Cobra LTDx Max Driver Review

cobra ltdx max driver

The Cobra LTDx Max driver is targeted at golfers who fight a slice and need help finding the fairway. It’s COBRA most forgiving driver in the LTDx lineup. I took this much-talked-about driver out for a spin to see if it truly lives up to the buzz.

Here’s what I found out.

Key Takeaway

The Cobra LTDx Max Driver shines as a true game-improvement, slice fighter. It’s a top pick for beginners, seniors, and mid-to-high handicappers who prefer a lighter club and prioritize forgiveness.

Highly Recommended
Cobra LTDx Max Driver
  • High forgiveness, high launch and draw-bias
  • Adjustable rear and heel weights and loft plus or minus 1.5°
  • Stylish, broad-appeal design.
  • Draw bias may not be for everyone
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Cobra LTDx Max Driver Tech and Features

cobra ltdx max driver face on

The Cobra LTDx Max is Cobra’s forgiving, draw-bias model in the three-driver LTDx lineup, specifically designed as a slice fighter. The clubhead is on the lighter side, which may appeal to golfers with slower swing speeds.

Here’s the scoop on its standout features:

  • Weights: The LTDx Max comes with two adjustable weights, a heavier 10g and a lighter 3g. By default, the 10g weight is in the back, which helps provide more forgiveness. The 3g weight is in the heel, which helps promote a draw. You can swap these around by putting the 10g weight in the heel if you need a lot of help fighting a consistent slice. 
  • H.O.T Face Technology: Cobra has designed the face with 15 distinct zones, essentially optimizing the sweet spot across the face. Cobra claims that this helps distribute the sweet spot across the clubface, which would help with off-center strikes. 
  • PWR-COR Technology: Cobra has added a 19g weight towards the front of the driver face. What it does is offer ball speed and forgiveness on low strikes and keep the spin low. 
  • CNC Milled Infinity Face: This is a new technology this year that broadens the effective hitting area, ensuring that your ball gets a solid connection. Plus, the combination of lightweight titanium and carbon makes for efficient ball speed and a modern, sleek look.
  • Adjustability: Beyond the weights, the adjustable loft settings let you adjust the loft plus or minus 1.5°. 

It’s clear that Cobra is a top manufacturer and is pushing the latest innovations and technology. You can be certain that they’re a top brand.

Cobra LTDx Driver Lineup

cobra ltdx max driver headcover

Cobra unveils its three-model lineup under the LTDx banner, each tailored for specific golfing needs:

  1. Cobra LTDx: A well-rounded choice suitable for most golfers, combining both forgiveness and performance.
  2. Cobra LTDx LS (Low Spin): Ideal for better players with faster swing speeds, this one focuses on minimizing spin for better distance and control.
  3. Cobra LTDx Max: This one’s the real hero for those battling slices. Designed for maximum forgiveness and a draw bias, it’s a godsend for golfers aiming for better consistency.


Here’s a closer look at the specs of the Cobra LTDx Max Driver:

  • Lofts: Options include 9°, 10.5°, and 12°.
  • Adjustable hosel: Absolutely, it provides a wide range of tweaks, letting you adjust the loft up or down by 1.5° based on your play style and the course’s demands.
  • Weights: The driver comes with two adjustable weights: a heftier 10g and a lighter 3g. You can place the 10g weight at the back for a neutral-to-draw ball flight or in the heel for a pronounced draw bias.

Testing the Cobra LTDx Max Driver

I took the Cobra LTDx Max Driver for a thorough test drive to see if it lived up to the hype. Over two weeks, I hit the range four times, played 9 holes, and even compared it side-by-side with my Ping G430 Max.

Let’s dive into my findings.


Here’s the deal: for players, especially those with slower swing speeds, this driver could be a distance booster. But this driver isn’t designed for distance. It’s designed for forgiveness. It didn’t seem to go any further than my Ping G430 Max, but I’m a faster swinger so that could be the reason. Either way, it wasn’t very noticeable.

If raw distance is your only goal, the LTDx lineup has other stars, like the LS (low spin) model. But for those who need some forgiveness with decent yardage, the LTDx MAX is a solid pick.

Rating: A-


Hitting with the Cobra LTDx Max, one word kept coming to mind: forgiveness. Out of Cobra’s offerings, the LTDx Max felt like a true ally, especially when my shots weren’t perfect.

My natural miss is either a slice or a wicked pull. I go both ways with it, so when testing this driver, it certainly helped fight my slice. However, it was detrimental when I really got in front of it and pulled the ball. The draw-bias turned a pull down the left rough into a duck hook out of bounds.

It’s clear that this driver is forgiving but definitely designed for those who have a consistent slice. Not a golfer who misses both left and right. If that’s you, you may consider the standard LTDx, which is forgiving but without the draw-bias.

Rating: A


The LTDx Max is not designed for golfers who want to work the ball both left and right. It’s a true swing correction club that fights a slice. I wasn’t able to get it to work both ways on demand. Sure, my ball flight was all over the place but that was not intended!

If you are looking for a workable club, the LTDx LS model is better suited for that.

Rating: B+


cobra ltdx max driver top down

When I first saw the Cobra LTDx Max, I wasn’t sure what to think. The design felt a bit busy, but the more I looked at it, the more it grew on me.

Those of you who read my other reviews know I’m a big fan of the matte finish. Glossy, reflecting finishes are too distracting for me.

It comes in two color schemes: blue with red and black paired with gold. Both options are bold and make a statement. 

The ribbed patterns on top are an interesting touch; I liked that they helped with alignment. This is definitely a personal taste. You either like it or don’t.

On the bottom side, its gold weights and striking graphics make it stand out. Yet, it’s not in-your-face loud. It’s bold but in a tasteful way.

cobra ltdx max driver bottom view

Rating: A

Sound & Feel

The sound? Spot on. It’s the kind of satisfying sound you want to hear when you’ve hit a solid drive down the fairway.

And the feel? Even better.

I’ve got to hand it to Cobra; they’ve struck the right balance in the sound and feel department with the LTDx Max. It’s that kind of driver that makes you want to take just “one more swing” every time.

Rating: A

Who is the Cobra LTDx Max For?

Here’s who should consider the Cobra LTDx Max.

Ideal For: If you’re a beginner, senior, or mid-to-high handicap golfer who has a consistent slice, the LTDx Max might be your best friend. 

Might Not Suit: This is not targeted at better golfers or those who do NOT slice the ball. The draw-bias can do more harm than good for some golfers. Also not good for those who want to work the ball both left and right.

Bottom Line

The Cobra LTDx Max is a great driver for the target audience I described above. It’s also an older generation that’s still relevant today, so you can save quite a bit of money on either a new or used one. Many average golfers that this is aimed at won’t notice the difference between this year’s and last year’s model.

If you meet those conditions, I highly recommend you give this driver a chance.

My #1 recommendation is to try before you buy. Check it out at your nearby golf shop or give Global Golf’s Utry trial program a shot. You can test clubs out for 14 days. I’ve used it and think it’s great.

Highly Recommended
Cobra LTDx Max Driver
  • High forgiveness, high launch and draw-bias
  • Adjustable rear and heel weights and loft plus or minus 1.5°
  • Stylish, broad-appeal design.
  • Draw bias may not be for everyone
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