Master the Tee: The Best Adjustable Drivers for Golfers 2023

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Finding equipment that is a fit for your golf swing is so important. There is just no reason to play with a club that doesn’t suit you. One of the most important technologies in custom fitting has been the release of the adjustable driver. 

The best adjustable drivers on the market will help golfers get more distance, accuracy, and consistency. With an adjustable driver in the bag, you may make a swing change and simply adjust the driver head to accommodate. 

In 2023 there is no shortage of great adjustable drivers; here are our favorites. 

Best Adjustable Drivers: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Titleist TSR2
Best Value: Ping G425 Max
Best For Average Golfer: Callaway Rogue ST Max
Best For Distance: Cobra LTDx LS
Best For Low Handicappers: TaylorMade Stealth Plus+
Best For Beginners: Cobra King Radspeed

Best Overall: Titleist TSR2 Driver

Best Overall
Titleist TSR2 Driver

The Titleist TSR2 has an aerodynamic shape, forgiveness for the average player, and, most importantly, the SureFit Adjustability system in place. 

  • Refinements to add more ball speed
  • A very playable driver for the majority of golfers
  • Fast-looking clubhead that produces incredible speed
  • SureFit Adjustability in place
  • The TSR2 is not as workable as the TSR3
  • Lower handicap players may find the clubhead too forgiving
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Titleist has become one of the best brands on the market for custom golf equipment, and their Surefit Adjustability system has helped them to get there. With this adjustability system, you can simply learn what type of player you are and then set the club to match your preferences. 

We like it because you can move from one Titleist golf club to another and simply adjust to your preferences. With the TSR2, golfers will notice plenty of distance and forgiveness built in; the clubhead shape was entirely redesigned from the previous models. 

Titleist put out a line of these TSR drivers, and the TSR2 is designed for the golfer looking for a little extra forgiveness and distance. The club head has a lower center of gravity, improved launch, and low spin from the tee box. 

The shaft is also an important consideration when you purchase an adjustable driver. The TSR2 driver features a new design for Titleist, manufactured by Graphite Design. The shaft features carbon fibers that will allow for personalized ball flight and spin characteristics. 

Best Value: Ping G425 Max Driver

Best Value
PING G425 Max Driver

The Ping G425 was one of the best-selling golf drivers for Ping; with an adjustable hosel, tremendous ball speed, and the Arccos Caddie Smart Grip Program, now is the time to purchase the G425. 

  • Workability in the driver club head
  • Large sweet spot yet allows for workability
  • Lower dispersion than previous models
  • Internal ribbing for better sound and feel
  • Higher MOI
  • Some find the sound to be a little dull compared to the Rogue ST or Stealth
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When we talk about the value of an adjustable driver, we are looking at the technology and performance that you get for the money. The Ping G425 golf driver is a very fast driver; it looks great and has some of the best consistency on the market. 

Ping takes a long time to drop the pricing on a golf driver, but with the G425 just recently being reduced, now is the time to get your hands on one. Ping used their Dragonfly crown technology to save some weight in the clubhead. The result is more speed and a stable clubhead. 

The face of the Ping G425 driver is the T9S+ forged face. Of all the drivers we tested, the G425 has some of the best feel. In addition, the T9S+ is highly flexible, giving you a bit more jump off the face of the club. 

In addition to adjusting the hosel into eight different positions, the Arccos Caddie Smart Grip Program is another great feature of this club. Golfers can make an adjustment to the loft and then check the results with the Arccos to make sure it’s the right setting. 

Best For Average Golfer: Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver

The Callaway Rogue ST Max has been a tremendous success for Callaway. The driver features a slight draw bias and the highest MOI of any Callaway driver. This means that even golfers who slice it can get some performance from the Rogues ST Max. 

With the face of the Rogue ST Drivers being an AI Flash Face design, you can expect quite a bit of speed. The AI Flash Face is a technology that Callaway has had around for quite some time, but it continues to perform. 

Tungsten is another important technology here. The Tungsten Speed Cartridge was placed low and deep in the driver’s head. The result is more forgiveness. Average golfers feel they can go after the ball and the Rogue ST Max has your back. 

Callaway carried over some technology from the Rogue, Epic, and Mavrik lines, but the Rogue ST Max truly saved only the best of the best. 

Best For Distance: Cobra LTDx LS Driver 

Best For Distance
Cobra LTDx LS Driver

The Cobra LTDx LS is designed for golfers looking for premium performance on the golf course, workability, and plenty of adjustability. 

  • CNC Milled infinity face
  • Adjustable weighting
  • Low spin technology
  • Increased forgiveness, even for the better player
  • Clubhead appears quite large and takes some time to get used to
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Cobra golf clubs have almost always let the way from an adjustability standpoint. If you like to tweak the golf club a bit and want to see how it impacts your game, a Cobra driver is a great option to consider. This particular Cobra LTDx LS uses adjustability to help golfers fine-tune ball flight. 

The Cobra LTDx LS was a surprise standout in 2023; golfers couldn’t believe the technology that went into this club and how far it could be hit. The LTDx has an aerodynamic shape and a back weight to help increase forgiveness. 

In addition, the H.O.T. Face technology has optimized the face of the club to improve consistency and increase the smash factor. 

