The Straightest Flying Golf Balls On The Market 

Hitting the golf ball straight is every golfer’s dream, but sometimes this is easier said than done. Hitting it straight requires a good amount of skill, but the equipment is also a factor. You must have the right equipment in place, including the straightest flying golf balls on the market. We have tested dozens of golf balls and come up with some top picks for straight flight in 2022. 

Straightest Golf Balls: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Titleist AVX
Runner Up: Maxfli StraightFli
Best Premium: Callaway Chrome Soft
Best Cheap: Piper Golf Distance
Best Illegal: Polara Self Correcting
Budget Pick: Bridgestone e12 Contact

Best Overall: Titleist AVX

Best Overall
Titleist AVX Golf Balls

The Titleist AVX has a premium soft feel and incredible greenside control but extremely low spin from the tee; for long and straight shots, this is a great option to consider. 

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11/26/2022 03:23 am GMT

The Titleist AVX fits into the lineup with the Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x; it is not the cheapest ball on the market. However, this is one of those situations where you get what you pay for. If you want a golf ball with a premium feel and low long-game spin, the AVX is a great option to consider. 

Even players with low handicaps look to have their tee shots fly straight, and the AVX can accomplish that for you. In addition, since this golf ball is a four piece ball, it also is able to provide great spin around the greens. 

When we first tested the Titleist AVX, we wondered if we would notice much of a difference between this ball and the other premium Titleist balls, but we certainly did. The feel was soft, the distance was incredible, and the iron shots were like lasers. 

Runner Up: Maxfli StraightFli

Runner Up
Maxfli StraightFli Golf Balls - 24 Balls
$62.95 $54.97

The Maxfli Straight Fli is designed with straight ball flight in mind, the golf ball has an ionomer blend for soft feel and greenside spin, but it also has solid distance performance. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/27/2022 02:53 am GMT

The Maxfli StraightFli is 20% straighter than previous golf balls that Maxfli has put on the market. This increase in control could lead to a shot staying on the green as opposed to flying off the side. Golfers are having no trouble finding the fairway and feeling like they can really create some impressive shots with the Maxfli StraighFli in play. 

For many years Maxfli golf balls led the way when it came to the soft feel and straight flight, and they kind of fell off the map for a while. With some of the new releases, they are earning their market share back. WIth 374 large and small dimples, the ball flight is very controlled and continues on the path it is set on right from the start. 

Best Premium: Callaway Chrome Soft

Best Premium
Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

The Callaway Chrome Soft features new precision technology, a SoftFast Core, and excellent distance; this is a premium golf ball that is well worth the money. 

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11/26/2022 06:18 pm GMT

The Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball is one of the most premium golf balls on the market. It features a new precision technology that allows for tighter dispersion than ever before. With this tight dispersion, players can start to trust where they will land the ball. 

In addition, the Callaway Chrome Soft has some tremendous ball speed. In fact, almost all players that switch to the Chrome Soft have noticed an increase of a few yards; we certainly did. When it comes to spin around the greens, it won’t spin quite as much as a Titleist Pro V1, but certainly, enough to help you control the ball. 

The great thing about the Chrome Soft is that players with several different levels of ability can benefit from this golf ball. 

Best Cheap: Piper Golf Distance 

Best Cheap
Piper Distance Golf Balls

Piper Golf Distance balls are a newer release to the market and a good choice for a cheap but straight and stable golf ball. 

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11/26/2022 03:49 am GMT

The Piper Golf Distance is a two-piece ball with good distance numbers and a very stable ball flight. Since this is a two-piece golf ball, except it may have a bit better performance from the tee than it does around the green. 

With a DuPont Surlyn cover, you will find plenty of durability and a 332 dimple pattern that can help control the ball flight. The DuPont cover combined with the dimple pattern creates very low spin and makes it considerably easier for golfers to control. 

Best Illegal: Polara Self Correcting

Best Illegal
Polara Self Correcting Golf Balls
$59.95 $44.95

The Polara Self-Correcting golf balls are not legal to use for tournament play, but they are good at helping golfers control their shots. 

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11/26/2022 04:18 am GMT

Illegal golf balls are not as bad as they sound. Although you can’t use these for play in a USGA event, if you want to make the game a bit easier on yourself, an illegal golf ball can sometimes help. The technology here allows hooks and slices to be considerably decreased, and players get much more control over their shots. 

