Best Portable Golf Ball Cleaners and Washers

It doesn’t take long to realize that golf is a very precise game. If your equipment is not clean and ready to take a golf shot, there is really no point in taking a swing. Luckily portable golf ball cleaners and washers have been created to ensure that the golf ball dimples will always have clear interaction with the groove on the clubface. 

We have compiled a list of some of the best portable golf ball cleaners and washers. Some of these are straightforward devices you keep in your golf bag, and others get a bit more complicated. There is sure to be an option on this list to work for every player. 

Best Overall Golf Ball Cleaner: Clean Flight Premium Golf Ball Washer/Cleaner

Best Overall
Clean Flight Premium Golf Ball Washer/Cleaner

Clean Flight Premium Golf Ball Cleaner will ensure that a golf ball flies as long and as far as it is supposed to. 

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03/23/2023 05:44 pm GMT

The best portable golf ball cleaners and washers are made from durable material, can easily be brought along on or in your golf bag, and do a tremendous job of cleaning the dirt off of a golf ball. The Clean Flight Premium Golf Ball Washer does all of these things and makes you feel like you are playing with a clean golf ball on each tee box. 

The hex brush interior system will stay wet while the outside of the container stays dry. The golf ball cleaner attaches to your golf bag, and it is a very quick and easy way to keep your golf ball clean for the start of every hole. 


  • It comes with a cleaning solution 
  • Fair pricing
  • Connects via carabiner to the golf cart 
  • Brush cleaning system cleans the ball thoroughly 


  • Can get in the way a bit if you are walking and carrying your bag 

Best Value Golf Ball Cleaner: Cosmos Portable Pocket Golf Ball Washer Pouch

Best Value
Cosmos Portable Pocket Golf Ball Washer Pouch
  • A small pouch can fit in the pocket
  • Easy to clean 
  • Low pricing
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03/23/2023 06:33 pm GMT

A golf ball washer or cleaner does not need to be a complicated golf accessory. The Cosmos Portable Pocket Golf Ball Washer Pouch is simply a tiny pouch that cleans the ball in a matter of seconds. Merely place the golf ball in the pouch, move it around a bit, and it comes out looking new. 

With the pouch, you will need to ensure that the inside is damp before starting your round, and the cloth does the rest of the work. 


  • Easy to let it dry out after a round
  • Comes with a loop tag to attach easily 
  • Simple design will last for years 


  • No brushes for those difficult to remove stains 

Best For Golf Cart: 10L0L Golf Ball Washer & Golf Club Head Cleaner

Best For Golf Cart
10L0L Golf Ball Washer & Golf Club Head Cleaner
  • Fits on most golf carts 
  • Works for club face and golf ball cleaning
  • Easy installation
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03/23/2023 06:04 pm GMT

Having a golf ball washer and golf club washer is essential for those who own a golf cart. The washer will easily install on a Yamaha, EZ Go, or Club Car and can do wonders to keep your equipment working more precisely. 

The great thing about this 10LOL Golf Ball Washer is that it is durable and long-lasting. This is kind of like taking a golf ball washer on a tee box and bringing it along on a cart ride with you. 


  • Works on any kind of golf cart
  • Durable and strong design 
  • Can attach to the cart in a number of areas 


  • Will need to clean out from time to time 

Best For Durability: Twister The Golf Ball Cleaner

Best For Durability
Twister The Golf Ball Cleaner
  • Durable outer plastic
  • Great size for attaching to golf bag 
  • Scrubbing bristles
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/23/2023 07:48 pm GMT

Twister, the Golf Ball Cleaner, is a tool that does a tremendous job of helping golfers keep their golf balls clean for years to come. This is one of the more durable models on the market, and you can tell by the way it looks that it can withstand quite a bit. 

The Twister claims to be the only golf ball cleaner on the market with scrubbing bristles on the inside. We will admit that the bristle pattern on the Twister is quite good, even if it may not be the only one on the market. 


  • Looks good on the outside of the golf bag
  • Easy to hang up 
  • Has scrubbing bristles to help keep the golf ball clean 


  • Not as modern looking as the Clean Flight Premium 

Why Clean Your Golf Balls? 

Golf balls can get very dirty even after just one or two swings. This dirt and grass that gets stuck in the golf ball is a problem for the golf ball’s performance. Both surfaces should be clean when a golf ball and a golf club face interact. 

The dimples on a golf ball are there for a reason. These dimples help to ensure a proper ball flight and probably, most importantly, the correct spin on the ball. 

When you don’t clean your golf ball, you could be leaving yardage and performance on the table. What is the point of taking a perfect golf swing if the way the club and the ball interact will not result in the best golf shot possible? Take the time to play with clean equipment, and you will see positive results. 

What Golf Ball Cleaner Is Best For Me?

The best golf ball cleaner should not be too difficult to narrow down. The most critical concept to decide is whether you need a golf ball washer for a golf cart or your golf bag. Once you have that down, the next decision will be a hard case or a soft case golf ball washer. 

The hard case washers will store more cleaning solutions and keep the golf ball free of debris after it has gone through a wash process. The soft-sided cleaning pockets are a bit less cumbersome to carry, but at times they will wipe the ball instead of truly cleaning it. 

The great thing about any type of golf ball washer is that it stops you from having to spread dirt, mud, grass, and even fertilizer all over your hands, just to have a clean shot. 

Portable Golf Ball Washer Features To Consider 

There are a few basic features to consider when shopping for golf balls, cleaners, and washers. Understanding these features can help ensure that you purchase something that will last for years to come. 


A golf ball washer that hangs on the outside of your golf bag needs to be durable. In addition to the outside of the washer being strong, so is the connection to the bag and the carabiner clip. If you play a lot of golf, you will go through these golf ball washers quite quickly when you don’t purchase quality. 

Cleaning System

Sometimes the golf ball cleaning system is just a microfiber cloth; other times, it is a scrubbing brush. Take a look at the different cleaning system options and decide which is the best solution for you. Most people find that some type of bristle helps to ensure the golf ball stays cleaner. 


Remember that you will be carrying your golf ball washer around with you on the golf course. Although a large cleaner that can take care of several golf balls at once may seem appealing for off the golf course, it makes sense to keep things a bit more compact on the golf course. 

Three Tips For Using Golf Ball Cleaners

Using a golf ball cleaner is not difficult; however, some strategies may help your end results. Here are our three best tips for using golf ball cleaner. 

1. Start At Home

You can use golf balls more than once. If you have made it through your last round and still have a perfect golf ball in place, give it a good cleaning before you head to the course. Before you go out to play, ensure that all of the golf balls in your bag are clean and ready to go. If you need to pull one out, it will be ready to go. 

2. Replace Solution Frequently 

Most golf ball washers require you to use a solution along with it. The solution helps to ensure that the debris comes off the ball quite easily. You can use just a simple soap and water base to replace the solution. Anything that cleans dirt will work on the golf ball. 

3. Use It Twice Per Hole 

Don’t forget that a golf ball washer can be used on the tee box and then again when your ball is up on the green. Some golfers like to bring the small pocket golf ball washer with them up to the green. This ensures that they can also quickly clean when they mark their golf ball. One simple roll on a putt could cause you to miss the hole; using the golf ball washer will help to ensure this does not happen to you. 


A golf ball washer is not only a great accessory to have, but it also makes a great golf gift. The Clean Flight Premium Golf Ball cleaning system is the best overall option for those searching for a golf ball cleaner or golf ball washer in 2022. The durability and effectiveness of this model are unmatched. 

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