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Our Mission

TopRankGolf is dedicated to being the ultimate golf resource by helping all golfers improve and enjoy the game of golf. 

Our Expertise

We are committed to helping you improve your golf game through golf knowledge, instruction, and equipment reviews.

We provide in-depth knowledge of the game, explain the fundamentals of the golf swing, and how to improve practice sessions. In addition, we break down the mental side of the game, including course management and strategy. 

We also have hundreds of in-depth equipment buyer’s guides where we have reviewed thousands of golf products.

Whether you’re new to the game or an average player looking for help, you’ll find plenty of valuable resources on TopRankGolf.

Our Team 

TopRankGolf was founded by Joe Morelli. I’m an average golfer, just like you. 

I created this site to document my journey as I learn to improve my game and hopefully help other like-minded golfers do the same.

Our team of writers is comprised of passionate golfers and PGA professionals with decades of experience and knowledge.

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Above all, we are here to help you—the golfer. And we would love to hear from you.

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