Best Women’s Golf Clubs of 2021

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Women’s golf clubs are very often sold as a complete set. This is a great benefit for a female golfer because of the loft gapping and easy planning of a set. Having to piece together a driver, fairway woods, hybrids, and more can be time-consuming and quite difficult. Luckily we have found some of the best women’s golf sets on the market for 2021. There is an option on this list for all budgets and all handicap types. 

1. Best Overall Women’s Golf Clubs 2021: Callaway Reva Complete Set 

Callaway Golf 2021 REVA Complete Golf Set (11 Piece) Right-Handed, Regular, Black
  • Designed for the ultimate combination of distance and forgiveness to inspire confidence in every swing.
  • Optimized so that it’s easy to hit with a high flying ball flight.
  • Large, oversized Deep Cavity back Irons designed for easy launch and forgiveness on mishits.
  • The loft progressions and set makeup are built based on extensive player testing with women’s golfers.
  • Features our innovative Stroke Lab shaft to improve the tempo and consistency in your stroke.

What’s Included: Driver, 3 Wood, 5 & 6 Hybrid, 7-9 Irons, PW, SW, Putter, Cart Bag, Headcovers 

Callaway makes a few different complete set options for the woman golfer. The Callaway Reva is the replacement of the old Solaire Women’s golf set, and it is a very impressive addition to the Callaway lineup. There are several important positives to consider when looking at the Reva set.

Firstly, the thing I like best about the Reva is that it is high quality. You won’t get a complete set of clubs, but each one is built specifically for a woman player that wants more distance and more forgiveness. The irons are a deep cavity back set with a very low center of gravity. 

In addition, this set includes a stroke lab putter that is going to help golfers roll down putts of varying lengths. Above all, when you hit a shot with a club from the Reva set, you will notice that the feel and performance are different. This technology goes way beyond a starter set and focuses more on being premium quality. 

Lastly, this is a Callaway golf club set and we know that this brand will stand behind their name.

  • Very easy to launch 
  • Impressive feel 
  • The putter is a high-end premium option 
  • Fairway woods are easy to launch even from the fairway 

2. Best For Senior Ladies: Wilson Women’s Complete Set 

Wilson Golf Profile Platinum Packageset, Women's Right Handed, Cart
  • Includes 10 clubs: Driver, 5 Wood, 5 Hybrid, 6-SW, Putter
  • Large sweet spot Women’s high lofted Driver features super game improvement technology to get the most from your game Performance technology and lightweight components are combined to deliver tremendous distance off the tee
  • Easy to hit hybrid with tip reinforced graphite shaft creates large sweet spot for improved distance
  • Engineered for maximum control, these lower center of gravity heads improve launch trajectory and produce greater distance
  • Profile Platinum technology positions mass low and back - precision engineered for longer, straighter shots.

What’s Included: Driver, 3 Wood, 5 Wood, 5 Hybrid, 6-PW, Putter 

The Wilson Women’s Complete golf set is something that is specifically designed to be lightweight. When women golfers move from regular women’s clubs to senior clubs, there is no changing of shafts like the men have. Therefore it is imperative to find a senior women’s set of clubs that has lightweight characteristics. 

In addition to being lightweight, the driver of the Wilson Women’s Complete Set is really high lofted and has a low center of gravity. The accuracy will be improved, and players will get a greater distance from their shots. 

I like the sand wedge included with the Wilson Women’s Complete Set. So many of these golf sets have sand wedges that seem like they are just thrown in the bag. This club really has some impressive shot-making ability. The sole is wide, and it tends to spin well. 

  • Low center of gravity and lots of accuracy across all clubs in the set
  • Great looking set of golf clubs
  • Lightweight technology perfect for a slower swing speed 
  • Cart bag that is lightweight and has plenty of storage 

3. Best For Lady Beginner: Cleveland Bloom Complete Set

Cleveland Golf Bloom Set 2019, Navy/Lavender Right Hand
  • Set make up consists of driver, 3 wood, 5I, 6I, Hybrid irons, 7I - SW, putter
  • Bloom irons: designed with advanced lightweight technology. Bloom irons feature a forgiving cavity-back design and a responsive face for maximum distance
  • Bloom driver: a large and forgiving head shape combined with high loft and a low center of gravity make the new Bloom driver both longer and straighter off the Tee
  • Bloom Hybrids: the unique design gives the accuracy of an iron, the distance of a wood, and a high launching trajectory for increased forgiveness and distance
  • Bloom wedge: The bloom wedge adds consistency to your short game with superior spin technology and a wide sole for smoother turf interaction from all lies your short game will encounter

What’s Included: Driver, 3 Wood, 5 Hybrid, 6 Hybrid, 7-SW, Putter, Bag, Headcovers 

The Cleveland golf clubs for women always seem to be forgotten about. Nobody remembers how great this complete set is, and it makes a perfect choice for the lady beginner golfer. As a beginner, you want to be careful not to spend too much money, but at the same time give yourself a fair chance to learn the game. 

