How Much Does Topgolf Cost? (Per Hour, Per Person)


Topgolf has become popular with people looking for more than just a driving range because you can have more fun while playing golf here. This article is for you if you find yourself asking, how much does Topgolf cost?

Topgolf complexes typically have three different floors with hitting booths. These are climate-controlled and wrap around the driving range.

Topgolf ranges have some excellent features, like ball retrieval, shot tracking, marked landing zones, and digital screens. Users can play games linked to the screens, making these facilities fun for golfers of all abilities.

But Topgolf offers more than just a driving range. These complexes have bars and restaurants, so you can order food and drinks while you play.

Those who haven’t been to Topgolf may not know how much it costs. We’ll break it down here and highlight factors affecting the cost.

How Much is Topgolf Per Hour?

The cost of Topgolf per hour is different, depending on the day of the week and the time you play. Also, the time of day you choose to play affects the price.

As we mentioned, Topgolf facilities have three different floors. The cost varies by floor, with the first two floors costing less than the top floor because it has the best views.

You can rent a bay at Topgolf for more than one hour if you want to play longer.

Hourly Cost by Day

Mondays to Thursdays

First and second floors:

  • Opening to noon – $25 to $30
  • Noon to 5 pm – $35 to $45
  • 5 pm to closing – $45 to $60

Third floor:

  • Opening to noon – $40 to $45
  • Noon to 5 pm – $50 to $60
  • 5 pm to closing – $60 to $75

We’ve included a price range because prices vary depending on the location. Topgolf is dearer in some cities than others, with Topgolf Las Vegas having one of the highest hourly rates.

Fridays and Saturdays

Topgolf costs more on Fridays and Saturdays.

First and second floors:

  • Opening to noon – $30 to $55
  • Noon to 5 pm – $40 to $70
  • 5 pm to closing – $50 to $85

Third floor:

  • Opening to noon – $60 to $75
  • Noon to 5 pm – $75 to $80
  • 5 pm to closing – $80 to $95

Again, prices vary depending on your location.


Topgolf venues can get busy on Sundays, so many locations have different prices compared to the other days.

First and second floors:

  • Opening to noon – around $45
  • Noon to closing – around $60

Third floor:

  • Opening to noon – around $60
  • Noon to closing – around $75

How Much is Topgolf Per Person?

It’s more common for Top to charge per hour, but some locations can offer a price per person. But these rates work out to be similar, whether it’s per hour or person.

You can still work out the cost per person even if the venue doesn’t charge like that. But some factors affect the pricing.

For instance, new players must make a one-time payment of $5 for a Lifetime Memebership card. You can play all the games and track your scores with the membership, and members get special offers as well.

Most Topgolf facilities charge per hour, so it depends on how many players there are. More players mean the cost per person will be less.

Each range bay at Topgolf serves a maximum of six players. So, it’s going to cost more per person for a group of two than one of six.

Let’s say you’re playing on the third floor on a Saturday, costing $80. That costs $40 per person for a group of two, while it only costs about $13.50 for a group of six.

These prices include club rental as well. You won’t need to pay extra if you don’t have your own golf clubs.

topgolf look at all bays

Cheapest Time for Topgolf

Most Topgolf locations have a special promotion on Tuesdays called Half-Price Tuesdays. Customers can rent bays for half price on these days.

There are some restrictions on Half-Price Tuesdays, like the exclusion of arcade games from the offer. Also, you can’t use other coupons, offers, or promotions on these days.

Some locations don’t run the Half-Price Tuesdays promotion, including El Segundo, Las Vegas, Lounge, Ontario, Renton, Swing Suite, and Toptracer Range locations.

Most Topgolf venues also have a $15 Unlimited Play offer. You pay just $15 and can play for an unlimited time between opening and noon on Mondays through Fridays.

Some venues charge $20 for this Unlimited Play offer. But the offer isn’t valid at the El Segundo, Lounge, Swing Suite, or Toptracer Ranger Topgolf locations.

How Topgolf Works

Topgolf describes itself as a sports entertainment complex that features an inclusive, high-tech golf game for everyone to enjoy. It has a food and beverage menu, climate-controlled hitting bays, and music.

You can think of Topgolf as a bowling alley but with golf. Instead of knocking over pins, you try to hit targets.

Topgolf is basically a golf arena with glowing targets to aim for. You and your group relax and watch each other hitting balls toward those targets.

You’re scored based on how close you get the ball to the targets. The closer you get, the more points you get, with further targets worth the most points.

You don’t need much skill to play Topgolf because it’s easier than traditional golf. There’s no need to hit the ball from different positions, as you hit every shot from the bay.

Topgolf is also fun for seasoned golfers. It offers something different, and you can play around with various shots just for the fun of it.

And if things aren’t going well in the game, you can always cheer yourself up with some food and a beer.

Topgolf Games

The main game at Topgolf is unsurprisingly called Topgolf. But this game can differ depending on the location you visit.

For instance, you might compete against other teams in some venues. Other locations can use a format closer to traditional golf and have more complex scoring systems.

No matter the format, Topgolf games are fun. They can be exciting for beginners and established golfers alike.


Is Topgolf Expensive?

Topgolf can be expensive, but there are ways to play it for cheaper. For instance, playing on Mondays to Thursdays in the morning will save you money.

Also, you can look out for promotions. Half-Price Tuesdays are an excellent way to save money on Topgolf.

How Many People Can Play at Topgolf?

Six is the maximum number of people who can play Topgolf in one bay. You’ll need to rent another bay (or bays depending on the number) if you want more than six people to play.

But it doesn’t matter if you have less than six people. You can still use one bay without having to share it with other people.

Each bay doesn’t need to have a maximum of six people. So, you don’t need to share a bay with another group even if there are only two of you.

Can You Bring Your Own Golf Clubs to Topgolf?

Yes, you can bring your own golf clubs to Topgolf. You can either use your golf clubs or Topgolf provides clubs for people to use at the venue.

Topgolf games generally focus on using the driver, though. It’s unlikely you’ll need your full set of clubs for Topgolf.

What Can You Do During a Topgolf Game?

You mostly play golf during a Topgolf game. But these venues also have other entertainment areas like TV lounges.

Also, Topgolf facilities have bars and restaurants. You can get food and drinks at the venue.

And you can eat and drink while you play the game. The facilities allow you to order from your bay, so you don’t need to visit the bar or restaurant.

You can sip a beer and snack on some food at the bay. It just adds to the fun of Topgolf.

Is Topgolf Easy to Play?

Yes, Topgolf is easy to play. It’s much easier than a traditional game of golf because you don’t need to keep hitting the ball until you get it in the hole.

You just hit a shot and get a score for it. Then, it’s the next person’s turn, and you can relax until it’s your shot again.


The cost of Topgolf varies depending on location. But every venue has different costs for particular times of the day.

It’s cheaper from opening to noon, more expensive from noon to 5 pm, and even dearer from 5 pm to closing. Also, the first and second floors are cheaper than the top floors.

You can also get deals and promotions for Topgolf that make it cheaper. So, you should look out for these if you’re going to give Topgolf a try.

Going on Half-Price Tuesdays is always a good way to save on the cost of Topgolf. That’s generally the best deal venues offer.

No matter when you play Topgolf, we’re sure you’ll have some fun there. It’s great when you get a group together to challenge each other at the game.

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