9 Best Golf Gloves in 2021

When you’re out on the course, the last thing you want to do is yell “Fore!” not because your ball is heading towards another group but because your club is. You have to make sure you have a solid grip on your clubs at all times to give you a more confident swing. While it isn’t a necessity, there’s a reason almost every professional golfer wears a golf glove. Golf gloves are meant to provide you with more traction when you’re gripping your club. Even if you just recently put new grips on your clubs, you still want to be certain it won’t go flying out of your hand when you’re taking a hack at a ball in the rough. Plus, you don’t want to hold any tension in your hands and forearms as you’re swinging, which can occur if you’re swinging without a glove on.

If you’re someone just starting out playing the game or want to make some changes to see some better results, there are some important facts you need to know about golf gloves. How are you supposed to know which golf glove is right for you if most of them look the same to most people? We’ve done a deep dive into all things golf gloves to help you find one that matches your game the best. Take a look at our picks for the best golf gloves, and keep your hands on your clubs at all times. 

Best Golf Gloves: Our Top Picks

If you want our recommendations right away, here they are. Read further for the full list and individual reviews.

Features That Matter

Ultimately, you just want to know what you should be looking for in a golf glove.


For starters, you definitely want something that’s going to feel comfortable on your hand. If you’re taking at least 100 swings a day (practice and real shots), you’re not going to want something that will cause blisters to form on your hand. Your glove will certainly start to wear over time, but you don’t want to have to buy multiple gloves each year. Generally, gloves are made from Cabretta leather, which comes from sheep. You’ll find the most comfortable ones are made from 100% Cabretta leather.


Another aspect of the glove that you want to know is your size. This takes some trying gloves on for you to know but, unfortunately, until you do, you won’t know the best fit for your hands. You can read guides of how certain gloves fit and guess how they might feel on your hands. But until you actually have it on, you won’t know for certain. Most gloves will allow you to put it on and then strap it closed to give you the ability to leave it as tight or loose as you want. 


The amount of grip on the glove is obviously a huge factor in purchasing the right one. Like the FootJoy option we mentioned above, some have reinforced palms and thumb areas for more grip. The glove’s entire purpose is to provide yourself with more grip, so any that possibly don’t feel as effective aren’t worth your time. You want to make sure that you are confident it won’t slide out of your hand when you go to hold your club. If you’re taking a practice swing and the glove feels bunched up or baggy, it isn’t the right glove for you.

Best Golf Gloves in 2021

1. Titleist Players Men’s Golf Glove 

Best Overall Golf Glove
Titleist Players Men's Golf Glove
  • Ultra-thin, for maximum feel and lasting performance
  • Premium, quality fit means a seamless connection to your club
  • Utilizes proprietary breathable fabric for comfort and support
  • Satin reinforcement at cuff and thumb for strength and durability
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As we mentioned above, this will feel like a seamless transition from your hand to the club. Some people don’t like the feeling of wearing a glove, even if it protects their hands and keeps their grip on the club, which makes this the perfect glove. It will last a long time because it is properly reinforced in areas that matter.

Notable Features:

  • Options for left-handed and right-handed orientation as well as ones to be worn on the left hand
  • Sizing goes up to cadet X-large and XX-large in regular
  • Satin reinforcement at cuff for longer-lasting use
  • Made from the finest Cabretta leather
Pros:For as soft as this glove is, the durability should not be understated. The reinforcements at the cuff and the thumb provide strength, even on shots where you’re breaking your wrists. It is also very breathable, allowing you not to swap out gloves mid-round because of sweat. Not for nothing, but this is an extremely sleek-looking glove. The closure tab is black and looks great against the white glove. 
Cons: You really won’t find a con, as long as you have the proper size for your hand. There’s a reason we’ve picked it as the best overall.

2. Vice Golf Men’s Pure Golf Glove 

Vice Golf Men's Pure Golf Glove

This is another top-notch selection, as the comfort is very impressive. Made from pure lamb leather, it feels incredibly soft, meaning it slides on and off without any hassle. This is a classic-looking glove with perforated holes at the fingers to help them remain cool, even on the hottest of days. It only comes in left-handed orientation, which can be troublesome for lefty golfers, and it also does not come in cadet sizes.

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The soft feel of this glove is really pleasing, especially for those who may have softer hands. Made from pure lamb leather, this feels incredibly supple and, from your wrist to your fingertips, you’ll experience comfort. This is a classic-looking glove that is sure to impress even the golfers who are particular about the brands that they buy.

