5 Best Golf Hitting Mats for Practice at Home in 2023

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A golf hitting mat is essential if you like to practice at home. With the growth and popularity of at-home simulator systems, even more golfers are searching for the best golf mats. We have tested and reviewed some of the best options on the market for golf practice mats in 2023. 

We chose a few options that are good for those on a budget, some for the low handicapper, and a few good choices for durability and longevity. 

Best Golf Hitting Mats: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: GoSports Golf Hitting Mat
Best Premium: Real Feel Heavy Duty Golf Hitting Mat
Budget Pick: Champkey Premium Golf Hitting Mat
Also Great: DuraPRO Premium Commercial Golf Mat
Best Turf Options: GoSports TriTurf XL

Best Overall

GoSports Golf Hitting Mat


The GoSports Golf Hitting Mat is a large mat with lots of room to play, an impressive overall feel, and plenty of durability for the average golfer. 

  • Available in 5'x'4' and 5'x'3'
  • Commercial grade turf that will hold up over time
  • The large size allows you to stand on the mat
  • Non-slip foam padding ensures the mat stays in place
  • Comes with several tee options
  • If you don’t alternate the spot you hit from, deterioration can happen quickly
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02/23/2024 12:15 pm GMT

The GoSports Golf Hitting Mat is the best overall option for golf hitting mats in 2023. This is a commercial-grade design that is going to work quite well for the avid golfer as well as the player looking for a good option for a home golf simulator. 

One of the things we like about the GoSports brand is that they keep your budget in mind while also producing a quality product. The nonslip foam on the bottom of the GoSports Golf Hitting mat helps ensure that the mat is stable and does not slide along the ground. 

Three rubber tees are included with the GoSports Golf Hitting Mat; however, you can insert a wooden tee to get the height you are looking for. 

Best Premium

Real Feel Heavy Duty Golf Hitting Mat


The Real Feel Heavy Duty Golf Hitting Mat is for those that enjoy hitting hundreds, if not thousands of golf balls; this mat is incredibly easy on wrists and elbows. 

  • 5'x4' size mat
  • Feels realistic
  • Can use a wooden tee without any trouble
  • Much easier on the hands and wrists
  • Considerably more expensive than other mats on the market
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02/24/2024 03:55 am GMT

The difference between the value golf practice mats and the premium models is typically how the mat feels and performs when you hit down and through the golf ball. When playing with the Real Feel Heavy Duty mats, you will notice that it is really no different than being on the golf course. 

Players will quickly find that those with knee and wrist injuries will have no trouble getting in plenty of practice time on the Real Feel Heavy Duty. Perhaps our favorite feature is the ability to put a tee into the mat. This makes it genuinely like practicing as you would on the driving range. 

Budget Pick

Champkey Premium Golf Hitting Mat


The Champkey Premium Synthetic Golf Hitting Mat simulates a natural feel and has impressive nonslip performance and resistance to wear and tear. 

  • 3 sizes (8.5"x17", 13"x17", 16"x25")
  • Premium hitting surface
  • It comes with rubber and plastic tees
  • Portable design
  • The smaller size is difficult to get used to
  • Not an excellent choice for a golf simulator
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02/23/2024 02:50 pm GMT

The Champkey Premium Hitting Mat is not a full-sized golf mat, which kept it out of our top spot. However, for the price that it is offered and the performance that you can get, the Champkey Premium Hitting Mat is well worth it. Although this mat is available in two sizes, the medium is the better option. 

With the Champkey Premium Synthetic, you will feel like you are hitting from a natural grass surface; you just have to find a level hitting surface to stand on. The package comes with a rubber tee and some plastic tees that you can use in combination with the mat. 

This is a perfect golf mat if you are starting to rip up the turf in your backyard or just trying to get some practice time in. The Champkey products make the game more affordable but still allow players to get their golf fix. 

Also Great

DuraPRO Premium Commercial Golf Mat


The DuraPRO Premium is a 5'x3' size mat with club shock, several tee positions, and UV Sun Protection. This golf hitting mat offers tremendous value. 

  • Commercial-grade feel and construction
  • High-quality and durable material
  • On the smaller end at 5'x3'
  • Not quite as thick as other mats could develop some fatigue if used often
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02/24/2024 05:45 am GMT

The DuraPRO Premium is a durable nylon mat with 3D turf fibers and very dense turf material. One of the things that helps the DuraPRO Premium stand out is the all-weather resistance. This mat has a special UV protection that will help you get up to eight years of outdoor use without seeing any deterioration from the sun. 

When hitting shots off the DuraPRO Premium, you will notice that the mat has an authentic grass-like feel. Although you won’t take a divot, it feels as though you can because of the cushioning under the mat. 

