Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls? Why you should consider playing them

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There’s some confusion around who makes Kirkland golf balls. Much of that confusion comes about because Costco sells these balls as its label brand.

However, a Chinese company called Qingdao SM Parker makes Kirkland golf balls. This company is big in China and has a foothold in the sports equipment industry.

The factory, previously operating under the Fantom name, also makes balls for Cut, is responsible for Nassau golf, made the Snell MTB Red, and does some of TaylorMade’s manufacturing.

Don’t expect Kirkland golf balls to stack up against TaylorMade’s premium options. However, Kirkland golf balls have value, even if they don’t hang with the premium brands.

Kirkland golf balls are excellent for players who want plenty of value when buying balls. Not everyone wants to splash the cash on premium golf balls.

Some golfers lose balls too easily. Buying premium balls can be a waste of money if that’s you.

The Kirkland Signature Performance+ golf ball is a great option if you want balls at a budget-friendly price. Check out the below review to see how it performs.

Kirkland Signature Performance+

Kirkland Signature Golf Ball, 2-Dozen

This is a 3-piece golf ball with a urethane cover. It comes in two 12-packs and is arguably the cheapest urethane ball on the market.

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03/23/2023 10:04 pm GMT

Kirkland Performace+ golf balls are low-launching and high-spinning balls. They have an injected urethane cover that makes them feel fairly soft.

However, these balls have a compression rating of around 90. That means the core is classified as firm. You can feel that firmness from the clubface when striking this ball.

Also, the urethane cover is thicker than other balls with a similar compression rating, like the Titleist Pro V1. That makes it feel firmer than these other urethane golf balls.

So, the Kirkland Signature Performance+ has a similar compression rating to the Titleist Pro V1. However, these balls don’t perform the same in spin or distance.

But for the value price, these balls perform very nicely. The urethane cover feels good off the clubface and makes the ball spin more than other budget options.

The Kirkland Performance+ performs well when it comes to distance. It isn’t too far behind premium golf balls. So, it’s a good option if you want to save money and don’t mind losing a few yards.

And that’s the best thing about Kirkland Performance+ golf balls. They offer you excellent value without a massive drop-off in performance.

They’re an excellent option for beginners and mid-to-high handicappers. Likely, you wouldn’t even notice the difference between these balls and premium options if you’re one of these players.

Who Should Play Kirkland Signature Performance+ Golf Balls

Players who like firm-feeling balls should play Kirkland Signature Performance+ golf balls. These balls have a urethane cover, but it’s thicker than other urethane balls. That gives them an even firmer feel than other urethane balls with a similar compression rating.

Also, the firmness of these balls lessens their greenside spin. So, they’re a good option if short-game spin isn’t super important to your game.

These balls perform well off the tee and go a decent distance. That, combined with decreased greenside spin, makes them excellent for higher handicappers and beginners.

Of course, they’re cheap as well. So, any golfer looking to save a few extra bucks should play them.

What Golf Ball is Kirkland Similar to?

Kirkland is similar to the Titleist Pro V1 in terms of compression rating. Both balls have a compression of around 90.

However, the Kirkland ball feels firmer because it has a thicker urethane cover. That means it doesn’t get as much spin around the greens as the Pro V1.

With a full swing, the Kirkland ball launches low with a high spin rate. These characteristics make it most similar to the Mizuno RB Tour and RB Tour X, as well as the Volvik S4.

Are Kirkland Golf Balls Actually Good?

Yes, Kirkland golf balls are actually good. That’s especially true when you account for their cheap price. They offer you amazing value.

Kirkland golf balls give you good distance and decent spin around the greens. A wide range of players will get the performance they need from these balls.

Also, they come in a 24-pack which is handy. You’ll have plenty of backup golf balls out on the course.

Kirkland is an excellent choice for those who lose a lot of golf balls. Having to buy premium balls all the time can drain the funds. But there’s no need to worry about that with Kirkland golf balls, and the performance doesn’t drastically drop off.

Are Kirkland Golf Balls Like Pro V1?

Kirkland golf balls aren’t exactly like the Pro V1. They share some characteristics, such as compression rating, and both have urethane covers.

About five years ago, Kirkland golf balls were more like the Pro V1. They actually outperformed Titleist’s most popular ball for distance off the tee.

However, Titleist improved the Pro V1 over the last few years. Kirkland golf balls couldn’t keep up with those improvements.

So, the Titleist Pro V1 outperforms the Kirkland in pretty much every area. However, Kirkland balls aren’t that far behind, considering how little they cost.


So, the Chinese company Qingdao SM Parker makes Kirkland golf balls. The US megastore Costco sells them as their label golf ball.

These balls perform well for their price. They’re not too far behind some of the premium golf balls on the market.

Beginners and higher handicappers who want to save money can get a lot out of Kirkland golf balls. Their decent distance and lesser greenside spin suit these types of players.

Better players can also get good performance from Kirkland Signature Performance+ golf balls, especially off the tee. However, they’re more likely to notice the difference between them and balls like the Pro V1.

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