21 Best Golf Accessories Every Golfer Should Have

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When it comes to golf accessories, it seems like there is never an end in sight. Every time you show up for your Saturday morning round, your friend has some new golf gadget that you instantly realize you also need. Let’s be honest here for a moment. Golfers love golf accessories. 

Maybe it’s the appeal of potentially taking a stroke off of your final score or simply the fact that accessories can make the game more enjoyable. Whatever your motivation is, there is no lack of options out there on the market. I have put together 21 of the best golf accessories that every golfer should have. Although I have my favorite golf accessories, I still love learning about new options and acquiring them when I have the chance. 

1) Golf Tees

Golf tees may seem like one of the simplest and most obvious accessories for a golfer; however, golf tees are essential to a well-played round of golf. 

When you get a bit more involved in golf tee technology, you will notice that these tees will come in varying heights, materials, and even designs. Some golf tees feature a brush on one end that allows for less resistance at impact. 

Other golf tees are made to help reduce a slice or keep your golf ball from being teed up at the wrong height. If you have ever had the thought, “I wonder if they make a golf tee for . . “, chances are they do! 

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2) Personal Golf Launch Monitor

Personal launch monitors used to be difficult to find and afford. If you wanted to use a launch monitor, you would have to head to a club fitting location and schedule some time with the master club fitter. Today, things are much different. Personal launch monitors can fit in your golf bag, and they can travel with you to the driving range and the golf course. 

A personal launch monitor gives valuable data about the height, carry and launch of the golf shots that you hit. Not only can you learn what is working about your golf swing, but you can also get great feedback on potential new golf clubs. 

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3) Golf Umbrellas

It always seems to start raining after I make a birdie or two. Unfortunately, there is no escaping the rain when you are out on the golf course, but an umbrella can undoubtedly help keep you dry. One of the great things about golf umbrellas is that they can also be used on really sunny days. If you are walking the golf course and want to get a bit of extra shade, let the umbrella help you out. 

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4) GPS Watches & Handhelds

A golf GPS watch or handheld helps you know exactly how far you are from the front, middle, and back of any golf green. Depending on the type of GPS golf watch you have, you may also see if there are bunkers or water hazards on the hole. 

Those who have a shaky hand or struggle to look through the rangefinder to get the exact yardage will want to stick with the watch or the handheld GPS. 

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5) Golf Gloves

Golf gloves ensure that you always have a stable connection with the golf club. When your golf club grips start to get dull, you can use a golf glove to ensure there is no club movement at impact. When you take a swing, you will want to ensure that you have full control over the club at all times. This is the only way to get power and accuracy. 

There are many types of golf gloves available on the market, from rain gloves to winter gloves to traditional golf gloves. It pays to have a few different types so that you are prepared for any situation. 

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6) Divot Repair Tools

It’s essential to have a divot repair tool in your pocket and use it on each hole. When you leave your ball marks on the green without fixing them, it only creates a mess for the group behind you. Playing golf at courses with excellent conditions is something that many golfers take for granted. 

We really like the Callaway 4 in 1 divot repair tool because of all that it can do. Any time you can get a multi-purpose accessory in your bag, you will find that it helps cut down on costs and the amount of gear you need. This tool has a groove sharpener, divot repair, ball marker, and a club cleaning brush. 

7) Ball Markers

A golf ball marker will help you keep the place of your golf ball on the green when you must move it out of the way of another player. The magnetic ball marker that can clip to a cap is a great option. This is just one less accessory that needs to fit in your pocket. 

The Golters Magnetic Removable ball marker comes in various colors and will fit on almost any golf hat you have. If you don’t wear hats, you can also use this as a separate accessory. 

8) Portable Bluetooth Golf Cart Speaker

A portable Bluetooth golf cart speaker is one of the newer golf cart accessories on the market. If you like to head out for a round of golf with friends and enjoy music while you are on the course, this is a great option. I have also seen some people use it as a way to take work calls while they are “working from home.”

However you decide to use your portable Bluetooth golf cart speaker, the Bushnell Wingman is a great one to consider. The audio is very high quality, and it will even give you your distance to the center of the green. In addition, this is a durable model that is not going to get too beat up while you are enjoying your round. 

9) Golf Towel

Never underestimate the importance of a golf towel. Without your golf towel, your clubs would be dirty, and your hands would be sweaty, certainly not a good combination for making birdies. Golf towels are a great addition to the game and can really help to ensure that you are adequately prepared. 

I love this Frogger Golf wet dry towel because you can keep one side of it wet for cleaning and one side of it dry for keeping your hands clean. The size of the towel is also just right for anything you could need it for on the course. 

10) Laser Rangefinder

Instead of getting a distance to the front, middle, and back of a golf green, the laser rangefinder gives you a distance directly to the pin. With a laser rangefinder, the number is exact, and you can pull out the club you need for that specific yardage. Although the laser rangefinder can be a bit more work, it’s great for golfers that need accuracy. 

Bushnell really leads the way when it comes to golf laser rangefinders. The Bushnell Tour V5 Shift is a high-quality option that works for players of all skill levels. This rangefinder has both slope and non-slope mode and offers a very clear viewing window.  

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11) Golf Trunk Organizer

When you are done with a round of golf, many times, your shoes, golf balls, tees, and anything else that was in your pockets gets tossed into the trunk of your car. This can leave you with quite a mess the next time you head to the course. This is where a golf trunk organizer comes in. 