For those new to the game and want to increase the amount of time they spend practicing, the DuraPRO Premium is a great option to consider. Players will be impressed with the golf tray and rubber tees that come with the golf hitting mat. 

Best Turf Options

GoSports TriTurf XL Golf Mat


Not all lies are in the fairway and the GoSports TriTurf XL lets you practice any type of shot from any kind of turf for a fair price. 

  • Good quality golf hitting mat for any player type
  • Backyard or indoor training capabilities
  • Three different types of turf to hit from
  • Fair pricing
  • 24"x24" size
  • It would be nice if it came with a standard turf area to stand on
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02/24/2024 12:05 am GMT

Golfers genuinely working on game improvement need to learn to hit golf balls out of a variety of turf. Hitting a shot from the fairway and the next from the rough will feel different and impact the overall ball flight and results. Golfers that want to experience this off the golf course should consider the GoSports TriTurf XL. 

With the TriTurf XL, you can get involved with the backyard or indoor training that will feel more like the golf course. Although this is not a golf practice mat you can stand on and hit from, it is not incredibly high, so placing it on a flat surface should work quite well for you. 

What To Consider When Choosing A Golf Hitting Mat

When purchasing a golf hitting mat, it is essential to consider a few of the key features and characteristics of the map. Not all golf practice mats are created equal, and you could spend a large sum of money on something that doesn’t have the performance you need for your game.

Here are some of the most critical components and features to remember. 


The size of the mat is key. If you want a higher quality golf hitting mat, it must be large enough to stand on while you are hitting. This is typically a 5 x 4 size. The smaller mats are more like an area where you can hit a ball, but there is no place to stand. 

The problem with the hitting pads or smaller mats is that sometimes they will slide around more easily, and they can be a little uneven at times from the position of your feet. These smaller mats are a good value and help keep your grass intact; keep this in mind if you struggle with tearing up your lawn. 

Tee Options

Depending on the type and quality of the mat you purchase, there will be several different tee options. Golfers may find that the mat most commonly comes with a rubber tee, sometimes a few of them at different heights. 

However, some mats allow you to put a wooden tee in and customize the size. This is the best overall choice because you can get this to be more like it is on the golf course. 

A premium golf mat may allow you to put a tee in without needing to place it in a rubber holder. This is impressive, considering you won’t have any restriction or friction from the rubber tee holding the driver back. This, of course, comes at a higher cost. 

Lefty vs. Righty 

Golf mats can typically be used for both right-handed and left-handed golfers. However, it is a good idea to check if a golf mat has a built-in tray and whether or not it can be attached to the other side for the lefty player. 

Regardless of the side of the golf ball you stand on, you must make sure to rotate your golf mat from time to time. An option with locations for tees around all edges of the mat is truly the best. When you can rotate your golf practice mat, expect to get much more longevity. 


The thickness of the mat is another significant consideration. Players that don’t choose a thick enough mat will often experience some trouble with fatigue in their hands. This is unfortunate, but if you hit behind the ball and are playing on a thinner mat, the chance of injury is relatively high. 

Instead, look for a mat with foam under the turf layer and something that says it is a bit more of a natural feel. 

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FAQs about Golf Hitting Mats

Purchasing a golf hitting mat means you are ready to take your game to the next level. However, it is worth putting in the research before buying to get a golf mat that will last for years. Here are a few things you may want to know before you complete your purchase. 

What size should my golf hitting mat be? 

If you can afford the 5’x4’ golf hitting mat, it tends to be the best overall choice. There is plenty of room to move around, and this mat will also work for a golf simulator setup. Golfers will need to consider whether they want to stand at the same level as the golf ball or set something up so that it is as close as possible; the smaller hitting mats may take a bit more manipulation to get them just right. 

Are golf practice mats worth it? 

A golf practice mat is worth having at your home. Not only will you save your turf, but you will also make it that much easier to work on your golf game daily. Golf practice mats help players who want to increase their overall practice time without committing to going back to the golf course. In addition, golf practice mats help complete the perfect golf simulator set up in your home. 

Can you use golf practice mats outdoors? 

Golf hitting mats can be used indoors and outdoors; however, it makes sense to protect your outdoor mat in some way. Most of these mats do not have UV protection built-in, and they will fade and deteriorate. In addition, rain and freezing weather can damage the turf. Simply bring your golf practice mats indoors after using them, and you will notice they will last considerably longer. 


We hope you now feel ready to choose a golf hitting mat for your needs. There are some great options, but the GoSports golf hitting mat is our favorite choice.

Those on a budget may like the DuraPro Premium or the Champkey Premium as they both offer good functionality for the price. Find a mat that you feel comfortable on, does not cause fatigue or injury, and ultimately leads to you wanting to practice golf more often. 

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