6 Best Practice Golf Balls (For Indoor & Backyard Use)

Any seasoned golfer knows that the best place to practice honing your swing is the driving range. However, not all golfers have convenient access to a driving range. Golfers from rural areas of the country may not have the luxury of driving only a couple of miles to a practice range.

Thankfully, golfers don’t have to be at a driving range to get in a productive practice session. Golfers of all skill levels can benefit from practicing indoors or even in their own backyards. The key to at-home practice sessions is finding a quality practice golf ball. 

Not sure which practice golf balls to buy? Not to worry, this guide will definitely help you find the right one. Here are the six best practice golf balls of 2021.

Best Practice Golf Balls: Our Top Picks

Before diving into the complete list, here are the best practice golf balls of 2021:

BirdieBall Practice Golf Balls: Best Overall

BirdieBall has won numerous awards as a top practice ball of choice. This practice ball performs the same way a regular golf ball would, so golfers will enjoy instant feedback during their practice sessions. The BirdieBall is more durable than any other practice ball, which makes it worth the higher price.

AG AlmostGolf Balls:  Best Foam Practice Ball

If you want to work on hitting draws or fades but need the softness of a foam practice ball, this is the practice ball for you.  AlmostGolf balls look, feel, and fly like real golf balls but only travel a third of the distance. These beauties are ideal if you have a large backyard.

PrideSports Practice Golf Balls:  Best Value

For golfers who need to practice but may be on a limited budget, these foam practice balls from PrideSports are a great option. If you’re a teenage golfer with only a few dollars to spend on practice accessories, these will work just fine. At less than $1 a piece, these foam practice balls provide some decent value.

Review of The 6 Best Practice Golf Balls in 2021

1. BirdieBall Practice Golf Balls (Best Overall)

BirdieBall Practice Golf Balls
  • True Feel and Flight – BirdieBall has a limited flight distance of about 40 yards from a full impact swing but feels & flies like a real golf ball. BirdieBall spins exactly like a golf ball and gives you true swing feedback with a rewarding flight & sound
  • Seeing is Believing! Watch our Video – Like a golf ball, the BirdieBall flies with reverse spin around its horizontal axis. Allowing you to draw and fade, you’ll know you’ve made good contact by the gratifying sound and feel produced after a pure strike
  • Effective and Fun – the award-winning BirdieBall has been used at golf training schools, endorsed by teaching pros, and enjoyed by golfers of every age and skill. Create your own BirdieBall practice range or course and have fun while improving your game
  • Durable Construction – made from a high quality, durable super polymer, the patented Birdie Ball won’t break like foam, wiffle, or plastic golf balls. Practice full swings or chip shots anywhere. Perfect for parks or home practice areas

BirdieBall is hands down the best practice golf ball on the market today. Most practice golf balls don’t have the same feel or sound as real golf balls, but BirdieBall’s patented technology has solved that mystery.

No, BirdieBall doesn’t look anything like a regular golf ball but don’t let that deter you from trying it out. BirdieBall was voted as the “Best New Product” in 2005 at the PGA Merchandise Show, so golfers can rest assured that they are getting a fabulous product.

  • Award-Winning: 92% approval rating by the PGA Partners Club Testing Center
  • Highly Rated: 4.7 rating on Amazon with 746 reviews (81% of people rated it 5 stars)
  • Top Performance: Best feel and flight of any practice ball on the market while only flying about 40 yards in distance
  • Versatility: Allows golfers to practice draws and fades with immediate feedback
  • High Level of Durability: Lasts longer than foam or plastic practice golf balls

2. AG AlmostGolf Balls (Best Foam Practice Ball)

AG AlmostGolf Balls - Limited Flight Practice Golf Balls (12 Pack) - Yellow
  • FOAM PRACTICE GOLF BALLS - limited flight golf balls that draws, spins, and fades just like a real golf ball. Each ball has tour quality flight and feedback.
  • PRACTICE ANY WHERE GOLF BALL- The Almost Golf practice foam balls flys 1/3 of the distance of a real golf balls.
  • NEIGHBORHOOD SAFE - The Foam Golf balls are only 13.5 grams - 1/4 of a traditional golf ball. Soft enough to not causes damage to anything
  • REALIST RESPONSE - Pops off the club face with the same feel as a traditional golf balls, These practice golf balls have identical feel and perform the same.
  • 12 FOAM ALMOST GOLF BALLS - Allows for practicing all swings. With 12 foam practice golf balls that give you good practice sessions.

