Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set Review

callaway strata review

The Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set is one of the most popular golf sets for beginners. In addition, average golfers tend to enjoy the set for its fair pricing and ease of use. If you have been considering whether or not these clubs could be a good fit for your game, you are in the right place. 

In my Callaway Strata review, I will give you a breakdown of all the equipment included in these sets, who should play with them, whether or not they offer good value, and some of the best alternatives to the Strata. 

Callaway Strata Golf Set Options: Compared

The Strata set is often referred to as one option; however, there are a few different set makeups, and it’s essential to understand the options you have. There are three different Callaway Strata golf club sets for men. Each of these sets comes with a different club set makeup. 

Stand BagXXX
3 WoodXXX
5 WoodX
4 Hybrid X
5 HybridXXX
6 IronXXX
7 IronXXX
8 IronXXX
9 IronXXX
Putter XXX

As you move from the 12-Piece Strata set to the 16-Piece Strata set, you will see the addition of more hybrids, fairway woods, and short game clubs. There is no question that the Callaway Strata 12-piece is a great starter set makeup. However, for a more experienced player, the 16-piece set could be the better choice. 

Callaway Men’s Golf Strata Set: Features & Benefits 

The Callaway Men’s Golf Strata Set features some of the most forgiving and affordable technology in the game. We will look into some of the technology and features that make this golf club set one of the best on the market for high handicappers and beginners. 

Distance Technology 

Beginner golfers need to understand that distance is not the only important factor to find in their game. Having a combination of distance and forgiveness is essential. In fact, to get more distance out of your golf clubs, they need to be slightly forgiving. 

The distance technology found in the Strata set will not be quite as impressive as in something like the new Callaway Mavrik or Callaway Epic series, but truthfully this is not a concern for a beginner golfer. 

callaway strata driver


The forgiveness of the Callaway Strata set is far superior to other beginner golf sets on the market. One of the things that the Callaway Strata does to improve forgiveness is a large sweet spot and lightweight club heads. 

For those looking for higher ball flight, each of these golf clubs has slightly higher lofts than other clubs on the market. Although high swing speed players can lose distance with high lofted clubs, most golfers will see tremendous benefits from the increased loft. 

If you have never swung a golf club in your life and want to give yourself the best chance to make it in this game, this is a great way to start. 

Fairway Woods

All three Strata sets contain a 3 wood, and the 16-piece also has a 5 wood. The woods are a great alternative to a driver from the tee. They have an aerodynamic head shape, and they will work from the light rough and the fairway. Beginner golfers will need these fairway woods for long par 4’s and par 5 holes. 


Each Strata golf club set from Callaway comes with a 5 hybrid, and the 16-piece also has a 4 hybrid. The hybrids have a little extra weight in the club head to help players that are trying to get a better result from the rough. 

We like that the 16-piece set has two hybrids. Having two hybrids is much more beneficial than just one. Hybrids will become clubs that high handicappers and beginners rely on. 


The golf irons and wedges that come with the Callaway Strata set are designed to be consistent and forgiving. Unfortunately, the number of wedges included in the set is a little light, and we would prefer getting a lob wedge and a gap wedge, but you can always add these in at some point. 

The 12-piece set only comes with a pitching wedge, while the 14 and 16-piece sets come with both pitching and sand wedges. This will be enough to get a player started but won’t be enough long-term when it comes to skills in the short game. Overall the cavity back irons are perimeter weighted and easy to launch from almost any lie. 

callaway strata iron


A golf putter is the most critical golf club in the bag. The putter included in the Strata set is a blade-style putter that will work on both fast and slow greens. A blade putter is a good option when trying to establish a consistent putting stroke. 

callaway strata putter

Golf Bag

The golf bag included with the Strata sets may come in a few different colors, but all of the bags are lightweight and durable stand bags. If you want to walk the golf course, the Strata bag is a great choice to consider. In addition, the pockets and organization will give you all the space you need as a beginner player. 

Compared To Other Callaway Golf Clubs 

Callaway manufactures the Strata clubs, but they are slightly different than the other golf clubs currently on the market. When you look at the current Callaway lineup with the Mavirk, Epic, and Apex golf clubs, you will notice that the pricing is considerably higher. 

The major difference between these high-end golf clubs and the Strata is the materials used and the technology and development of the product. For beginners who want to invest a bit more money, the Callaway Big Bertha series could be a good option. 

Essentially the more time and effort Callaway has to put into a set of clubs, the more expensive they will be. However, most beginners will not be able to tell the difference between a $500 driver and a $200 driver, and that is precisely why the Callaway Strata fills a void in the market for affordable yet high-quality beginner golf clubs sets. 

