8 Best Callaway Drivers in 2022 (Reviewed)

Sometimes golfers become loyal to a particular brand because everything it does suits their game. If your brand is Callaway, you may want to know the best Callaway driver for your game.

Callaway has been a significant force in the driver market for a long time. They make some of the best drivers out there.

Today, we’ll give you eight excellent choices. So, let’s dive into the best Callaway drivers and match them to your game.

Best Callaway Drivers: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Rogue ST Max
Best for Countering Slice: Rogue ST Max D
Best for Reducing Spin: Rogue ST Max LS
Best Value: Mavrik
Fastest: Epic Speed
Amazing Forgiveness: Epic Max
Alternate for Reducing Spin: Epic Max LS
Alternate for Countering Slice: Big Bertha B21

The Callaway Rogue ST Max is the best Callaway driver overall. It’s the newest release and is packed with performance.

A new Tungsten speed cartridge helps improve the performance of this driver. As a result, you can expect fast ball speeds when you smash one off the tee.

It suits a wide range of golfers, from low to high handicappers. The main reason is the exceptional forgiveness on offer, with Callaway’s highest MOI head yet, making this driver their most forgiving yet.

This driver has a large hitting area on the clubface. Even on off-center strikes, you can expect excellent performance.

Also, 26g of weight is set low and deep in the head, adding to the forgiveness. That gives this driver a very stable feel as well.

And you can expect exceptional distance, too. It’s Callaway’s longest driver to date.

You’ll love the Callaway Rogue ST Max driver if you’re after forgiveness and distance.

Best for Countering Slice

Callaway Rogue ST Max Draw Driver

This driver has internal and external draw weighting to counter a slice. A reduced face progression and stretched profile at address helps with that. It was also designed for maximum levels of forgiveness.

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The Rogue ST Max D is the best Callaway driver for countering a slice. Everything about it is geared towards correcting your shot shape if you slice your drives.

There’s a draw bias built into this driver to straighten your shots. A more upright lie, reduced face progression, and a stretched profile at address work to that end.

However, Callaway hasn’t abandoned forgiveness in this driver. Higher handicappers usually struggle with a slice, so forgiveness must be a key feature in any driver that counters a slice.

It has increased ball speed on off-center hits. And the high MOI gives you more forgiveness when you don’t hit your best tee shot.

If your slice is driving you crazy, this driver might be just what the doctor ordered.

Best for Reducing Spin

Callaway Rogue ST Max LS Driver

This driver was built to lower spin for a more piercing ball flight. Golfers can expect more workability compared to the other Rogue ST models. With a high MOI head, there’s also a lot of forgiveness on offer.

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The Rogue ST Max LS is the best Callaway driver for reducing spin. If you find that your ball flight is too high, this driver can help you get a stronger trajectory.

This driver gives you fast ball speeds for great distances off the tee. And it offers excellent forgiveness as well.

However, it looks more compact at address than the other two Rogue ST models on our list. And it performs better for players with faster swing speeds. For these reasons, this driver will suit low-to-mid handicap players.

But for those who can hit it confidently, it offers exceptional performance. And it feels incredibly powerful through impact.

Also, this driver gives you a more neutral shot shape compared to the other two. This driver is an excellent option to reduce your spin and keep your natural shot shape.

Best Value

Callaway Mavrik Driver

The Callaway Mavrik 2022 features a Cyclone Aero Shape clubhead, Jailbreak technology, and the classic carbon crown; expect plenty of distance and forgiveness built in. 

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The Mavrik is the best Callaway driver in terms of value. It was first released in 2020 and was revamped in 2022.

With this driver, you get premium quality at a reduced price compared to the newest models. If you don’t care about the latest technology and want to save some money, this driver will still give you excellent performance.

You’ll get impressive forgiveness so you won’t be badly punished for mishits. Even off-center strikes go long and straight.

It feels solid when you strike through the ball, giving you a nice confidence level in the driver. This will suit a wide range of players who want fast ball speeds and forgiveness – it suits senior golfers very well.

And the 2022 revamp offers more shaft options. So you can really dial in this driver to maximize its performance to suit you.


Callaway Epic Speed Driver

Callaway created the Epic Speed to be the fastest club in the game; with AI, Jailbreak and Flash Face combined, the club certainly can be labeled a distance driver. 

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The Epic Speed is the fastest Callaway driver. It suits better players who strike the ball consistently.

That’s because this driver is geared towards speed instead of forgiveness. You can expect the ball to fly off the face of this driver.

The aerodynamic Cyclone head lowers drag and helps you to swing faster. That means faster ball speeds and longer drives.

This driver feels very stable even at fast speeds. That’ll help your accuracy when you’re bombing drives off the tee.

Although it’s not as forgiving as some drivers, you’ll love the performance if you’re a consistent ball striker. The ball springs off the face like it’s leaving a trampoline.

Amazing Forgiveness

Callaway Epic Max Driver

This driver gives you a lot of forgiveness off the tee. It looks big and wide at address to give you confidence. Adjustable weight allows you to fine-tune your shot shape.

  • Lofts: 9°, 10.5°, 12°
  • Flex: Light, Regular, Stiff
  • Left Handed Option: Yes, in 9° & 10.5°
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The Epic Max must make the list of the best Callaway driver for its incredible forgiveness. This driver will help a lot of higher handicappers, but low handicappers can benefit from using it too.

