Where Should I Get A Golf Lesson? An Ultimate Guide

golf lesson teaching the golf swing

Golf lessons are one of the quickest and easiest ways to get better at golf. However, there is the unfortunate problem of finding a great instructor and then, of course, paying for the lessons themselves. 

Golf lessons are typically not cheap, but you are dealing with a professional with valuable insight into your golf game. If you have been interested in taking a lesson and want to know exactly where to get one, we have you covered. 

Where To Get A Golf Lesson: What Are The Options? 

There are four basic avenues for getting a golf lesson. These include everything from a private country club with a master professional to an online golf lesson that consists of just a few tips or an analysis of a video. Understanding what you get out of each of these is a major part of this process. 

Private Country Club

The private country club will have some of your most expensive golf lessons. The reason behind the high pricing is typically tied to the use of the facility and the qualifications of the professionals. 

Most private country clubs have lesson rates that start around $50 for a half-hour, but they can certainly be considerably higher for professionals that are Top 100 Teachers with Golf or Golf Digest. 

Golf Professional Demonstrating Shot On Fairway To Group Of Golfers During Lesson

A private country club typically has a nice facility to take your golf lesson. Many of these will also offer a real grass tee to hit off, which can be more like a standard golf course and improve overall results. 

Private country clubs have high levels of customer service. Many of them will get your golf bag for you, offer you water and snacks after the lesson, and provide ample time to use the practice facilities when your lesson is over. 

Public Golf Course/Driving Range

Another, probably more common place to take a golf lesson is a public golf course or a driving range. Thousands of golf course and driving ranges around the country offer golf lessons. 

Before taking a golf lesson at a public facility, it is a good idea to call and see what type of lesson they will provide. Some have full driving ranges; others only have a small practice area with a net. 

In addition, some driving ranges or public golf courses will also have a large short game and putting green section, but others don’t. Therefore it is good to understand fully what you are getting before you sign up.

One of the great things about taking a lesson at a driving range is that many have lights at night. These lights will make it possible for you to fit in that golf lesson after work. So many of us have busy schedules, and getting the time to take a golf lesson can be tough. 

Indoor Facility with Simulator 

An indoor golf facility with a simulator and launch monitor capability is becoming another popular way to take a golf lesson. The simulator technology can give you accurate results about your golf swing. 

Taking a lesson indoors is much different. 

However, this has become a great solution for golfers that live in an area where there is colder weather. In addition, if you happen to be a player that needs to work on determining which clubs are best for your game, the indoor simulator gives you all the details you need. 

Some golf professionals will move to indoor facilities in the winter to make it easier to keep their student’s progress going. 

Depending on how advanced the indoor simulator facility is, the pricing of these golf lessons will vary from very affordable to very expensive. With some of these indoor facilities being new, you can often get a deal on a package of lessons. 

Online Golf Lesson 

Another up-and-coming golf lesson concept is the online golf lesson. Online golf lessons open up several professionals that can help you with your game. Instead of having a few people local to your area, you can take lessons with professionals across the world. 

An online golf lesson is a unique experience. Some of these involve a live zoom call, but most allow you to send in a video of your golf swing and have it analyzed and commented on by the professional when they have time. 

Online golf lessons allow you to work on your game at a time that works for you and then send in the issues you are dealing with. 

Structures for online golf lessons vary. Some will allow you to send in questions and videos anytime you want, and you pay a monthly subscription fee; others allow you to pay per lesson just as you would locally. 

Online golf lessons tend to be a great option for those that don’t have too many golf courses located near them. In addition, if you took a lesson from one of your local professionals and didn’t feel entirely comfortable with it, the online lessons open up doors for you. 

Here are a few of the options you have for online golf lessons, but there are hundreds to choose from: 

Are Golf Lessons Worth It? 

One of the most important questions that golfers ask is whether or not golf lessons are worth it. To be completely honest, golf lessons are always worth it for the golfer that needs and wants them. If you are not quite ready for lessons or don’t care about getting better, golf lessons will never be worth it. 

Here are some ways to know that golf lessons will be worth it:

  • You are very frustrated by a certain swing flaw or mistake you are making in your game 
  • Having a golf professional that will work with you as a coach to improve guidance and understanding of the game would make things easier for you 
  • You are going to invest time into your game to work on the things discussed in the golf lesson 
  • The financial stress of paying for a golf lesson will not take away from the learning and enjoyment of getting better; essentially, if you can’t afford it, work on your golf game without the help of a professional. 

