Vice Golf Balls Review: The Best Value Golf Balls Available?

vice golf ball review

Golf equipment is expensive, rounds of golf are expensive, and golf balls are expensive. Like most of us amateur golfers, the Vice founders were tired of golf balls continuing to get more and more expensive as time went on. That is where the concept for a high-quality but inexpensive golf ball came up. 

Vice built an entire brand based on a direct-to-consumer model where golfers could save money but still feel like they were not playing the golf course with a rock as their golf ball. Vice has grown exponentially from its early beginning, and it continues to get bigger each year. 

There are several different Vice golf balls on the market, and they each cater to a different type of golfer. If you have been wondering whether or not to give Vice golf balls a try, here is everything that you should know. 

Are Vice Golf Balls The Best Value Golf Balls Available? 

When you purchase golf balls, you have to think about their performance and whether or not they are worth the money. When a golf ball costs $4.00 just for one, are you really going to see the benefits of that? How about for $3 a ball, or $2 a ball? 

There are four key components that you should consider when choosing a golf ball. They are feel, distance, durability, and pricing. I reviewed the Vice Golf balls to have a basic idea of what to expect from this brand. Remember that there are several different models, and you will have to find one that suits your individual needs the best.

Feel (4/5)

Obviously, the feel from a Vice Drive to a Vice Pro Soft golf ball will be a little different. Since Vice makes golf balls for all different types of players, the feel can vary. However, the one thing I really like about the Vice golf ball is that they feel exactly as they say they will. 

For instance, if a Vice golf ball claims to be soft around the green, it is. For something that is a bit more firm on an iron or approach shot, it feels exactly as described. I think the feel on every Vice golf ball is excellent, but most importantly, they are accurate and easy to adjust to. 

Distance (4.5/5)

Vice golf balls can travel a long way. Just because the Vice may not be as expensive as a top Titleist or TaylorMade golf ball does not mean sacrificing distance capability. The Vice Drive is a distance golf ball, and it has some of the lower spin from the tee that you can find on the market. 

However, the Vice Tour and Vice Pro also offer a great deal of ball speed. The fact that both the core and the other layers are optimized for distance leads to the extra jump from the clubface. 

In addition, the dimple pattern is unique for each ball, and all are made with aerodynamics in mind. 

Durability (4.5/5)

Remember that we said Vice is a golf ball brand built with affordability and value in mind. One of the critical factors of affordability is how long the golf ball will last. Essentially can you get more than one round out of a Vice golf ball? 

The answer is yes; you can play several rounds with your Vice golf balls before you start to notice any issues with the cover breaking down or becoming scuffed up. If you are particular about a golf ball that will hold up for three or four rounds, any of the Vice golf balls could be a good fit. 

Pricing (5/5)

As you can see, I gave Vice a 5/5 when it comes to price. It’s hard to find a golf ball company that can reduce costs and keep the performance on par with the top brands. Most of the time, the lower-priced balls coming from companies will have some performance compensations. 

Taking the middle man out of this equation has helped build Vice up to be one of the smartest golf ball purchases on the market. When you care about your golf game, it’s important to play with good quality equipment and accessories. The Vice Golf balls will be considered great quality.

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Types of Vice Golf Balls 

As I mentioned, there are several types of Vice golf balls to choose from. In addition, some of these come in different colors. It can take a bit of trial and error to settle in on the best Vice golf ball for your game, but here are a few of the options you should consider trying.  I have narrowed these down so that you can quickly see which category you will fit into. As Vice continues to grow, be on the lookout for even more options for premium golf balls.

Best For Low Handicap Golfer: Vice Pro Plus

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls White, One Dozen
  • Optimized for even longer distance
  • Lower Ball flight trajectory
  • Excellent green grabbing control
  • 4-piece, 336 dimple design

The Vice Pro Plus is the premium model built for golfers with the faster swing speed and the more demanding preferences regarding golf ball performance. The Vice Pro Plus is a four-piece golf ball known to rival the Titleist Pro V1. 

Since the Pro Plus is designed to be a better fit for the faster swinging player, you will notice that the trajectory of the golf ball is quite a bit lower. This is a ball for those that want to hit a low fade or draw into a hole and get it to stop quickly. 

The 336 dimple pattern and the composition of these four pieces inside the golf ball make the Vice Pro Plus one of the best choices for the low handicap golfer on a budget. If you are looking for a mix of distance from the tee but lots of spin on the greens, the Vice Pro Plus is the way to go. 

  • Built to help lower handicap players get the control they need
  • Lower ball flight
  • Four pieces for performance from the tee and the green 
  • High levels of greenside spin
  • Won’t cut from the strength of a higher swing speed player

Best For Average Golfers: Vice Tour

Vice Tour Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)
  • 3-Piece Construction
  • 392 aerodynamic dimple design for more stability
  • Soft Energy Speed Core (ESC) for extra distance and smooth feel at impact
  • Outstanding distance off the tee with minimum dispersion
  • 2017 Vice Tour White

Most mid handicappers will benefit from a three-piece golf ball. Unfortunately, many golfers go with a two-piece simply because of cost, and they lose out on a bit of greenside performance. Luckily the Vice is a 3 piece construction that comes at a very fair price. 

