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The Ping G425 Max driver was released in 2021. And here I am in 2023, writing a review about it. Why? After switching from TaylorMade to Ping and using the G430 Max throughout the season, I felt compelled to try the G425 Max. I wanted to determine if it was still worth putting in the bag now that the 430 is out.

Spoiler alert: It could be. For a certain golfer.

This is my review of the Ping G425 Max driver.

Key Takeaway

The Ping G425 Max driver, launched in 2021, remains a top contender in 2023. Perfect for mid to high-handicap and beginner golfers, it excels in consistency, accuracy, and forgiveness. While it may not be the latest model, its performance rivals the newer G430. It’s just as forgiving as the G430 at a fraction of the price. Consider buying this if you prioritize forgiveness and want to save a couple of bucks on a previous-year model.

Highly Recommended
PING G425 Max Driver
  • Extremely forgiving
  • Built-in adjustability
  • Eight-point hosel for loft and lie adjustment
  • Turbulators receive varied feedback for their appearance
  • Sound can be jarring to some
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Ping G425 Max Driver Technology and Features

Ping doesn’t just throw around statements. When they say, “The Ping G425 MAX features the largest MOI ever created by Ping, making it the most forgiving driver on the market,” they’re setting some high expectations.

The thing I love about Ping is that you know what you’re getting year after year. They don’t make drastic changes but minor adjustments to improve their drivers ever so slightly.

Here’s the rundown on the tech: the driver comes equipped with a 26-gram tungsten movable weight, which allows you to shift weight to persuade a draw or fade.

Ping has introduced the T9S+ forged face technology, which helps contribute to better ball speed. The Max G425 also has an adaptable eight-position hosel, allowing you to adjust the loft from -1.5° to +1.5°. You can get Arccos Caddie Smart Grips installed. This is pretty cool if you like the Arccos shot tracking system.

The turbulators on the crown not only elevate its look but provide some aerodynamics to the club. And while the internal ribbing adds to the feel and produces a distinct sound (which might take a swing or two to get used to), the high MOI steals the show. 

ping g425 max driver face view

Ping G425 Driver Lineup

Ping has three models in the G425 lineup, each tailored for distinct playing styles:

  1. Ping G425 Max: Targeted at most golfers, offering the most forgiveness.
  2. Ping G425 LST (Low Spin Technology): Reduces spin rates, best for faster swing speeds, ensuring optimized distance and control.
  3. Ping G425 SFT (Straight Flight Technology): The ultimate slice-fighter, this is targeted for golfers who need extra help to offset a consistent slice.


Here are the specs for the G425 Max Driver:

  • Lofts: Available in 9°, 10.5°, and 12°.
  • Adjustable hosel: Yes, with an eight-position hosel, allowing you to adjust the loft from -1.5° to +1.5°
  • Weights: It’s equipped with a 26-gram tungsten movable weight, offering fine-tuning capabilities for neutral, fade, or draw biases, giving golfers precision control over the ball’s trajectory.

Testing the Ping G425 Max Driver

I’ve been playing with the G425 Max for the past two weeks. I’ve logged three sessions at the range and took it on the course for 18 holes. I’ve also been testing against my G430 Max.

Here’s what I’ve found.


You don’t expect mega distance from a driver designed to maximize forgiveness. And that held true in my testing. I wasn’t getting my longest drives, but I did notice that yardage from shot to shot was quite consistent.

The distance dispersion was tight; in other words, all drives stayed within a 10-15 yard range.

I often struggle with the low-spin drivers targeted more towards elite golfers. Like the Ping G425 LST, for instance. Sure, my best hits will out-drive the Max, but my mishits will be in the woods and 50 yards shorter.

I’ll take the consistency of the Max over the high-dispersion from the LST.

Rating: A


This is the G425 Max’s sweet spot. The G425 Max is advertised as a forgiving driver, and I will say this: It might be the most forgiving driver I’ve ever hit. All my test drives had a tight left-to-right dispersion, and even mishits were not too far from the intended target. 

It felt very comfortable to swing, almost effortless. It gave me extra confidence to make even better swings.

Against its competition, the G425 Max stands tall in this domain. For those seeking tee-shot consistency, I highly encourage you to give this driver a shot.

Rating: A+


One drawback is that the Max is not very workable. This is not the driver for you if you want to be able to hit draws and cuts or alter trajectory on demand. Its consistency is the Achilles’ heal of workability. The drives just go straight, even when you don’t want them to.

That said, it’s still very playable. It was easy to launch and you also get the sliding rear weight, which allows you to promote a draw or fade bias.

Rating: A


ping g425 max driver top down

I love the look of the G425 Max. Its black and silver gives it a timeless feel—a modern look that will not go out of style. I also love the matte finish. I’m not a big fan of glossy reflections when standing over the ball, so the dull finish is a plus.

It’s undoubtedly a driver that makes a statement. The head’s aerodynamic turbulators, while contributing to shot alignment, might not be everyone’s cup of tea. I don’t mind it. I like the aggressive look. It also has a massive head, promoting confidence when I lined up.

Rating: A

Sound & Feel

Now for the big zonk. The sound is horrendous. It’s very loud, almost too loud. It has a metallic, medium-pitched tone that just doesn’t sound right. While the sharpness of this sound might not be to everyone’s liking and may be more pronounced during slower swings, it’s a signature trait of this driver. After all… “ping”.

Despite the sound, the G425 Max feels excellent to swing. It did help that most of my shots were down the middle—that always feels great. Even off-center strikes felt okay, which helped keep my confidence intact.

Rating: B+ (on the sound)

Customer Feedback

The feedback on the G425 Max on Ping’s official website speaks volumes. With 420 reviews and a stellar 4.7 out of 5 rating, it’s evident that this driver resonates well with golfers.

Here’s a snippet from one of the reviews that I found to be quite telling:

Crazy forgiving – I was fitted for this driver. It looks like the best Ping driver to date in my opinion. I loved the G410 series, but this is far superior. Perhaps the only negative is the sound. But I will learn to like it. Performance and the forgiveness is unreal.

Who is the G425 Max For?

Diving into the G425 Max’s features and my experience with it, here’s my take on its ideal audience:

  • Ideal For: The G425 Max is a gem for mid to high-handicap and beginner golfers looking to bolster their consistency, accuracy, and forgiveness. While there might be a slight trade-off in raw distance, the boost in shot reliability is invaluable during actual play. 
  • Might Not Suit: Conversely, if you’re a seasoned golfer, having honed your consistency and now seeking a driver to finesse your shots, the G425 Max might not be your top pick. Look at the G425 LST for more workability and lower spin.

Bottom Line

The Ping G425 Max Driver is perfect for golfers who value forgiveness and accuracy. It makes the G425 Max one of the most user-friendly drivers. From beginners to seasoned pros, this driver has something for everyone.

Simply put, the Ping G425 Max Driver is the real deal—combining looks, adaptability, and performance. Plus, there’s an inherent reliability in it. 

If you’re hesitant, give it a shot. The G425 Max could be the game-changing ally you need. 

My #1 recommendation is to try before you buy. Check it out at your nearby golf shop or give Global Golf’s Utry trial program a shot. You can test clubs out for 14 days. I’ve used it and think it’s great.

Highly Recommended
PING G425 Max Driver
  • Extremely forgiving
  • Built-in adjustability
  • Eight-point hosel for loft and lie adjustment
  • Turbulators receive varied feedback for their appearance
  • Sound can be jarring to some
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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