Trendy Female Golf Attire That’s Practical And Cute 

women dressed in trendy golf attire

One of the more fun aspects of being a female golfer is building out a golf wardrobe. There are so many great outfits for women golfers to wear and the selections are much more trendy than they are for male golfers. 

We have searched the market for trendy female golf attire that’s practical and cute. You can look good but still make contact with the ball and have impressive results on the course. As always, we kept all budgets in mind and found you some great deals. 

Adidas Women’s Pull On Ankle Pant 

The Adidas Women’s Pull-On Ankle Pants are machine washable with UV 50+ protection built in.

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Pants with buttons and zippers are a thing of the past. With more and more women gravitating towards leggings and similar pants, the golf brands have finally jumped on board. The Adidas Women’s Pull-On Ankle pants make it more comfortable to play golf. 

With these pants, you also benefit from 10% spandex. The extra spandex makes this a friendly fitting pant even though it is a slim fit cut. 

With a UV 50+ factor, you can wear these pants any time of year and be prepared for the weather and the sun. This is a good investment into the wardrobe you won’t be sorry you made. 

RBX Active Women's Fashion Stretch Golf Skort

The RBX Skort has a 4.5-inch inseam bike short with a much longer waist-to-hem length; it is lightweight, breathable, and machine washable. 

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The RBX Skort is an inexpensive and versatile skort available in a wide range of colors. This is the perfect skort for golf as it has a bike short underneath to allow for comfort on all swings you make. In addition, there are multiple pockets to put in all of your gear. 

The waist to hem length is 15.5 inches in the front, which should meet the dress code requirements for most golf courses. The skort has a breathable and lightweight material that works well even on those warm days on the course. 

The bottom line this is a versatile and cute piece that should be included in any excellent golf wardrobe. 

Jack Smith Woven Long Sleeve Shirt

The Jack Smith Woven Long Sleeve brings a tailored fit to the market with impressive UV protection and versatility to wear both on and off the course. 

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Don’t be afraid to look at some of these great patterns now being offered to women golfers. The Jack Smith Woven Long Sleeve is 90% polyester and 10% spandex. It is a long sleeve shirt that is also breathable and fast drying. 

You can pair these Jack Smith patterns with any time of solid color bottom and have several different outfits to wear. We liked that the shirts had plenty of room when it came to swinging the club and feeling effortless in your movements. 

However, this is a tighter fit for some, so keep that in mind when ordering your size. This can be considered a good option for walking, fitness, or daily wear, so it’s a versatile addition to your golf clothing. 

Court Haley Dalia Dreams Golf Dress

The Court Haley Dalia Dreams Golf Dress has a polo color, performance-wicking fabric, and 30 UPF protection, all the most critical components of a golf dress. 

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The Court Haley Dalia Dreams golf dress is a perfect first golf dress for those looking to change up their wardrobe. The dress has a 2 Button V Placket, polo color, and 30 UPF protection. In addition, the performance wicking stretch fabric helps to keep you comfortable on the course. 

The Dalia Dreams style is really colorful and has great patterns for golfers. The flowers will tied in with several different accessories that you may want to pair with. 

In addition, Court Haley keeps their pricing fair. Golf dresses are one of the best investments as you will only need one piece of clothing, so it’s cheaper than purchasing a golf outfit. 

SwingDish Dalia Sweater

The SwingDish Dalia Sweater will stand out with its three quarter length sleeves, accent stripe, and crew neckline. 

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Once you have the basics of your golf wardrobe in place, it’s time to start adding in the fun pieces that help you stand out. This is a really high quality premium golf sweater made with a soft merino wool. The sweater is perfect for a late fall round of golf. 

The lightweight construction ensures that your swing will not be restricted in any way. In addition, the accent stripe on the sleeve helps the sweater look more unique and impressive. This sweater can be paired with a women’s golf jacket in the winter months to be a nice looking but practical winter outfit. 

Callaway CG Visor

The Callaway CG Visor is a cute and practical golf visor that works for keeping your hair in great shape while you get a round of golf in. 

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Callaway is a brand that does a great job regarding women’s golf attire. This CG Visor is undoubtedly no exception. If a traditional baseball cap does some damage to your hair, the Callaway CG Visor could certainly help. 

With the top of this visor being open, you can wear your hair up or down but still block some of the sun from your face. This unique pattern stands out on the golf course and will match a wide range of golf outfits. 

Stay cool and comfortable with a simple accessory like this. 

Vineyard Vines Golf Balls All Over Shirt

The Vineyard Vines Golf Balls Allover Shirt is moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant, and has a cute pattern any woman golfer would like. 

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The Vineyard Vines brand is a bit more preppy than other brands on the market. If that is your style, you will love this Vineyard Vines Golf Balls Allover shirt. The shirt is pink and has golf balls on it as well as the classic Vineyard Vines whale that you will find on all of their clothing. 