At address, the large head gives you plenty of confidence. It feels like you can just swing away without worrying about mishitting it.

But if you do miss the center of the clubface, the amazing forgiveness means you’ll barely notice a drop-off in distance. This driver is the most forgiving in the Epic range yet.

It’s so easy to launch the ball with the Epic Max. If you struggle to get your drives airborne, this driver is a fantastic option.

On the neutral setting, it has a slight draw bias. However, you can strengthen the draw bias with the adjustable weight, so players who slice can benefit from this driver too.

Alternate for Reducing Spin

Callaway Epic Max LS Driver

This driver will help if you want to lower your spin rates. A 13g weight in the back of the head lets you set your shot shape preference, with 14 yards of correction. For a low-spinning driver, it gives you great forgiveness.

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The Epic Max LS is an alternate option for reducing spin rates. It’ll best suit low-to-mid handicappers who want their spin rates down for a more penetrating ball flight.

However, this driver offers you surprising forgiveness. And the large head inspires confidence at address.

Some high handicappers who want to reduce spin can benefit from using this driver. The weight is positioned in the back of the head, which makes this driver so forgiving for a low-spinning model.

You can position the weight for shot shaping. That comes in handy if you’re struggling to hit your drives straight.

Alternate for Countering Slice

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

The Callaway Big Bertha B21 has an AI Designed Flash Face, high ball speeds, and impressive low spin characteristics. 

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The Big Bertha B21 is a great alternate for countering a slice. This driver suits beginners and high handicappers.

It feels light to swing and makes launching the ball incredibly easy. That’s a perfect combination for beginners and high handicappers.

And the forgiveness is exceptional due to a large head and a large sweet spot. You can be confident off-center strikes will travel well off the face.

Also, the slice is a big problem for many beginners and high handicappers. However, this driver counters that with internal draw-bias weighting that straightens shot shape.

If you want to counter a slice, this driver will help you out. And it’s an older model, so you’ll get it at a reasonable price.

What to Consider When Buying a New Golf Driver

When buying a new golf driver, you should consider distance, forgiveness, spin, speed, feel, loft, adjustability, and price.


It’s always nice when we get extra distance with our new driver. Often, that extra distance can make it easier for us out on the golf course.

And it feels great when you break through your distance barrier off the tee. Of course, a new personal best is always welcome.

It gives you a new marker to aim for and to improve on. For example, having a distance goal can lead to faster gains.

So, look for distance when buying a new driver. That extra distance can give you the motivation you need to continue improving.


Forgiveness is always something to look for when buying a new driver. It might matter more to some golfers than others, but forgiveness can benefit everyone.

However, if you don’t strike your driver consistently, forgiveness will be much more critical for you in a new driver. You won’t lose as much distance or accuracy when you mishit it.

Every golfer should look for some forgiveness in a driver. But it’ll be a higher priority for beginners and higher handicappers who don’t hit their drivers consistently.


Spin is another area to consider when buying a new driver. If you find that you’re getting too much spin with your driver, getting a low-spin model will be the best move.

High spin rates can negatively affect your distance. It might be causing you to launch the ball too high, which can weaken your drives.

Dialing in your spin rates can add serious distance off the tee.


Considering speed when buying a driver is also a good idea. Everyone could do with some extra speed.

But if you’re hitting your driver short distances, upping your speed can give you a fantastic boost. An increase of a few mph can add 10 yards to your drives.


The feel is essential for many golfers when buying a new driver. But even if the feel isn’t your top priority, you don’t want a driver that feels awkward or uncomfortable.

Liking the feel of your driver often has a positive impact on your confidence. And you can translate that confidence into long and straight drives off the tee.

That can really get your momentum going out on the golf course. If you like the feel of your new driver, you’re more likely to get a good drive off and get that momentum rolling.


When buying a new driver, the loft is another important factor to consider. The loft on most drivers is adjustable these days, so you’ll get a range of lofts to choose from.

But you should make sure that the range of available lofts suits your game. It’s no good having an adjustable driver if the loft only goes up to 10 degrees when you need 12 degrees to maximize your hitting potential.


Adjustability is something to consider when buying a new driver because it allows you to fine-tune your driver. You can experiment with different lofts within the adjustable range to find the best one to suit your game.

That means you can dial in your driving and maximize your performance. You’ll likely get more distance with a specific loft than others, which is information you want to know.

Adjustability also applies to weighting in the head of a driver. You can adjust the weight to different positions to help launch and shot shaping.


The price is always something to consider when buying a new driver. The new releases will always cost you more.

However, if you buy older models, you can save some money. A lot of older drivers still have great technology and offer amazing performance.

First, it’s good to identify the features you want in a driver. Then, you can see if they’re only available in the newest models or if you can get them in older models as well.


The Callaway Rogue ST Max is the best Callaway driver overall. It offers you exceptional performance and is Callaway’s most forgiving driver yet.

But it’s much more than a forgiving driver. You’ll also maximize your distance with this club. And it suits a wide range of players, from low handicappers to high ones.

If you’re looking for the best value, the Callaway Mavrik is your best bet. Initially released in 2020, this driver gives you great performance.

It’s super forgiving and offers excellent ball speeds. It’s easy to hit them long and straight off the tee with this driver.

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