Shot Scope V3 Review: An Owner’s Perspective

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I’ve been playing with the Shot Scope V3 GPS watch for a few months now. I wanted to give it a full test to see how I liked it before offering my opinion. I can tell you that I am happy with the technology that this model has. Between the ease of use and accuracy, I plan to keep the V3 on my wrist for quite some time. 

However, simply knowing I like the Shot Scope V3 will not be enough for you to make your decision. Understanding the capabilities of this model and what it can do for you is essential. We have put together an in-depth review of the Shot Scope V3 to give you more information about its advanced features. It’s hard to believe how much technology is packed into one small golf GPS. If you have been on the fence about whether or not the ShotsScope V3 is for you, this should help clear things up. 

What Is The Shot Scope V3? 

The Shot Scope V3 is a golf GPS watch that takes its technology to a completely new level. In addition to giving you your yardage to the green, the V3 is also a way to start analyzing all of your shots on the golf course. 

Shot Scope V3 comes with a set of sensors that tap into the grip of each club. The sensors are lightweight and easy to install. Each time you take a swing, the Shot Scope V3 will record the information. After just a few rounds, you will be amazed by the information the V3 will provide for you. 

I personally own the Shot Scope V3, and before purchasing it, I looked at many other choices on the market. However, the price point, the list of features, and the ease of use sold me on the V3. I’ve been using it for every round, and I’m amazed by the amount of data I’ve been able to collect about my golf game. 

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What Are The Features of The Shot Scope V3? 

The first thing you will notice about the Shot Scope V3 is that there are many features. You can really get this watch to do whatever you need it to. Understanding everything that the V3 offers will help you decide if this is the right tool for your golf game. 

Automatic Performance Tracking & Statistics 

Some golf GP watches will track your score based on where you are and how you stop to hit a shot. However, because the V3 ties in the sensors in each club, the tracking is much more accurate. 

You can get distances; fairways hit, greens hit, overall scoring average, and more, all from simply just playing your round of golf. I know I wanted something that didn’t require me to mess with it the entire time I played my round. 

In general, I play golf to get away from technology and enjoy my time on the course. The Shot Scope V3 allows me to do that. However, at the end of the day, I can go back and get some very valuable information about why my scores were what they were. 

shot scope v3 stats

Preloaded Courses

The Shot Scope V3 comes with over 36,000 preloaded golf courses. Chances are, the courses you play are going to be part of the preloaded package. When you show up at the golf course, the watch will automatically detect which course you are playing, and it will start tracking your round and giving you the distances you need. 

If, for some reason, your golf course is not one of the 36,000, you will be able to upload it. I can assure you that there are plenty of courses on here to help you get started using your watch. 

Last Shot Distance

So many golfers will agree that one of the things that help players get better is knowing how far you hit your golf clubs. If you think you hit your seven iron 150 yards, but in reality, it is 140, this can cause issues in your game. We all need to be honest with ourselves about our actual distances, but how can we know what these distances are? 

shot scope v3 club distances

The Shot Scope V3 will give you your last shot distance when it displays the yardage for the next shot. This means that when you miss the green a few yards short with that seven iron, and you look at the watch, it will show you 142 yards. If this happens enough times, you may need to consider how far you really hit a seven iron. 

I love that this seems like such a simple stat, but it can help you become a better caddy for your own game. The more you can learn about your golf game and your distances, the better you can help yourself score.  

Everyday Watch 

The Shot Scope V3 is not a watch that you will need to take off when you leave the golf course. This watch has everything required to be an everyday watch as well. I like its look and the overall comfort and have had no issues wearing it on and off the golf course. 

When you purchase the Shot Scope V3, pay attention to the color you are buying. There are several different options with bands, and one of them may work better than another when it comes to your daily style. 

Battery Longevity 

In the golf GPS mode, the Shot Scope V3 can last for up to ten hours. If you assume a round of golf will take you around four hours, you can play two rounds and still have the V3 working for you. Considering all of the information that the V3 can collect, this is quite a long time for the battery to stay working. 

When the V3 is in GPS mode, it is working quite hard to give you information. Taking the watch out of this mode helps ensure that the battery can last longer. If you are wearing this for an everyday watch, you will not need to charge it each day. 

GPS Distances – Front/Middle/Back 

GPS watches are a bit different than using a golf rangefinder on the course. Instead of getting one specific number to the pin, you will get three yardages. The yardages will tell you the distance to the front, middle, and back of the green. 

Personally, I like having this range better than just the one yardage directly to the pin. The range helps me know which clubs are an option depending on the type of shot I want to hit. For example, looking at the green, it is relatively easy to tell which third of the green the pin is in; from there, I choose a club that ensures I’m going to be putting for my next shot. 