From an adjustability standpoint, expect a 10g and 3g weight that can be positioned in the clubhead, as well as the traditional loft adjustability. 

Best For Low Handicappers: TaylorMade Stealth Plus+ Driver

Best For Low Handicappers
TaylorMade Stealth Plus+ Driver

This driver puts less focus on forgiveness than the other Stealth models. It reduces spin and launch to give players extra distance. The adjustable weight track allows you to set it at the toe or heel for shot shaping.

  • Fast ball speeds across the whole face
  • Reduces spin and launch
  • Extra distance
  • Weight track for shot shaping
  • Less forgiveness
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When the Stealth Plus Driver came out, the golf world was taken by surprise. For so many years, we were accustomed to the titanium driver face, and now Carbon was ready to take over the market. The Stealth Plus Driver has a 60X Carbon Twist Face that has a larger sweet spot and impressive energy transfer. 

Golfers seeking a long-distance driver that also has some built-in workability will love what the Stealth Plus has to offer. From an adjustability standpoint, you will have the sliding weight track design that has been featured in previous Stealth Plus drivers. 

The weight track is 10g, and the shift of mass on the sole improves overall ball flight preferences for the better player. When the Stealth Plus came to market, TaylorMade was still able to include the Thru Slot Speed Pocket to keep some forgiveness in place. 

Best For Beginners: Cobra King Radspeed Driver 

Best For Beginners
Cobra King Radspeed Driver

The Cobra King Radspeed is an affordable and high-performing golf driver for a beginner golfer; with tons of adjustability and a lightweight feel, this driver can give you the perfect start in the game. 

  • Highly adjustable clubhead
  • Very fair pricing
  • Large sweet spot with a carbon crown
  • High speed and forgiveness
  • Not as long as the new Cobra LTDx drivers
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As we mentioned, Cobra makes some of the best adjustable golf drivers in the game, and the Cobra King Radspeed is no exception. This clubhead features a CNC Milled Infinity Face and a Carbon Wrap Crown to help new players get tremendous ball speed. 

In addition, there is a forward-biased radial weighting that produces low spin and incredibly fast ball speeds. If you are looking for a combination of speed and forgiveness, this club will do it. The pricing of the Radspeed has dropped considerably through the years, and now is a great time to pick one up for a fair price. 

Golfers have loved the feel and ease of use of the Radspeed; for beginners, it’s a club that you can stick with for several years. 

Buyer’s Guide: What To Look For In An Adjustable Golf Driver 

Now that we have given you our top picks for the best adjustable golf drivers on the market, there are a few other things to keep in mind here. You will still want to ensure that the shaft, weighting, and overall adjustability features are a good match for your golf game. 


Some golf brands are known for adjustability, while others tend to shy away from it. For instance, CObra does a tremendous job with adjustable golf club heads. However, Cleveland often shies away from the concept. 

Titleist is another great selection for adjustability; the key is finding something that works for your needs. 


The correct golf shaft is one that allows for the proper ball flight. For instance, a high kick point shaft can produce a slightly lower flight, something that many faster swing speed players need. 

Going for a custom fitting can help with shaft preferences, but many golfers find that the stock shaft option ends up being a good fit for their game, especially in a driver.


For many years, adjustability in a driver’s head cost you a bit more money. However, as technology has evolved, we are seeing the same prices for an adjustable and non adjustable drivers. Where you see the biggest differences in driver costs is from one season to another. 

With new releases coming to market, it’s a perfect time to see what deals are out there on last year’s equipment. 


Adjustability in a golf driver can make it a bit heavier. Of course, this extra weight is not enough to entirely ruin your performance; it’s simply something to be aware of. If you are a very slow swing speed player, think about a fixed clubhead as opposed to the heavier adjustable hosel. 

However, for golfers with average or fast swing speeds, the weighting won’t present an issue. 


Adjustability can look different from one driver to the next. Some clubs will have an adjustable hosel; others will have weights or even a sliding track. Most golf drivers have a loft and lie adjustability. The addition of weight adjustability is not as common but will have the greatest impact on ball flight. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the best adjustable drivers on the market. 

What driver is the most adjustable?

Several of the top golf drivers on the market are equally adjustable. These include options like the Stealth + or Titleist TSR2. 

Are adjustable drivers better?

Adjustable drivers are better for golfers that like to or need to fine-tune performance in the golf club. With an adjustable driver, you can work on accuracy and custom feel without having to purchase a new club. In addition, adjustable drivers are great for the golfer trying to improve their game. 

Do adjustable drivers really change loft?

Adjustable drivers change the loft of the club and the lie by adjusting the position of the hosel. This technology has made it possible for golfers to use a driver even after going through some swing changes. 

Will an adjustable driver help my slice?

An adjustable driver that has the ability to change to a more draw bias design can make a big improvement to a golfers slice. Simple move the weighting and the lofting to be more draw bias, and the results should be apparent. Adjustability in a driver can’t always fix a slice, but it can help improve it. 

Final Thoughts 

The best adjustable golf driver is the Titleist TSR2. You are going to hear a lot more about this driver in 2023. In addition to its impressive distance and forgiveness capabilities, the ability to adjust the clubhead is another important selling point. If you need a club with a slightly lower price tag, give the Ping G425 Max a try. 

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