Notable Features:

  • Antarctic White color really sticks out.
  • This keeps your hand clean and cool for an entire round.
  • The 100% other fibers make it more durable than other gloves.
  • Many perforations to keep your hand cooler
Pros:Vice offers quality options for competitive prices for a company that has been around for less than a decade. This is a well-made glove that will last you for a while. You should be able to play an entire season of golf in this glove, thanks to the lamb leather maintaining its shape and softness. It will feel sensitive, no matter how many times you’ve used it. The Velcro strap allows you to adjust it to your size.
Cons: The sizing is limited, as it is not offered in cadet sizes or even a regular small size. They only offer gloves to be worn on your left hand. If you happen to have a larger hand than an X-large, this isn’t the glove for you. 

3. FootJoy Men’s WeatherSof Golf Gloves, Pack of 2 

Best Value Golf Gloves
FootJoy Men's WeatherSof Golf Gloves, Pack of 2 (White)

You should always have a spare glove on hand, so this pack of two gloves makes all the sense in the world. You’ll definitely want multiple gloves if you’re playing on a rainy day because your hand should always feel dry. These gloves come in any size, cadet or regular, and are available in both right- and left-handed options. We loved the advanced performance leather in the thumb and palm for increased durability and grip. You may want to go to a store and try on FootJoy gloves first, as some people have had instances where they ran large on them.

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10/09/2021 12:45 pm GMT

Like we mentioned above, this is the best value you are going to find when it comes to buying golf gloves. You get two very good gloves for the price of one. This pack focuses on key stress areas and has improved patches on the thumb and palm. They both feature a soft PowerNet mesh across the knuckles for comfort and flexibility.

Notable Features

  • Come in all sizes in both regular and cadet
  • Options for left-handed and right-handed players
  • FiberSof material enhances the fit and feel
  • ComforTab Closure will adjust to your hand for a more preferred fit.
Pros:The two gloves for the price of one is the major selling point of this option. They both feature Advanced Performance Leather thumb and palm patches for more durable and long-lasting usage. This does a tremendous job of being comfortable and fitting snugly where it matters. You won’t feel any bagginess and, while they are not the most expensive gloves, you will get two of them to make up for that.
Cons: They are not as sweat-resistant as other pairs. These will dry quickly but may not stay white for long, especially if your grips are black. 

4. FootJoy Men’s StaSoft Golf Glove 

FootJoy Men's StaSof Golf Glove (White)
  • SOFT FEEL - Exclusive to FJ, Taction3 Advanced Performance Leather, by Pittards of England, is designed to optimize and retain its softness longer.
  • SECURE CLOSURE - Proprietary 3-Directional ComforTab closure is strategically positioned for a precise fit and stress-free comfort.
  • PRECISION FIT - Tailored construction and precise placement of moisture-wicking elastics improve fit consistency and overall comfort.
  • ALL-CLIMATE GRIP - APL Leather maximizes water and perspiration while providing exceptional grip performance and durability.
  • MOISTURE CONTROL - Strategically placed perforations and Power Net mesh improves breathability and flexibility.
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10/09/2021 12:46 pm GMT

You won’t find a softer glove on the market, thanks to the incredible design. Only FootJoy has Taction3 Advanced Performance Leather, made by Pittards of England, to optimize and retain the softness and delicate touch longer. This is built to last but, not only is it made for the long haul, it will continue to feel like the day you bought it. 

Notable Features:

  • Available in sizes up to XX-large for cadet and 3X-large in regular
  • 3-Directional ComforTab closure that will adjust to your hand
  • Moisture-wicking elastics are strategically placed
  • Provides stress-free comfort
Pros:The APL leather for the glove allows it to be used in any climate. This minimizes water and perspiration while still providing a strong grip performance. Basically, even if you sweat or are playing in the rain, this will continue to grip. There are perforations, and the PowerNet mesh improves breathability and flexibility. Your glove won’t feel stiff, especially after multiple wears.
Cons: These come in white only and, unlike a few FootJoy models, do not have a ball marker on the tab, which allows you to mark your ball on the green. After many uses, these can begin to wear in certain areas, especially the palm.

5. FootJoy Men’s Pure Touch Limited Golf Gloves 

FootJoy Men's Pure Touch Limited Golf Gloves

For those who prefer a thin type of glove, this is a terrific option. It feels like there isn’t even a glove on your hand when you’re swinging.

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10/09/2021 12:46 pm GMT

For those who prefer a thin type of glove, this is a terrific option. It feels like there isn’t even a glove on your hand when you’re swinging. Yet, for a thinner glove, it’s durable. Whether you choose a cadet or regular size glove, it will form to your hand to provide you with a close fit. It doesn’t take a few wears to feel the effects of this glove. It will feel like you’ve been wearing it for years the first time you put it on.

