5 Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands in 2022

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If you are a golfer who sweats a lot, that fear of losing the club is probably always floating around in the back of your mind. The good news is that the best golf grips for sweaty hands can help ensure you have full confidence in every swing you take. 

Golf grips for sweaty hands need traction, and a bit of tac to get that extra grab to help you succeed. We have done some testing of our own to see which grips for sweaty hands actually work; here is what we found. 

Best Golf Grips For Sweaty Hands: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Winn DriTac Grip
Best Value: SuperStroke Traxion
Best Premium: Golf Pride MCC New Decade Multi Compound
Best Midsize: Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G
Best Feel: Lamkin UTx Cord Grips

Best Overall: Winn DriTac Grip 

Best Overall
Winn DriTac Grip

The Winn DriTac grip is the tackiest golf grip you will find; this non-slip performance helps ensure your hands stay on the club the entire time you play. 

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For golfers with sweaty hands, a grip needs to help you feel confident that the club will stay with you the entire time you swing. Without this confidence, grip pressure is going to significantly increase, making it difficult to move your hands and body in the proper ways. 

Winn has always made really soft grips for people with arthritis or grip pressure issues, but only recently have they brought this DriTac material to the market. The DriTac provides a very sticky feel and non-slip performance for golfers. 

These grips are said to hold up even in the wet weather, making them a really good option for year-round performance. Winn DriTac grips are available in several different sizes, so you should have no trouble finding something that is a good fit for your needs as a player. 

In addition, there are several color options for those that care about matching shafts and clubheads to the grip. 

Best Value: SuperStroke Traxion 

Best Value
SuperStroke Traxion Tour Golf Club Grip

The SuperStroke Traxion is a fair-priced grip with multi-layer torsional performance; the grip makes it easier to feel what you are doing and swing the club faster when needed. 

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The SuperStroke Traxion is a newer release to the market and a grip that amateur golfers can greatly benefit from. If you are on a bit of a budget and need a grip for sweaty hands or humid conditions that won’t break the bank, the SuperStroke Traxion is a good choice. 

Remember, when you regrip a set of golf clubs, there are 14 of them, and that can add up rather quickly. The advanced surface texture on the SuperStroke Traxion helps improve overall feedback, but it is also very tacky. It has an X-shaped tread that ensures you have a place to put your hands where they will not slip. 

The SuperStroke Traxion has a minimal taper to improve overall grip pressure and give golfers more control of the club. There is also a ridge in the back part of this grip to ensure you get your hands in the right place before you swing. If you are installing the grips yourself, they must be put on straight. 

Best Premium: Golf Pride MCC New Decade Multi Compound

Best Premium
Golf Pride MCC New Decade Multi Compound

The Golf Pride MCC New Decade Multi Compound is one of the best golf grips in the game; with a combination of a cord and soft rubber grip, you will have the best of both worlds. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Golf Pride MCC New Decade Multi Compound is one of the best golf grips on the market. It is certainly not cheap, and a full regrip using these will cost you quite a bit. However, they have tremendous longevity and hold up well for golfers with sweaty hands. 

With the MCC New Decade Multi Compound, you will notice a combination of a rough cord-style grip with a standard rubber grip. This combination makes it easier for players to customize the feel that they get in their hands. 

One of the things that help the Golf Pride MCC New Decade stand out is the control. This is why so many players choose this grip, especially those with lower handicaps. The grip makes you feel as though you are in control of what the clubface is doing. 

Best Midsize: Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G

Best Midsize
Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G

The Tour Wrap 2G is a tacky golf grip with tons of durability and a great feel, especially for those with larger hands. 

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The Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G is our favorite golfer with both large and sweaty hands. Sometimes when your hands are larger, it can be hard to get the exact feel of the grip that you are looking for. The Tour Wrap 2G is designed in such a way that you can really fit your hands into the crevices of the wrap and have a strong connection with the club. 

This has a more luxurious feel, but there is still plenty of tackiness. Golfers will feel that the high tack rubber is much better for sweaty hands than something like the Golf Pride Tour Velvet, which can get slippery. 

If you are a golfer with an interlocking grip, these Tour Wrap 2G may help your hands get a better feel when connecting the fingers in the back of the golf club. Trust us on this one; for a golfer with large hands switching from something like a standard golf pride tour velvet to a midsize Tour Wrap 2G is a huge difference. 

