Ladies Golf Attire: A Guide to Proper Apparel & Accessories

womens golf attire

If you’re a female who’s looking to start playing golf, you may be wondering what is appropriate to wear on the course. There are so many rules around golf etiquette, but this article should help guide you on what is appropriate golf attire.

What is Appropriate Golf Attire for Ladies?

This typically depends on where you’re playing, as rules may change for private courses. For municipal courses, the attire rules may not be laid out or be very strict. Most places will prefer you to wear a collared shirt if you can. It’s smarter to wear more clothing, and you can shed some if you get warm.

The overall look of a female golfer is not similar to that of a male, as the male outfit was designed a long time ago to look a certain way for business dealings. While that has gone away over the years with the revolution of specific golf gear, women’s attire tends to be more conservative than what you may see worn in an office. But, you can more often than not wear what you wore in the office on the course.

If you’re still struggling to pinpoint an exact style of clothing for yourself, there are some common choices that women can use to fit in for most scenarios. You’ll also be able to find almost any of the options in various sizes and colors, helping all women on the course.  Below, you’ll read about the proper apparel, attire, and accessories you’ll need to start on your journey on the links, as well as what not to wear.

What to NOT Wear Golfing

It may be easier to start with what is inappropriate to wear on any golf course.

  • T-shirts are not typically allowed, and neither are jeans or sweatpants.
  • Athletic leggings, which are extremely commonplace in exercising and everyday life now, are typically not allowed at golf courses. If you are wearing a shorter tennis-style skirt, tights or spandex may be put to good use underneath to keep your legs warmer.
  • Shirts with graphics on them aren’t usually allowed on golf courses.
  • You won’t be permitted to wear denim jackets or sweatshirts on a golf course.
  • Pants with cargo pockets are also frowned upon at nicer courses but may be acceptable at a municipal course.

Golf Bottoms for Ladies

More often than not, skirts, skorts (a combination of a skirt and shorts), or golf dresses are commonly worn as a bottom on sunny summer days. Golf dresses will usually be sleeveless and reach to around the knee or slightly above it. They tend not to be too short, allowing you to walk or ride easily on a course. The skorts have a shorts portion that covers the upper thigh for a more athletic fit. Rather than wearing a shorter skirt with spandex underneath it, many women prefer to wear the skort, which combines the two. The skirt portion will flow easily, not to restrict you as you get ready to swing or are walking to address your ball.

Shorts are also acceptable, so if you like having pockets in your bottoms, this is a definite option for you. They come in different lengths, but they may be longer than shorts you wear leisurely. For colder weather, capris and golf pants are perfectly acceptable and simple to purchase. You can find any of these in many stores all over the Internet or country.

ladies golf attire

Golf Tops for Ladies

You’ll find plenty of blouse options on the market, both short-sleeved and sleeveless. Sleeveless options will almost always be collared, so you’ll be able to fit in easily and tuck them into your skirt or skort. Sleeveless shirts will give you more freedom to swing uninhibitedly. Short-sleeved or long-sleeved blouses and shirts don’t necessarily need to be collared, but you’re sure to find plenty that are. There are tops in every color you can think of, so finding an outfit that matches won’t be too difficult. Of course, you don’t have to match your outfit, which is a fun part of golf.

“The most fun thing about fashion is that anything goes—by and large, you get to make your own rules. If you feel confident with what you’re wearing, it doesn’t matter if the pieces don’t match in the traditional sense,” said Michelle Wie

For any occasion of golf, whether you’re riding, walking, or just going to the range, you’ll be able to procure a top for it. As the weather gets colder or if you’re playing some early season rounds, layers are very common. Wearing quarter-zip jackets or windbreakers are common, as are rain jackets for rainier days. Long-sleeved button-down shirts are also an option. Vests are another popular option, as they can be worn on warmer days, or heavier ones can be worn on colder days. 

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Golf Head Coverings and Headgear for Ladies

Caps and visors are your best bets. Many women won’t wear any gear on the top of their heads, but plenty enjoy an adjustable hat or visor. It helps keep the sun out of your eyes as you’re playing. This is also helpful when you may be faced with rainier or slicker weather, as droplets will stay out of your sight as well.

Straw hats are also a possibility, as they are a great option in sunnier and more tropical settings. You’ll see brand names on many hat options, allowing you to mix and match with your outfits if you happen to be loyal to a brand. Whether you want to fashion the visor like Nancy Lopez or the cap-like Annika Sorenstam is totally up to you.

