7 Most Forgiving Drivers in 2022

Getting the most forgiving driver can give you some much-needed help off the tee. These drivers often offer you extra distance, even on off-center strikes.

Also, they usually have weights in the head to help you launch the ball. That makes forgiving drivers easier to hit.

Many of these drivers also have a draw bias to straighten your ball flight. Having that function is a huge benefit for players who slice the ball.

These are the most forgiving drivers in 2022.

Most Forgiving Drivers: Our Top Picks

Most Forgiving: Callaway Rogue ST Max
Runner-Up: Ping G425 Max
Slice Fighter: Cobra LTDx Max
Best for Various Abilities: Titleist TSI2
Best Value: Cleveland Launcher XL
Excellent Distance: TaylorMade Stealth
Alternative Value: Tour Edge Exotics E722

Callaway Rogue ST Max (Most Forgiving)

The Callaway Rogue ST Max is the most forgiving driver in 2022. It offers you great forgiveness on those off-center strikes.

This driver has a large hitting area and gives you excellent stability. It feels extremely solid when you strike the ball. Also, a low center of gravity makes this driver easy to hit and launch for low and high handicappers.

With the Rogue ST Max, you also get excellent distance and accuracy. Extra distance and consistency will help any golfer, no matter their ability level.

This driver offers a slight draw bias. So if you’re leaking shots to the right, that’ll help you out.

However, if you’ve got a lousy slice that needs to be fixed, the Rogue Max D is a better option. That model has a much stronger draw bias and helps counter a slice.

If you want a premium driver that offers exceptional forgiveness, distance, accuracy, and a high launch, the Rogue ST Max is your best bet.

Ping G425 Max (Runner-Up)

Ping G425 MAX Driver

The G425 Max is Ping’s most forgiving driver ever. The elevated moment of inertia in the 460cc head keeps performance high even on off-center strikes.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Ping G425 Max is our runner-up for the most forgiving driver. This driver gives you high forgiveness levels, with an elevated moment of inertia and a large sweet spot.

You can be confident even miss hits will find their target more often than not. And speaking of confidence, the large head on the G425 Max gives players confidence when addressing the ball.

That, coupled with the forgiveness, makes this a great driver for mid-to-high handicappers. However, good workability means better players can benefit from it as well. It allows you to strategically place your drives on the fairway or work the ball around doglegs.

As with any Ping driver, the sound and feel of the G425 Max are excellent. This driver feels solid and powerful when you blast one off the tee.

Also, the adjustable weights and hosel allow players to fine-tune the performance to meet their specific needs. The Ping G425 Max has everything you need in a forgiving driver.

Cobra LTDx Max (Slice Fighter)

Slice Fighter
Cobra LTDx Max Driver

The Cobra LTDx has Pwr-Cor Technology that gives this club some of the best carry distance in the game, with adjustable weighting and a multi-material chassis; there isn't much this driver can't do. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Cobra LTDx Max is an excellent slice fighter for those who also want high forgiveness. With a 3g weight positioned toward the heel, you get a draw bias with this driver.

However, the face doesn’t look closed behind the ball like some other draw-biased drivers. That means you can confidently hit your drive without worrying about hooking the ball.

You get great consistency and an amazing feel with this driver. And when you hit one out of the center, the sound is beautiful.

This is an extremely nice-looking driver that performs well. If you like a stylish look and want to fight a slice, this driver is for you.

Titleist TSI2 (Best for Various Abilities)

Best for Various Abilities
Titleist TSi2 Driver

The Titleist TSI2 suits golfers of all abilities. No matter your level, you can benefit from the forgiveness it offers.

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The Titleist TSI2 driver is the best for various abilities. With a large head yet compact look, it gives you confidence over the ball without appearing too bulky. That makes higher handicappers more comfortable without discouraging the better players.

This driver gives you excellent forgiveness on off-center strikes. The drop-off in distance is minimal, as is the sideways trajectory.

On impact, this driver feels solid and gives you a nice sound. You know you’re swinging a premium driver when you hit the ball.

Whether you’re a better player or a high handicapper, you can get fantastic performance from the TSI2.

Cleveland Launcher XL (Best Value)

Best Value
Cleveland Launcher XL Driver

The Cleveland Launcher XL has a very large head, adjustable hosel, and tons of forgiveness built in. 

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The Cleveland Launcher XL is the best budget option for 2022. With a huge head, you can be confident standing on the tee and ripping one down the middle.

And the head gives you that extra forgiveness. Even if you don’t strike the ball quite right, you won’t be punished much for it.

