ready to work on the perfect positioning of your hands. 

Best Impact Bag: SKLZ Smash Bag 

Best Impact Bag

SKLZ Smash Bag Golf Swing Trainer

The SKLZ Smash Bag helps golfers feel what impact should be; if you are inconsistent in iron shots, the SKLZ is an excellent option to consider. 

  • One of the only swing trainers to show golfers proper impact
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Visual feedback as well
  • Heavy duty design
  • Won’t fit in the golf bag
  • Will wear out over time
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The SKLZ Smash Bag is an excellent option for players that are inconsistent with their golf swings. Golfers often hit one fat shot followed by a thin shot, which can become frustrating. With the SKLZ Smash Bag, players can impact the smash bag and get the feeling of what proper impact is. 

This can then be translated to the golf course and make it so that you feel like you are hitting the smash bag as you make your way around the course. Many players are surprised at how effective this can be, even for chipping and pitching practice. 

If you have the space, be sure to store your SKLZ Smash Bag indoors. Leaving these outdoors will lose their effect, and they tend to wear down faster. After a practice session in the yard, put the SKLZ Smash Bag in your garage.

Best Slice Fixer

Callaway Swing Easy Golf Swing Trainer Aid

$19.99 $14.99

The Callaway Swing Easy allows players to sharpen their fundamentals and become more consistent in their golf shots. 

  • Fair pricing
  • Can be used for left handed and right handed players
  • Helps golfers stay more connected in their swing
  • Not going to fix every golfer's slice
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The Callaway Swing Easy Swing Trainer is a golf training aid that makes it considerably easier for players to fix a slice. It’s important to remember that slices happen for various reasons, and one training aid may not be the perfect fit.

However, many golfers slice the ball because their bodies and arms work against each other. There are often problems with your arms going one way and your body another. This causes timing problems, and the club face can be left open at impact. 

When wearing the Callaway Swing Easy, this won’t be a concern. Left-handed and right-handed players can put this device on and feel more connected in their swing. This simple and smaller training aid can be stored in the golf bag or even in your pocket. 

Best Swing Plane Trainer

Eyeline Golf Speed Trap 2.0


Eyeline creates golf products that give players more awareness of their game; the Eyeline Speed Trap 2.0 lets players see how their setup, impact, and takeaway will impact their swing plane. 

  • Helps with a variety of swing flaws
  • Makes it easy to see if you are on plane
  • Instant feedback
  • It can cause players to think a lot when first being introduced
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The Eyeline Speed Trap 2.0 is an unbreakable golf swing training system that basically takes the concept of alignment sticks and makes them more useable and easier to understand. With the Eyeline, players can work on impact position, takeaway, setup, alignment, and more. 

We find that when your setup and alignment are exact with the Eyeline Speed Trap 2.0, it becomes considerably easier to get the golf swing on plane. This is a premium golf swing training aid and will work for both new players and better players. 

Having something like this to go back to and check on your basics is a great help. The one thing that worried us about the Eyeline was hitting the bars and causing damage to our clubs or wrists, but when you work with it in person, you can see it is indestructible and easy to work with.

What to consider when buying a golf training aid? 

Now that we have given you some of the best golf training aids on the market, it’s time to narrow down which ones could be the best for your game. Of course, there are some difficult considerations as there are so many golf training aids to choose from. 

Chances are you have already purchased a few; some will work while others don’t. Here are the things that you must keep in mind when buying a golf training aid. 


The price of the golf training aid will range from around $10 to more than $300. If you are not serious about using the training aid and actually work on that part of your game, forget about this purchase. 

More golf training aids sit in the garage than get used. However, the players who use them and incorporate them into their practice routines will significantly change their game. 

Find something within your price range that you feel will help your game. Unlike other equipment purchases in golf, the better golf training aids do not necessarily mean they will be more expensive. 

Area of the Game 

What are the weaknesses of your golf game? All players should track stats and have a general idea of which parts of their golf game need the most help. For some players, it is the swing plane, others chipping, and most putting! 

There is no single golf training aid designed to help all players with the entire game. Instead, you need to pinpoint your issues and find the training aid that matches what you need to work on. 

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Golf training aids have plenty of different features. Some will make it very simple, and you wear the device on your arm, while others can get more complicated and require training videos and steps. 

You know how you are as a player, what works for your mental game, and what doesn’t. Sometimes you will need to keep things simple with something like the Orange Whip that you can just swing. 

Other players know they need more data and an analytical golf swing trainer. We like having a mix of swing training aids that help with more specifics and others that keep things simple. You should have something you use for a warm-up and something else to use on a practice day. 

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Some golf swing training aids will help you get through an issue with a slice or your grip, but then you will never use them again. We like to try and find golf training aids that will last for several years. Think about things you see the best players in the world using and invest in these tools. 

Even if you are currently a high handicapper, you know that as your handicap comes down, you will be able to use the golf swing trainer to improve and become an even better player. 

Golf training aids won’t last forever, but if you can benefit from something for several seasons, it will be well worth the price you pay. 

Man vs. Woman

Men and women are both going to benefit from golf training aids. The great thing about most of these training aids is that they will work for both men and women. Some manufacturers will create products specifically for a woman golfer, but others will simply say the product is designed for everyone. 

Women golfers can benefit greatly from tools that help them hit the ball considerably further. Gaining more club head speed using something like the Orange Whip or the Lag Shot is an excellent idea. 

Righty vs. Lefty 

Right-handed and left-handed golfers need to be conscious of the product they purchase and whether it will work for their game. Left-handed golfers need to ensure that they buy the correct golf training aid, especially regarding things like grip trainers. 

In addition, certain alignment tools only work when standing on one side of the golf ball. 

Alignment Sticks? 

Many golfers consider alignment sticks to be training aids. We like to think of alignment sticks as a training tool. Use this training tool in combination with other golf training aids to help with alignment, swing plane, setup, and more. We recommend having at least two golf alignment sticks with you when you practice. 

SKLZ Golf Alignment Sticks (3 Sticks)
  • Comes with three golf alignment sticks
  • Very durable design 
  • Helps create more consistent alignment
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Do swing speed trainers work? 

A swing speed trainer can work to help get players more swing speed. The faster the swing speed a player can get, the easier it is to get a lot of distance on your shots. Swing speed trainers may require a bit of patience to help develop strength and coordination, but it can be done. 

The key here is to start gradually and work your way up. This is why the SuperSpeed Golf Training Sticks are so good at what they do. You won’t be overwhelmed or as if things are too heavy because the trainers gradually work you to become a stronger player. 


We hope you now feel you can choose the best golf training aids for your game. With so many great options on the market, it would be great to have one of everything. This is not realistic for most golfer’s budgets.

If you have to choose just one or two, think about the Orange Whip, the Lag Shot, or the SuperSpeed Golf Training Sticks. These clubs will give you the technology you need to succeed and do well on the golf course. 

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