5 Best Hybrid Golf Bags in 2022 (For Carrying or Cart Use)

A hybrid golf bag is a new category in the world of golf. These golf bags have been around for years but are now only starting to get a name that stands out. The hybrid golf bags are essentially a mix between stand and cart bags.

The idea is that you can get storage and functionality when on a cart and a lightweight and easy-to-carry design when walking. So if 2022 is your year to get in a few more rounds of golf while walking the course, here are the perfect golf bag options to consider. 

Best Hybrid Golf Bags: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Titleist Hybrid 14 Stand Bag 

Best Overall
Titleist Hybrid 14 Stand Bag
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The Titleist Hybrid 14 Stand Bag stands out as the best overall hybrid golf bag for 2022. This bag has a double apparel pocket and tons of added storage to ensure that the best players have all the gear they need for a round of golf. With the Titleist Hybrid 14 stand, you will benefit from a convertible strap system and a very stable base. 

The Hybrid 14 sitting on the cart will be highly stable, and the bottom of the bag is hinged to fit perfectly in the cart. When walking, the self-balancing strap and 5.6-pound total weight help to ensure you never get tired. 


  • Total of 18 pocket
  • 14 way divider at the top of the bag
  • Large storage space


  • Tends to be a little more money than other Titleist stand bags 

Best Value: Datrek DG Go Lite Hybrid Stand Bag

Best Value
Datrek DG Go Lite Hybrid Stand Bag
  • Top Lok Technology for better bag-to-cart attachment
  • 6 total pockets
  • 14 way top with full-length dividers 
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The DG Go Lite Hybrid Stand bag is a perfect option for the golfer on a budget that needs a hybrid stand bag. The Datrek bags are high quality and have plenty of features for a very fair price. 

The DG Go Lite has a 14 way top with a full-length divider and integrated handles to make maneuvering the bag much more manageable. The base of the bag works quite well on a pushcart or even a golf cart. There are six total pockets on the bag and an insulated cooler pocket to help keep your beverages cool. The bag comes in a few different colors but does a great job of giving golfers everything they need for a fair price. 


  • Rubberized putter well 
  • Easy-grip handle 
  • 14 way top with full length dividers
  • Oversized cooler pocket


  • Not as many colors/patterns as other hybrid golf bags 

Best Premium: Ogio Woode Hybrid Golf Stand Bag

Best Premium
OGIO WOODE 8 Hybrid Stand Bag
  • 8 way top 
  • Front-facing pockets
  • Double shoulder strap is self-balancing
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06/27/2022 12:21 am GMT

The Ogio Woode Hybrid golf bag is a newer release to the market from a premium golf bag manufacturer. Although you may not hear the Ogio name when it comes to golf clubs, the golf bags and accessories from Ogio are well known. One of our favorite features of the Ogio Woode hybrid golf bag is that there are 8 forward-facing pockets. 

The forward-facing pockets work well when the bag is on a golf cart or a push cart. Both of these situations allow you to quickly access all of your gear and stay organized during your round of golf. 


  • Fleece lined valuable pocket
  • Velcro glove patch 
  • 9 forward facing pockets and a rapid access ball pocket
  • 8 way top for extra room but great club protection 


  • Not the most lightweight hybrid golf bag 

Best Features: Bag Boy Chiller Lite Hybrid Stand Bag

Best Features
Bag Boy Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag
  • 14-way top and organized
  • Large putter well 
  • Top Lok Technology 
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06/27/2022 04:54 am GMT

The Bag Boy Chiller Lite Hybrid Stand Bag is the best for golfers looking for various features for a fair price. The Bag Boy Chiller bags have always been popular because they can hold six 12 ounce cans in an insulated cooler. The Chiller Lite hybrid stand bag also has this feature and can be very popular in your golf foursome. 

A large oversized putter well will fit oversized golf putter grips. When you want to play a round of golf using the cart, there is a hidden cart strap sleeve that will tuck it out of the way. 


  • Holds six 12 ounce cans
  • Shoulder strap with cart sleeve
  • Available in several colors
  • Plenty of organization and storage


  • Full length individual dividers add a little weight to the golf bag 

Best Lightweight Hybrid Golf Bag: Nike Air Hybrid Golf Stand Bag

Best Lightweight
Nike Air Hybrid Golf Stand Bag
  • Adjustable strap 
  • STrap through design for attaching to cart
  • Very lightweight material
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06/27/2022 12:23 am GMT

Many golfers think that Nike is no longer in business, but this is not the case. Although Nike stopped making clubs a few years ago, they still manufacture golf equipment like golf bags and accessories. The Nike Golf Stand Bag 14 Divider is a hybrid golf bag that is lightweight and easy to maneuver. 

