Sub 70 Golf Review: The Best Direct-to-Consumer Golf Brand?

When golf manufacturers make clubs, they sell them to golf courses, independent golf shops, and large golf retailers. Once the retailers have the clubs in their hands, they are then transferred to the end-user. However, the number of people involved in the process and the number of salaries that need to be paid will increase the price of golf clubs.

I don’t know about you, but I’m fine with getting high-quality equipment at a reduced price. The key to this is for companies to take their products and sell them direct to the consumer.

Sub 70 is direct to consumer golf brand with high-quality products and great technology. If you haven’t already checked out what Sub 70 has to offer, we have everything you need to know. 

What Is Sub 70 Golf? 

Sub 70 Golf is not a new company; in fact, they have been around since 1993. However, for many years, they have flown under the radar. You would have to be looking for a lower-priced custom set of irons to come across the Sub 70 Golf brand. 

Interestingly, in the last few years, more and more players are moving away from mainstream golf equipment and focusing more on the brands that fly under the radar. There is something to be said about the time, effort, and technology these brands are putting in to compete with the big players. 

Sub 70 has always had a direct-to-consumer model that focuses on custom-fit clubs at a very fair price. This is a golf manufacturer that focuses on feel and precision. Although Sub 70 makes a variety of products, the irons stand out as their premium golf equipment. 

What Products Do Sub 70 Golf Sell? 

Sub 70 sells a variety of golf products from irons to wedges to golf accessories. The Sub 70 products are all made direct by the company and shipped to the consumer. Your wait times for some of the Sub 70 golf equipment will be a bit higher than with other manufacturers; however, this is to be expected when purchasing custom-made golf equipment. 


I have to warn you about the Sub 70 golf iron selection; it can be overwhelming. When you look at a TaylorMade or Titleist website, you will see four or five different iron choices to choose from. With the Sub 70 golf clubs, there are over 20 different iron sets to choose from. 

Sub 70 splits their iron choices into three main groups. You will have the forged irons, cavity back irons, and then the combo sets. The combo sets are some of our favorites on the market. 

In today’s world of golf clubs, it can be hard to find golf sets that give you the short game feel you need, combined with the long game forgiveness. A big reason behind this is that the golf club lofts have changed so much through the years. 

Golf irons today have a wide range of loft capabilities, and it makes it hard to put a set together. With something like the 630 MB and 639 CB combo, you will get precision in short irons and consistency in the long irons. This combo set has the look and feel of a players club from a top golf manufacturer. 

sub 70 639-cb 639-mb

With all the iron set choices and customization of the Sub 70 irons, it can be hard to know which sets are right for your game. Here is a basic chart of information that I found helpful to break down which iron sets I should be looking at. 

Sub 70 Golf Iron Choices and Models

Iron ModelCategoryHandicap
Sub 70 799 Golf IronsGame ImprovementMid to High Handicap 
Sub 70 699 Golf IronsPlayers Distance IronsMid Handicap 
Sub 70 699 Pro IronsPlayers Distance IronLow to Mid Handicap 
639 CBPlayers Cavity BackLow Handicap Player
639 MB PlusMuscle Back or BladeLow Handicap Players 
TAIIIPlayers BladeLow Handicap Players
639 MBPlayers BladeScratch Golfers or Below
649 MB TourPlayers BladeScratch Golfers or Below 

The irons are very heavily covered in the lower handicap golfer irons. If you happen to be a great player but are tired of paying the prices for premium blade-style irons, Sub 70 is the way to go.


There is currently one driver available from Sub 70, and it is the 849D. However, the company did just announce that the new 849 Pro Driver will be releasing in November. The interesting thing about Sub 70 is that they will not release new drivers unless they are able to prove that the technology is considerably better. Unlike other manufacturers that pus out new clubs regardless of the developments they have made.

The fact that they are releasing this new driver really says something about the results and the stats they are getting from this new club.

The new 849 Pro Driver will be a 450 cc model for the more precise ball striker that enjoys precision in a golf iron set. The club is designed to help reduce the backspin you can get with a driver and increase the launch. 

sub 70 driver

Hitting a high drive that also rolls for quite some time is the same technology that golfers need. In addition to the sleek look of this driver, the weight and sound of the driver have been optimized as well. Sub 70 is a company that likes to fly a bit under the radar. With these drivers in your hands, you can do that, at least until you outdrive all of your friends. 

Hybrids & Fairway Woods 

There are three fairway wood and two hybrid choices from Sub 70. Options exist for both the game improvement golfer and the lower handicap player. You will see that same sleek look, classic shape, and black head color on the fairway woods. Quite a bit of the Sub 70 branding and look remains consistent throughout the product line; this is one of the things that they do best. 

