How to Use Golf Alignment Sticks to Improve Your Practice

golfing with 2 alignment sticks

Golf practice must be intentional for it to be effective. If you are not thinking about the way you are hitting the ball or working on a specific aspect of your game, don’t expect the sessions to carry out onto the golf course. 

One of the best ways to ensure that your golf practice session is good is to use golf alignment sticks. With a golf alignment stick, you can work on everything from swing plane to alignment to the short game. This is truly the most versatile golf training aid on the market. 

Let’s look at how to use golf alignment sticks to improve your golf practice and shoot lower scores. 

What Are Golf Alignment Sticks And Why Are They Important?

A golf alignment stick is a fiberglass stick put in the ground or laid on the ground near a golfer working on their golf game. The idea of a golf alignment stick should give golfers a better idea of where their club is, where their feet are, and how they are set up to hit a golf ball. 

Golf is an odd sport because you will not be looking at your target when you complete your golf swing. Instead, you will look down at the golf ball and have to trust in your alignment and your setup. 

With golf alignment sticks, you can learn to be more confident with all of the lines and angles in your swing. The alignment sticks do not require you to wear any contraptions, and you can swing freely through your golf shots. 

These sticks are so simple to carry around that you can use them on the golf driving range, putting green, and even for a bit of on-course practice. 

How To Use Golf Alignment Sticks To Improve Your Golf Practice

There are many ways to use golf alignment sticks to work on your game. It can be hard to find drills that will work on the driving range and the putting green, but the alignment sticks are well equipped for that. So let’s look at how you can use alignment sticks to improve your golf practice. 


You will either have a straight back and straight through putting stroke or an arc stroke on the putting green. If you have a straight back and straight through stroke, you can use your golf alignment sticks as a guide to the swing path of your putter. 

In addition, the direction of your feet when putting is also quite important. If you use the alignment stick to make sure that you are set up exactly parallel to your lie, you may become more consistent. 


With a name like “alignment sticks, you probably assumed golf alignment was going to be one of the main ways in which golf alignment sticks help you improve your golf practice. Unfortunately, lining up correctly in golf is a very abstract concept. Even the best players in the world need help to master it. 

While practicing, it always makes sense to have alignment sticks in place to know precisely where your target is.

junior golfer practing swing with alignment sticks

Swing Plane 

You can also place golf alignment sticks in the ground at an angle. The golf alignment stick will allow players to see if they are coming over the top or taking the club on too shallow a plane. 

The swing plane is a bit more complicated to work on because it requires the correct setup and maybe even a video or two of your golf swing. However, once you get the hang of it, this can help improve your ball striking. 

Shot Shaping 

Shot shaping is for the more advanced player that wants to start hitting draws and fades to approach a target. With shot shaping, you can sometimes make simple adjustments to your stance and setup and see significant results. 

However, the swing path lines and alignment lines are confusing for some working on their shot shaping. This is why we recommend having the alignment sticks set up to visualize what you will need to do to hit a fade or a draw. 

Shot shaping is not as complicated as some people think it is; however, you must become confident in your abilities to do it if you want to repeat it long term. 

Drills With Golf Alignment Sticks 

Now that you can see some of the benefits of the golf alignment stick, it may help to have a few drills that you can work on. So here are a few of our favorite ways to use golf alignment sticks on the range and the golf course. 

Putting Alignment Drill 

Find a very flat spot on the putting green. Then, take time to hit a few putts to find a straight area, and the ball is rolling very well. At this point, put an alignment stick down at the heel of the putter and the tips of your golf shoes. 

These will look like two parallel lines headed towards your target and help ensure that your putt is headed in the proper direction. 

Driver Alignment

The long game is where many players struggle with alignment. So often, when golfers think they are fixing a slice, they are just correcting poor alignment. When practicing with a driver, you should almost always have a golf alignment stick out to help you. 

Make sure that you have one stick on the line of your ball to the target line. Next, you should have another stick parallel to the first one to help with your feet, hips, and shoulder. Think of these two lines as the target lines for your takeaway as well. 

Ensuring that you swing the club back on the proper lines will help with a more complete and full finish. 

