6 Cute Women’s Golf Dresses You Need in Your Wardrobe

golf dresses for women

The best golf dresses for women bring both style and functionality to the golf course. If you aren’t sure about golf dresses, which ones are acceptable to wear on the golf course, and the fabrics and technology you need in a golf dress, we have you covered.

Here are some of the best golf dresses for women in 2022. Adding one of these unique pieces to your wardrobe can be the perfect solution to looking and feeling good on the course. 

Best Overall

Callaway Women's Sleeveless Polo Golf Dress

The Callaway Women’s Polo Dress is the best overall option for a comfortable and sleeveless dress designed by a premium golf company. 

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Callaway knows exactly what women golfers need when they are on the golf course. When you purchase a golf dress from a golf manufacturer, you will notice a definite difference in overall performance. This dress is built to be worn while on the golf course. 

This is a solid color dress, so a perfect choice for a more modest woman looking for something comfortable and easy to wear. There is contrasting trim and a four-button placket to help stand out with some of the details. 

In addition, you will benefit from zippered pocket to store a few tees or other gear. There is also a four-way stretch inside the shorts that will make it a bit more comfortable for those big swings. 

Best Sleeveless

Court Haley Fairway Drive Collection Dazzle Print Sleeveless Dress

The Court Haley Collection of women’s golf dresses perfectly mixes comfort style and UPF Protection. 

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The Court Haley Fairway Drive Collection Dazzle Print Sleeveless Dress is our favorite choice for a sleeveless golf dress. This fun pattern has mixed in light blue, navy, white, and kelly green, so you can pair it with various accessories. 

Perhaps one of our favorite features of this Dazzle Print Sleeveless dress is the 30+ UPF protection. Although women’s golf dresses seem to be increasingly popular each year, not many have caught on from a sun protection standpoint; this is a great feature. 

The dress has two side pockets to help you keep your scorecard or a golf ball as you make your way to the next hole. In addition, the performance-wicking stretch fabric helps to ensure you are not restricted in your swing motions in any way. 

Best Value

EP NY Retro Active Collection: Fine Line Geo Print Faux Wrap Dress

The EP NY Retro Active Collection features this new Fine line Geo Print Faux Wrap Dress for a unique on-course look, impressive traditional style, and two pockets that improve usability. 

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The Fine Line Geo Print Faux Wrap Dress from EP NY is our favorite golf dress for the money. This is a great-looking design that looks both sophisticated and traditional. Although you will want to save this golf dress for the course, it can also work off the course. 

Women find this dress to be flattering and comfortable. It is very easy to take care of and does not need to be dry cleaned. Golfers enjoy the black and white design as it will match with quite a few accessories. 

The UV 50+ Solar Tech Technology will help you stay protected from the sun. For the price that it is offered, this is an excellent addition to any wardrobe. 

Best Fabric

RLX Golf Graphic Print V Neck

RLX Golf makes some of the best women’s clothing when it comes to durability and longevity in the materials; the new RLX Golf Graphic Pring V Neck is no exception. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The RLX Golf Graphic Pring V Neck offers the best fabric of any women’s golf dress on the market. This company takes time to choose only the best materials that will hold up in the dress for years to come.

Another thing that helps the RLX Golf Graphite Print V Neck stand out is the fact that it is both stretchy and breathable. You will be able to swing through your golf shot with ease. Add in some moisture-wicking capabilities, and this dress can be worn all year. 

The V Neck design with the ribbed polo collar gives this dress a classic golf look. You will have no trouble with dress codes while wearing this unique golf dress. 

Best Classic Style

Puma Cruise Sleeveless Golf Dress

The Puma Cruise Sleeveless Golf Dress is lightweight, moisture-wicking, breathable, and offers great functionality on the golf course. 

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The Puma Cruise Sleeveless Golf Dress is the best golf dress for golfers looking for a classic style dress. If you are a bit nervous about transitioning to golf dresses, this should be on your list. The fabric is easy to wear, and it looks like a dress designed for golfers. 

One great thing about the Puma Cruise Selleveless is that it also offers UV Protection and water repellent technology. It’s a comfortable option in addition to looking great. 

Puma makes sporting equipment for all different types of sports, so this dress is truly made for an athlete. We recommend choosing this one for the summer because of the features that help in the hot weather. 