We’ve been waiting for Cleveland to make an adjustable driver for a while now. Finally, they’ve done that with this driver, and it’s an excellent feature. You can adjust the loft at 0.5-degree increments to find the best option for you.

Also, the Action Mass CB is a nice feature. That’s an 8g weight placed inside the end of the grip, giving you better balance when you swing. With better balance, you get more control over the club and your ball, so you hit more fairways.

This driver gives you the optimal spin rates to get the ball in the air for longer, offering you more carry distance. We think that makes it highly suitable for senior golfers who may be struggling to launch the ball high enough.

TaylorMade Stealth (Excellent Distance)

Excellent Distance
TaylorMade Stealth Driver

A Carbon Fiber Twist Face offers a more efficient energy transfer at impact. That gives you increased ball speeds. The carbon face feels differently but super solid.

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The TaylorMade Stealth is an excellent distance option. If you want a premium distance driver with built-in forgiveness, it’s the perfect option.

The Stealth offers you high levels of forgiveness – it’s the most forgiving TaylorMade driver to date. Therefore, it suits a wide range of players, from low to high handicappers.

Even lower handicappers don’t hit the center of the clubface every time, so they’ll benefit from the forgiveness. And the forgiveness on every area of the face greatly helps higher handicappers.

With that forgiveness, you also get excellent ball speeds and distance. That’s down to the Carbon Fiber Twist Face technology transferring energy more efficiently at impact.

Also, the lighter carbon face means you get higher ball speeds across a wider area of the clubface. So, you won’t see a significant drop-off in distance when you mishit your drive.

The high launch the Stealth offers golfers also increases the distance. When you get the optimal ball launch, you’ll get more carry and extra distance.

Overall, this driver is excellent if you need forgiveness but also want a boost in distance.

Tour Edge Exotics E722 (Alternative Value)

Alternative Value
Tour Edge Exotics E722 Driver
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/28/2023 06:53 pm GMT

The Tour Edge Exotics E722 is an alternative value driver for those who need forgiveness. This driver is perfect for high handicappers who want the most forgiveness possible.

A 30g weight at the back of the head offers a high moment of inertia for maximum forgiveness. The weight also increases stability through impact and tightens dispersion.

That gives golfers plenty of forgiveness when they strike the ball on either side of the sweet spot. High handicappers will significantly benefit from that.

The weight also makes this driver feel powerful on impact. And it sounds impressive when you strike the ball.

The sleek look gives you confidence when you stand over the ball without being too bulky. Also, the slight offset adds to that confidence, especially for those who slice the ball.

The high launch allows slower swingers to get some extra distance. So, the Tour Edge Exotics E722 gives you a nice combination of forgiveness and distance.

What to Consider When Buying a Forgiving Driver

When buying a forgiving driver, you should consider loft, size, weighting, draw bias, distance, feel, adjustability, shaft, and price.


Golfers should consider loft when buying any driver, and purchasing the most forgiving driver is no different. Drivers with a higher loft are easier to hit than low-lofted drivers.

With a higher loft, it’s much easier to get the ball to launch higher. Getting that optimal launch helps you get more distance off the tee.

If your swing speed is on the slower side, a higher-lofted driver is best for you. It makes launching the ball easier and leads to better drives.


Size is another factor to consider when buying the most forgiving driver. In general, with a larger clubhead comes more forgiveness.

The greater size means the clubface will also be bigger. That makes the sweet spot bigger and gives players more room on the face to miss.

If you miss the center of the clubface, you will be further away from the toe or heel. That’s different from a driver with a compact head where the miss would be closer to the toe or heel.

Although the measurements are small, they make a difference. Golf can be a game of fractions at times.

Also, a larger head gives players more confidence when they address the ball. If you’re not the best ball striker, that size can make you feel much more comfortable on the tee.

You set yourself up to hit better drives when you’re comfortable. And confidence is key to playing your best because golf is mainly a mental game.


Weighting in the clubhead factors into the forgiveness of drivers these days. Many of the most forgiving drivers have weights positioned towards the back of the head.

This weighting provides extra forgiveness in a driver. Also, it helps players launch the ball higher, making it easier to hit the driver.

Some players will benefit from this extra weighting while others won’t. They might be better served without any weights.

So, it’s crucial to consider weighting and figure that out before buying a forgiving driver.

Draw Bias

You should consider draw bias in the most forgiving driver if you need to counter a slice. It can help you get rid of that annoying slice.

However, golfers who don’t tend to slice the ball should be careful with draw-biased drivers. Depending on how pronounced the draw bias is, it might get you hitting the ball too far left.