The Cleveland Bloom gives players all the clubs they need to succeed. In addition, the ball speed is going to be relatively high with the Bloom set, which produces quite a bit of distance. I like this set for a new player because it can be used when you first start out but then it can be relevant even when your handicap drops and the game starts to become a bit more fun. 

Overall this is a perfect medium priced set that has tons of quality and just the right set makeup for a new golfer.

  • Great short game clubs, with plenty of spin in the wedges 
  • Very low center of gravity in the driver and irons 
  • Hybrids are easy to launch out of the rough 
  • Will work even as handicap lowers 

4. Best Premium Women’s Golf Clubs 2021: TaylorMade Golf Kalea Complete Golf Set

TaylorMade Golf Kalea Package Set Grey Green RH, 11 Clubs
  • Ultra Lightweight Construction
  • Speed Pocket
  • Optimized Full Set Gapping
  • Premium Spider Putter
  • Japan Spec Ladies Shafts

What’s Included: Driver, 3 Wood, 5 Wood, 5 Hybrid, 6 Hybrid, 7-PW, SW, Putter, Golf Bag 

TaylorMade puts out a new Kalea complete set every few years. Everything about this set is built for golfers that need more speed. TaylorMade, in general, is known for helping people get very high levels of ball speed; the Kalea features the TaylorMade Speed Pocket technology. The important thing to keep in mind is that this is a premium and expensive set of golf clubs.

However, for golfers that are serious about the game, Kalea is a perfect set. You can get very high launch, forgiveness, and distance with all of the clubs in the Kalea set. In addition, one club in the Kalea that helped this set wins the best premium position is the putter. 

The TaylorMade Spider putter is one of the most popular putters on tour, and they put one in the Kalea set! Overall, you will love the perfect set makeup with hybrids, wood, a large 460cc driver, and three golf bag color options to choose from. In the end, this is a set to seriously consider if you have the budget. 

  • Built for distance and forgiveness
  • Perfect set makeup for the female golfer
  • Speed pocket technology for extra distance
  • Plenty of short game performance 

5. Best Value Women’s Golf Clubs 2021: Callaway Strata Women’s 16 Piece Golf Set

Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set (16-Piece, Right Hand, Graphite)
  • Strata ultimate women's set is designed for ultimate distance and ultimate performance for women with modernized golf technology to cover you from tee to green
  • The complete golf set includes: Driver, 3 Wood, 4 & 5 Hybrid, 6 - 9 Iron, Pitching Wedge & Sand Wedge, Putter, Stand Bag, 4 Head covers
  • Woods: Full titanium driver gives you a large sweet spot and more forgiveness to bomb it off the tee. A very forgiving 5 wood built for long, high flying shots in a more aerodynamic head shape
  • Irons (6 9): Have high flight technology that delivers distance, forgiveness, and control from stainless steel
  • Putter: Precise face milling on the putter is designed for better accuracy and distance control to help you sink more putts

What’s Included: Driver, 3 Wood, 4 & 5 Hybrid, 6-9 iron, PW, SW, Putter, Stand Bag Headcovers

The Callaway Strata golf club set is the perfect choice if you are looking for a complete set on a budget. The Strata are considered to be a value-type club, yet a premium company still makes them. For the lower handicap female player, the Callaway Strata may not have the best feel. This is a set geared more towards the mid to high handicapper. 

The Strata is known for the driver with a very large sweet spot, and the fairway woods are forgiving as well. All of the clubs are a bit higher lofted to help promote forgiveness. The Strata comes in a few different set makeups, but the 16 piece is my favorite choice. 

The 16 piece allows you to have the sand wedge and two hybrids. Truly these are essential clubs in the women’s golf bag. 

  • Great value considering the quality 
  • The stand bag is lightweight and works for both walking or riding 
  • It comes with a sand wedge and two hybrids
  • Higher lofted clubs to help promote forgiveness and distance

6. Best For Petite Lady Golfer: MacGregor Golf CG3000 Petite Golf Clubs Set with Bag

MacGregor Golf CG3000 Petite Golf Clubs Set with Bag, Ladies Right Hand, All Graphite
  • QUALITY COMPLETE GOLF SET - Featuring 8 clubs, 3 headcovers and a deluxe golf stand bag
  • DRIVER - 13° high launch titanium matrix driver. Higher loft encourages higher, straighter ball flights for amateur's swings. Headcover included.
  • WOODS - Low profile 18° fairway wood and 24° hybrid wood with headcovers. Fairway is perfect for more controlled, shorter tee shots, and the hybrid makes long approaches or tricky lies much easier than conventional long irons
  • IRONS - 7-8-9-PW - Undercut cavity stainless steel irons. Promoting forgiveness on mis-hit shots, and great feel when they come out the middle. TOUR MALLET PUTTER - Putter with perimeter weighting helps keep clubface straight on off-centre impacts while being easier to align in the first place. CART BAG - A durable luxury MacGregor cart bag for ladies
  • Ideal for golfers 5' 3 and below - All clubs made 1 inch shorter.