Best Premium

Lilly Pulitzer Silvia Par Sleeveless Quarter Zip Dress

The Silvia Par Sleeveless Quarter Zip has premium fabric, moisture management, and great-looking patterns. 

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Lilly Pulitzer is becoming an even bigger name in the golf industry. Not only are the patterns perfect for the golf course, but the high-end fabrics are great for women that are playing golf. Our favorite thing about this premium Silia Par Sleeveless Quarter Zip Dress is the UPF 50+ protection. 

In addition to being protected from the sun, the dress has an undershort, hits just about the knee, and is a roomier fit for those who need extra space as they swing. You will love this dress for warm summer days on the course. 

The Lilly Pulitzer clothing requires a bigger investment upfront. However, in the long run, you will be impressed with the way this dress will hold up over time. Be prepared to get some compliments on the course!

How To Choose The Best Golf Dresses For Women 

The best golf dress for women is getting more and more challenging to choose. These dresses are becoming popular. With the popularity, more brands are jumping into the game, and now there are so many different styles. Here are a few ways we broke down the best golf dresses for women. 


It’s best to wear a golf dress explicitly made for golfers. Brands like Callaway, Cour Haley, and RLX all have experience making products specifically for women that love the game of golf. 

With these brands, you can ensure you will meet most dress codes. In addition, the comfort level on the course will be considerably higher. 


Some golf dresses are made to be loose and flowy, while others have a tight fit. The fit is really more of a personal preference here. However, you must choose something that does not restrict your swing. 

We do like the golf dresses that have a collar. These will almost always be accepted as appropriate for the dress code at a golf course. Also, check to ensure that the golf dress’s length will be long enough for your body; this can cause other issues on the course. 

Many golf dresses come with an undershort. This can be considerably more comfortable on the course. 


The two types of golf dresses we discussed on our list of the best golf dresses were sleeveless and sleeved options. It’s worth having one of each. The sleeveless is a perfect option in the warmer weather, where the sleeved dress can work in the fall and spring. 

Many women find sleeveless golf dresses considerably more comfortable for summer golf than any other women’s golf attire. 


The material will vary from one brand to the next. However, choosing something with a bit of spandex mixed into the material is a great option to consider. The stretch material will help players swing through the ball with a slightly higher speed. 

It’s also a good idea to consider UPF technology in the fabric. The golf dress will cover most of your body, but to ensure you are protected from the sun, the UPF fabric is well worth the price. 


When you look at the pricing of golf dresses, they may seem slightly higher than other golf attire. However, you have to consider this one piece of clothing will be your entire outfit. The good news with golf dresses is that they are seasonal and will often go on sale. 

Keep your eye out for season-ending clearances; you may find some great selections for next year. 


Most of the golf dresses on our list are machine washable. However, you will want to ensure this is the case as it can get expensive to dry clean your golf dress each time you play. Most require a cold wash and a tumble dry on the low setting.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Golf dresses are still relatively new for women golfers, and this brings up quite a few good questions about wearing them on the course. Here is what you should know. 

How do females dress for golf?

Women golfers can wear golf dresses, shorts, pants, golf shirts, and plenty of accessories. Most women golfers find that the dress code requires either a collar or sleeves. Therefore a short sleeve shirt can work, but a sleeveless shirt must have a collar. Check with the course you are playing to see what their requirements are. 

Can you wear a skirt for golf?

Women’s golf skirts made for the game have appropriate length, and the right materials can be an excellent solution for women golfers. Golf skirts are fashionable and easy to wear, and many women enjoy them. A golf skirt with an undershort is typically most comfortable for golf. 

Can women wear a dress to play golf?

More and more women are wearing dresses to play golf. The reasoning behind this is that they are comfortable, accepted under most dress codes, and a great way to show of style. In addition, women’s golf dresses are comfortable to wear. 


At this point, you should feel a little better about the options on the market for women golfers looking to wear a dress. Dresses are becoming increasingly popular, and they can change your golf wardrobe.

The Callaway Women’s Polo Dress is our favorite overall golf dress. This is a comfortable dress with great fabric and a classic style that will work on any golf course. We are confident that once you purchase one golf dress, you will keep adding them to your collection for years to come. 

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