One of the best features of the polo is the fact that it is wrinkle resistant. If you want something easy to take care of that will ensure you always look good on the course, this will do it. In addition, it is moisture wicking to keep you cool and dry on those warm days. 

This brand is a bit more money upfront than others on the market, but it is worth it when it comes to longevity and style. 

Lily Pulitzer ¼ Zip Popover Pullover

The Lily Pulitzer half zip pullover can be a layer or a shirt for golfers; with a straight fit, impressive materials built-in, and washable machine fabric, you won’t be disappointed with this purchase. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Some additions to the golf wardrobe are for practicality, and others are for fashion and style. Having one of these Popover Pullover shirts from Lily Pulitzer is about having an accent that works with several different outfits. 

The fabric is a cotton blend terry that also has modal built in. The result is something that is incredibly soft but also forgiving when you try and swing. Don’t expect to feel restricted by the Lily Pulitzer as you swing. 

This piece also features a higher neckline and UPF 50+ protection, only further increasing the versatility of the shirt. If you want something that is high performing, cute, and high quality, the Lily Pulitzer brand is a great selection. 

What To Consider When Buying Women’s Golf Clothes

Whether you are new to the game of golf or simply know that your golf wardrobe needs a bit of help, we have some tips and guidelines that can help. If you are smart about the way you put together a wardrobe, you may end up with something that you really enjoy. However, feeling good about yourself on the golf course is key to playing well. 

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Some companies that are not golf companies will make clothing that can work for golf. For instance, you may see a women’s fashion polo offered by a company like Gap or JCrew. Although these pieces can work quite well for some players, remember that they may not be made with the right stretch fabric or performance materials you need. 

Sometimes a polo is something worn off the golf course as well. 

Try to look for golf clothing for your game from golf manufacturers. This will likely increase the pricing that you pay, but in the end, you will probably have the clothing longer, and it will hold up well over time. 

Once you find a manufacturer of golf clothing that you like, don’t be afraid to purchase multiple items. The fit and the overall quality will likely be the same throughout the entire line. 


Of course, some golf clothing can be worn both on and off the golf course. However, when we talk about versatility, we are looking more at what outfits can work together. Some brands sell matching skirts and tops, and you will have one complete outfit. 

This, of course, makes shopping and outfit planning easy, but it’s not the most economical way to go about this. Look to establish pieces that work as a base and then add in accents after that to help change the way the outfit looks each time you wear it. 

Have several solid color pants, shorts, skirts, and shirts, and then mix in with patterns so that you feel like you are constantly wearing something unique. 

Colors and Fabrics 

The colors and fabrics should be considered because of the playing conditions that you may experience on the course. If you live in warm climates where you are going to sweat quite a bit, look for breathable fabrics that are moisture-wicking. 

This clothing will dry fast and keep you comfortable. It’s important to remember that certain colors are also going to be warmer. Black and navy will grab a bit more of the heat, so you have to be smart about wearing these on the warmest days of the year. 

Most women golfers like just a bit of spandex mixed into their clothing so that they can swing without feeling restricted in any way. 


Quite a bit of the golf clothing for women is made to have a slightly tighter fit. This tight fit ensures that you are fashionable on the course but still able to swing the club with confidence. However, if you are a player that does not enjoy tight-fitting clothing, make sure you check the product descriptions of these clothes that are offered. 

The loose-fit golf clothes are a bit harder to come by, so if that’s the style you are looking for, try to consider going a size up. 

Building a Wardrobe 

Remember when building out your wardrobe that you will need gear for all seasons and that layers are very important in the cooler weather. If you are smart about how you build your golf wardrobe, it will be in style for years to come. 

Think about everything from the shoes and socks up to the hats that you wear, and find great pieces to add to the wardrobe along the way. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about women’s golf attire that’s practical and cute. 

How should a female golfer dress?

It can be hard at times to find specific golf dress codes and guidelines for the female golfer. You will notice that from one golf course to the next, the rules change. However, if you are wearing a polo collar of some kind and your shorts or skirt is not too far above the knee, most golf courses will allow you to play. 

Are golf shorts or golf skirts better? 

More and more women golfers are switching to golf skirts. The skirts are more trendy, and some find them to be more comfortable than golf shorts. Either is acceptable so find something that you enjoy wearing. 

Are leggings okay to wear when playing golf?

Some golf courses are allowing leggings to play golf, but most are still not. There are, however, slim-fit women’s golf pants that can have a very similar look. In addition, options like the Adidas Women’s Pull-On pants help ensure you are not dealing with buttons and zippers. 

Final Thoughts

Building out a great golf wardrobe is a lot of fun. You will discover along the way that you have certain brand preferences that can be hard to break away from. However, keep in mind that as we move from one season to the next, all golf brands release a new line of clothes.

Once you get the basics of your golf attire in place, start adding in the trendy female golf attire that’s practical and cute, and your friends will envy your wardrobe. In the end, you must feel great to play well!

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