Golf Lessons Based On Skill Level 

Great golf teaching professionals will adjust the information they give to be more specific for your skill level. Essentially if you go into a lesson as a beginner, the professional will work with you as a beginner and tailor the information specific to your needs. 

Here are some things that each level of golfer should look for in a golf lesson. 


Beginner golfers should have no problem finding a great golf lesson. Most golf professionals have a great plan to give beginners the basics of the game and help them improve at a rather quick pace. 

In addition, beginner golf lessons do not need to be incredibly expensive. You will want to find something that is affordable because you may need several lessons before you feel comfortable with your ability to play golf. 

Look for assistant golf professionals that are starting their teaching career. They will offer you great rates, and they know a lot about the game to make it to the assistant professional position. 


Intermediate golfers typically have a specific swing flaw that they are looking to correct. These golfers don’t necessarily need a lesson with the top teacher in America. Instead, finding someone you have a good relationship with often seems to be the best fit. 

When you have a good relationship with the golf coach or teaching professional, it can help motivate you to practice and play better.

Intermediate players should work on one or two issues in the golf swing at a time and eventually work their way to becoming lower handicap players. 

Advanced Players 

Advanced players tend to have really good mechanics in their golf swing. They won’t really need a professional to tell them about the game of golf. Instead, they will probably want to use technology to look at ground forces, spin rates, launch angles, and more. 

It almost always makes sense for advanced players to consider technology when they choose where to take a golf lesson. If the technology is not there it can sometimes be hard for certain professionals to create a game plan for improvement. 

Advanced players should also make sure that the golf professional they are working with is not looking to reinvent the golf swing. Sometimes small tweaks are all that is necessary to help get the ball flying straighter and further. 

Pricing Of Golf Lessons: What’s The Best Deal? 

The pricing of golf lessons varies from around $30 for a half-hour lesson to more than $300 an hour. Your best deals will be found at public golf courses and driving ranges. However, there are a few tips and tricks to help you save money on your golf lessons. 

Look for a Package Price 

If you find a golf professional you like, don’t hesitate to ask about a package deal. These deals are typically something like buy 6 lessons, get one free, or something similar. If you invest in something like this, your per-lesson rate drops dramatically. 

Sometimes during the slower months when golf professionals are not as busy, this is a special they will offer to help them make some extra money. 

Ask About Specials

With Black Friday, the beginning of the season, or Father’s Day, you may notice that some golf courses offer lesson specials. Again, don’t be shy about asking for specials. You may end up saving yourself hundreds of dollars. 

Record Notes From Your Lesson 

Last but certainly not least, make sure you are getting the most out of the lesson you did pay for. If your golf professional agrees to it, have them take some notes or do a quick video when your lesson is finished. 

These can help improve your play, and you won’t be trying to remember what the pro said. If you want to make your lessons work, use this simple hack. 

Group vs. Individual Lessons: Pros & Cons 

Another option that you have for golf lessons is golf clinics. This is group instruction where you pay a reduced rate and get a professional to help you improve your game while you are working with other golfers doing the same thing. 

Typically you get a quick tip, work on it, and then the professional circles back around. Golf clinics with lower student-to-teacher ratios are quite effective. 

When you have a specific issue and need the attention of a golf professional individual lessons are much better. Clinics are great for adding in some extra skills or for a beginner working on the best ways to chip or putt. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about where to get a golf lesson.  

How much should I spend on golf lessons?

Golf lessons should cost between $40-$70 for a half hour. Paying this price will help ensure you have a high-quality instructor that is well-trained in the sport. 

Are outdoor golf lessons better? 

Golf lessons conducted outdoors allow you to see the entire ball flight. Seeing the entire shot and where it ends up will certainly make it easier to decide if you are hitting the ball better. If you take an indoor golf lesson, make sure that the simulator or launch monitor system is of high quality. 

How do I find a good golf instructor?

One of the best places to start looking for a golf instructor is to use the PGA of America website. The PGA Of America has some strict guidelines for becoming a golf professional, and the knowledge these pros have can certainly help to improve your game. 

How many golf lessons should a beginner take?

A beginner should sign up for at least three golf lessons before they head out to the course. These lessons should cover the basics of the stance and setup, as well as the swing and the short game. Some beginners pick up the game quicker than others. Don’t be worried if you feel like 10 lessons are not even enough to head to the course. 

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, you now have a bit more of an understanding as to where you should get a golf lesson. There is no right or wrong answer here. Instead, you must find something that works specifically for your golf game.

Many players find that the private country club or public golf course lesson is still the best fit for their game. Remember, if you have one bad lesson experience, it doesn’t mean they all will be like this. 

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