8 Best Golf Shoes on the Market in 2022

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Finding a pair of the best golf shoes on the market can be a significant challenge. This has nothing to do with poor technology and everything to do with the number of options that players have to choose from. There are just way too many choices for golf shoes out there, and it can be a real headache to narrow things down. 

That’s where we come in! We have tested, reviewed, researched, and played with some of the best golf shoes on the market in 2022. Here is how our favorites ranked. 

Best Golf Shoes: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: FootJoy Tour X
Best For Walking: New Balance Breeze V2
Best Spikeless: Puma Ignite NXT
Best Spiked: Adidas ZG21
Best Value: FootJoy Flex 
Best For Women: Adidas Women’s Tech Response
Best Waterproof: Ecco Biom Hybrid
Budget Pick: Etonic Stabilite Sport

Best Overall

FootJoy Men's Tour X

$199.95 $119.95

The FootJoy Men’s Tour X golf shoes have waterproof technology, a ton of stability, and incredible Ortholite Impressions for better comfort; there is no box that the FootJoy Men’s Tour X does not check. 

  • Fully waterproof construction
  • Very comfortable
  • Full rounded toe character
  • Initially, the performance lather material and extra cushioning can feel a bit heavy
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05/30/2023 07:04 pm GMT

The biggest issue golfers have with finding a new pair of golf shoes is determining which shoes to buy. As you can imagine, when we set out to choose the best golf shoes in the market for 2022, a lot of work was involved in narrowing this down to the best overall golf shoe. 

The FootJoy Men’s Tour X Stands out as the best overall because it has stability, control, and comfort. This shoe will perform with enough technology to work for a player trying to make it on tour and a golfer that shoots 110. The lateral support, power strap, and molded collar all give a secure and stable fit on your foot. 

In addition to the control, the comfort and materials used in the FootJoy Men’s Tour X will not disappoint. Of course, this is also a waterproof golf shoe that will allow you to play at any time of day, under any conditions. So whether you walk or ride the course, expect the FootJoy Men’s Tour X to have the performance you need. 

Best for Walking

New Balance Men's Breeze V2 Golf Shoe


The New Balance Men’s Breeze V2 are breathable and comfortable golf shoes that make walking the golf course a “breeze.” 

  • Durable material holds up quite well
  • Made from 100% synthetic material
  • Breathable performance
  • Cushion insole
  • Limited color selection
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05/30/2023 04:03 pm GMT

The New Balance Men’s Breeze V2 golf shoes are comfortable shoes that are very responsive as you make your way around the golf course. These shoes are made from 100% synthetic material; they have an insole that feels like you are walking on a cushion, and they are incredibly durable. 

One of our favorite features for the guy that likes to walk is the welded forefoot water guard. This provides extra protection to ensure that your foot stays dry and that even those wet mornings don’t leave you ringing out your socks. 

Best Spikeless

Puma Men's Ignite NXT Golf Shoe

$120.00 $86.93

The Men’s Puma Ignite Golf Shoes have a waterproof mesh material, tremendous traction, and a synthetic sole; for the best spikeless technology on the market, the Puma Ignite is a great choice. 

  • Comfortable foam material
  • Waterproof mesh
  • Lightweight design suitable for both play and practice
  • More of a sporty look, may not work for all player styles
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The Men’s Puma Ignite NXT is our favorite spikeless golf shoe on the market in 2022. This design is made with a waterproof mesh material; it is lightweight but high performing and gives golfers precisely what they need to succeed. 

One of the things that helps the Puma Ignite NXT stand out is the Ignite Foam technology. The foam helps the shoe feel much more comfortable, which is partly why many golfers are switching the spikeless technology. 

Best Spiked

adidas Men's ZG21 Golf Shoe

$180.00 $119.95

Golfers that rely on the stability and performance of a spiked golf shoe will love the Adidas Men’s ZG21 with a six-spike outsole and aggressive traction. 

  • Lace closure, easy to get the right fit
  • Impressive soft textile material
  • Durable and long-lasting shoe
  • Excellent traction, even on wet surfaces
  • If you play a lot of golf, you will have to replace spikes fairly often
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The Adidas Men’s ZG21 is a spiked golf shoe with a six-spike pattern, regular fit, and synthetic material. When you put these shoes on, you will immediately see that they are durable and made to last. Many players with fast swing speeds find that the Adidas Men’s ZG21 has the traction they need to stay stable throughout their entire swing. 

Adidas is known for making golf shoes that last. The body of this shoe is durable, and it will hold up for quite some time. Simply change out the spikes when necessary, and you should have no issues with the longevity. 

