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Titleist introduced the TSR lineup in 2023, and today I’d like to share my thoughts on the Titleist TSR1 driver, designed specifically for slower to moderate swing speed players who need help with launch. If you’re a golfer with a swing speed under 90 miles per hour, the TSR1 might just be the perfect solution to elevate your game.

This is my review of the Titleist TSR1 driver.

Key Takeaway

In my experience, the Titleist TSR1 driver is an excellent choice for golfers seeking a lightweight driver that offers impressive forgiveness and distance. It particularly suits those with slower to moderate swing speeds, as it’s lighter to swing and easy to launch. Its eye-catching design and high price point might be daunting for some, but the performance gains make it a solid investment.

Highly Recommended
Titleist TSR1 Driver
  • Ultra-lightweight design and enhanced aerodynamics for increased speed
  • Good sound and aesthetics
  • Lowest and furthest back center of gravity for high launch and maximum forgiveness
  • Not good for faster swingers (over 90 mph)
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Titleist TSR1 Driver Overview

The Titleist TSR1 driver is Titleist’s ultra-lightweight option specifically designed for golfers with slower to moderate swing speeds under 90 mph. The TSR1 is all about helping golfers increase their swing speed, maximize launch, and distance while offering exceptional forgiveness.

It’s worth noting that roughly one-third of all golfers have a swing speed under 90 mph, making the TSR1 a valuable addition to the market.

As the only Titleist TSR head available in 12°, the TSR1 sets itself apart from other TSR models. It’s about 40 grams lighter than the TSR2, and the lightweight stock configuration, including a ladies’ shaft and grip, makes it suitable for a wide range of players. The grip and the shaft combined weigh less than some individual grips on the market, so, along with the clubhead, this allows for a super lightweight package.

Titleist TSR1 Driver Technology and Features

Titleist TSR1 Driver toe view

Replacing the previous Titleist TSi1 driver, the TSR1 driver builds on its success with improved technology and features. 

The improved aerodynamics of the TSR1 are noteworthy, as they make it easier for golfers to generate more speed compared to its predecessors. Additionally, the Multi-Plateau Variable Face Thickness (VFT) design optimizes ball speed across the entire face. It basically means the sweet spot is spread out more on the club face. You get punished less on off-center strikes and the club is effectively more forgiving.

The deeper, face-centered Center of Gravity (CG) in the TSR1 is another important feature that promotes a higher launch and helps with ball speed. Slower swingers can often have trouble getting drives to launch very high, and higher launch will generate more spin and distance.

The TSR1 is also notably the only Titleist TSR driver to come in a 12° loft (the highest loft option).

SureFit Adjustability is available, which allows you to adjust the hosel to 16 loft and lie settings.

Titleist TSR Driver Lineup

Titleist TSR1 Driver face view

The Titleist TSR lineup features four models:

  • TSR1 Driver: A light, forgiving driver tailored for those aiming to boost swing speed and distance. Its 460cc head promotes high launch and moderate spin, with a fixed weight in the sole ensuring stability and accuracy. 
  • TSR2 Driver: A balanced 460cc driver blending speed with stability. While it shares the high launch profile of the TSR1, it’s more aerodynamic with a thinner face for increased ball speed. An adjustable weight aids in fine-tuning, making it great for optimizing distance and shot accuracy.
  • TSR3 Driver: The most customizable driver in the series with a 440cc head, offering mid launch and spin. Its compact design comes with adjustable weight at the sole’s front and an adaptable hosel for loft and lie tweaks. Ideal for golfers prioritizing precise performance adjustments.
  • TSR4 Driver: Designed for those wanting minimized spin and maximized roll. This 430cc driver, with its deep face and flat crown, has a low launch and spin profile. An adjustable weight in the heel accentuates draw bias, complemented by a modifiable hosel. Best for high-speed, high-spin golfers.


  • Lofts: Options include 9°, 10°, and 12°.
  • Adjustable hosel: Yes
  • Weights: The driver comes with two adjustable weights: a heftier 10g and a lighter 3g. You can place the 10g weight at the back for a neutral-to-draw ball flight or in the heel for a pronounced draw bias.

Testing the Titleist TSR1 Driver

I was able to test the TSR1 during an 18-hole round and two separate range sessions. The first thing I noticed was how light it was. The entire club, including the head, shaft, and grip, is around 40 grams lighter than the stock TSR2. 

I’ll break down my thoughts in the following sections.


The TSR1 is going to benefit slower swingers the most when it comes to distance. My driver swing speed is around 105 mph, so this club is not designed for me—hence, I didn’t see a lot of yardage gains.

If you have a swing speed under 90 mph, this driver will definitely help increase your speed, launch the ball higher and theoretically increase your distance. 

Rating: A-


The TSR1 was notably very forgiving in my tests, even on mishits. The multi-plateau variable face thickness contributes to retaining ball speeds even on off-center hits. 

My typical miss is a slice or push block. Notably, my mishits with the TSR1 were pulls. I have to imagine the lightweight design was working against my swing, so again, this setup is not suitable for high-swing-speed golfers

The ballspeed was consistent even on mishits, as measured with my Garmin G80. This is promising. 

Rating: A


The TSR1 driver is not designed for shot shaping. I was not able to get the ball to work left or right very easily. Its high MOI and deep center of gravity promote forgiveness, not workability. You typically get one or the other.

If you’re looking for a driver that you can work a bit more, look at the TSR3 and TSR4.

Rating: B


Titleist TSR1 Driver top down view

The TSR is definitely a classic Titleist look. 

The first thing that caught my eye was the gloss black crown. Personally, I’m not a big fan of gloss and reflection, as I find it can be distracting while playing. However, I understand that the sleek and shiny crown may appeal to some golfers who like that modern, polished look.

When I flipped the driver over and took a look at the bottom, I was pleasantly surprised. The minimalist design and sharp lines look amazing. The bottom is definitely my favorite part of the driver’s appearance.

Rating: A

Sound & Feel

The Titleist TSR1 driver’s sound and feel truly caught my attention. Unlike many drivers with carbon heads, the TSR1 has a titanium head, giving it a distinct sound. When I swung it, the satisfying titanium crack was a noticeable change from the usual carbon driver sounds and really appealed to me.

It feels comfortable and light in hand, which is great for those with slower swing speeds. Solid strikes felt great as well. Titleist nailed this department.

Rating: A

Who is the Titleist TSR1 Driver For?

Here’s who should consider the Titleist TSR1.

  • Ideal for: Golfers with slow to moderate swing speeds seeking lightweight design for speed, distance, and a high launch with mid spin.
  • Not ideal for: High-swing speed golfers who may not benefit from the TSR1’s lightweight properties in terms of distance and accuracy.

Bottom Line

If you’re in the slow swing speed club, the Titleist TSR1 driver could be your new best friend on the tee box. It’s all about speed, distance, and that oh-so-satisfying sound. While it’s not the go-to for the high-speed swingers, for the rest of us, it’s a game-changer. Give it a shot and see how it vibes with your game.

My #1 recommendation is to try before you buy. Check it out at your nearby golf shop or give Global Golf’s Utry trial program a shot. You can test clubs out for 14 days. I’ve used it and think it’s great.

Highly Recommended
Titleist TSR1 Driver
  • Ultra-lightweight design and enhanced aerodynamics for increased speed
  • Good sound and aesthetics
  • Lowest and furthest back center of gravity for high launch and maximum forgiveness
  • Not good for faster swingers (over 90 mph)
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