In addition, the Shot Scope also gives a distance to the front of all hazards and a carry distance as well. Whether it is a bunker or a water hazard, it helps to know the full yardage it will take to clear this hazard. The Shot Scope helps you plan your way around the course. 

Daylight Readable Color Screen 

Having all this information at your fingertips is incredible. However, if you can’t read what the V3 is saying, it can get very frustrating. Not all GPS watches come with a daylight readable color screen. With the Shot Scope V3, you can look down at your hand in the middle of a round and quickly read what the V3 has to say. No more hiding in your cart to block the sun; wherever you are on the course, you can read this screen. 

Tracking Tags 

The tracking tags needed to work with the watch are included with the purchase price of the Shot Scope V3. Without these tracking tags, the information you get about your game would not be possible. In fact, Shot Scope sells a few other watches that come without the tracking tags. The entire feature of the statistical collection is not even included with these types of watches. 

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Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch

Whether you are looking for more awareness of your golf game or simply tired of pacing off yardages to the pin, this GPS watch is a perfect choice. I love the price point, the functionality, and the fact that I never need to take it off. If you want to open your eyes to the areas of your game that need extra work, the Shot Scope V3 will undoubtedly help. 

  • Excellent automatic shot tracking
  • Great price
  • Smart GPS chip recognizes what club to hit
  • Use it without syncing to a phone
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • One-year warranty included
  • Doesn’t map the holes
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What We Like About The Shot Scope V3 and Why

Before buying a GPS watch, I spend a lot of time comparing the features and benefits of the different types on the market. The one thing I kept coming back to was that the Shot Scope V3 was like solving two issues for the price of one. 

Not only do I get accurate distances to the greens, but I also have learned so much about my golf game. With all of the new clubs coming out on the market with built-in tracking, I’ve been seeing how this technology is helping my friends on the course. Getting a better idea of how far I’m hitting, how accurate I am and which way I’m trending has been s interesting. 

Here are a few of my favorite things about the Shot Scope V3. 

  • Hazard detection and carry yardage helps keep those big numbers off the scorecard.
  • Automatic detection of the course, golf shots, and putts makes it so I don’t have to spend my day messing with my watch.
  • I can wear it both on and off the golf course.
  • The accuracy is good for the price I paid, a few mistakes come up here and there, but they are easy to adjust and fix.
  • Last shot distance has given me more awareness of how I hit the ball and what I can expect from each of my clubs.
  • During the offseason, it’s fun to look back at my stats and develop some plans for the upcoming season. 

Shot Scope vs. Arccos Caddie

The Arccos Caddie is a very popular shot tracking system with sensors similar to the Shot Scope V3. The Arccos can do a great deal of the same things that the V3 can do to track your game.  

The Arccos is an affordable device, and it is known for being very accurate. All of the information that Arccos collects is available with an app. If you use Arccos the right way, it eventually becomes like playing with a caddy. 

I like the Arccos system a lot; it is easy to use and accurate. The thing that set the Shot Scope apart was having the dual technology. For the price of one piece of equipment, I got a shot tracker and a GPS unit to give me the yardages I needed. 

Read my full review of the Arccos Caddie system here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions that I am asked about my Shot Scope V3. There are plenty of golf GPS choices on the market, but again, this combines analysis of my game with distance measuring was the perfect fit for me. 

What Is The Difference Between the Shot Scope G3 and V3? 

The Shot Scope V3 is the more premium model when compared to the G3. With the Shot Scope G3, you will not get the performance tracking or the tags to put in your clubs. You won’t have the same statistics to track your game and how you are progressing. If you feel like it’s time to track your game and narrow in on what can make you a better player, the G3 makes much more sense. 

How Long Does The Battery Last On The V3? 

The G3 and the V3 have a similar battery life with up to 10 hours of battery life in the golf mode. This is a considerable amount of time and plenty to get in at least two rounds of golf. It would be hard to decide whether a G3 or a V3 was for you based on battery life alone. 

Does Shot Scope Keep Score? 

The Shot Scope V3 does have an automatic shot tracking ability. This means that it will keep track of your score. However, we always recommend you keep a hard copy of your score as well. This is a new technology, and we all know there are sometimes issues with technology and accuracy. 

Recap: Is Shot Scope V3 Worth It?

The Shot Scope V3 is an excellent investment. Whether you are looking for more awareness of your golf game or simply tired of pacing off yardages to the pin, this GPS watch is a perfect choice. I love the price point, the functionality, and the fact that I never need to take it off. If you want to open your eyes to the areas of your game that need extra work, the Shot Scope V3 will undoubtedly help. 

You can pick up the Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch from Amazon here.

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