Best Value

FootJoy Men's FJ Flex

$89.95 $59.95

The FootJoy Flex offers the on-course performance that players need for a fair price, FootJoy shoes are built to last, and this option works for walking and riding the course. 

  • Fair pricing for the technology that it offers
  • Performance mesh material
  • Lightweight design is a good choice for walking
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • If you wear it off the golf course consistently, it will wear out quickly.
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The FootJoy Flex golf shoe is very reasonably priced but offers tremendous support while out on the golf course. If you are someone that looks for both comfort and overall performance on the golf course, the FootJoy Flex is a great shoe to consider. We are very impressed with the stability and the new Versa Trax outsole on the Flex shoe. 

Another great benefit of the FootJoy Flex is that you can wear it on your way to and from the course. This is a shoe that looks like a typical sports shoe, and it comes in a variety of colors. 

Best for Women

adidas Women's Tech Response Golf Shoe


The Adidas Women’s Tech Response features the Climastorm Water Resistant technology as well as a 6 spike outsole and impressive traction; regardless of your handicap, this is a shoe that will help stand out. 

  • Helps women golfers with stability and balance
  • Microfiber leather upper for water resistance
  • Impressive overall comfort
  • Shoe can feel a little heavy until you get used to it
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05/30/2023 11:29 am GMT

The Adidas Women’s Tech Response golf shoe is designed to help players looking for a comfortable, stylish, and high-performing golf shoe. Some women’s golf shoes offer great style, others comfort, but it’s hard to find something that has it all. 

We really like the 6 spike outsole you get with the Adidas Women’s Tech Response, the overall stability and traction are impressive, and the shoe does not damage the putting green. There are three basic color options for women players, enough to find a match for several different outfits. 

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Best Waterproof

ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid Waterproof Golf Shoe

$199.95 $181.99

The Ecco Men’s Biom Hybrid with Gore-tex is the best waterproof golf shoe in the industry; with impressive materials, great comfort, and plenty of durability, this is a shoe you will be glad you invested in. 

  • Natural motion technology for better stability
  • Comfortable yet secure fit
  • Gore-tex technology used in a shoe
  • The ECCO shoes are highly advanced and cost quite a bit more than a standard shoe
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05/30/2023 12:50 pm GMT

The Ecco Men’s Biom Hybrid is not just the best waterproof golf shoe on the market but also one of the best overall golf shoes in the industry. This shoe is an easy choice if you are serious about technology and performance. 

With the Ecco MTN Grip on the bottom of the shoe, you will have no problem moving towards your target and rotating with complete stability and balance. The Gore-tex waterproof protection is like nothing else on the market and will be like wearing a raincoat on your feet. 

Budget Pick

Etonic Stabilite Sport Spikeless Golf Shoes

  • Very low pricing
  • Works well for a backup pair of shoes
  • Performance midsole for extra cushioning
  • Won’t have the same stability that a premium shoe has
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Although we have given you our favorite choice for a value shoe, sometimes you need a cheap pair of golf shoes to have as a backup or to keep in your car if you are headed to the driving range. The Etonic Stabilite Sport Men’s Golf Shoe is a great way to save money, but it’s not a shoe we would rely on for everyday play. 

The Etonic Stabilite is a 100% synthetic golf shoe with a waterproof athletic mesh upper. This means your foot will stay cool and dry as you play on a warm summer day. The shoe has plenty of cushioning and support, and the rubber outsole is durable and built to last. 

If you are new to golf and don’t want to wear your sneakers to the course, this could be a great shoe to consider purchasing. 

How to Choose the Best Golf Shoes 

All it takes is one quick search for the best golf shoes to see that there are thousands of options on the market. Whether you are new to the game or have been playing your entire life, it is hard to narrow down which of the best golf shoes on the market are the right choice for you. Here are a few ways to break down this decision and make it easier to find the best pair of golf shoes. 

Spiked vs. Spikeless Golf Shoes

The most common type of golf shoe was always a spiked golf shoe. These soft spikes provide some extra traction on the ground and ensure that you have stability as you swing through your shots. The problem with the spikes is that they wear out and need to be replaced. 

A spikeless golf shoe is a bit different in that the bottom of the shoe features a traction pattern, but there are no spikes. The spikeless golf shoe is convenient because it can be worn on and off the golf course. 

With a spikeless golf shoe, you will not have to replace the bottoms but will instead replace the entire golf shoe when the time comes. The spike vs. spikeless debate does come down to personal preference at times, but more and more players are moving to the spikeless design. 