Notable Features:

  • Great for left-handed or right-handed players
  • Goes up to cadet X-large and regular XX-large
  • Weighs only 0.022 pounds
  • Flexible in all the right areas
Pros:Exclusivity is a very chic part of this glove. Because of the unique leather specifications, this is only available in certain places. There are extended perforations up each finger to provide more breathability. This will make the glove feel more flexible as you wear it longer. The supple feel is one that won’t go away over time.
Cons: Like the previous options, it is only available in white. Some users have complained that the palm wore early on their gloves.

6. Callaway Golf 2020 Tour Authentic Glove 

Callaway Golf 2020 Tour Authentic Glove (Left Hand, Men's Cadet, Large)
  • Premium Cabretta Leather infused with Griptac - The Fit and Feel of a second skin fused with optimal grip performance.
  • 20% increase in tackiness
  • Engineered Perforations - Moisture Reduction & Increased Breathability
  • Opti Fit Perforated Adjustable Closure - Secure Fit and Breathable
  • Opti Dry Cuff - Quick dry technology and Moisture Wicking Properties
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You’ll see the efforts made on the glove itself to keep the club in your hands. There is a 20% increase in tackiness that is noticeable the first time you pick up a club. The perforations are strategically placed on the glove to better maximize the breathability of the glove. For anyone playing golf when it’s extremely hot outside, this is a great option, as it’s not easy to sweat through.

Notable Features:

  • Premium Cabretta leather infused with Griptac
  • Options for left-handed and right-handed swingers, as well as one that is just meant to be worn on the left hand
  • You can choose between men’s gloves and women’s gloves in this listing, and you can get regular or cadet in men’s
  • Opti Fit perforated adjustable closure
Pros:Something that really sets this glove apart is the cuff. It is made with quick-dry technology and possesses moisture-wicking properties. This is made for people who sweat. Callaway has taken steps to reduce moisture and increase breathability. Even the closure tab has holes for more air to circulate. It is also a smart choice for people in between sizes, as it is offered in a medium/large in both cadet and regular iterations. 
Cons: The color options are limited to white, and this is optimal for more slender hands. If you have a wider hand, even the cadet can run small.

7. TaylorMade Tour Preferred Glove 

TaylorMade Tour Preferred Glove
  • Preferred by the world's best
  • Durable AAA cabretta leather
  • Ultra-thin construction for superior feel: made from the highest quality AAA cabretta soft Tech leather to ensure an exceptional grip with a comfortable feel
  • Superior fit: contoured fit wrist band with moisture wicking
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This option is also made for those who enjoy thinner gloves. Made from premium Cabretta leather, it is a durable AAA that really impresses. For the thinner makeup of the glove, it still feels really strong and built to last. You’ll also enjoy how soft it is from the get-go.

Notable Features:

  • Contoured fit wrist cuff that wicks moisture away as you play
  • Available in cadet sizing up to X-large and regular sizing up to XX-large
  • Fit tab is stretchable to fit your hand better
  • Antimicrobial
Pros:This is an extremely comfortable glove that allows you to flex your hand hundreds of times without it feeling like it’s stretching. This is another tremendous value, as it is not as expensive as other options. It breathes well and can wick away moisture, especially around the wrist. 
Cons: You won’t find any color variety other than white. It is particularly snug if you happen to not properly choose the right size, so you have to make sure you have the correct option for your hand.

8. Mizuno 2020 Elite Golf Glove 

Mizuno Elite Golf Glove
  • Fitbridge: this allows for a contoured fit from the palm to the back of the hand.
  • Professional grade cabretta leather palm: top quality leather that's noted for its soft feel and incredible comfort.
  • Flex mesh: flexibility and breathability are achieved with the addition of flex mesh.
  • Double STITCH thumb: The double stitching pattern on the thumb provides a secure fit.
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10/09/2021 12:46 pm GMT

In terms of performance, fit, and grip, this one checks all the boxes. You’ll be impressed at how well this fits, thanks to the Fitbridge feature. It’s comfortable, soft, and made for the long haul. But at the same time, it’s breathable, especially in the fingers. The hook and loop closure tab deliver a customizable fit. You also won’t complain about the price, as it is one of the best values on the market. 

