10 Best Golf Club Brands in 2022

justin thomas with titleist driver

You know you’re getting quality when you buy the best golf brands. But what some inexperienced players may not realize is that brands cater to different types of players.

That’s why golfers become loyal to a brand and play it for years. Once they find equipment that works for their abilities and games, it’s hard to change.

Don’t worry if you haven’t found your brand yet. Our list of the best golf brands will guide your decision.

Best Golf Club Brands: Our Top Picks

Titleist (Best for Low-Handicappers)
Callaway (Best for Average Golfers
TaylorMade (Best for Distance
Ping (Best Quality
Mizuno (Best Feeling Irons
Scotty Cameron (Best Putters
Cleveland (Best Wedges
Tour Edge (Best Value
Cobra (Best for Women and Seniors
(Best Budget Options)

Titleist (Best for Low-Handicappers)

Titleist is a premium golf brand and one of the most recognized within the game, especially for its golf balls. It has generally concentrated on making the best equipment for low-handicappers.

So, Titleist is skilled at catering to the best players in the game. If you’re a lower handicapper, you’ll get high-quality golf clubs from Titleist to suit your game.

However, Titleist has made clubs for the higher handicappers in recent years. It makes game-improvement versions of popular drivers and irons. So, high handicappers can get in on the premium Titleist experience.

This brand still excels in the low-handicapper market, though. Its clubs offer these players the look and feel they need.

Low handicappers need the best feel to get feedback on every shot. Also, they must be able to work the ball to the right or left when required. Titleist golf clubs offer them these features.

Low handicappers don’t necessarily worry too much about forgiveness. They strike the ball consistently and don’t need forgiving clubs.

Titleist sometimes put less emphasis on forgiveness, so their clubs suit better players rather than higher handicappers. The new Titleist TSR3 driver is popular among better players.

PGA Tour pros like Justin Thomas and Will Zalatoris play Titleist.

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Callaway (Best for Average Golfers)

Callaway has been one of the best golf brands for years. It makes high-quality equipment and knows what average golfers need to improve their games.

With Callaway golf clubs, average players can rely on the distance and forgiveness on offer. They’re not going to strike the ball cleanly every time. But that doesn’t matter because Callaway makes forgiving irons to help these players.

This brand has been catering to average players for a long time. The Callaway Big Bertha kicked it off, and Callaway has built on that ever since.

Average golfers don’t need to spend hours practicing to hit Callaway golf clubs. They make the game easier for these players and higher handicappers.

That’s because Callaway focuses on forgiveness for average golfers. It’s awesome that these players can get a premium experience when they play.

The Callaway Rogue ST Max are the best irons for forgiveness. Average golfers can get excellent performance using these irons.

Jon Rahm and Xander Schauffele are the most successful pros using Callaway now.

TaylorMade (Best for Distance)

TaylorMade loves giving players distance from tee to green, as noted in our TaylorMade driver buyer’s guide. They want to create more speed with their clubs so that players increase distance.

First, they use Speed Pocket Technology to generate this speed. But TaylorMade more recently introduced the Carbonwood Age with the Stealth driver range.

This driver has a 60X Carbon Twist Face. It consists of 60 layers of carbon sheets strategically arranged for better energy transfer and faster ball speeds.

TaylorMade also shaped this driver for speed, with the Asymmetric Inertia Generator creating advanced aerodynamics. The Stealth driver certainly made an impact and is a popular choice for players who want added distance.

Pros like Rory McIlroy use the Stealth driver. He’s arguably the best driver of the ball on Tour. Not the longest, but likely the best.

TaylorMade Stealth Driver

A Carbon Fiber Twist Face offers a more efficient energy transfer at impact. That gives you increased ball speeds. The carbon face feels differently but super solid.

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Ping (Best Quality)

Ping usually springs to mind when players think of the best golf brands for quality. It’s the main reason Ping has such a loyal customer base.

Over the years, Ping has been the leading brand when it comes to fitting golfers for clubs. Its customization system goes all the way back to the original Ping Eye.

You should consider Ping if you need specialist fitting for clubs. Maybe you’re considerably taller or shorter than the average golfer. Ping golf clubs are an excellent option in that case.

This brand caters to a wide range of players. You can find the right clubs whether you’re a low, mid, or high handicapper. Check out our Ping Irons buyer’s guide.

No matter what handicap range Ping targets, you’re always guaranteed to get quality. Ping makes some of the best irons on the market, giving players an exceptional feel.

Even their game-improvement irons, like the Ping G425, feel impressive. It’s no wonder that players rarely leave Ping once they start using them.

PING G425 Irons

The Ping G425 has a face of a metal wood, variable face thickness, and incredible spin for stopping the ball on the green. 

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Mizuno (Best Feeling Irons)

Mizuno irons are renowned for having the best feeling irons. They give you phenomenal performance when you strike the ball well. When you mishit a shot, they offer feedback so that you feel it.

 Mizuno irons are generally suited to better players for this reason. Also, they’re excellent for working the ball in different ways. Better players can control ball flight, direction, spin, etc., with them.

Mizuno blade irons are the best for players who want complete control over their iron games. These are more compact, thinner, and less forgiving. However, they allow golfers to play shots with precision.

Mizuno has made some game-improvement irons recently as well. They allow higher handicappers to experience the exceptional feel Mizuno irons offer. However, other brands make better game-improvement irons, in all honesty.

But not many brands can make a blade iron like Mizuno. The Mizuno Pro 221 irons offer better players unbelievable control.

Mizuno Pro 221 Irons

Made at Mizuno's iconic facility in Hiroshima, Japan, these irons are Grain Flow Forged. You can expect a beautiful feel and instant feedback on impact.

