Should I Use Standard or Midsize Golf Grips?

Golfers often underestimate the importance of the proper golf grip. Our only connection with the golf club is between the hands and the grip; therefore, it is essential to have something that looks and feels the way you need it to.

If you are wondering if you should use standard or midsize golf grips, you have to know the benefits and negatives of each. Take a look at our guide and the tests we did to help you determine if you should use the standard or midsize golf grips. 

Also, be sure to check out our guide on how to choose the right golf grip size.

What is a Standard Grip? 

A standard grip is a grip that all others are measured off of. These grips usually have an outside diameter of around an inch and an inside diameter of .60. If you look at your current golf grip, the butt end of the club may have a .60 or .62, or .58; this can help you determine which golf grip you have on your club currently. 

The standard grip is for the majority of golfers and those who have a hand size in the standard range. This range is around 7 inches to 8 ¾ inches. 

As we go through the different grip sizes and whether or not standard or midsize golf grips are the best for your game, it’s crucial to keep feel in mind. The feel of the grip in your hands is just as important as the measurements. If something feels too big or too small, it’s worth looking at a change. 

Standard Grip Pros

  • A good option for a vast majority of golfers
  • Typically available in almost every grip you could want
  • It allows for a bit more speed around the impact area 

Standard Grip Cons

  • Golfers with larger hands will not be able to control the clubface as well 
  • Some have a slightly lighter weight, which needs to be considered during a club fitting 

What is a Midsize Grip? 

The midsize grip is the next size up from a standard grip. For players with a hand size in the 8 ¼ inch to 9 ¼ inch range, the midsize grip is a great solution. With midsize golf grips, you won’t have as easy of a time wrapping your hands around the grip. 

This thicker style golf grip is used for those with large hands and any golfers who have difficulty feeling fully confident wrapping their hands around the club. Midsize golf grips are often used in putters to help control the hands and wrists in the swing. 

Some players with larger hands will try and add wraps of tape under a standard-size grip to reach the midsize. This will take about three wraps of tape, but it won’t be an exact midsize grip. Tape is good for one or even two wraps; if your hands are larger, you need the midsize. 

Midsize Grip Pros

  • It can help relieve grip pressure
  • Great for golfers with larger hands
  • Most major manufacturers offer their grips in midsize

Midsize Grip Cons

  • Players with smaller hands will struggle to release the club 
  • Can sometimes be heavy 

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How To Test Grip Size To See If Its Correct 

Wouldn’t it be great if golf grip size was an exact science where you could look at your hand and know precisely what grip and glove size you need? Unfortunately, like most things in golf, it’s not that simple. 

The golf grip size test will not be an exact science, but you can use it to get a better idea as to if the grip you are using is the right one for you. All you need to do for this is to grip your club with your left hand only and look at how the tips of your fingers touch or don’t touch the pad below the thumb on your hand. 

If you need a larger grip, your fingers will almost dig into your hand. If you need a smaller grip, this distance between the palm and the fingers will be extremely wide. Once you see this, we like to get a general idea of the grip size needed based on your glove size. 

Glove SizeGrip Size Needed
Men’s SmallUndersized
Men’s MediumStandard
Men’s LargeMidsize
Men’s Extra LargeJumbo or Oversized

Women, men, and even junior golfers can look at the glove they are wearing and use it to help them determine if the grip size is correct. The midsize grip is the perfect selection for most men with a large hand. Fewer women need the midsize grip, but it does happen. 

Glove SizeGrip Size Needed
Women’s Small & MediumUndersized
Women’s LargeStandard
Women’s Extra LargeMidsize

Signs That Grip Size May Be Off 

Now that you know what it takes to test and see if standard or midsize golf grips are the best choice for you, it’s important to understand the signs that your grip may not be correct. Here are a few of the most common things to look for that can alert you that your grip size is off. 

Ball Flight

The grip size can impact the ball flight of your shots. Golfers typically want to get a high ball flight that is relatively straight and headed towards the target. 

