6 Best Golf Bag and Cart Coolers in 2023

If you play a lot of golf, you’re going to want a golf bag cooler. This will help keep you hydrated and help you enjoy some cold beverages on the course. Some options can store a few drinks or ones that can store a lot. Finding the best one for you will depend on if you typically walk or ride.

You definitely will want one with some good storage, and the pockets are important. Make sure it has a solid lining before you hit purchase. But remember, there’s always room in a golf bag for a cooler. So make sure you pick one up and store drinks in there to help you during those tough rounds. 

Take a look at our picks for the best golf bag and cart coolers on the market and load them up with something to look forward to.

What is a Golf Bag Cooler?

Golf bag coolers are usually thinner coolers than ones you may see at the beach or a backyard barbecue, as they can fit in your golf bag or golf cart. They can keep your drinks cold during a round, helping you stay hydrated on hot days.

Best Golf Bag and Cart Coolers: Our Top Picks

If you want our recommendations right away, here they are. Read further for the full list and individual reviews.

1. CaddyDaddy Golf Bag Cooler (Best Overall)

Best Overall
CaddyDaddy Golf 9-Pack Golf Bag Compact Cooler

This is our favorite because of how slim and efficient it is. You can bring this with you for any round and it is leakproof. Your beverages will stay cold during your round. 

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01/29/2023 12:33 am GMT

This is the kind of cooler that will save you money during your next round. That’s because you’ll be able to bring drinks from home and store them easily in your golf bag. Many stand bags have an extra pocket that you can put a drink or two in. This is slim enough to fit into that pocket, so you can bring it with you any time you go to the course. The bag itself has multiple zippered pockets to store any additional golf gear or accessories. 

You can choose if you want the option that holds six drinks or nine drinks. Both are designed with ultra-thick insulation to provide ample thermal resistance and keep drinks cold. There is also a leak-resistant liner which ensures to keep your bag leakproof. Not only will the bag itself keep your drinks cold, but this also comes with a reusable ice pack for extra chilling. This can also be attached to a golf push cart so that you can bring this anytime you golf.

2. Athletico Golf Bag Cooler (Most Portable)

Most Portable
Athletico Golf Cooler Bag - Soft Sided Insulated Cooler
$39.99 $19.99

You’ll love how easy it is to get this from your home to the course. It has a top handle and an adjustable shoulder strap. It can be carried horizontally or vertically.

  • Holds a 6 Pack of Cans or Two Wine Bottles
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/28/2023 07:03 am GMT

You probably don’t own your own golf cart. If you do, you likely would go with something like this and attach it to your cart. But for those playing at different courses, the Athletico Golf Bag Cooler can be tossed in with your bag and then carried multiple ways. You’ll be able to take this on any golf trip and keep some drinks cold for yourself or your group. This can fit up to six 12-ounce cans or two wine bottles. The fact that it can hold two wine bottles also makes it valuable for when you’re going to a dinner party and are bringing a gift. There is a top handle that is easy to grab and go with. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap.

This cooler is insulated with foam and has heat-sealed seams to insulate the contents better. This will also prevent condensation from forming. There is an extra-large and insulated pocket on the outside that allows you to store more items. This has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and it features non-catching zippers. The bag itself only weighs 12 ounces, so it’s simple to tote.

3. Intech USA Golf Bag Cooler and Accessory Caddie (Best Multi-purpose Cooler)

Best Multi-purpose Cooler
Intech USA Golf Bag Cooler and Accessory Caddy

It’s a cooler that will keep you hydrated and help you store golf accessories. If you’re using a push cart, it can store your tees for you, so you don’t have to go digging in your bag for them. It’ll even store a water bottle on the side for easier access.

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01/28/2023 07:39 am GMT

There’s a lot you can do with this golf bag cooler. It is meant to be used multiple ways during your golf round. Not only will it keep your beverages cold, but you can also store some of your golf essentials in it. Rather than keeping tees stashed away in your bag or a few loose in your pocket, there are slots on the outside of this cooler for them. This can hold 10 12-ounce cans as well as ice.

It won’t leak even when it has ice in it, thanks to the insulation and tough seams. A convenient side mesh water bottle holder lets you grab it quickly when you’re thirsty. With two zippered pockets, a large front pocket to store valuables, and a small side pocket, you’ll have plenty of space to utilize. The padded top and long strap make this easier to carry than other coolers. You’ll also be able to clip this or strap it onto your golf bag or cart, right next to your Bluetooth speaker. So even if you’re walking, you’ll still be able to enjoy some cold beverages. Plus, this comes in either black or red, white, and blue for USA colors. 