Golf Footwear for Ladies

Almost any golf shoe is made in both men’s and women’s sizes. You won’t have a hard time finding golf shoes that are meant for you. They come in many different colors and brands, allowing you to pick and choose which ones are best for you.

There are options for spiked or spikeless shoes, so if you play where it isn’t usually raining, a spikeless shoe will work fine. If there tend to be soggy conditions, spiked shoes will work best. They will be lower shoes, and ankle to quarter-inch socks are the most used by female golfers. If you don’t want to wear golf shoes, tennis sneakers or running shoes are perfectly acceptable to sport on the course.

What kind of ladies golf accessories can you wear?

Enhancing your golf outfit makes a lot of sense. You can add fashionable items to your attire that can be extremely functional for your golf game. For example, having an adjustable cap or visor can also be a place to store a golf tee if you’re walking during your round.

If you’re wearing a skirt, you may not have storage in it like you would if you were wearing shorts or pants. So you may have to tuck your glove into the back of your skirt or place it in your bag. Adding an item like a fanny pack is not recommended on the course. But here are common accessories used by women on the course.


There are no real rules against wearing jewelry, so earrings, rings, and necklaces shouldn’t be a problem. You may want to tuck in a necklace before you swing, as it can irritate you while you’re in motion.

As for rings, some people have no problem wearing them during a golf outing. Others do not enjoy how they feel against a club and take off their rings during an event. Unlike the silicone ones some men tend to use on a golf course, they are not common for women. So it really is up to personal preference when it comes to rings.

Bracelets shouldn’t be an issue unless they are bulky and possibly could affect your swing. 


Plenty of golfers wear watches during a round. Some of them prefer a stylish one while others will wear athletic watches. You also could invest in a golf watch for GPS and fitness tracking. Still more opt for fitness tracking watches, which is a great way to keep an eye on your exercise, especially if you’re walking a course. These are all acceptable on a course, so you can wear what you have on during a regular day on your wrist. If you tend to feel like it may affect your swing, you may want to remove it.

But if you’re used to wearing one most of the day, you will be fine to wear one while you’re golfing. Plus, many GPS-style apps will help you track data on your watch to help you improve on the course. This can be a great way to take steps to lower your scores. 


It is never a bad idea to keep a jacket with you if there’s a potential for rain. There are plenty of women’s rain jackets on the market, as well as zip-up pullovers to make sure that you’re warm enough while you’re playing. Especially for earlier season rounds and early morning rounds, you want to have a jacket on hand. Windbreakers also will work well.

You likely won’t be playing golf in conditions that would require a jacket that’s heavier than a windbreaker or rain jacket, so you don’t have to worry about having a heavier coat. You want something that you’re going to be able to slip off and put in your cart if you’re riding or tie around your waist or toss in your bag if you’re walking or operating a pushcart. Jackets with hoods are acceptable to keep up with rainy days.

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Where Can I Find Women’s Golf Apparel?

Some of the biggest stores have sections dedicated to women’s golf apparel and accessories. Whether you’re shopping online or in a store, you’re likely to find an array of tops, bottoms, hats, and even clubs and shoes. One of our favorites is, which frequently showcases deals on all kinds of clothing.

You can also buy and sell used golf clubs on this site. Another option is PGA Superstore, which has physical locations as well as an excellent online store. This and Dick’s Sporting Goods have a large assortment of tops, skirts, skorts, dresses, or even give you suggestions on the best ways to layer up. These two have arguably the best selection of hats, caps, and visors you’re likely to find. It also helps you place an order online and then go and pick it up in person, allowing you to browse more once you’re there.

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Shop the latest trends in women's golf apparel. Tops, shorts, pants, skirts, headwear, accessories, and more.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

You’ll also be able to shop at Carl’s Golfland for fairly priced items and pinpoint great items like belts, socks, and sweaters. Your local courses are also sure to have some apparel in the clubhouse, including personalized gear to show that you have played there.

Check out this guide I put together on the best online golf stores.

Wrapping It Up and Heading to the Clubhouse

It’s never a bad time to get into golf or to get properly fitted for your next day on the course. If you’re looking for apparel, attire, or accessories, you’re sure to find them. From long-sleeved tops to sleeveless shirts, you can wear an outfit comfortably and look the part.

But it does matter if you dress well because you’re more likely to play better if you feel comfortable in your clothes. Remember that more private courses may have stricter rules on attire, so, for those rounds, you may want to wear some of your golf-specific clothing. But all in all, have fun with your style and make it your own. 

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