Joe Morelli

Founder & Chief Editor


  • Renowned golf equipment expert and the passionate founder and chief editor at TopRankGolf, Joe Morelli is devoted to assisting golf enthusiasts at every level in enhancing their understanding and love for the game of golf.
  • Joe has a wealth of experience with over 15 years in digital marketing, complemented by a solid foundation in business, having earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Business, focusing on Management Information Systems, from Central Connecticut State University.
  • With a commitment to authenticity, Joe brings his extensive knowledge and unique perspective to each piece, ensuring readers receive well-researched and genuine insights into the world of golf.


Joe Morelli is not just a golf equipment connoisseur but also an avid golfer with a knack for imparting knowledge and enjoyment of golf to enthusiasts around the globe. At TopRankGolf, he crafts content for golfers of all experiences who share a profound passion for the sport and are on the quest to improve their game. Every article penned by Joe begins with a spark of an idea, followed by meticulous research, and is inspired by his expertise and personal experiences, adding a layer of authenticity to his writing. Joe’s professional journey in digital marketing spans 15 years, enriching his editorial role with a multifaceted perspective on content creation and dissemination. When he is not tinkering with the intricacies of golf, Joe loves to travel with his wife and two children, cheer for the Yankees, and immerse himself in country music. He aspires to play the guitar someday and is passionate about spreading messages of peace, mindfulness, and well-being, reflecting his belief in prioritizing health and compassion for everyone. "Life is too short," he says.


Joe acquired his Bachelor’s of Science in Business, specializing in Management Information Systems, from Central Connecticut State University. This educational background, coupled with his extensive professional experience in digital marketing, allows Joe to blend analytical acuity with creative prowess in his writing endeavors, ensuring readers receive content that is both enlightening and engaging.  

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