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Scotty Cameron (Best Putters)

Technically, Scotty Cameron is in partnership with Titleist. But we had to include it in the list of best golf brands because it makes the best milled putters on the planet.

In the 2020-21 season, 18 PGA Tour winners used a Scotty Cameron putter. That’s six more wins on Tour than its nearest competitor.

Scotty Cameron putters have an excellent feel. The balance feels incredible in your hands and gives you stability throughout the stroke.

This brand offers a wide range of putters, from blade styles to more forgiving mallets. Players of all abilities can find the best putter to sit their games.

A putter like the Scotty Cameron Phantom X is excellent for mid-to-high handicappers. This mallet-style putter offers incredible balance with prominent alignment aids to help your aim.

Scotty Cameron Phantom X12 Putter

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X12 is a modern mallet design with a lot of forgiveness and easy alignment; if you want to dial in your performance on the greens, this putter can help. 

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Cleveland (Best Wedges)

Cleveland makes some of the best wedges in golf. Its wedges cater to players of all abilities, from scratch markers to beginners.

The wedges for beginners offer unrivaled forgiveness and make it easy to hit the ball. They have wide soles that glide over the turf, stopping players from chunking wedge shots.

Beginners and high handicappers need the most help with wedge shots. Cleveland makes this area of the game easier for them, giving them more control and accuracy.

The wedges for better players give you excellent control and performance. You can maximize your spin for increased accuracy around the greens.

Better players need to be able to hit precise wedge shots. It helps them to shoot lower scores, and Cleveland delivers for them.

This brand also caters to the average golfer. It combines forgiveness with precision, so standard players get the best of both worlds. The Cleveland CBX2 Wedge gives average players the best performance.

However, Cleveland isn’t just a brand that makes wedges. Its irons, hybrids, and drivers also perform well. And their hybrid irons have been helping senior golfers for years.

Best Wedge for High-Handicappers
Cleveland Golf CBX2 Wedge

This wedge is great for beginners or high-handicappers. The cavity back design provides more forgiveness, thanks to the hollow cavity design. However, you’ll still be able to get a lot of spin if you do hit it well.

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Tour Edge (Best Value)

Out of the best golf brands, Tour Edge offers players the best value. This brand offer quality products at a reasonable price. It has a loyal customer base for this reason.

Tour Edge makes golf clubs for two types of players. Those who need plenty of forgiveness and those who prioritize feel.

Their clubs are also customizable, so you can get precisely what you need. You can get the best setup to suit your game, with customizable club lengths or loft settings.

Generally, customized golf clubs are dearer than usual. But Tour Edge offers these options at excellent prices, giving you the best value for money.

This brand suits you if you want high-quality golf clubs at a reasonable price. And it has some incredible full-set options like the Tour Edge Bazooka 17-Piece Men’s Complete Set.

These are excellent for beginners or higher handicappers who want everything they need to start playing. The clubs are easy to hit and packed with forgiveness.

Tour Edge Bazooka 370 17-Piece Men's Complete Set

The Tour Edge Bazooka 17 Piece Set offers you some of the best golf technology on the market for the price; if you want a complete set, this is a great step towards it. 

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Cobra (Best for Women and Seniors)

Cobra has positioned itself as one of the best golf brands in the past few years. Recently, they’ve released some fantastic irons and drivers.

Although they’re the best for women and seniors, average male golfers can also find excellent Cobra golf clubs. We think the Cobra drivers are their standout products at the moment.

They give players heaps of forgiveness on off-center strikes. But they also maximize speed for extra yards off the tee.

Adjustability is another feature we love with Cobra drivers. That makes them excellent for seniors, allowing them to get the perfect setup.

They can adjust the loft and weight positioning to help them get optimal ball launch. Seniors tend to struggle to launch the ball as their swings get slower.

Cobra also includes a version for women in its best line of drivers, the Cobra LTDx. The setup perfectly suits women golfers, but they can further adjust it to suit their individual games.

The Cobra LTDx Max Women’s Driver gives female golfers extreme distance and forgiveness. It also has an adjustable option to promote a draw bias, helping ladies who slice the ball.

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Wilson (Best Budget Options)

Wilson has been in the golf market for a long time. It’s one of the most trusted golf brands around, making it even better when it offers players the best budget options.

Golfers know they can trust its products even if they’re cheaper. The low prices don’t mean a dip in quality.

Wilson makes pretty much everything in golf, from balls and bags to irons and drivers. It targets average golfers, high handicappers, and beginners.

Its golf clubs are forgiving and easy to hit. They’re more focused on game improvement so that players get help with their games.

Wilson also makes complete sets at excellent prices. These sets target beginners and higher handicappers who don’t want to spend a fortune on golf.

Many players don’t take golf seriously and don’t want to buy premium products. Wilson offers complete sets like the Wilson Profile SGI Men’s Package Set for these golfers.

You can get this set at an excellent price. It offers forgiveness throughout the bag, and it’s easy to hit the clubs. Also, you can get this set with one-inch longer shafts if you’re a tall player.

Wilson Profile SGI Men's Complete Golf Set
  • Great golf set makeup
  • Engineered for extra distance and control
  • Thinner and hotter face on the newest release 
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


The best golf brands offer players different characteristics. Some brands like Titleist suit better players, while ones like Callaway help average golfers to improve.

Low handicappers can find great success using drivers such as the Titleist TSR3. It’s designed to suit better players and give them the features they need.

Average golfers can take advantage of the forgiveness irons like the Callaway Rogue ST Max give them. These clubs ensure players don’t get punished too much for off-center strikes. They can get excellent performance even when they don’t hit the ball consistently.

You should consider your needs and find the best golf brands that match them. That might be the best value, best quality, or best feel. It all depends on your game and your budget.

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