Average golfers can get the distance they need from the tee without sacrificing all feel around the green. The Vice Tour is made with a 392 aerodynamic dimple design that helps keep the ball on the line and will not waiver even on those windy days. 

The reason most average golfers like the Vice Tour golf ball is that it has very low dispersion rates. When you combine the Vice Tour golf ball with a low spin driver, the results can be pretty impressive, regardless of your handicap. 

  • Soft Energy Core allows for a soft feel at impact even though the ball speed is high 
  • Low drag dimple design pattern for more stability and better launch 
  • Very little dispersion from the tee 
  • Three-piece construction at a fair price 

Best For Slower Swing Speed Player: Vice Pro Soft 

Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls, Lime (One Dozen)
  • 3 piece cast urethane cover
  • Low compression for extra-soft and responsive feel
  • Extremely durable 336 dimple design
  • Improved visibility during ball flight thanks to matte neon lime finish

Golfers with slower swing speeds tend to struggle to get the distance. The less distance that you get from your shots, the more frustrating the game of golf can be. That is why Vice put together the Vice Pro Soft, a 3 piece low compression golf ball with an incredibly soft feel. 

A low compression design allows the slower swing speed golfers to contact the ball and get the ball flight and distance they need. Without the lower compression, the slow swing speed golfers can’t get enough force behind the ball to have it really take off. 

The other great thing about the Vice Pro Soft is that the cast urethane cover allows for both a soft feel around the green and durability. Many softer golf balls tend to cut quickly and leave you shopping for a replacement after just one round. However, with the Vice Pro Soft, this should not be the case. With this club available in neon matte finishes, the visibility is improved as well. 

  • Three-piece golf ball at a very fair price
  • Lower compression makes it a good fit for the slower swinging player 
  • Durable cover and dimple design for added value 
  • It comes in other color options for better visibility 

Best For Distance: Vice Golf Drive 

Vice Golf Drive Balls, White (One Dozen)
  • For players with low to medium club head speed
  • Extremely tough and cut-resistant soft-core
  • 368 dimple design
  • Longer roll and softer feel
  • 2 piece ball

The Vice Golf Drive is a two-piece value ball that is built for pure distance. Even though this ball is primarily designed to get lots of distance off the tee, it has a decently soft feel around the greens. 

Golfers with a low to medium clubhead speed who want to see added yardage and roll to their golf drives will enjoy what the Vice Golf Drive offers. This golf ball is also the cheapest of the Vice line and a great place to start if you are thinking of switching over to this brand. 

Another positive feature of the Vice Golf Drive is that the cover is a cut-resistant material that will help ensure that the Vice golf ball will last even if you have a few shots that could be considered mis-hits. For the performance and the pricing, it’s hard to find a better option than the Vice Golf Drive. 

  • Great for the low swing speed players
  • Very long roll from the tee
  • 368 Dimple aerodynamic design to help cut through the wind 
  • Cut resistant cover 


Since Vice is not as well known as other golf ball brands, I tend to get quite a few questions about whether this is a smart brand to choose. Here are a few of the things to consider before purchasing.  

Are Vice Golf Balls Actually Good? 

The Vice Golf balls are great, and golfers should start to consider them among some of the top manufacturers on the market. Even though Vice is not the oldest ball manufacturer available to players, it has nothing to do with the quality they have put into their product. 

Vice golf balls offer distance from the tee, responsiveness in the fairway, and feel and spin around the greens; what more could you ask for. 

Which Is The Best Vice Golf Ball? 

The best Vice golf ball will be the one that fits your swing speed. However, I really like the Vice Tour. It’s hard to find a three-piece golf ball for this price that gives you the impressive distance, feel, and precision you can get from the Vice Tour. 

For the low handicap players, the Vice Pro Plus will compare very closely to the Pro V and be a good choice to consider if you want to spend a bit less money on your next box of golf balls. 

Are Vice Golf Balls As Good As Pro V1 (Hint: No, but pretty close) 

The Vice golf ball is not the Pro V1. However, let’s give Vice some credit here; they have only been around for a few years. Titleist has been the best golf ball company for many years. In the short time that Vice has been on the market, they have made quite the impression and get many loyal Titleist fans to make the switch. If you have not already tried the Vice golf balls, now is the time to do it. 

Conclusion: Are Vice Golf Balls Worth It? 

Golfers can be very brand loyal, and typically this is a good thing. But when a company like Vice comes to the market and introduces a product that is actually better than some of the other options, it makes sense to consider the switch. Vice golf balls are worth it. They are worth trying; they are worth the price they charge, and they are worth making a change for. If you do nothing else to change up your game this year other than try out a new golf ball, make sure it is the Vice. 

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