Do you need a good foam practice ball?  Maybe you’re worried about hitting your car in the front yard or your kids knocking out your neighbor’s window? (OUCH!) Though these are a little more expensive than some other foam practice balls, their high quality and extra features make them a worthwhile investment. 

These AlmostGolf balls are a lifesaver because they won’t break glass or cause any damage to cars! Practice with peace of mind knowing that even if you hit a bad shot, there won’t be any unfortunate repercussions.

  • Tour Quality: Provides quality flight as well as instant feedback due to AlmostGolf’s True Flight technology
  • Convenient: Practice anywhere (indoors or outdoors)
  • Safe: Lightweight and soft enough to never cause damage to houses, cars, or people
  • Amazing Response: Practice cuts or draws the same way you would with a traditional golf ball
  • Great Reputation: Used by many of the top PGA teaching professionals in the game today

3. PrideSports Practice Golf Balls (Best Value)

PrideSports Practice Golf Balls, Foam, 12 Count, Yellow
  • Soft, dimpled foam
  • Yellow color for easy visibility
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Includes 12 foam practice balls

If you are looking for the practice golf ball with the best value, PrideSports serves up a winner with their practice foam golf balls! These balls aren’t flashy, but you can’t beat getting a dozen durable practice balls for under $10! It’s hard to argue with value like that!

It’s hard to find a practice ball that is lightweight, soft, durable, and easy on the wallet all at the same time! These little beauties last a long time too. I have been hitting the same ones in my backyard for almost two years!

  • Cost-Effective: One of the cheaper foam practice balls on the market today
  • Highly Rated: 4.6 rating on Amazon with 2,534 total reviews
  • Yellow Dimples: The dimples make these practice balls look more like the real thing and also contribute to a nice, realistic sound when you hit a good shot
  • Great Feel: Golfers will know when they really strike the ball well.  You may feel like you are actually at the driving range!

4. Callaway HX Soft-Flight Practice Golf Balls

Callaway HX Soft-Flight Practice Golf Balls Colored Foam Balls, Green, 9 Pack
  • Foam Golf Practice Balls: Our durable, soft-flight foam golf balls are designed for safe everywhere use - can even be used as indoor golf balls
  • HEX Dimples: Our golf practice balls feature patented HEX-pattern dimples, a patented feature found on all Callaway golf balls
  • Soft Foam Construction: Our soft golf balls are designed to stimulate ball flight, while remaining soft enough to use safely anywhere - ideal practice golf balls for backyard or indoor use
  • Included Carry Bag: An included mesh carry bag allows for easy storage and enhanced portability
  • High-Visibility Colors: Our colored golf balls are available in a variety of high-visibility hues: lime, orange, pink, and multicolor

Callaway is one of the most trusted brands in the game today, and they check in at #4 on our list of the best practice golf balls. Out of all the practice balls on our list, these have the most realistic look. These are available in three fabulous-looking colors: green, orange, and pink!

  • Safety: Golfers can safely hit these anywhere, even indoors
  • Trusted Brand: Callaway makes quality golf products that have stood the test of time. The price may be higher than some others, but golfers never have to worry about poor quality with Callaway
  • HEX Dimples: These patented dimples give Callaway their classic look and feel
  • Ball Flight: These practice balls simulate a real golf ball’s flight but are soft enough to use anywhere
  • Carrying Bag: Callaway throws in a nice, handy carrying bag that makes store your practice balls more convenient

5. SKLZ Limited-Flight Practice Impact Golf Balls

SKLZ Limited-Flight Practice Impact Golf Balls, 12 Pack
  • Regulation size, stronger alternative to plastic training golf balls
  • Indestructible and resistant to dents
  • Train in small spaces with limited-flight design
  • Flight distance of approximately 45 yards

If you’re a bigger fan of plastic practice golf balls instead of foam, the SKLZ brand is worth checking out. These are made from a more durable type of plastic that increases their length of life.  

The SKLZ practice balls won’t shatter over time like some competing brands. The company uses a different type of dent-proof technology to keep these plastic practice balls’ performance at a high level over time.

