7 Best Drivers for the Money in 2022

When it comes to upgrading their driver, golfers tend to think they have to go for the latest model on the market. However, you have a few different ways to find the best driver for you. You can save money by buying an older model driver or picking up a new model that’s certified preowned.

Also, budget options are available for you budget-savvy golfers out there. Whatever your reasons for wanting to save money on a driver, you can find a way to do it. And we’re here to lend a helping hand.

Today, we will give you the best drivers for the money. Our list will include newer models at a cheaper price, some latest models that are certified preowned, and some older models. You’ll get the best range to choose from here, so let’s dive straight in.

Best Drivers for the Money: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Callaway Mavrik 22
Best Budget: Tour Edge Hot Launch C522
Best Premium: Callaway Rogue ST Max
Best Game Improvement: Wilson Launch Pad 2
Best for Distance: Callaway Epic Speed
Awesome Premium: TaylorMade SIM MAX
Amazing Price: Cobra RADSpeed

Callaway Mavrik 22 (Best Overall)

Best Overall
Callaway Mavrik 22 Driver
  • Impressive forgiveness
  • Solid feel
  • Fast ball speeds
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Overall, the Callaway Mavrik 22 is the best driver for the money. It’ll cost you around $300 brand new at the moment. That’s an excellent price for a premium driver that Callaway revamped for the 2022 season.

This driver offers impressive forgiveness, so you won’t have to worry about missing the fairway on off-center strikes. And your distance will be minimally affected, too. Long and straight drives, even on mishits, are always welcome for any golfer.

Like the standard Mavrik, this version feels solid when you strike the ball. You won’t lose any power from your swing upon impact. That efficiency means you get the best out of your swing.

Also, Callaway upgraded the Flash Face design for increased speed off the clubface. Not only that, but it also offers slightly better consistency. Everything is working together in the Mavrik 22 for longer and straighter drives.

And at this price, it has to top our list of the best drivers for the money.

Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 (Best Budget)

Best Budget
Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 Driver
$249.99 $199.00

This driver has a hot face and enhanced stability. It’s an excellent option if you want great forgiveness.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/26/2022 09:59 am GMT

The Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 is our budget pick when it comes to the best drivers for the money. In new condition, it’ll cost you about $250. That’s cheap for a driver that offers high-quality performance.

This driver has modern tech, with a Diamond Face 2.0 producing fast ball speeds. The distance is good with this driver, although not up there with the premium options. However, you’ll save over $300 for the sake of a few yards out on the golf course.

A weighted sole and a deep center of gravity enhance this driver’s stability. And that stability sets the foundation for forgiveness. You’ll get reasonable distances and accuracy with the Tour Edge Hot Launch C522.

However, this driver will suit golfers who have been playing the game for a while. Beginners will benefit more from a game-improvement driver.

Callaway Rogue ST Max (Best Premium)

The Callaway Rogue ST Max is the best premium driver for the money. This is the top of the food chain for the newest models on the market. And you can pick up a certified preowned one for just north of $500.

This driver offers incredible forgiveness, which is down to Callaway’s highest MOI head yet. Also, a new Tungsten Speed Cartridge moves nearly 26g of weight low and deep, adding to that forgiveness. The amazing forgiveness makes this driver highly versatile for various handicaps, from low to high.

Furthermore, it offers exceptional distance and outperforms other premium models. So if you love distance (like everyone does), then going premium with the Rogue ST Max could be your choice.

Wilson Launch Pad 2 (Best Game Improvement)

Best Game Improvement
Wilson Launch Pad 2 Driver
  • Extreme forgiveness for game improvement
  • Easy to launch
  • Draw bias fights slice
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The game-improvement features the Wilson LaunchPad 2 offers mean it must make our list of the best drivers for the money. Wilson has increased the sweet spot by 5% on the previous model. So, this offering is more forgiving and makes it easier to hit consistently.

Also, this driver is super easy to launch. So, it’ll help you if getting the ball airborne with the driver is a problem. But, of course, a big part of game improvement is making it easy to launch the ball, and Wilson delivers on that aspect.

Another area they deliver on is fighting the troublesome slice. The weighted heel gives this driver a draw bias. Most players need to improve on a slice, and the Wilson LaunchPad 2 delivers the goods for the slicers out there.

Callaway Epic Speed (Best for Distance)

Best for Distance
Callaway Epic Speed Driver

Callaway created the Epic Speed to be the fastest club in the game; with AI, Jailbreak and Flash Face combined, the club certainly can be labeled a distance driver. 

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The Callaway Epic Speed is the best driver for the money for distance. The ball flies off the clubface with this driver. You’ll love the length it generates.

The aerodynamic Cyclone head lowers drag when you swing. This helps to increase your swing speed and deliver higher ball speeds. That translates into hitting bombs down the fairway.

This driver feels highly stable, precisely what you want when swinging this beauty. You’ll feel solid even at the fast speeds this driver offers. Therefore, you can get the distance you want without hitting the ball all over the place.

The Callaway Epic Speed isn’t as forgiving as some drivers out there. It’s suited to better players with fast swing speeds who strike the ball consistently.

These golfers will benefit from that added speed because they don’t need as much forgiveness. With this driver, it’s not unheard of for a player to gain a 5-mph increase in their swing speed. That could mean an extra 15 yards in distance.

TaylorMade SIM MAX (Awesome Premium)

Awesome Premium
TaylorMade SIM MAX (Used Driver)
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The TaylorMade SIM Max is an awesome premium option. Incredible forgiveness suits a wide range of golfers. So, anyone can still get great distance even on off-center strikes.