There is an arrow on the golf ball that should be pointed to the target before you tee off. This arrow helps eliminate issues with alignment and can improve the overall swing path as well. In addition, there is less aerodynamic lift on these balls than on others, creating a low but straight ball flight. 

Budget Pick: Bridgestone e12 Contact 

Budget Pick
Bridgestone e12 Contact Golf Balls

Bridgestone e12 golf balls offer excellent distance at a reasonable price. They help players fight a hook or a slice, giving them a straighter ball flight.

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11/27/2022 12:10 am GMT

The Bridgestone e12 Contact is a very affordable golf ball with a ton of technology packed in. The science behind this ball allows players to have better contact with the clubface while increasing overall distance. This longer connection time between club and ball results in a straight and long flight. 

With the Bridgestone e12 Contact, you will notice reduced slice and hook spin on your golf shots. The e12 Contact also works for a wide range of swing speeds as they are a mid-compression golf ball. When aerodynamics and technology are optimized, the result is a great value golf ball. 

What to Look for When Buying a Golf Ball for Straight Flight

Finding a straight-flight golf ball does not need to be hard. There are a few key characteristics to look for that will help get the ball going on the path that you want. The most important feature is the low spin. In addition, you can look for things like straight flight dimple technology and alignment features. 

Low Spin 

A low-spin golf ball helps players control the side spin on their shots. Side spin is a problem as it is what creates the shots that end up going left or right. Lower spin golf shots from the tee are ideal. Around the greens, you will want to try and find a ball that at least has soft feel so that you can get some of your spin back. 

Low spin golf ball technology is becoming increasingly popular and something that many golfers can benefit from. 

Dimple Technology 

The dimple technology of a golf ball also encourages a different type of ball flight. With the proper dimple technology, you can get a more penetrating lower ball flight or a higher and softer ball flight. For those looking for straight flight, you will want a dimple pattern that encourages a lower, more penetrating feel. 

This makes a big difference when you look at overall performance from season to season as well. Some golfers will choose a lower compression golf ball with a specific dimple pattern to help them get through the winter season when the ball does not travel as far. 

Premium Performance 

Sometimes the straightest golf balls on the market also require premium performance. As you noticed, several of the options on our list are more premium, higher-quality golf balls. If you want more than just a straight flight, you will have to pay for it. 

Typically speaking, the four and five-piece golf balls do a much better job of keeping the ball straighter and allowing for better spin around the greens. 

Alignment Technology

The alignment technology featured on some golf balls is there to help you get a straighter ball flight. With the proper alignment technology, you can set the ball up properly on the tee to help start it down the center of the fairway. 

This is part of a pre-shot routine that you will have to get used to, but it has helped some players to feel as though they can get a ball on the proper line and then keep it on that line. When straight flight is an issue, any of these little tips can help. 

What types of golf ball fly the straightest?

The low spin golf ball tends to be the straightest flying type of golf ball. You will have a lower chance of a slice or a hook with a straight-flight golf ball, but a golf ball can’t fix everything. Hitting a golf ball straight is a mix of finding the right equipment and technology and combining it with great swing mechanics. 

We also recommend a golf ball that has a straight-flight dimple pattern. When you look at something like the Maxfli StraightFli, the dimple pattern allows the ball to go quite a bit straighter and fly through the air with less influence from side spin or even wind. 

Do soft or hard golf balls go straighter?

Golfers get confused about what a hard golf ball and a soft ball can do from a performance standpoint. The soft golf ball is typically for a player with slower swing speeds who has difficulty compressing golf shots. 

Harder golf balls are for faster swing speed players that can easily compress a ball. A hard golf ball may not feel all that hard to a player that has a fast swing speed, as they will easily be able to compress it. 

Harder and softer golf balls can fly straighter; the key is to find one that matches the swing speed of your game. If you are a fast swing speed player, it can be hard to navigate the softer golf ball and keep it on a straight path. 


The Titleist AVX is our favorite option for the straightest flying golf ball in 2022. Since this is the lowest spinning ball in the Titleist lineup, and has tremendous performance around the greens, the AVX stands out as the best overall choice. Even though this is not a lower priced golf ball, it will be well worth the money you spend.

For those on a budget, the Bridgestone e12 can also be a good choice, as well as the Piper Golf Distance. Although technology and equipment can help you find golf balls that fly straight, ensure you are also working on your game and trying to improve. Great mechanics are much more important than great equipment. 

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