Best Feel: Lamkin UTx Cord Grips

Best Feel
Lamkin UTx Cord Grips

Lamkin UTx Cord Grips have a tacky feel and vibration-dampening technology to help the golfer that strikes the ball with a bit of inconsistency. 

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The Lamkin Utx Cord grips are some of the best on the market regarding feeling. Feel is so important in an excellent golf grip because it can impact the swing and the way you strike the ball. What is great about the Lamkin UTx Cord grips is that your hands will stay in place because of the cord style, but the Tri Layer technology ensures they are still somewhat soft. 

This is a full cord grip with a tacky feel, something that other manufacturers do not provide. It does take time to get used to a full cord-style grip as they can start to rip at your hands a bit. 

In the end, Lamkin may not make as many golf grips as Golf Pride, but they make some high-quality alternatives. If you have struggled to find something with longevity and a great feel, give this one a try. 

What to Consider When Buying Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

Not all golf grips are suitable for those with sweaty hands. In fact, if golfers are not careful, they will end up with a grip that has to be replaced rather quickly. The bottom line is that not every player wants more tack or friction in their hands as they play; here is what to look for. 


The brand of golf grip you choose matters as some have better technology than others. Golfers with sweaty hands can benefit from this technology and should look at companies like Winn, Lamkin, SuperStroke, and of course, Golf Pride. 

In the end, you may pay a few dollars more for a set of golf grips, but it will be well worth the price you pay. 

Type of Grip 

There are several types of grips on the market, from standard rubber grips to cords to wraps. However, something with a bit of a cord style is typically the best choice. It may be a bit rough on your hands, initially, but it offers the most control and traction.

If you are worried about a cord-style grip, put one on your wedge or your 7 iron and play with it for a week or two, then see how it feels and if it is a good fit. 

DIY vs. Professional Install 

If you install your own golf grips, the pricing is considerably less per grip than having them professionally installed. When putting your grips on, it’s easiest to order a regripping golf kit like the Saplize Regripping Kit

This comes with the tape and solvent that you need. For avid golfers, it makes sense to regrip your clubs fairly often, and a regripping kit gets you started on this process. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


Golf grip prices range from around $5 per grip to $15 per grip. Unfortunately, for golfers with sweaty hands, the higher-quality grips with high tack levels tend to be the best choice. This means you will pay closer to the $11 and $12 range for the good grips. 

If you find something that feels solid in your hands and gives you the control you need, it will be well worth it. 


Golfers who sweat tend to take the color out of their grips. Although we are sure there is some type of scientific reason behind it, we are not experts in this category. We can only tell you that if you choose the white grips or the light blue ones, expect them to look quite different after a few rounds. 

If you can stick with the black and gray grips, they will look newer longer. 

Tips for Golfers with Sweaty Hands

Here are a few of the top tips for golfers with sweaty hands: 

  • Wash your grips more often; the oil in your hands will make the grips more slippery. 
  • If you can, wear a golf glove.
  • Always choose a grip with a bit of tac or even a cord-type technology. 
  • Wash your hands out on the course often; if you stop by the halfway house or the clubhouse, run in and wash your hands with soap and water; it will improve the longevity of your golf grips.
  • Always keep a towel with you to help keep your hands dry when you can 
  • Replace grips at the first sign of wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about the best golf grips for sweaty hands. Whether putting new grips on yourself or having a professional do it, make sure you are choosing the best grip. Remember, it can be really costly to have to put another new set of grips on in just a few months.

What golf grip is the best for sweaty hands?

The best golf grip for sweaty hands is the Winn DriTac grip. For so many years, Winn did a great job of helping golfers that needed a softer grip. In addition, these grips also had better feel and control. Now Winn has added these DriTac style grips to the lineup that truly keep hands from slipping while also decreasing vibration. 

Are tacky grips good for sweaty hands?

Tacky grips are highly recommended for sweaty hands. More and more grip manufacturers are coming out with tacky grip options. Golfers with sweaty hands have made it known that this is a necessary product on the market.

Should golfers with sweaty hands wear a glove? 

It is often an excellent idea for golfers to wear a glove when they have sweaty hands. The glove can help protect the golf grips from getting destroyed. It also improves the connection with the club. Golf gloves will help players who have a tendency to grip the club too hard. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now feel as though you can choose a golf grip for sweaty hands that will actually work! Golf grip technology has come a long way. The Winn DriTac or Golf Pride MCC will do wonders to help you improve your control of the club. 

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