5 Best Golf Swing Analyzers (That You Need for Your Game)

Adding a golf swing analyzer to your arsenal is only going to help improve your scores and lower your handicap. This is a device or an app that will provide you with usable data when it comes to your swing to help you pinpoint what you’re doing right and what you may be doing wrong. Some of these will include sensors for your clubs, while others are stand-alone objects that will record your swing. Having a swing analyzer doesn’t have to break the bank, so choose the one that is right for you. Seeing your own swing and having it broken down can prove valuable to lowering your handicap.

A golf swing analyzer will help you identify areas in your swing that need improvement. This is an easier way to tell you what’s going wrong and where you cost yourself on the course. This can even help you shore up your putting stroke. We’ve taken a look at some of the best golf swing analyzers on the market and highlighted them below for you. Take the advanced data and see just how you can improve your swing.

5 Best Golf Swing Analyzers

If you aren’t sure exactly what you should be using to repeat your swing time and time, we’ve dived deep into five of our favorite golf swing analyzers out there. Take a look at our picks before you think about getting rid of your clubs as a fix.

  1. Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors (Best Overall)
  2. Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch (Best Wearable)
  3. V1 Golf App (Best App)
  4. Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor
  5. Voice Caddie Swing Caddie SC300i 

1. Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

Arccos Caddie is a system that provides shot tracking, GPS/rangefinder, and AI-driven data insights. It gives you distances while on the course and powerful analytics for post-game analysis, including shots gained statistics.

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06/27/2022 12:22 am GMT

If you’re familiar with Arccos Caddie, you know that you have multiple ways of tracking your shots with the system. You’ll get use out of the app, the Caddie Link, the smart grips, and the smart sensors. But with the 360 Golf Performance Tracking System, you’ll be able to enjoy an even more discreet way to intake your data. This features updated, low-profile sensors that are 50% smaller and lighter than the original Arccos Golf system. This was developed in partnership with Microsoft and gives you the best ways to attack any golf hole in the world. But not only does it provide you with live intel on what you can do on your upcoming shot, but it can also record and give you feedback on your previous swings.

If you purchase this system, it includes free access to the Arccos Caddie for iOS and Android. The free mobile app allows you to track and keep track of all of your swing data. This is a hands-free and fully automatic system, as it doesn’t require any tagging, tapping, or other disruptions to your swing routine. The smaller sensors last up to five years in battery life, and a two-year, no-questions-asked warranty backs the entire system.

As you’re practicing or playing, this will analyze every swing you take and record the data to the system. You can then go back and review it to make adjustments in real-time or post-round. This also helps you determine exactly how far you hit each club and what club you should hit in a certain situation. You’ll get 14 sensors, one for each club, to help you make smarter decisions.

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2. Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch

Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch

Whether you are looking for more awareness of your golf game or simply tired of pacing off yardages to the pin, this GPS watch is a perfect choice. I love the price point, the functionality, and the fact that I never need to take it off. If you want to open your eyes to the areas of your game that need extra work, the Shot Scope V3 will undoubtedly help. 

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You won’t find a wearable golf swing analyzer easier to utilize than the Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch. You’ll be able to know where you are on the course and how far you are from the pin. But, not only is this a GPS tracker that shows you where you should hit, it also has a Power-Sense strap that ensures every shot is recorded automatically. This keeps it closely on your wrist to store how you’re striking the ball. The screen measures 3.4 centimeters and will show you GPS distances to the front, middle, and back of the green, hazards, and more while being loaded with over 36,000 pre-loaded courses.

You don’t need a subscription to use this, which definitely makes it more cost-effective than some of the other options. The Strokes Gained analytics platform is included, so you can keep track and lower your scores like all of the thousands of golfers who utilize this. You can wear this as an everyday watch, as it has a battery life that will last for over 10 hours. The daylight readable color screen can show you the time without a problem.

The Shot Score statistics app is downloadable through Android and iOS systems to keep track of your shots. Inside the app, you’ll be able to see just how you’re striking it on certain shots to be able to change up your game. The watch is offered in multiple colors, so you can pick the brand that fits your style the best.

