The Best Callaway Golf Balls in 2022 (Reviewed & Compared)

callaway golf ball sitting on a green

Callaway is well known for making some of the best gear in golf. And that includes golf balls, with the best Callaway golf balls suiting a wide range of players.

Some Callaway golf balls suit players with fast swing speeds, while others perform better for golfers with slow swing speeds. Also, some balls work better in the hands of good players, while average golfers get the best from others.

But you don’t have to worry about figuring any of that out. We lay everything out for you in this buyer’s guide.

These are the best Callaway golf balls in 2022.

Best Callaway Golf Balls: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Chrome Soft
Runner-Up: Chrome Soft X
Best Low-Spin: Chrome Soft X LS
Best Value: Supersoft
High Launch: ERC Soft Triple Track
Distance Option: Warbird
Excellent All-Arounder: Hex Soft

Callaway Golf Balls Compared

Callaway Golf BallSwing SpeedAbility Level
Chrome SoftSlow-FastAll
Chrome Soft XFastLow-Handicappers
Chrome Soft X LSFastLow/Mid Handicappers
SupersoftSlowMid/High Handicappers
ERC SoftSlow-ModerateMid/High Handicappers
WarbirdSlow-FastBeginners/High Handicappers
Hex SoftSlow-ModerateMid/High Handicappers

Chrome Soft 2022 (Best Overall)

Best Overall
Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

The Callaway Chrome Soft features new precision technology, a SoftFast Core, and excellent distance; this is a premium golf ball that is well worth the money. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/24/2023 02:34 am GMT

The Callaway Chrome Soft 2022 golf ball suits a wide range of players. It offers excellent all-around performance, so there’s something for everyone.

You can get impressive distance with this golf ball. That’s down to the combination of low spin and a high launch off the tee.

This ball gives you a soft feel around the greens and offers good spin. Many golfers will love that soft feel when it comes to the short game, although it won’t suit everyone.

Callaway golf balls have some of the best alignment features around. We found that the Triple Track alignment on the Chrome Soft helped us aim our putts exactly where we wanted them – whether they go in is down to you.

Note: You can get this ball in standard style if you don’t like Triple Track alignment.

This golf ball suits many players. You should certainly consider it if you want a high launch and low spin off the tee but a soft feel around the greens.

Chrome Soft X 2022 (Runner-Up)

Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls

The Callaway Chrome Soft X 2022 offers tour-level speed, spin, and control through the bag. It’s Callaway’s number one ball on Tours worldwide.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/23/2023 07:13 pm GMT

The Chrome Soft X 2022 is a worthy runner-up for the best Callaway golf ball. Its suitability for a narrower range of players is the only mark against it compared to the Chrome Soft.

With tour-level performance, the Chrome Soft X gives you excellent consistency through the bag. Pros like Jon Rahm need that consistency, and this golf ball delivers. You can expect a tight dispersion with every club, something the better players need to score low.

And this golf ball suits better players with faster swing speeds. They can expect high ball speeds off the tee, which translates into more distance.

Also, the Chrome Soft X is extremely workable with your irons. It gives you a superb response when you need to hit that draw or fade into a tight pin.

Add exceptional spin control from close range to that, and you’ve got the complete package for the better players. However, it has a firmer feel than the standard Chrome Soft, which might be off-putting for some players.

Chrome Soft X LS 2022 (Best Low-Spin)

Best Low-Spin
Callaway Chrome Soft X LS Golf Balls

The Chrome Soft X LS offers high ball speeds and low spin rates from the tee. Yet, it has a soft and responsive feel on and around the greens.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/23/2023 09:59 pm GMT

The Chrome Soft X LS 2022 is the best Callaway golf ball for players who want lower spin off the tee. It delivers lower spin off the tee compared with the standard Chrome Soft, although we think the difference should be greater.

However, the Chrome Soft X LS gives you excellent performance, especially if you have a faster swing. A combination of lower spin, higher launch, and fast ball speeds mean extra yards off the tee.

Also, you can expect a straight ball flight from this golf ball. That gives you good consistency from tee to green.

And when you get around the greens, you can expect excellent spin control. This golf ball will grip the greens on those pitch shots.

The Chrome Soft X LS suits faster swingers of varying abilities. Even those who aren’t good overall players can get good performance from this ball if they swing the club fast.

Supersoft (Best Value)

Best Value
Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

The Callaway Supersoft is one of the lowest-compression golf balls in the game. A new PARALOID Impact Modifier in the cover, high launch, and low spin make it a tremendous addition for any slow-swing speed beginner.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/23/2023 09:53 pm GMT

The Supersoft golf ball gives you fantastic value for your money. It’s one of Callaway’s best-selling golf balls for a reason.

It’s a great option for average players and performs especially well for seniors. That’s because golfers with slower swing speeds get the best performance from this golf ball. Its low-compression core helps them add distance off the tee.

However, this ball also has a nice feel around the greens. You’ll get decent short-game spin control with the Supersoft.

We love the color options – white, yellow, orange, green, pink, and red – you get with this golf ball. Some of the bright colors are especially beneficial for seniors who find it hard to see the ball.

ERC Soft Triple Track (High Launch)

High Launch
Callaway ERC Triple Track Golf Balls

Has some of the softest feel and best greenside control for the slower swing speed player; with multi-material construction and a high-speed core, the ball is ready to perform. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/23/2023 03:23 pm GMT

The ERC Soft Triple Track golf ball gives you a high launch at a great price. If you struggle to get the ball into the air, especially with the driver, this ball is for you.

When you combine the high launch with fast ball speeds, it’s a recipe for extra distance off the tee. However, that doesn’t mean you must sacrifice feel around the greens.

A new multi-material cover gives you a soft feel for the more delicate shots. So, you get the best of both worlds with this golf ball.