The bag comes in a few colors; it has a sleek design that only Nike can offer, and the parts are made from durable and lightweight aluminum. So if you are missing all that Nike golf equipment brought to the market, this new lightweight hybrid bag could be the perfect solution to consider. 


  • Very easy to carry 
  • Comes with a water-resistant rain hood 
  • Aluminum construction 


  • White golf bags tend to get dirty quickly, go for the darker colors 

Features To Consider When Choosing A Hybrid Golf Bag

Now that you have a better idea of which golf bags are the best on the market for both walking and riding, it’s time to determine what sets one hybrid golf bag apart from another. There are a few key features to look for when choosing one of these hybrid golf bags; making sure that you get the right one will help save you money, time, and frustration. 

Carrying Strap

For a golf bag to be a hybrid golf bag, you must be able to carry it on the course or use it on a golf cart. The carrying strap should be a double shoulder strap that balances the bag across your back. Often, the carrying strap on a bag will fold back in so that when it is on the cart, the strap is not in the way. 

The most important thing to look for in the carrying strap is something that is adjustable. Golfers will want to ensure that they can get the bag to sit at the right height and angle; otherwise, the bag can cause fatigue or even back pain. 


The stand on a hybrid golf bag must be durable and easy to fold in. The typical stand bag will have some rubber that gets in the way when putting the bag on a cart. A hybrid bag will have a stand that folds entirely into the bag and a hinge on the bottom that ensure the bag can sit flat. 

Direction of Pockets

Another way to tell a hybrid golf bag apart from a traditional stand bag is the placement of the pockets. In the last few years, golf companies have started making bags that have pockets on the front portion of the bag. The front-facing pockets allow golfers easier access to all of their gear during the course of a round. 

This does not mean that all pockets will be in the front, but the primary ball pocket, valuables, and rangefinder will all be in the front. This is important for both a round of golf on the cart and a round using a push cart. 

In addition, if you decide to walk around the course, you will find that this direction of pockets will only ensure that you can grab your things when the clubs are on your back. 


Any golf bag used on a cart should have at least five divers, and it’s great when some are full length. You will notice that many of the hybrid golf bags on our list have 14 full-length dividers, and this can be an even better solution for players. 

The idea here is that as you ride around the course on your cart, the clubs will hit each other, and eventually, it will cause wear and tear to the golf shafts. With the price of golf clubs, the investment in club shaft and club head protection is very important. 


The color of the golf bag tends to be a personal decision. However, if you do not purchase the proper color golf bag, you may end up having to replace it very soon. The white golf bags look great, but if you play a sandy or dusty course, your bag won’t stay white for very long. 

Try to choose a UV-resistant fabric that will help the color remain in your bag for years to come. Unfortunately, golf bags are not the easiest things to wash. 


Overall the weight of the hybrid golf bags will be somewhere between a cart bag and a lightweight stand bag. Many of these are right around 5 lbs, and this seems to be fair for most players. With the 5lb weight, you can expect to have no trouble carrying the bag for an 18 hold round. 

Having a little weight in the bag and a sturdy base also helps to keep the cart stable on the golf cart as you play. Sometimes when a bag is too lightweight, it gets tossed around the cart a bit too much. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about hybrid golf bags. For some players, this terminology is new, but this type of golf bag could be a good solution for what you need in your golf game. 

What is a hybrid golf bag?

A hybrid golf bag is a mix between a traditional cart bag and a stand bag. The hybrid bag will sit nicely on a golf cart and have a double carry strap to help players who like to walk. The hybrid bag is typically a little more lightweight than a standard cart bag but heavier than a lightweight stand bag. 

If you are a golfer who mostly rides but wants to walk occasionally or does not feel like lugging around a large, heavy cart bag, then the hybrid golf bag is perfect. 

Are hybrid golf bags worth it?

Hybrid golf bags are worth the price if you like to play a mix of walking and riding. The hybrid golf bags tend to be a bit expensive because they are like two bags in one. For the golfer that switches back and forth between walking and riding, it makes much more sense to have a hybrid bag than to purchase two golf bags. 

Can I use a stand bag on a cart?

A stand bag can be used on a cart; however, it does not always fit the way it should. Golfers need to be careful which stand bag they choose to don’t struggle with the bag sliding and falling to the side as they play. In addition, a stand bag must also have a good amount of club protection to ensure that clubs are not damaged during the course of a round. 


We hope you now feel more confident in your ability to choose the best hybrid golf bags for carrying or cart use. The Titleist Hybrid 14 stands out as the best overall model because of the 14 way top, sleek design, and overall functionality for a player of any handicap.

With the Titleist Hybrid golf bag, you will get all of the quality that Titleist puts in their traditional bags, pulled into a model that almost feels like two products in one. Don’t be surprised if this is the bag your entire foursome ends up with once you show off what you have purchased. 

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