What is a Cadet Golf Glove?

You may have seen the term cadet golf glove and asked: What is a cadet golf glove? A cadet golf glove has a different fit from a regular golf glove.

With a cadet golf glove, the palm area is wider while the fingers are shorter. These golf gloves ensure a good fit for people with that hand structure.

For golfers, it’s crucial to get a golf glove that fits properly. That gives you the best chance of getting a proper grip, the right feel, and hitting good shots.

It’s not always easy to find a golf glove that fits best, especially if your hands are more unique than others. If you’ve got broad palms and short fingers, a cadet golf glove might be just what you need.

Cadet Golf Glove vs. Regular Golf Glove

A cadet golf glove is designed with a wider palm area and shorter fingers. This type of glove suits players with wide palms and short fingers.

A regular golf glove has a slimmer fit in the palm area. Also, the fingers are longer compared to a cadet glove.

Therefore, a cadet golf glove is wider but shorter. A regular glove, however, is narrower but longer.

If you need a cadet golf glove but use a regular one, you won’t have the right fit. The glove will be too tight around the palm and back of your hand, while the fingers will have excess material.

Using the wrong-sized glove will negatively impact your game. Not only will the tight fit be uncomfortable, but the excess material in the fingers will affect your feel.

In golf, you need to have a good feel when you wear a glove. It helps you to play at your best.

What is My Golf Glove Size?

To determine your golf glove size, you must measure the width of your palm and the length of your middle finger. Then, you can check a golf glove size chart like the one FootJoy uses.

Golf Glove Size Chart

From the size chart, you can see that you need a Cadet M if your middle finger is four inches long and your palm is five to six inches wide. You can also check if you need a regular glove from this chart.

If your middle finger is five inches long and your palm is four to five inches wide, you need a medium size in a regular glove. It’s always best to check a size chart before you get a glove.

What is an Ideal Fit for a Golf Glove?

The ideal fit for a golf glove feels snug around your palm and fingers. You don’t want any excess material at your fingertips because it can affect your feel.

Also, you don’t want your golf glove to feel loose around the wrist. That can cause the glove to move when you’re playing – it’ll get annoying having to adjust it all the time.

With an ideally fitted golf glove, it should feel like you’re not even wearing a glove. It should be tight enough not to move around as you play.

However, it shouldn’t be too tight. You should be able to move your fingers freely in the glove.

A new glove may feel too tight at the beginning. But the leather becomes less rigid when you wear it for a while.

That’s why it’s always best to consult a golf glove size chart. It’ll give you the best size without any guesswork.

If you just go by feel alone, the glove might not fit properly after you wear it in. It can become too loose.

What Size Cadet Glove Do I Need?

If you have a wide palm and short fingers, there’s a good chance you’ll need a cadet glove. However, you must check a golf glove size chart like the one above to know what size cadet glove you need.

Cadet golf gloves come in sizes small to extra-large. Therefore, they come in fewer sizes than regular golf gloves, which range from small to double extra-large.

To find out what size cadet glove you need, just measure the length of your middle finger and the width of your palm. Then, check your results against a cadet glove size chart.

Cadet Golf Glove Size Chart

The cadet golf glove size chart below shows you the measurements for each cadet glove size.

SizeMiddle Finger LengthPalm Width
Small1 – 4 inches3 – 5 inches
Medium3 – 4 inches5 – 6 inches
Medium Large4 – 5 inches6 – 7 inches
Large4 – 6 inches7 – 9 inches
Extra-Large5 – 7 inches8 – 9 inches

When you measure the length of your middle finger and the width of your palm, you can check this cadet golf glove size chart. You need a cadet golf glove if you fall into any of these size ranges.

What’s the Difference Between a Cadet and a Regular Golf Glove?

The difference between a cadet and a regular golf glove comes down to finger length and palm width. A cadet golf glove has a wider palm area and shorter fingers, while a regular glove has a narrower palm area and longer fingers.

If you need a cadet glove but wear a regular one, it’ll be too tight around your palm and have excess material at the fingertips. That’ll affect your performance when you play golf.


If you suspect that you might need a cadet golf glove, you should measure the length of your middle finger and the width of your palm. It’s easy to check your measurements against a cadet glove size chart.

Getting a golf glove that fits properly is always the best course of action. It ensures you get the best grip on the club and have the best feel possible.

If you don’t like wearing a glove because you can never find one that fits, you might need a cadet golf glove. You don’t have to put yourself at a disadvantage anymore.

An ideally fitting golf glove makes you comfortable on the course. It gives you the best chance to play your best golf.

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