4. Lifewit Soft Cooler Bag (Best for a Lot of Drinks)

Best Capacity
Lifewit Soft Cooler Bag 32-Can Lightweight Portable Cooler

Here is where you can bring more than meets the eye with you to the course. This doesn’t look too big but can fit a lot of drinks in it. You can toss this in the golf cart basket and enjoy your beverages.

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01/28/2023 09:43 pm GMT

If you’re in charge of bringing the drinks to the course for you and your foursome, this is the cooler bag that you want. There is so much room in a compact space that you’re sure to fit what you want. This comes in different sizes, but the one that fits 32 cans is probably the biggest you can realistically bring with you to the course. It can hold up to six gallons by volume. It will be able to fit 32 cans plus ice.

Made from 210D oxford cloth and EPE foam, this helps store items for longer-lasting use. It measures 14.9” x 8.6” x 11”. It is equipped with a wide top pocket, two side pockets, and two front pockets. There is a padded handle and a detachable shoulder strap, offering you three ways to carry it. The high-density lining made with hot-pressing technology connects it all seamlessly. So even after 12 hours, the ice will, for the most part, remain.

5. TOURIT Cooler Backpack (Best Cooler Backpack) 

Best Backpack Cooler
TOURIT Cooler Backpack 30 Cans Lightweight Insulated Backpack Cooler
$45.99 $36.99

Toss some drinks over your shoulder and get ready to walk the course. If you have a push cart, this could be a great option for you. This is also versatile for use on hikes if you’re the outdoorsy type.

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01/28/2023 11:38 am GMT

You won’t find an easier bag to carry with you. It’s easy to keep on you while you’re playing but just as easy to bring from your car to your cart. This can fit up to 30 cans, which is a great amount for your outing. It is an insulated cooler backpack with a leakproof liner. The insulation and liner work together to make sure things stay dry on the outside, and your contents remain cold for up to 16 hours.

It is made of waterproof, durable fabric, making it great for multiple activities. There are multiple pockets, including a main storage compartment, two side mesh pockets, two large front pockets, a zipper pocket on the lid, and a mesh pocket. A beer opener is also included on the strap, helpful for those who prefer to drink from bottles. It measures 13” x 7.5” x 15.8” and can be tossed in the basket of your cart. It comes in seven different colors.

6. OSPUORT Golf Cooler Bag (Best Value)

Best Value
OSPUORT Golf Cooler Bag

This is great for your golf game and your wallet. It is extremely affordable and can hold a six-pack of cans. This keeps heat out of your beverages.

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01/28/2023 01:08 pm GMT

For those trying to stick to a budget, this golf cooler bag is very cost-efficient. It is made of 300D nylon with a waterproof liner. It won’t leak and measures 17.3” x 6.7” x 3.1”. It’s effortless to bring with you and can fit in your bag or cart with ease. By itself, it only weighs 0.68 pounds, so you can fill it up and still have it feel light. There are two ways to carry it, as there is a handle and a shoulder strap. Both of them are made with safety belt material.

The inner lining is made from heat-preserving materials, so the temperature will remain as soon as you put items in. There is a waterproof zipper that seals in the cold. You can bring this bag golfing, camping, or on a picnic. It comes in grey, blue, or black and features exterior pockets for additional storage. It also has the capacity to fit multiple wine bottles in it.

What Features Should You Look for in a Golf Bag Cooler?

When it comes to a golf bag cooler, you want something that is leakproof. You don’t want water pouring from the sides and causing the rest of your things to get wet, especially when you put it in your golf bag. Depending on if you’re typically playing alone or with a big group, you may want a bag that can hold a few cans or more than that. You will want one that provides multiple ways to carry it. Almost all of them have shoulder straps and handles, so you have versatility. High-quality zippers are important, as they will help trap the cold inside your bag. The interior lining should be insulated for better temperature retention. 

The bag must be easy to carry and not too bulky unless you have enough space in your cart for it. For those who own their own carts, you can find a cooler that can be mounted to your cart. But most people are looking for ones they can fill up at home and store in their golf bag. Some courses don’t allow outside beverages, so that is another thing to keep in mind when you’re looking for one. But if you’re just filling it up with water or Gatorade, you should be fine in that aspect. The more pockets, the better when it comes to storage in these coolers. If you’re able to store more than beverages and ice, it’s a big plus. This can free up some space in your golf bag. 

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