The Samsonite Expanding Trunk Locker gives you plenty of space, lots of organization and allows you to keep your car in one piece. These golf trunk organizers also tend to last for quite a long time. 

12) Golf Garage Organizer

Now that the trunk of your golf car is all organized, it’s time to take a better look at the garage. Not only is a golf garage organizer a good way to help your garage stay neat and clean it actually protects your clubs as well. The last thing you want is a fall on the hard garage floor. 

One of my favorite golf garage organizers is the Mythinglogic Organizer. Not only can you store two golf bags on this rack, but it also has shelves for shoes, accessories, and more. A golf garage organizer is a perfect winter project to take on. 

13) Shoe Bag 

It is frowned upon to change your shoes in the parking lot of a golf course. The proper golf etiquette is to head into the locker room and ensure that your shoes are put on and then stored properly. To properly follow these traditions, all golfers need a high-quality golf shoe bag. 

The Athletico Golf Shoe Bag is a great choice because it allows you to keep your shoes clean and protected, and it is easy to wash and carry. I love that the Athletico also has vents on the side to help ensure that your shoes don’t get too stuffy after a round of golf. 

14) Groove Sharpener

Each time you hit a golf shot, the grooves on your club are impacted. This means that over time the grooves won’t produce the same spin and control that they once did. The groove sharpener is a great way to ensure that your clubs stay in the original condition you purchased them in. 

Using a groove sharpener is not difficult, but you will want to make sure that you purchase a good one with various sharp points. The HIFROM Groove Sharpener has several heads that help to ensure your regrooving process is easy and quick. Ensure that you don’t change the overall size or shape of the grip, and your clubs will remain USGA conforming. 

15) Golf Club Sensors

A few golf manufacturers started putting sensors in their grips a few years back. Golfers could log into the app and see how far they were hitting their golf shots. This technology eventually led to golfers everywhere wanting the use of this technology. 

The Arccos golf club sensors are my favorite. These are small and compact, and you barely notice them in the butt end of your club. I really feel that I know how far I am hitting my irons when I have these installed and in place. Sometimes all it takes to be accurate is a realization and understanding of how far I hit the ball. 

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16) Golf Club Brush 

Keeping the grooves of your golf club clean is the only way to get the proper spin on a golf ball. Although the microfiber towel can do wonders for cleaning off the face of the club, a golf club brush is necessary for more packed in dirt. 

When looking for a golf club brush, it is often a good idea to find a retractable model like this Frogger BrushPro. When you are finished using the brush, you can fold it up and let it stay attached to your golf bag. This helps to ensure that you can carry your clubs without getting poked with the brush. 

17) Sunglasses

Golf sunglasses help reduce glare when you are out on the course; they are also very good for your eyes. With golf sunglasses, you won’t have to worry so much about the exposure that you are getting to the sun. Being out on the golf course for five or more hours leads to quite a bit of exposure. 

One of my favorite pairs of golf sunglasses is the Callaway Sungear Kite Golf Sunglasses. These offer excellent coverage, and they are comfortable to wear. In addition, you won’t have trouble focusing on the golf ball with these sunglasses on. 

18) Golf Hat

Wearing a golf hat offers some excellent protection from the sun, and it can complete any golf outfit. Golf hats come in three basic styles, the visor, the baseball cap, and the bucket hat. Depending on your personal style, your preferences, and how much sun protection you need, you can choose a hat that works well for your needs. However, all golfers should really keep a hat in their bag should they need it. 

The Callaway Golf Stitch Magnet hat is my favorite golf hat. It’s so nice to have the magnetic brim available to ensure that I can keep from losing my golf ball marker from hole to hole. This hat comes in various colors and is a really smart choice for a golfer of any level. 

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19) Headcovers

Many of the accessories on our list of the best golf accessories every golfer needs have focused on protecting the players. However, it is also crucial to learn to protect your equipment. As you travel from one hole to the next, you should ensure that your golf clubs have headcovers in place. Each time they hit each other, you are risking permanent damage. 

Synthetic leather headcovers available in a set are a great option. This way, you can cover your driver and two fairway woods with just one purchase. But, again, make sure to keep these on as you move from one hole to the next, don’t leave them in the cart basket. 

20) Golf Ball Retrievers

When your shot ends up in the middle of the lake, there is really not much that can be done about it. However, when it’s sitting on the edge of the water hazard, it is almost like torture not to be able to grab it. This is where having a great golf ball retriever can come into play. With the current price of golf balls, you will only need to find a few to pay for your new retriever. 

The Callaway 15th Club Retriever extends up to 15’ but won’t take up much space in your bag. This is a lightweight and easy-to-use retriever that even comes with a headcover. You can store this in your bag, especially if you have a larger cart bag with an extra slot. 

21) Practice Golf Balls 

Last but certainly not least are practice golf balls. WIth practice golf balls, you can work on your game even when you are not at the course. More and more golfers are looking for ways to practice golf at home, and these Birdie Ball practice golf balls are the perfect way to do it. 

With the Birdie Ball, you will be able to take shots and see exactly how your shot will fly; however, the ball will only go about 40 yards. If you slice your shot, the Birdie Ball will slice. In addition, the feel of these is excellent and makes it much more realistic than a foam golf ball. 

Hopefully, these 21 best golf accessories have helped you realize all the essential gear you need in your golf bag this year! If you are new to the game, don’t feel pressured to put these all in your bag the first week. It can take a few years to gather up all the necessary golf gadgets and accessories, which is completely understandable.

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