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3. V1 Golf App

v1 swing analyzer app

This is an app that changes the game in terms of changing your game. Rather than just taking the data you’re looking at and making the adjustments yourself, you can actually connect with trained professionals to help diagnose your swing. There are thousands of instructors who teach for V1 Sports, and you can send them videos of your swing and receive voice-over video lessons in return on how to fix any kinks.

There are two different versions of the app: a free version and a paid one. The free version offers you plenty, as you’ll be able to get a lot of data and record your swing without a problem. This will record your swing up to 240FPS in HD on capable devices and let you play it back in slow motion or dissect it frame by frame. This offers cloud storage, a way to trim and edit your videos, organization options to keep track of your videos, and more. You can select an academy to send your videos to and receive back broken-down swing advice. 

The paid version costs either $6.99/mo. or $59.99/yr. It provides you with all of the features of the free option and then expands on them. You won’t get any in-app ads, and you’ll have access to even more HD model swing videos. You can compare two videos in slow motion or frame-by-frame or overlay them to diagnose your swing further. You’ll also be able to import form videos from your camera roll and share your videos via social media or email.

One of the best things about the V1 Golf Plus is that you can receive exclusive benefits from some of the hottest brands in golf. For those who want to bring up a specific swing at a certain time, this is the app for you.

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4. Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

The best personal launch monitor for outdoors that runs right on an iPhone or iPad.

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06/27/2022 12:19 am GMT

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is one of our top recommended personal launch monitors, and that’s because we think so highly of it. This will help you while practicing to get a better idea of what might be causing you to slice a shot. It takes almost no time to set up, as you can be ready to use it in 30 seconds or less. This works well with select Apple devices, including iPhones and iPad.

You can use it on an indoor mat or hitting into an indoor net just as easily as you can on a course or driving range. The thing that we love so much is the instant feedback that you receive after you hit a shot. You won’t have to wait for your session to be done to look back at your shots. This will even show you a shot trace and data overlay to make it easier to understand why your ball is doing what it’s doing.

This also has MLM Outdoor mode so that you can use this inside or outside. You’ll have access to your stat history to view your averages, dispersion, trajectory, and standard deviation for not only every shot but every club. Being able to carry this kind of technology in your phone makes your life a lot simpler. It also provides a GPS satellite view that you can use to see where your shots would’ve landed if you’re hitting from the range or while you’re on the course. It comes with its own case to prop it up.

5. Voice Caddie Swing Caddie SC300i

Swing Caddie SC300i Launch Monitor

Featuring a portable launch monitor that provides golfers with complete swing and ball flight metrics found in professional ones, including launch angle and apex data. It also measures carry/total distance, smash factor, ball/swing speed, and spin rate.

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This is an upgrade from the Swing Caddie SC300 that we’ve previously highlighted on our site. Considering all that you’ll need, in terms of a launch monitor that can keep track of your swing data, this bundle is for you. You’ll receive the 2021 Swing Caddie SC300i portable launch monitor, a USB charging cable, a PlayBetter 5000mAh portable charger, and a PlayBetter 7-inch protective hard case. The upgraded Swing Caddie app has an easier-to-use new design that gives you video recordings with the ability to overlay the data and trace your shots. You’ll also be able to utilize the new practice modes, target mode, log in to share videos on social media, and go through deep data analysis. 

The launch monitor radar plus the Bluetooth technology work together in precision with the calibrating atmospheric pressure sensors to track data in real-time. This is an extremely accurate analyzer, as it boasts ± 3% on ball speed, ± 3 yards of carrying distance in target mode, and ± 5% for yards in practice mode. In addition, the large LCD screen shows you data immediately, allowing you to take in each swing for what it’s worth. Of course, you can opt for the older versions as well if the price is a deterrent. But this is the most up-to-date option Voice Caddie offers.

What Exactly Should You Be Looking for with a Golf Swing Analyzer?

When it comes down to breaking down your swing, you’re going to want multiple readings and plenty of data. It is a huge boost if you’re able to check out the data in real-time, so once you’ve completed a swing, you can see what may be going wrong. Either a video recording or a shot tracer will help you determine how to fix a swing. Of course, you can also use these for good shots, so you can try and repeat your motions.

Whether the analyzer is its own device or a part of an app, it’ll be easy to use. You want to use a swing analyzer during a practice round or a real round. Features such as playback, carrying distance, and an easy-to-read experience will make your life simpler. You don’t want something complicated.

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