That’s down to the forgiveness, but the fantastic ball speed also affects the distance you’ll get. The Sim Max is longer than the standard SIM, which is good news if you struggle with distance.

However, that amazing distance doesn’t come at the cost of accuracy. You’ll get a tight dispersion with this driver. So, you can be confident in that consistency every time you step onto the tee needing to find a fairway.

Also, the SIM Max launches the ball high, which helps with distance. That’s especially true if you struggle with getting the ball up in the air. If that’s you, say goodbye to daisy cutters when using this driver.

Cobra RADSpeed (Amazing Price)

Amazing Price
Cobra RADSpeed Driver (Used Driver)
  • Lower spin
  • Excellent feel
  • Premium looks and performance
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Cobra RADSpeed driver is on offer at a fantastic price. Combined with the performance this driver offers, it has to make the list of the best drivers for the money.

The standard RADSpeed driver is more compact than the other two models in this line, the XB, and XD. That and the slightly less forgiveness on offer make it suited for low-to-mid range handicappers.

Also, the RAD weighting technology brings 28g right up to the front at the face. This weighting promotes lower launch and lower spin rates.

Again, that is more suited to the low-to-mid handicap range. However, the adjustable sole weights mean players can fine-tune the launch and spin to suit their games.

You get a premium driver at an amazing price that performs well on distance and forgiveness. It offers everything you want in a driver. And you can fine-tune it to your needs.

What to Consider When Buying a New Golf Driver

When buying a new golf driver, you’ll want to consider price, forgiveness, distance, looks, adjustability, and unique features. We’ll look at each area more closely.


When buying a new golf driver, the price is always something to consider. You might be on a budget, so you’ll have to consider that when making your choice.

However, some golfers will always go for premium options. They’ll consider a higher price tag when making their choices. But you’ll still want to consider the price no matter what category you fall under.

Luckily for you, we’ve given you a good variety of choices on our list. You can go for a budget option or choose a premium driver. Just find the one that suits your needs.


You’ll want to consider forgiveness when buying a new driver. This will matter more to some golfers than others, but players of all skill levels should consider forgiveness. Not even tour pros strike the driver perfect every time.

Buying a forgiving driver means you won’t be badly punished when you miss the sweet spot. Your distance won’t be affected too much, so you’ll be far enough down the fairway for those approach shots. However, that will matter more for a beginner than for a low handicapper.

So, consider the forgiveness you need in a driver. Then, you can choose from there.


When buying a new driver, you should consider distance. Golfers love smashing a drive down the fairway for a wedge approach shot into the green. And who doesn’t like reminding their buddies about driving it 15 yards past them on every hole?

Of course, you don’t want to buy a driver that gives you less distance than your current gamer. Nobody is going to go for that. Golf is about improving your game, so consider distance when buying a new driver.


Looks are something to consider when buying any club, and a new driver is no different. You want to look down at a beautiful clubhead. It’ll give you that extra confidence boost when you step onto the tee.

Looking down at a stunning driver sets you up for positive thoughts. And that’s exactly what you want when hitting a shot. Your confidence and positive thoughts put you in the best position to nail a drive down the fairway.


When buying a new driver, you should consider adjustability. This allows you to fine-tune your driver to maximize your performance. Usually, the adjustability feature comes in loft and weight positioning.

Having the ability to adjust the loft means you can get the best out of your new driver. You can increase the loft if you struggle with launching the ball. Hitting the ball higher will help you max out your distance.

Also, adjusting the weights can help with the launch. Positioning weights back in the head will help you launch the ball. Additionally, some drivers allow you to set weights for a draw/fade ball flight.

Special Features

Special features are something to consider when buying a new driver. Some drivers have unique features like an offset hosel that helps players square the clubface. Usually, these drivers also have weighting that helps fight a slice.

Unique features like these can help your game. So, you’ll want to consider them when buying a new driver.

Buying a New Driver vs. Preowned

When buying a new driver vs. preowned, these three main things stand out: price, condition, and fitting.


A new driver is going to cost more than a preowned driver. That’s why buying preowned is a great way to save money. You can get a premium driver at a lower price, which is a big pro.


When buying a new driver, you know it will be in mint condition. However, preowned drivers can be in various conditions. Some preowned drivers will be in better shape than others.

For instance, retailers like Global Golf offer a certified preowned option on many of their used drivers. That ensures the best quality for you when buying a used driver.

A professional goes through the certification process for each certified preowned golf club. The certification process includes these five elements:

  • A complete six-point inspection process
  • A free generic headcover
  • A 12-month limited warranty
  • A thorough club cleaning
  • A visual inspection

So, although there’s a difference in condition between new and preowned drivers, it doesn’t have to affect you too much.


If you buy a new driver, it can be fitted perfectly to your swing. You won’t get that when buying a preowned driver. It was likely fitted for someone else’s swing.

However, some golfers can have very similar swing characteristics. For example, maybe the preowned driver was fitted to someone who struggles with launching the ball. If that’s a problem you have, the driver could suit you well.

You can get around the fitting issue by knowing what you need in a driver. If you know your game, you can find the perfect preowned driver.


It’s always awesome to get the best driver for the money. Finding exactly what you need for the best price just feels great. You can step onto the tee with confidence, knowing you got the best deal possible.

And it’s even sweeter when you smash the ball down the fairway. A shorter approach shot is always a welcome bonus.

Our list gives you a variety of options at different prices. Also, you’ve got our tips for choosing the right driver for you. We’re confident you’ll find the best driver for the money that suits your game.

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