We love the adjustability in the 939 X Fairway woods and the sole plate that allows for better turf interaction. In addition, I was curious to see if they were going to offer a hybrid/iron combo set, and they do. 

sub 70 939x fairway wood

The hybrid/iron combo set pairs the 739 Iron with the 939X Hybrid to build a combo set that would work for your needs. You will see that there are some stock issues on certain set makeups and options throughout the Sub 70 brand, but this is common with smaller companies. 

There are also four utility club models that you can pair with a set of irons. If you are not a hybrid player and instead want to look for something that gives you forgiveness, better launch, and more consistency than a typical long iron, the utility is available. 


There are six wedge choices from Sub 70 golf. I would be withholding the truth if I didn’t tell you that these are my favorite clubs that Sub 70 produces. If you have always wanted to play with a players-style blade wedge that looks and performs like the pros, this is the wedge you need. 

sub 70 wedge

I’m impressed with the performance that I can see from the Sub 70 brand wedges and the price point. Regardless of the type of short game shots that you like to hit, these wedges will perform. 

The JB Wedge series is designed by the master club builder Jeff Bushnell. He wanted to create a wedge that will perform in a variety of different grasses and turf conditions. You can get the wedge in a few different finishes and bounces, and essentially you will be able to create the short game you have always wanted. 

The forged JB wedges made from 1020 carbon steel will rival Callaway and TaylorMade when compared. 


Putters tend to be easier for a golf company to produce than iron sets, drivers, or hybrids. Therefore when it comes to the number of putter choices that Sub 70 has, it is not a surprise that there are over ten models to choose from. 

sub 70 putter

The putters all have that same black club head finish and sleek look that we see in many of the other Sub 70 golf clubs. I would have to say the putters reminded me a bit of the Cleveland putters. They feature good technology, great feel, and various styles to work for a large group of golfers. 

One of the things that you will enjoy about these golf putters is that they are easily customizable. It is a bit annoying to get your brand new gofl club and then have to regrip it, but with Sub 70, you get the club to your doorsetp exactly as you need it. 


Sub 70 offers a few accessories on their website to help you prepare for any upcoming round of golf. Most of the accessories from Sub 70 are from other partners that also sell direct-to-consumer. 

You will see that the Snell golf balls, both the MTB and the MTB X are features on the site and the Precision Pro rangefinders. Sub 70 believes in higher quality items offered at lower prices, and they are happy to offer those products to customers who want great value. 

In addition, you can also use the Demo program on the website to try out new golf equipment. Since the Sub 70 golf clubs will be hard to find locally, the demo program allows you to get the clubs in the mail, try them for a few days and then send them back in before purchase. Overall the demo program costs about $20, and it is a great way to see if this is a club that could benefit your game. 

Best Direct-to-Consumer Golf Clubs
Sub 70 Golf

The best direct-to-consumer golf club manufacturer on the market. Award-winning and tour validated.

Check out what they have to offer.

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Are Sub 70 Clubs Good? 

The Sub 70 clubs are good. In fact, this is the best direct-to-consumer golf brand on the market. I wouldn’t be surprised if more companies start following this model. With how serious golfers are about the game, it is not hard to convince them to care about a brand. If a player falls in love with a club’s look, feel, or performance, they will likely stay brand loyal. 

There is only one major problem with the Sub 70 golf club: you won’t be able to find a local place to hit them. The one benefit of the traditional golf sales model is that professionals can help you get fitted. You can try out the new equipment that comes to market at a local shop.  

You will miss this opportunity with Sub 70, and therefore it can be a bit frustrating. However, for the reduced price, it is worth participating in the demo program. The program allows you to get your hands on a set of clubs. 

When it comes to great-looking, high-performing golf irons, you won’t find a better brand than Sub 70. When you throw in the fact that these clubs will come with your exact specifications, it only becomes easier to purchase Sub 70.

Sub 70 vs. PXG vs. New Level

If you like the concept of the direct-to-consumer golf clubs, but Sub 70 is not for you, then two other brands are worth looking into. They are the PXG and New Level. 

PXG is a very high-end brand known for its big military and first responder discounts. The PXG brand was created by a billionaire who has no problem putting premium materials and technology into clubs. This is one of those brands that if you can afford it, you may enjoy it if you can’t afford it, don’t even look!

New Level is very similar to Sub 70 in their business concept and the design of the golf club. When you look at the New Level clubs, you will see very similar styling and look. The main difference with New Level is that they don’t have nearly as many club choices as Sub 70. 


If you are tired of the name-brand golf clubs and what they have to offer, it could be time to look into the Sub 70. You will get a completely new idea and feel as to what is available on the market. Golfers will know they are getting some of the best deals available, and the value is quite good.

When you start customizing the Sub 70 golf clubs, they get a bit more expensive. Yet the prices still stay below what you would pay for a Titleist or TaylorMade golf club from a shop. Golfers ready to change things up can join hundreds of thousands of other Sub 70 customers with these clubs already in their hands. 

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