Most of us want more distance in a driver. So, it’s essential to consider this when buying the most forgiving driver.

The good thing about forgiving drivers is that you don’t get a significant drop-off in distance even on mishits. That’s critical for players who regularly miss the sweet spot.

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You want to buy a forgiving driver that feels good. The feel will concern some more than others, but you don’t want to play a driver that feels off.

At address, you want the driver to feel comfortable in your hands. That sets you up well from the start.

Also, you want the driver to feel stable and powerful at impact. That stability gives you control while you know you’re getting a solid hit with the powerful feeling.

It’s always best to test out a few drivers before buying one. You’ll notice some differences in feel and find the one that feels best for you.


Being able to adjust things like the loft of your driver is a big thing now. So, you should consider adjustability when buying the most forgiving driver.

Adjustability allows you to fine-tune your driver to need your specific needs. You can play around with the loft to find the one that suits your game.

However, adjustability isn’t only reserved for the loft of drivers. The weighting in many drivers can also be adjusted for the perfect match.

With adjustability, you can explore your game a little deeper. If you like to try different specs, the Titleist TSI2 and the Cobra LTDx Max give you plenty of options to try.

The Ping G425 Max keeps things a bit simpler. That’ll better suit the traditionalists among you.


The shaft is a crucial part of any golf club. You can select a shaft that’ll give you extra help in the most forgiving drivers.

For instance, the best driver shaft for you could help you gain a few extra yards. That’s not something to dismiss without thought, especially when the forgiving driver is likely already giving you a distance boost.

The right shaft can also control factors like spin and ball flight. Getting this right means you’re hitting your driver optimally.

Also, make sure you choose a shaft with the correct flex for your swing speed. When it’s too flexible or too stiff, it affects the control you have with your driver.


Like with buying any golf club, price is something to consider when purchasing the most forgiving driver. Our list offers drivers at different price points.

If you’re on a budget and want great value, the Cleveland Launcher XL and the Tour Edge Exotics E722 are excellent options. Otherwise, the TaylorMade Stealth is perfect if you want distance and don’t mind paying a premium price.

At the end of the day, it’s about looking at everything together. Identify your needs and then work out what you want to pay. You’ll narrow down your choices and make it easier to buy the right forgiving driver.

What is the Easiest Driver to Hit for a High Handicapper?

We think the Callaway Rogue ST Max is the easiest driver to hit for high handicappers. This premium driver is packed with the latest technology to make hitting the driver easier than ever.

High handicappers will benefit from the exceptional forgiveness it offers. Also, this driver gives you excellent accuracy and plenty of extra distance.

However, all of the drivers on our list are easy for a high handicapper to hit.

Should I Get Customer Fitted for a Driver?

We recommend getting custom fitted for a driver if you’re an established golfer. If you’ve been playing golf for a while, you should get custom fitted for a driver, no matter your handicap.

The only time we wouldn’t recommend a custom fitting for a driver is for complete beginners. Some people may disagree with this, but our reason is that complete beginners will undergo many changes in their swings as they develop.

Therefore, a beginner may have a completely different swing after one year than at the beginning. If they did a custom fitting straight away, that fitting may no longer apply to their developed swing.

In that case, they’d have to get a new fitting again to get the correct equipment for their improved swing. So, that’s why we don’t recommend complete beginners getting a custom fitting for a driver.

Are New Drivers More Forgiving?

Yes, new drivers are more forgiving. They’re considerably more forgiving than they were 10 years ago.

Golf club manufacturers are constantly finding new ways to improve equipment. They’re making new gains all the time.

Although there might not be a vast difference in forgiveness from one year to the next, there’s usually always some sort of gain in forgiveness. And these gains add up year after year.

What is Moment of Inertia?

Moment of Inertia (MOI) is a measurement to show how much resistance a clubhead has to twisting at impact. A driver with a high MOI won’t twist as much when you strike the ball.

Therefore, a high MOI helps keep the clubhead stable. That makes it less likely the clubface will flip open on impact, meaning you can hit straighter shots.

If you don’t strike the ball consistently, you should get a driver with a high MOI. That means the driver will be more forgiving.


Overall, the Callaway Rogue ST Max is the most forgiving driver in 2022. This premium driver gives you excellent performance.

Not only do you get exceptional forgiveness, but you’ll get a boost in distance and consistency. This driver feels amazing at setup and throughout the swing, giving you the confidence to rip drives down the fairway.

With a slight draw bias, it’ll help those slicers out there. And it suits a wide range of players, from low to high handicappers.

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