Best Golf Set for Beginners
Callaway Golf Men's Strata Complete Set

The Callaway Strata is one of the top-selling sets for beginners because of its impressive forgiveness, strong distance capabilities, and fair pricing. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set Pros and Cons 


  • High-launching
  • Easy to hit golf clubs 
  • Good set makeup for a beginner golfer 
  • Lightweight stand bag
  • Affordable golf clubs 
  • Large sweet spot on each club
  • It helps slower swing speed players get more distance


  • Not for the fastest swinging player 
  • Won’t work well for the mid handicapper 

Who Should Purchase The Callaway Strata Complete Set? 

The Callaway Strata golf set is for a beginner golfer or a high handicapper seeking forgiveness and fun on the golf course. Although the Strata set comes at a great value, it is not an option that will work all that well for the mid handicapper looking for more precision and workability. 

The Callaway Strata Complete set also tends to be a better choice for the player that needs a lighter-weight golf club. On the other hand, those with very fast swing speeds may need something with a slightly heavier golf shaft and club head. 

If you are a golfer that gets invited to a few outings per year and are tired of having to rent or borrow golf clubs, the Callaway Strata complete is a great set to have around. 

Alternatives to The Callaway Strata Men’s Complete Set 

As we have mentioned, there are plenty of great things about the Callaway Strata Men’s set, but there are also some negatives. Being aware of these negatives is essential, and it will help you make sure you end up with the best clubs for a beginner. If the Strata is not a good fit for you, here are two other options to consider. 

Wilson Profile Platinum Men’s Complete Set

Better for Faster Swing Speeds
Wilson Profile Platinum Men's Complete Golf Set

The Wilson Profile Platinum has a strong set makeup, great value, and good technology for a faster-swinging player. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Wilson Profile Platinum Complete Set is a good alternative as it comes in several different options, just like the Strata. The Wilson is better for a slightly stronger or faster swinging player.

Compared to the Strata, the Wilson is a little heavier and potentially a better option for long-term durability in a set. 

Cobra Fly XL Complete Set 

Best Premium Alternative
Cobra Golf Men's Fly XL Complete Set

The Cobra Golf Fly XL incorporates some of the best feel and forgiveness in the beginner golf club set category; with high launch and lots of distance, this one is worth the money.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Cobra Fly XL Complete Set is an excellent option for the golfer that wants a more premium beginner set. The Cobra Fly XL has enough forgiveness and distance to work for a mid handicapper but will also offer the high launching technology that the beginner golfer needs. The feel from the Cobra FLY XL will be a bit better, but the price point is considerably higher. 

Callaway Women’s Strata Set 

Callaway Strata Women's Golf Club Set (14 & 16 Piece)

The Callaway Women’s Strata 16-piece set has incredible value for the price it is offered; these clubs are easy to hit and can undoubtedly help improve overall performance. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Women golfers will also have the option to play with the Callaway Strata golf clubs. The women’s sets from Callaway Strata come in an 11-piece, 14-piece, and 16-piece set. It is important to remember that the pieces of the set include the bag and headcovers, and therefore you will not be getting 16 golf clubs with your Callaway Strata set. 

The Callaway Strata women’s golf set is an excellent choice for new players in the game or who are higher handicap players. The Strata set is a perfect choice if you care about hitting high lofted shots with plenty of ball speed and straight flight.

The Callaway Women’s Strata set is something that you will want to consider as it has some of the more premium technology on the market in a women’s beginner set. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Callaway Strata is one of the best golf club sets on the market for beginners. However, some are worried that they are purchasing something just because it is popular and not because it is the right golf club choice. If you have concerns, here are a few other questions about the Callaway Strata that are worth understanding. 

Is Callaway Strata good for beginners?

Callaway Strata is designed for beginners and high handicappers. If you are new to the game, this is a great way to get started with a reputable company with impressive benefits for the golfer. The Strata set has enough technology that you can use it for a few years and still be pleasantly surprised with the results. 

Are Callaway Strata clubs forgiving?

Callaway Strata golf clubs are very forgiving. They have lightweight golf shafts and very large sweet spots. In addition, the lofts on these golf clubs are not very low, so you will be able to get the launch you need. The wider sole on the Callaway Strata help promote more forgiveness from the rough. 

Do the Callaway Strata clubs work for the mid handicapper? 

As a player makes it to the mid handicap range, it may be time to look at some other golf club sets on the market. The technology featured in the Callaway Strata will eventually cause a player to be a bit behind in the distance and spin they need. 

One of our favorite ways to upgrade the Strata set is to start replacing one club at a time. Keep your Strata set in place but switch it out with a new driver, or add in an extra hybrid. You can eventually trade out the majority of your clubs and end up with a set that is specifically suited to your needs. 


At this point, you should have a better understanding as to if the Callaway Strata Men’s Complete Set is the right fit for your game. You may find that the technology here is precisely what you need, or you may choose to go with something slightly more advanced. One thing for sure is that the value offered by the Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete set is one of the best values on the market. 

Buy the Callaway Strata Set here on Amazon.

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