Swing The Alignment Stick

When practicing your swing plane, you will want to create some videos that help you to see where your game may need to improve. You can use the alignment stick in place of a golf club for slow-motion swings. These slow-motion swings help golfers see where the club is pointed at all times. 

Pay particular attention to the tip of the golf alignment stick at the top and on the downswing. The position of the top of this alignment stick will tell us quite a bit about the path of the golf swing. Swing the alignment stick slow as it is pretty long but video this and compare it to that of a club; it will be easier to see where your mistakes are. 

Don’t Flip Drill 

Many golfers make the mistake of flipping a golf club with their wrists when they try to hit chip shots. Players think that this flip of the wrists will help them get the ball in the air, but we know that golf does not work like this. 

Instead, take a golf wedge and a golf alignment stick and hold them in your hands simultaneously. When you are set up to hit, the alignment stick will run up past your left hip, and that is completely fine. The concept here is that the alignment stick will hit your side if you try and flip your wrists. 

The idea should be to keep the stick from touching the left side of your body, and you can feel the position of a solid chip at impact. 

There are dozens of ways to use golf alignment sticks to improve your game. Practicing more often and learning how to incorporate these helpful tools into your game will make a significant difference. 

Best Golf Alignment Sticks

If all this talk about golf alignment sticks has you wanting to try some out for yourself, here are a few of our favorite options. Many of these golf alignment sticks are similar; the most important thing is to have some in your golf bag. 

Best Overall Golf Alignment Sticks: SKLZ Golf Alignment Stick

Best Overall
SKLZ Golf Alignment Sticks (3 Sticks)
  • Comes with three golf alignment sticks
  • Very durable design 
  • Helps create more consistent alignment
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/26/2022 06:13 pm GMT

The SKLZ Golf Alignment stick is one of the most well-known options on the market. Everything about this alignment stick is done with quality and durability in mind.

There are 48 inch long sticks, which is the ideal size for most golfers. There are also nine rings around each of these sticks to help improve alignment and even ball position.

With the rubber safety cap, you can easily stick one end in the ground and be well on your way to an effective golf practice session. 


  • Very durable training tool 
  • Consistent alignment capabilities for all players
  • Good for use on the putting green as well 


  • Priced a bit higher than other golf alignment sticks 

Best Value Golf Alignment Stick: Go Sports Golf Alignment Sticks

Best Value
GoSports Golf Alignment Sticks (3 Sticks)
  • Fair pricing
  • Smarter practice
  • Foldable design 
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/27/2022 12:08 am GMT

The best value golf alignment stick on the market is the Go Sports Golf Alignment Stick. This is a very well-known option as it is reasonably priced.

The Go Sports can easily fold and fit into your golf bag. For portable golf training aids, this can’t be beaten. The one end of the Go Sports Golf Alignment stick is pointed so that they are easy to push into the ground. 


  • One of the most affordable golf practice tools on the market
  • Can keep in your bag at all times 
  • 48” length 


  • Does not have the same durability as other golf alignment sticks 

Most Versatile Golf Alignment Sticks: Alignment Pro Golf Training Sticks 

Most Versatile
Alignment Pro Golf Training Sticks
  • Unique golf training aid solution
  • Rotate both ends of the alignment stick
  • A versatile option that is used on the greens and the practice tee
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/27/2022 12:05 am GMT

The Alignment Pro Golf Training Sticks are the only kind on the market that will rotate and allow you to get some very interesting angles to work on your golf game. The Alignment Pro is used on the PGA Tour because of the way it can help with putting, approach shots, and even developing confidence about the positions of your swing.

You can use this alignment aid to help with just simple lining up to a target. In addition, it is a great tool to practice your putting stroke and even swing plane angles. The possibilities with the Alignment Pro are endless. 


  • Helps to keep ball position consistent with market lines 
  • It can be used as a traditional alignment stick or unique training aid 
  • Both ends can rotate for excellent short game practice


  • Takes a better understanding of the game to use it properly 


We hope you now feel you know how to use a golf alignment stick to improve your golf practice. These alignment sticks were a major improvement in the golf training aid sector, and they continue to be one of the best-selling tools on the market.

Don’t let the simplicity of the golf alignment stick turn you away; this is a tool that you need in your golf bag. 

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