Many players with a midsize grip in place, when they shouldn’t, will notice that the ball flight does not get relatively as high, and the ball stays out a bit to the right on some of the shots. 

For those playing with a grip that is too small, you will see shots go to the left more often than not. The right to left ball flight can come from the golf club being slightly closed at impact. This is from players that get too handsy and shut the club down too soon. 

Control Of Club 

Although it’s never a good idea to grip the club with extreme pressure or force, you really need to have control of the golf club to play a great round of golf. Most of the time, when a grip is too big for your hands, it can feel as though you lose control. 

As the club comes through the impact position, the hands tend to vibrate a bit or lose their hold, which can send the shot anywhere. 

On the contrary, if you have too much control of the club because the grip is too small for you, there are problems with distance control and overall accuracy. 

Comfort/Pain in Hands

Do you have pain in your hands after a round of golf? It’s painful to miss a 3-footer for birdie or to hit two out of bounds off the 18th tee, but a pain in your hands after a round should not be something that bothers you. 

Golfers should be able to play a round of golf pain-free. If your hands are too big for your current grip, it can be awkward to grip the club properly. 

Instead, look at a midsize or even jumbo grip, and your hands will not be so wrapped around the club and bent, which can cause discomfort. 

Grip Pressure 

There are debates about the perfect amount of grip pressure, and we will probably never have an exact answer. However, we can tell you that if your grip pressure is too strong or not strong enough, the results in the golf shot will be off. 

Grip pressure needs to be a feel thing for most players. Choose a grip that allows you to keep the clubface square when you are at full speed but also not so rigid that you can see the tension in your forearms. 

Who Should Use Midsize Golf Grips? 

For golfers with larger hands, the midsize golf grip is the place to start. If you wear a large golf glove or even an extra large, the midsize grips will fit you better than standard. You can measure your hand to see if the glove size is correct for you, but remember this is a bit more feel involved than just measuring the size of your hand. 

Keep in mind that many golfers with arthritis benefit from the larger golf grips because they can create an experience with the club that requires less bending of the fingers. 

Who Should Use Standard Golf Grips? 

Chances are, when you buy a golf club off the shelf, it will have a standard golf grip. This is why the grips are the most popular in the game. The standard grip should be a perfect fit if your hand takes a small or medium men’s golf glove. 

Remember that with standard golf grips, you can always make a quick adjustment with an extra wrap of tape, but it won’t get you quite to the midsize. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are a few questions about whether or not the standard or midsize golf grips are the best for your golf game. 

Do pros use standard or midsize grips?

Golf professionals use both standard and midsize grips. Players with large hands go with the midsize or jumbo, which tends to be popular among PGA Tour Players. However, players that have smaller hands go with the standard grip most of the time. 

What is the difference between a standard and midsize golf grip?

The only real difference between a standard and a midsize golf grip is the size. Midsize grips are considerably larger than standard and will be for golfers with larger hands. 

How do I know if I need midsize grips?

The best way to determine if you need midsize grips is to consider your golf glove size. If you wear a large or extra large glove, you need midsize. In addition, you can look at your hand and how it wraps around the club; your fingers should not be digging into the thumb pad of your hand. 

Do larger golf grips make a difference?

Large golf grips can help with hand fatigue and even ensure players can keep the clubface square through impact. The larger the golf grip, the larger your hand must be to be able to control the shot. 

Do midsize grips change ball flight?

Midsize grips can change the ball flight, mostly when the grip was originally the wrong choice for your game. For those with small hands, playing with a midsize can lower the ball’s flight a bit. Golfers with larger hands will find that a standard grip size may increase the ball’s flight. 

What is the most popular grip on PGA Tour? 

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet is the most popular grip on the PGA Tour and in the game of golf. This grip comes in both midsize and standard. 

Final Thoughts

We hope you now feel as though you can understand the difference between midsize and standard golf grips. The difference between the two grip sizes is big enough that players should be making this decision carefully.

Remember that in addition to the measurements and fit of your hands, you must also consider how the golf grip feels. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s going to have an impact on your golf swing and your game. 

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