  • Less Chase Time: You know how foam practice balls can still travel a good 50-60 yards when you hit one really well? You spend a ton of time chasing after your balls instead of improving your swing. You won’t have that problem with these because the SKLZ brand will go much shorter than that.
  • Highly Rated: 4.5 stars on Amazon through 2,617 total reviews
  • Durability: These hold up far better than most plastic practice balls. SKLZ doesn’t make just your average run of the mill wiffle ball

6. Intech Golf Foam Practice Balls  

Intech Golf Foam Practice Balls, 6 Pack
  • Practice anywhere: safe way to practice indoors or out
  • Soft and safe: includes 6 high-density foam golf balls
  • Restricted flight - will not travel as far as a real golf ball
  • Easy visibility - bright yellow in color

If you want an affordable foam practice golf ball, Intech’s brand could be your new go-to. These basic but durable yellow foam balls will hold up during even your longest practice sessions. These are made from six high-density foam to limit the ball flight.

  • Safety: Enjoy practicing with these Intech practice balls indoors or outdoors
  • Firm, but Soft: These balls are firm enough to withstand full swings but soft enough to keep everyone safe
  • Restricted Ball Flight: Less time chasing your shots means more time for practice swings
  • Quiet Sound: Some practice balls have a thumping sound when you hit them, but not the Intech brand. With these, you won’t worry about waking the neighbors up during an early morning practice session (haha)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key factors to consider when choosing a good practice golf ball?

  1. Durability: You need a practice golf ball that will hold up for over hundreds of practice swings. You don’t want to have to buy new practice balls all the time. It’s more fun to spend money on an actual round at the course!
  2. Feedback: A good practice ball will provide immediate feedback when you strike it. When you hit a good shot, you want to know it. This is an important feature in a quality practice ball, but it often goes overlooked.
  3. Ball Flight: This one is a little tricky.  An ideal practice ball will let you practice hitting different shot shapes like draws and fades. However, you don’t want a practice ball that travels too far because then you’ll waste too much time tracking them down. Ideally, look for a practice ball that travels high but not too far.
  4. Safety: If you’re going to be practicing indoors without a practice net or in your backyard, you need a practice ball that won’t cause any damage. A good practice ball should be firm enough to provide good feedback but soft enough to protect other people and their property.
  5. Price: Golfers don’t want to spend more money than they have to on practice balls. The ideal practice golf ball will have all four of the above features but will be available at a reasonable price. A safe bet is to choose a practice golf ball somewhere in the middle as far as pricing is concerned.

How far do practice golf balls go?

Most practice golf balls will travel between 30-60 yards. Plastic practice balls usually end up in the 30-40 yard range, while foam practice balls normally travel 50-60 yards if they are struck well. This range of yardage can change based on wind conditions.

Is it good to practice with foam golf balls?

Yes, practicing with foam golf balls is a great way to dial in your swing.  Foam practice balls are usually safer than hard plastic because of their softness. A golfer can practice hitting their driver and fairway woods without worrying about a foam ball shattering like a plastic ball.

Foam golf balls also provide a more realistic feel and shot shape than plastic balls. The sound of a foam ball is also similar to a real golf ball, which is nice as well. I have always preferred foam practice balls, but I know several golfers that use the plastic balls. 

Plastic vs. Foam Golf Balls

The debate about whether to go with a plastic or foam golf ball for practice sessions is a tough one. Most plastic balls are cheaper but are more prone to getting nicks or dents in them. Some plastic balls will even shatter altogether if you happen to have a fast swing speed.

Foam practice balls tend to hold up better but are usually more expensive than their basic plastic counterparts. Another advantage to foam balls is that golfers can practice various shots and study the ball flight more intently.  Foam golf balls usually provide a more realistic sound and feel as well.

There is no right or wrong answer as to which practice golf ball is better. Like lots of things in golf, this is a matter of personal preference. If you have plenty of room to practice, you may want to opt for the foam practice balls. If your space is limited and you want to save on overall cost, go with the plastic ones.

A Final Word on Practice Golf Balls

Golfers can work on perfecting their swing with either a foam or plastic practice ball. It’s convenient to practice at home at any time without having to drive to the nearest driving range. Plus, practicing at home saves money because the cost of constantly paying for buckets of range balls can add up quickly.

It’s not so much the type or brand of practice golf ball that you choose. The main issue is choosing a practice ball that will make your practice sessions more efficient and productive. Until next time, keep on swinging!

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