5 Best Golf Wedges for Mid Handicappers in 2021

As a mid handicapper, (or any golfer for that matter), choosing the right wedge for your game can be difficult. If you want to start shooting lower scores as a mid handicapper, improving your short game is a great place to focus–and getting the right wedges will give you the best start.

If you’re like many mid handicappers, you have the skill to take your game to the next level. You can hit a decent drive more often than not. You consistently hit your irons the proper length. But if you’re struggling closer to the green, assess your bag to be sure you’re playing wedges that are best for mid handicappers, like yourself.

We’ve identified five of the best golf wedges for mid handicappers. Take a look at our picks and continue on your quest to shooting lower scores.

Best Golf Wedges for Mid Handicappers: Our Top Picks

If you want our recommendations right away, here they are. Read further for the complete list and individual reviews.

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5 Best Golf Wedges for Mid Handicappers in 2021

Now that you have a better idea of what you need to look for in a wedge, I have put together a few of my top choices for the best golf wedges for mid handicappers.

1. Titleist Vokey SM8 Golf Wedge

Best Overall
Titleist Vokey SM8 Tour Chrome Wedge

From Bob Vokey's legendary design, this is is a premiere, tour preferred wedge—and my top pick. It's what's in my (Joe's) bag. The SM8 grooves are cut to the edge, and the clubface is maxed out for durability. Comes in 23 different loft/grind combinations.

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Why not use what the pros use? While they aren’t mid handicappers, they love the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the Vokey SM8 golf wedges. Whether you’re looking for a gap, lob, or pitching wedge, this line is there for you. It’ll help you get out of some tough lies and keep you from adding more and more strokes around the green. If you want to get some spin on the ball, you can. If you want a higher bounce, you can. There are clubs made for you in this line of wedges.

From legendary maker Bob Vokey, the grooves are cut to the edge. The clubface is maxed out for durability, so you’ll have it for a long time. There are 23 different loft/grind combinations, meaning everybody can find one for themselves. They feature a progressive center of gravity, thanks to the tungsten weights and varied hosel lengths.

The main thing that is so great about these wedges is that you can find one for any swing. You can’t ask for more than that with a golf club. Each groove is inspected for conformity as well, so you’re guaranteed to get a good product.

2. TaylorMade Golf MG2 Wedge

TaylorMade MG2 Wedge

TaylorMade's flagship, tour-level wedge. Comes in black and chrome finishes.

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10/11/2021 10:51 pm GMT

Anybody who is looking to master the art of the backspin should consider the MG2 wedge. The ZTP RAW Groove Design was made to manufacture more greenside spin. The MG stands for milled grind, so your club will sweep through the thick rough, fringe, or even fairway more easily. You’ll get the consistent hit that you desire when you’re swinging this. It is offered in many lofts and bounce options, ranging from a 50-degree loft and 9-degree bounce to a 60-degree loft and a 12-degree bounce.

The wedge’s back cavity has a TPU insert to help you come through a ball more easily. You’ll notice the face rust over time, but the rest of the head will maintain its original finish. The thick-thin head design shows off the redistributed weight, and the CG location is optimized. That means as you’re coming in closer to the green, you’ll be able to hit the precise flight and touch you’re striving for. These come in either chrome or black.

3. Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole G 4.0 Wedge

Most Forgiving
Cleveland Smart Sole G 4.0 Wedge
Extra-wide sole and Feel Balancing Technology, providing maximum forgiveness and flexibility around the green.
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10/11/2021 10:50 pm GMT

For the mid handicapper who’s looking for more forgiveness in a wedge, the Cleveland Smart Sole G 4.0 is an excellent choice.

It features a three-tiered sole that is built for maximum forgiveness. This is a club that is good for mid or even high handicappers. The sole has three different activation pads that will interact with the turf and increase playability from all lies around the green.

Cleveland redistributed weight from the hosel towards the toe, allowing your shot dispersion to become tighter to get you nearer the hole more often. This comes in either graphite or alloy steel shaft, depending on your preference. 

Don’t worry about opening up your club face a crazy amount when you’re in the sand. Greenside bunkers can be the downfall of your game. This wedge will make it easier for you to get up and down and save your holes.

4. Wilson Harmonized Wedge

Best Value
Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

This is the best wedge "for the money" on the market. Wedges aren’t flashy clubs, and something like this Wilson can do the trick more often than not. The sole grind allows you to open the clubface even more to hit higher shots. It also helps stop shots from rolling off the green. 