Notable Features:

  • Professional grade Cabretta leather
  • Flex mesh on the fingers
  • Fits for left-handed and right-handed golfers
  • Cadet sizes from small to X-large and regular sizes from small to XX-large
Pros:This is another glove that takes into consideration if you have a hand that’s between sizes. You can get a medium/large glove in both cadet and regular sizing. It will deliver a contoured fit from the palm to the back of the hand. Not only are there perforations on the fingers, but the flex mesh makes it as adaptable as any glove. The thumb is double stitched to provide a more secure fit than other gloves. The white and black design is chic.
Cons: The Velcro closure tab can lose its stickiness after some time. For the price, you won’t find much to complain about.

9. BIONIC Gloves – Men’s StableGrip Golf Glove 

BIONIC StableGrip Golf Glove

This premium golf glove, made of genuine leather, boasts an additional pad on the palm for extra support and lifespan. This pad offers twice the amount of strength in one of the most common places where other golf gloves break down.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
10/09/2021 12:46 pm GMT

There are plenty of people who don’t like a glove to feel extremely thin. This is the glove for them. The padding on this is made to be aware that you’re wearing a glove, which isn’t a bad thing. It will prevent finger fatigue and increase grip, thanks to the patented anatomical pad relief system. If you have any hand ailment, you’ll enjoy the feeling of this glove.

Notable Features:

  • Double padded palm for increased durability
  • Pre-rotated finger design follows the curvature of your hand
  • Lycra between the fingers for moisture-wicking purposes
  • Mostly cadet sizes
Pros:The Lycra in the fingers and motion zones’ webbing will help stop sweat from running down your hands, keeping the grip more stable. This glove is machine washable, which helps it last a long time. Even if it’s sweaty and smells, you can wash it and make it feel like new again. People who tend to grip the club harder than they should appreciate the added relief pad system. It will displace your pressure throughout your hand, so it’s not all focusing on the club. It feels like a second skin, thanks to the terrycloth interior and strong strap that adjusts to your hand. 
Cons: This is mostly offered in cadet sizes, so if you have narrower fingers and a narrower palm, this may not be the glove for you. It also only comes in white, and you’ll find it under a different listing if you wear a glove on your right hand. 

Buyer’s Tips

While searching for the right golf glove, you should seek out a sizing chart. Each glove that you consider should have a guide to show you, and you’ll be able to base your guess of the fit off of that. It’s always important to read reviews of gloves and see how users feel about the fit. You want to be able to close your fist rather easily since you’ll be wrapping it around the club. 

Gloves can range anywhere between $15 to $40 typically. Some packs may cost more, but you’re getting more than one in those. You shouldn’t be spending less than $15 because that glove is likely made from cheaper material and won’t last you even more than a few rounds. It makes sense to spend money on a nicer glove because even if you are picking up the game or have a high handicap, keeping your hands from hurting is a priority. It’ll make you want to come back and play again.

Cadet Gloves vs. Regular Gloves

During your research, you may have seen, in the sizing portions of write-ups, a reference to cadet gloves. A cadet glove is better for those who have shorter fingers. It makes the most sense for those who may have wider hands than longer fingers. These have wider palms than regular size gloves. Cadet gloves typically come in the same sizes as regular gloves, so you should be able to find them if they would be a better fit for your game. Cadet gloves aren’t an option in women’s gloves, as those typically run in sizes small, medium, large, or extra-large.

Do golf gloves help?

There really is no question that golf gloves will help you. They are meant to keep your hands and forearms loose while gripping the club. You may like to take your golf glove off while you putt, as you won’t be taking a full swing. But while you’re lining up for a practice swing or stroke that is going to count, it’s a smart idea to have a glove on.

Which hands should you wear your glove on?

You’ll be able to buy gloves for both your left and right hands. You’ll rarely see someone wearing a glove on both hands, but it does happen. Most people enjoy wearing them on one hand. The hand that should be gloved is the one that will be closest to the end of your club, away from the clubhead. If you swing right-handed clubs, you would wear a glove on your left hand and vice versa. 


You are going to want to play the game of golf safely. This means that you should take steps to make it safe for yourself and those around you. Spending money on a golf glove makes a lot of sense because, even if you play only a handful of times each year, this can be one of the items that will protect your hands and your clubs. You’re going to want a soft glove, so finding one that is worth the money should be a priority. You will be upset if you pick out a glove that doesn’t last you for more than a few rounds.

Wearing a golf glove will also help you focus on your grip, so you’re not holding too tightly and have a loose feeling in your backswing. You don’t want to come through and strike the ball with tightness in your forearms. Wearing a glove can alleviate that and put less stress on your body. Plus, you’ll find that having a glove on will help if the conditions are wet or it’s extremely hot outside. Ensure that you properly measure your hand, so you know if you should have a cadet or regular glove. While a glove isn’t necessary, it is a smart investment to make for your game’s betterment. 

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