Women’s Golf Dress Code: A Guide for Proper Ladies Golf Attire

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If we are being honest, it’s much easier to dress a male golfer than it is to dress a female golfer. For men, the dress code is pretty simple, but for women golfers, there are some gray areas.

If you are new to the game or simply in the mood for some new golf clothes, we have put together a few guidelines to help you with the women’s golf dress code. 

Remember that the dress code can change from one golf course to another. To ensure you are prepared for any situation on the golf course, we will share our best tips. 

What Should Women Wear To Play Golf? 

Women golfers need to focus on three main areas of their attire to be ready for the golf course; the bottoms, tops, accessories, and gear. 


For bottoms, it’s best to split this into summer attire and winter attire. In the summer, it makes sense to wear shorts, skorts, skirts, and even golf dresses. Winter typically calls for pants. 


Length is the biggest issue women golfers can encounter when wearing skorts or shorts. Golf skirts are completely acceptable, but they must be a certain length. That particular length will change depending on what golf course you are playing. 

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For the most part, anything that is short (above mid-thigh) could very well violate a golf dress code. The golf dress code for women was stringent for a while, and that required shorts that were just a few inches above the knee or even right at the knee. 

Times have changed, and showing a little more leg is acceptable, but you still have to be somewhat modest about it. Golf clothing manufacturers are usually pretty aware of this rule and make most of their shorts slightly longer than you may find from other clothing manufacturers. 


Women’s golf pants can be full-length or Capri length. Some of these pants have a belt and button closure, and others can be pull-on pants. 

One of the hot topics in women’s golf attire is whether or not leggings are acceptable for the golf course. As great as leggings can be, they are not necessarily approved at all golf courses. Believe it or not, there are some jogger-style pants that are also becoming more popular. 

We think within the next few years, there will be quite a few more options for women golfers when it comes to pants. As of right now, it can be best to stick with a pair of golf-specific pants with the proper material, fit, and functionality. 

Things like pockets and an increased range of motion are necessary when playing golf. This is especially the case if you are walking the course. 

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Tops can either be long sleeve, the short sleeve or sleeveless. The most crucial rule that women golfers should be aware of is this: 

Women’s golf tops must have sleeves or a collar. 

A woman golfer that wants to wear a sleeveless shirt can absolutely do so; just make sure it has a collar. In addition, the woman golfer that does not want to wear a collar can go with something that has sleeves. 

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Tops for women golfers do not necessarily have to look like traditional golf shirts. However, wearing a traditional golf shirt will always keep you safe with the golf dress code police! 

Women golfers also need to consider golf attire for when the weather is not cooperating. Jackets and pullovers are essential, and again, we recommend going with something more golf specific. 

Without the proper range of motion, you will feel restricted in the clothing you wear and feel as though you can’t get the distance or accuracy that you are looking for. 

Accessories & Gear 

Women golfers also need to consider things like hats and shoes when on the golf course. Accessories are not necessary, although we highly recommend getting a pair of golf shoes for a woman who plays golf frequently. 

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If this is your first time heading out to play golf on the course, you don’t need golf shoes. In this situation, sneakers will work just fine. However, if you play golf consistently, it makes sense to wear proper golf shoes. 

Golf shoes are designed to give golfers more traction. In addition, the chance of your golf shoe slipping as you make your way around the golf course is a bit lower when wearing a proper shoes. 

Spiked and spikeless golf shoes are both acceptable. We also recommend investing in at least one pair of waterproof golf shoes. If you like to walk the golf course and play in the morning, the proper golf shoes are essential. 

Check out our guide to the best women’s golf shoes.


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There is nothing in a golf club’s dress code for women that requires them to wear a hat or visor. However, for sun protection and general comfort, you may find a golf hat a great idea. Many women prefer to wear a visor as it can be less likely to ruin a great hair day. 

Keep the hats a bit more classic in style; some trucker-style hats are discouraged at some golf courses. If you are wearing something with a golf brand or a golf course name on it, chances are it will be just fine on the golf course. 

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What Should Women Not Wear To Play Golf? 

Now that we have covered the basics of what you can wear on the golf course, let’s look at what you should not be wearing. Some of this is probably self-explanatory, but there are some tricky things that many beginner women golfers are unaware of. 


Jeans and denim, in general, are discouraged on the course. Do not wear them. In fact, many golf courses won’t even allow you to wear jeans while in the clubhouse and having a meal. It’s best to just save these for a different occasion and find something else that works for golf. 