What’s Included: The driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid, 7-PW, Putter, Bag

Although women’s golf clubs are shorter than men’s, they are still made for a female golfer who is about 5’6” tall. Those who generally fall in this height range will do fine; however, for the more petite golfers, the clubs are a bit too long. This MacGregor Golf CG3000 Petite Golf Set is an excellent choice for players that are a bit shorter. 

With the MacGregregor, you will get a very lightweight and forgiving golf set. The 13-degree driver has just the right amount of launch and forgiveness to help an amateur player. Some women’s golf drivers are made with almost too much launch, and it causes distance issues. However, that is not the case with the Macgregor set. 

I like the Tour Mallet putter included with the set as well. It has plenty of weight to it and will work on both slow and fast golf greens. Overall this is a smart golf club choice to consider when looking for a new petite set. 

  • Good set makeup with both fairway wood and hybrid
  • It helps golfers to hit the ball straighter 
  • Higher launching set 
  • It comes with a lightweight cart bag and plenty of storage 

Buyers Guide: How To Choose The Right Set Of Golf Clubs for Me? 

Now that you have the best options on the market for a women’s golf set in 2021, let’s look at some of the factors you should keep in mind as you make your decision. 

Golf Set Makeup

The most crucial factor is ensuring that the set comes with the clubs you need to succeed. I highly recommend something that has both fairway woods and hybrids. After all, you will need both of these clubs, depending on the lie. In addition, ensure that the set has enough tools for your short game. Some women’s golf sets don’t include a sand wedge, yet you should have one in your bag. 

Golf Bag

The golf bag will either be a cart bag or a stand bag. If you like to walk the course, you are going to need the stand bag. Most of the time, a lightweight golf bag is a smart choice long term. You will have plenty of storage but still be able to lift the bag on and off the cart and into your car. 

Quality Of The Set

There are some golf sets for women on the market that are not all that great. They will use cheaper clubs to help ensure that the pricing stays down. Although you may save money upfront, chances are you will replacing this set in a short period. It makes sense to spend a little more upfront to get a great quality golf set. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are a few questions that I get asked a lot about women’s golf sets and ensuring that you purchase the proper one. In short, this decision will come down to your budget and your skill level. However, it still helps to make an informed decision. Above all, you want to ensure you choose a set that you can work with for years to come.

Does It Make Sense To Purchase A Complete Set or Individual Clubs? 

For most women golfers, the complete set option is the better choice. Certainly, with a complete set, you won’t have to worry about significant gaps in yardages, and you usually save a bit of money on the set as well. Most companies offer a discount because you are buying everything as a package set. 

The only real downside of the complete set is that at some point, it will all have to be replaced at once. 

How Many Clubs Should Women Golfers Carry? 

The USGA allows us to carry 14 clubs in the bag, but is that necessary for the female golfer? As long as players have a mix of hybrids, woods, irons, and wedges, it should not matter if there are 10, 12, or 14 clubs in the bag. 

Since most women players don’t have very high swing speeds, it does not make much sense to carry long irons in the bag. However, dropping the long irons from the bag can end up saving some room and open up spots for hybrids. If you have clubs in your bag that you are not using, take them out and leave them at home. After all, these are just taking up space and are completely unnecessary.  

How Often Should I Replace My Golf Clubs? 

Golf clubs will last for a very long time, but this does not mean that their technology is still relevant. I recommend starting to look for new golf clubs every 6 or 7 years. If you really love the clubs you have, you may get 8 or more years out of them. If you are serious about new technology, every 3 or 4 years may be a good time for a replacement. 

A lot of this will come down to your budget and the number of rounds of golf that you play in a year. 

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Hopefully, you now have a better feel for the best women’s golf clubs of 2021. The Callaway Reva stands out as the best overall choice because of its great feel and ease of use. This is a really high-quality set put together as a complete set option for the female player. If you are a high handicapper or mid handicapper, the set has everything you need to succeed. 

In conclusion, be sure to pick a set of women’s golf clubs that look, feel, and perform how you feel they should. After all, this is the only way to be entirely happy with your purchase.

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