Golf shoes need to be comfortable. For so many years, players just dealt with the fact that golf shoes were uncomfortable and almost annoying to wear. This has changed, and at this point, golfers will admit that their shoes are more comfortable than many sneakers that they wear.

Finding comfort means looking for a cushion in the golf shoe and some orthopedic support. Most shoes have a cushion pattern or will allow you to insert your own orthotics into the shoe itself. 

Some shoes are made with the walking golfer in mind, and these are often some of the most comfortable golf shoes on the market. Finding comfort is especially important for the player that enjoys walking the golf course. 

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Waterproof Technology 

Many golfers think waterproof technology in golf shoes is designed for those rainy days on the golf course. Some players walk off the course when it rains and feel there is no reason to have waterproof technology in a shoe. However, there is more to this waterproof technology than just a rainy day. 

Golfers that play in the morning or like to walk the golf course should also be considered a waterproof golf shoe. With the early morning dew, you can thoroughly soak your golf shoe in just a few holes. 

Waterproof technology comes at a cost but is an essential factor to consider. In addition, when you are purchasing mesh shoes, look for a waterproof upper if possible. 


Golf shoes will range in price from around $65 to $250. The most expensive golf shoes on the market are those that have a lot of technology incorporated into the shoe. This can be anything from increased traction to waterproof features to comfort. 

The price of a great pair of golf shoes can fall within the $100 to $150 range for most players. However, if you purchase something just a bit more expensive, it could mean that you will not buy golf shoes quite as often. 

Brand Name 

The brand name of the golf shoes does matter. Companies like FootJoy have been specializing in golf shoes for decades, and you can see that they took a spot at the top of our list of the best golf shoes in 2022. 

Other companies like Callaway, Adidas, Nike, Skechers, Puma, and more have all created an entire branch of their company dedicated to golf shoes. The brand name of these products typically helps coincide with a warranty. 

For instance, with a Footjoy golf shoe, you will get a one-year, sometimes a two-year warranty if the shoe is waterproof. If you find that water is getting in during your round, you can simply let FootJoy know, and they will fix it or send a replacement. 

FAQs about Golf Shoes

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the best golf shoes on the market. It’s hard to go wrong with the latest technology on the market, but there are definitely some shoes that will feel better than others. 

What is the purpose of golf shoes? 

Golf shoes are designed to keep your feet dry and comfortable while making your way around the course. However, in addition to this comfort, the golf shoe features a special traction pattern on the bottom of the shoe that helps improve stability and overall control. 

If you are new to the game of golf, you may be able to use a sneaker-type shoe to play. However, in the end, you will need something that will be comfortable and fit your foot the right way. Having golf shoes is, without a doubt, an advantage. 

Do golf shoes make a difference? 

Golf shoes make a difference. Any great player will tell you that stability and balance are two critical components of your golf game. If you can use a golf shoe to help you get more stability in your game, it will be well worth it. For the price you pay, you will get quite a bit of use out of the golf shoes you use. 

Can I wear running shoes for golf? 

Some golfers will wear running shoes for golf, but the bottom of the running shoe does not have a traction pattern designed for golfers. This means that higher swing speed players may feel like they lose control when they swing through their golf shots. 

Running shoes are also not the best for the golf greens and can leave scuff marks on the green. 

Should you get spiked or spikeless golf shoes?

If you are worried about slipping on the course and tend to play more early morning rounds or live in a rainier climate, spiked golf shoes are the way to go. For beginner golfers who may need more stability and grip, spiked shoes make the most sense.

But if you are not going to have a chance to change out your shoes and want to be able to go right to the clubhouse or to dinner from the course frequently, spikeless golf shoes may be your best bet. If you have a wider foot, you must ensure that the midsole fits you correctly. Try them on beforehand if you decide on one.

Do pro golfers use spiked or spikeless shoes? 

Professional golfers use spiked golf shoes because they can. The professionals are the only golfers that can still wear metal spikes. These spikes significantly increase your connection with the ground below your feet and are a smart choice for professionals.

Spikeless golf shoes are convenient and work well for average swing speeds, but professionals need to take any advantage they can to compete on tour. 


Hopefully, you now feel as though you can choose a pair of the best golf shoes in 2022 without quite as much confusion. The FootJoy Men’s Tour X is the best overall option as they are comfortable, stable, and great-looking.

If you are on a budget, the FootJoy Flex or the Etonic could make a solid alternative choice. Having a few pairs of golf shoes in your closet is not a bad idea. Some shoes are built for different playing conditions or occasions. 

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