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If you’re someone who likes to open up their club face a little when they are near the green, these wedges make more sense for you. Unlike the Cleveland choice above, these have a sole grind that allows players to open up the club face, giving more flexibility for a range of swing styles. You’ll be able to play higher shots with better accuracy if you’re near the green or just off it. You won’t have to think about putting from the fringe, as these wedges have modified bounce angles for dead stop spin.

You can choose a 50-, 52-, 56-, 60, and even a 64-degree wedge. These are made from True Temper steel for advanced reliability and performance. If you find yourself annoyed because you struggle to get your chips to stop where you want them to, these are wedges to strongly consider. You can grow with wedges, as they’ll suit your style as you make your way from a mid handicap to a low one.

5. Pinemeadow Golf PGX Wedge

Budget Pick
Pinemeadow PGX Wedge

For a club that will get the job done around the green and stay within your budget, choose this. It can be used closed or you can open the face for more creativity.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
10/11/2021 10:57 pm GMT

You won’t find a better deal for a wedge than this. It is offered in a 52-, 56-or 60-degree loft angle. The midsize wedge sole helps you accurately play your shot from almost any kind of lie. The leading edge is sharp, allowing you to make solid contact with the turf. There is a forgiving hitting surface for mid and high handicappers. It features “U” groove technology and Pinemeadow standard grips. For a great price, this lets you play around and utilize it in several ways.

What To Consider When Choosing A Wedge That’s Fit For Mid Handicappers

If you’ve taken a look at our wedge guide, you’ll see there are many different types of wedges on the market. As a mid handicapper, you have worked with your wedges before and know (approximately) which one you should hit in which situation.

If you’re chipping from the rough near the green, you may want one that will cause the ball to check. If you’re hitting from a bunker, you’re going to want to be able to scoop the ball upwards. Here are some features and characteristics of wedges to keep in mind when you’re buying one for your mid handicap.


Producing backspin on a ball is something that you’re going to want to be able to do if you’re trying to lower your score. When you’re a high handicapper, you just want to get on the green. But the way that you turn those 5s into 4s and those 4s into 3s is by putting it closer consistently.

The grooves of your wedge can help create backspin and have your ball bite more—the sharper the grooves, the more backspin you can produce. Hitting a shot properly will cause it to settle more quickly rather than create a skulled shot. Backspin is also reliant on what golf ball you tend to hit, as some spin more than others. 

Wedge grind and bounce

Different grinds coincide with the kind of swing you have and the conditions you typically play in. Specific grinds are better for sweeping swings, while others are suited for a digging type of swing. Bounce has to do with the opening of the blade.  If you open it more, you’ll get more bounce on your swing when you make contact. It’s about the angle of the leading edge and the sole edge. If you have a mid handicap, you’re probably going to want a variety of grinds and bounces for different shots. Higher grinds work best for the sand, while lower grinds and bounce are better for firmer turf conditions.

How many wedges should you have in your bag?

Typically, a golfer will have three to four wedges in their bag. You’re going to want a sand wedge that will work for you when you’re in a fairway or greenside bunker. This will help you get out of the sand efficiently and has a higher loft angle. Next, you’ll want something like a gap wedge that can be used from around 100 yards and in. Finding a wedge that fits your swing efficiently will help you get closer to the green. 

A pitching wedge will help you from usually farther away than 100 yards. You probably aren’t Bryson Dechambeau and hitting your pitching wedge 160 yards. But from 120-130 out, it might be the right play for you. This is great for many par 3 holes and can get you out of many challenging situations.

Depending on where you often land on holes, a lob wedge might be the final wedge in your bag. It will help you get closer to the pin if you’re near the green and want to hit a high shot out of the rough. 

Wrapping It Up and Heading to the Clubhouse

As your handicap begins to trend lower, you want to minimize the strokes you’re leaving on the course. Having wedges that allow you to do more around the green is a must. If you’re interested in getting a ball to bite or tailoring your shot for more backspin, you can get wedges that will help you do either.

Owning clubs with the proper wedge grind and bounce for your swing and the typical conditions you play in will help you shoot lower more consistently. Any of the options we laid out will minimize the time spent off the green and allow you to worry more about reading short putts.

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