Leggings are a bit controversial right now. Some leggings look exactly like pants, and they are comfortable and provide plenty of ease of movement for women golfers. Golf courses are hesitant to open the doors to leggings as they can be hard to monitor as compared to traditional golf slacks. 

If you are set on wearing leggings on the golf course, make sure you check in with the pro shop and make sure that is something acceptable at that course. Leggings are not universally accepted on golf courses at this point. 

Athletic Clothing

Clothing that you would wear to go workout at the gym is not considered appropriate for women golfers. Although golf can be regarded as an athletic sport and requires you to be in good physical condition, athletic clothing is not necessary. 

This is something that will probably stay off the golf course for quite some time. You have to remember that years ago when the game first started, people were nearly dressed in formal attire to go out and play a round of golf. 

Athletic clothing and formal attire are quite a bit different from each other! 

Top Tips To Find Great Ladies Golf Attire 

Now that you have a better idea as to what to wear on the golf course, there are a few things you should know about finding this excellent golf attire and how to build out a golf wardrobe. These tips can help you prepare for any golf course situation. 

  • Make sure to purchase some neutral color pants and shorts; you can pair them with any golf shirt and have a variety of golf outfits to wear. 
  • Women golfers should consider getting a versatile outerwear piece, something like a quarter zip or a comfortable waterproof jacket; keep this in your bag in case you need it on the golf course. 
  • If you stick with brands like Callaway, Adidas, RLX, and Sport Haley, you will have no problem finding women’s golf attire that will meet the needs of the golf course dress code. 
  • Take a look at a local golf store or country club pro shop near you, tour the shop and see what types of clothing are acceptable to wear; they probably won’t sell it if you can’t wear it there. 
  • Look for sales that allow you to get several shirts for a reduced price unless you are playing golf every single day a few golf shirts and a few pairs of pants, with an outerwear piece mixed in, should be all you need.

Private Club vs. Public Golf Course Dress Code For Women 

In addition to considering what you are wearing, you must also think about where you are playing. Golf courses have different dress codes based on the rules that the members or owners put into place. 

Some golf courses are very strict and will require women to abide by a specific code; other golf courses are just glad that people are out there using the facilities! These dress codes sometimes apply to driving ranges and practice facilities as well. Make sure you are aware of the place you are playing and how that will impact what you wear. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

It’s ok to have many questions about women’s golf dress code. This can be a confusing subject. Women golfers tend to get the hang of what is acceptable and not, but it can take a year or so of playing the game before you feel comfortable in your attire and wardrobe choices. 

What should females wear to golf?

Female golfers should wear a golf skirt or shorts, a collared shirt, and golf shoes. New players can wear sneakers for a few rounds until they are comfortable with their golf attire. 

Do ladies have to wear collared shirts to golf?

Ladies should wear a collared shirt on the golf course. However, some golf courses allow women to wear a short sleeve shirt with no collar as long as it is still appropriate. This can be like a solid collared t-shirt that matches a golf-specific skirt. 

Can women wear leggings to golf?

Some golf courses allow women to wear leggings on the golf course. This, however, is still relatively rare, and most golf courses are trying to determine which road they want to take with this. If you are unsure, give the pro shop a call and see what is acceptable.

Do female golfers tuck their shirts in?

Female golfers are not required to tuck their shirts in. Most of the time, female golfers are fine to wear their shirts out as that is the style that their clothing was developed with. Some women’s golf outfits do not even have the proper fit to allow you to tuck the shirt in. 

Why do female golfers wear long sleeves?

Some female golfers wear long sleeves trying to protect themselves from the sun. It’s essential for all golfers to be aware that prolonged exposure to the sun on the golf course is bad for the skin. Instead of allowing yourself to get burned, simply wear long sleeves or sun sleeves to protect yourself. 

Can you wear regular dress pants to golf?

Regular dress pants are sometimes worn to play golf. However, they are typically not as comfortable, and the fabric is not often moisture-wicking or maneuverable. Be careful as to which pants you choose to wear; it will greatly impact your ability on the course. 


Hopefully, you now have a more thorough understanding of what to wear on the golf course. Women golfers have to think about the dress code, their comfort level, and where they are playing each time they head out for a round of golf.

If you are still unsure about what to wear on the golf course women, choose a golf clothing manufacturer and take a close look at their entire lineup of clothes. Chances are you will get some ideas as to what is appropriate and what you may want to upgrade in your own golf closet. 

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