Add the easy putting alignment to the mix, and you’ve got a ball performing from tee to green. We think higher handicappers will get the most out of the ERC Soft.

Warbird (Distance Option)

Distance Option
Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

Callaway Warbird golf balls are designed for distance. The two-piece construction with an extra-large, high-energy core promotes distance at any swing speed. HEX Aerodynamics reduces drag and increases launch height for more speed, hang time, and distance.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/23/2023 08:49 pm GMT

Callaway Warbird golf balls are a good distance option. If you’re a golfer who wants raw distance, this golf ball is the one for you.

It helps golfers launch the ball higher. That means you get a longer carry, adding to your overall distance.

Also, the hardness of this ball gives you more roll off the tee. So, that’ll get you some extra yards as well.

However, that hard feel is a con when it comes to the short game. You’ll have a hard time getting this ball stopped on the greens.

If you want a distance ball at a great price, the Warbird is a solid option. It’s more suited to beginners and higher handicappers.

Hex Soft (Excellent All-Arounder)

Excellent All-Arounder
Callaway Hex Soft Golf Balls
$23.99 $21.99

The Callaway Hex Soft golf ball offers good distance, a straight ball flight, and a nice feel. It gives average golfers a great all-around performance.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/23/2023 09:14 pm GMT

The Hex Soft golf ball is an excellent all-arounder. Average players who want good value should consider using this ball.

For the price, you get good performance out of this golf ball. Slower swingers will enjoy the extra distance on offer due to the low-compression core. Also, they’ll notice a straight ball flight that helps with consistency.

The soft cover gives you a nice feel around the greens. However, don’t expect the spin performance of other soft-feeling balls on the list.

You can expect good durability, though, which is too often rare in a soft ball. You get an excellent all-arounder with the Hex Soft at a great price.

What to Consider When Buying Golf Balls

You should consider compression, distance, launch, spin, feel, durability, and price when buying golf balls.


Considering the compression of a golf ball helps you know if a ball is suited to your swing speed or not. The compression rating of a golf ball measures how much it compresses against the clubface on impact.

It’s easier to compress a low-compression golf ball. Therefore, they suit players with slower swing speeds.

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High-compression golf balls are harder to compress. So, fast swingers can get the best performance from these types of balls.

Slow swingers lose distance when they use a high-compression golf ball. On the other hand, fast swingers lose distance with low-compression golf balls.

It’s crucial to match the compression to your swing speed.


We all love some extra distance off the tee. Therefore, you should consider distance when buying golf balls.

Of course, some players should consider distance more than others. That’s because distance can often come at the expense of spin control – unless you buy premium golf balls.

If you’re often 20 or 30 yards behind your buddies off the tee, it could be time to consider a distance golf ball.

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You should consider the launch when buying golf balls, especially if you launch the ball too low or too high. Both scenarios can lose you distance with the driver.

If you’re unsure how you launch the ball, a session on a launch monitor can work wonders. That’ll give you data on your launch angle, and then you can choose a suitable golf ball.


The spin relates to spin off the tee and spin around the greens. You should consider buying a low-spinning golf ball if you get too much spin with your driver.

A low-spin golf ball helps you control the spin off the tee – that could be backspin or sidespin. Sidespin can be a bigger problem because it causes your ball to curl right or left.

So, a ball with low-spin characteristics can help you hit straighter shots. That’s ideal for your tee shots because you want to hit as many fairways as possible.

However, many players want to have high spin around the greens. That allows them to stop the ball where they want it on the putting surface.

Luckily, we can get the best of both worlds these days. It’s easy to find golf balls with low spin off the tee but high spin around the greens.

Therefore, you just need to look out for that when buying golf balls.


Some golfers will consider the feel of golf balls more than others. However, it should still play some part in your decision even if it’s not the main factor.

Liking the feel of your golf balls can help you get better performance from them. Sometimes a ball just feels right, and you can get it to respond to your style of play.

That’s not something to dismiss because it can lead to better golf. And playing our best is what we all want.

It’s always a good idea to test a few different golf balls to see how they feel. You can still consider other characteristics, of course, before making any decision.


Durability is essential to consider when buying any piece of golf equipment, and golf balls are no different. When you swing golf clubs at high speeds and smash balls with the clubface, you need them to be durable to last more than one round.

If you’re going for value golf balls, it’s even more critical to consider durability. Sometimes the lower price affects their quality.

If they don’t last, it might’ve cost you less to buy premium balls in the long run. However, all the balls on our list offer great quality, so you don’t have to worry about that when buying the best Callaway golf balls.

Also, the construction of golf balls plays a part in their durability. The ones with harder covers are more durable than ones with softer covers.

However, you must consider a trade-off in other areas, like feel and performance around the greens.


The price is another essential factor to consider when it comes to buying golf balls. Depending on your situation, you mightn’t want to spend a fortune buying golf balls. That’s when value balls like the Supersoft are a fantastic option.

However, even among value golf balls, there are still varying price ranges. So, you should think about how much you’re willing to spend. That’ll help you narrow your choices along with the other factors we’ve outlined.

What Callaway Golf Ball is Like Pro V1?

The Callaway Chrome Soft range is like the Pro V1 range. These golf balls share many of the same characteristics.

Therefore, you’ll get a similar performance from Callaway Chrome Soft as you would from Titleist Pro V1. Sometimes, the ball you choose to play comes down to personal preference.


Overall, the Callaway Chrome Soft 2022 is the best Callaway golf ball. It suits a wide range of players, giving it an edge over some of the other options.

You can expect impressive distance, with low spin and a high launch off the tee. Also, it’s extremely responsive around the greens.

If you want an excellent all-arounder, the Hex Soft is a solid choice. It’ll give you good distance and a nice feel at a fantastic price.

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