One Length Irons: What You Should Know and Are They For You?

One length golf irons have been around for close to 30 years; however, they have only become popular within the last five. When a new club concept comes to the market, golfers are ready to explore and see if this is the way to achieve the scores they have always wanted.

One length irons are sometimes called single length irons, and the terms can be used interchangeably. I know for myself that I wanted to see if one length irons caused me to lose distance. I’m a big fan of consistency, but losing distance is a tough pill to swallow.

I have put together a complete guide on one length irons to help you see if these irons could be a good fit for your game. I was pretty surprised by the results that I got when trying these irons. 

One Length Irons vs. Traditional Length Irons 

There are quite a few differences between one length irons and traditional irons. Although the length may seem like the only noticeable difference, as we know in golf, one change will spark a series of results and impacts.  

Physical Differences

The one length irons will be the same length as the seven iron in your set. This means that your pitching wedge and your four iron will all be the same length. If you have ever compared the lengths of your golf irons, you probably noticed that the difference between the length of short and long irons is quite a bit. 

Having a set of irons that are all the same length is very different. So many golfers are accustomed to changing their stance and setup for each club they put in their hand; the physical differences of the single length irons will make this much more manageable for amateur golfers to figure out. 

I find that most golfers love the concept of the shorter long irons, but some are fearful of the longer short irons. I can tell you that it takes a bit of adjustment but is relatively easier than you would think. 

Ball Flight

As golfers, we know that the length of the club can have an impact on ball flight. With single length irons, the clubs have precisely positioned centers of gravity to help improve ball flight. You will have no issues keeping the four iron down and getting the pitching wedges up high. In fact, most golfers find that the one length irons offer more consistent ball flight.  


The main concern for any player thinking about switching to one length irons in the distance. How can a four iron that is shorter go the same length as a traditional four iron? This is a great question. 

The answer comes down to two key factors in the golf swing; they are confidence and consistency. You can trust me that when your 4 iron is the same length as your 7 iron, you will instantly have more confidence in the club. 

Shorter clubs give us the feeling that we are in control of our shots. 

Golfers do not experience distance loss with single length irons because the golf ball is struck more squarely. When you hit a golf ball in the center of the clubface with full swing speed, your results will be impressive. 

Most amateur golfers are not striking a standard four iron well. However, when deceased the length of the club, just by a bit, players will hit the ball in the center of the clubface and potentially even get more distance. 


The majority of single length irons on the market will be as forgiving as their traditional length partners. Most of the club heads on the single length irons are made very similarly to the standard length. If you purchase game improvement one length irons, you should notice that hitting straight shots with plenty of distance will not be an issue. 


Consistency is probably the most significant overall benefit of the one length irons. Getting the chance to swing a club that feels almost the same each time you need an iron is a tremendous benefit. You have to consider the number of variables there are in a golf game. 

There are differences in weather, course conditions, your swing, and more. Taking out one of these variables and putting a club into your hands that feels and performs the same way every time is a tremendous benefit. 

Who Should Play With Single Length Irons?

Now that you have a better understanding of what single length irons are, the big question becomes, who should use them? Several different types of golfers can benefit from a set of one length irons. 

New Golfers

Learning the game of golf can be pretty overwhelming. There is a lot to learn, and it takes time to become a great golfer. One of the things that golfers tend to struggle with the most is the setup and the stance. 

It’s hard enough to learn a great stance and setup, and then when you find that it changes from one club to the next, it almost seems unfair. The great thing about a set of single length irons is that throughout your set of golf irons, your setup should remain relatively consistent. 

Essentially new golfers will have less to learn if they invest in a single length set of irons. For players that have not had much experience with athletic activities, the single length irons help to make the game more manageable. 

Inconsistent Golfers

We all would like more consistency in our game; however, some players struggle with getting a good round of golf going. If you are an inconsistent golfer, you will hit one shot long, another short, another to the left, etc. You will feel that you are doing all the things you should with your golf swing yet still struggling to hit two of the same shots in a row. 

Most players don’t understand how much a slight difference in stance or setup can make in your results. If the ball position is just slightly off or your feet are too wide, the overall results and impacts of the golf swing are going to be much less impressive. 

Inconsistent golfers will enjoy having every iron the same length. One length golf club manufacturers like Cobra also make one length hybrids and wedges. This can help to encourage even more of this consistency throughout the game. 

Precision Type Players

Golfers that are very particular and precise about their golf game can benefit from the one length golf irons. Have you ever watched Bryson Dechambeau play a round of golf? He is a very scientific player and one of the major supporters behind the one length iron concept. 

Bryson feels that having all irons the same length. He can calculate distance better, be more consistent, and hit precise golf shots that end up extremely close to the pin. 

Don’t get the idea that one length irons are only for higher handicappers or beginners. These clubs will work for a variety of handicaps. Some great players even have custom sets made to the one length specifications. 

Golfers Who Struggle With Long Irons

Long irons are some of the most difficult clubs in the bag to hit. When you hit a long iron, you have to have high swing speeds and a very pure strike. Slower swinging handicap golfers and those that have higher handicaps tend to struggle with this. 

However, when you try to hit a five iron that is the same length as your seven iron, the game becomes quite a bit easier. Golfers will find that the slightly shorter length makes it easier to swing the club with speed and launch the long irons with better ball flight. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Switching to single length irons is a big adjustment. I know I was not sold on the concept until trying it out for myself. Here are some of the questions that I get asked most often about this one length technology. 

Are one length irons better?

One length irons are not better than traditional-length irons. They simply offer some different performance attributes. Certain golfers will find that one length irons are a much better decision for their game. Others will have a hard time adjusting to this more modern concept. 

Do you lose distance with one length irons?

You should not lose distance when switching to single length irons. Golfers tend to make better contact and have higher ball flight, which leads to an increase in distance. You may hit your shorter irons slightly further than usual, but you should not lose distance in your long irons. 

What is the point of one length irons?

The point of one length irons is to make the game of golf more consistent. With one length irons in place, you will have no trouble perfecting a stance and setup that works for you on the golf course. This concept may seem strange; when you try it, you will quickly understand how and why it is helping golfers. 

Can you buy single length irons?

Companies like Cobra Golf specialize in the production of Cobra one length irons. However, even if you don’t purchase from Cobra, custom golf clubs can be made to be one length irons. Don’t cut your irons down yourself without the help of a club-fitting professional. 

When you only change the length of the club, the weighting and relative stiffness of the golf club can change a bit too much. One length irons should be manufactured this way to ensure that the fitting parameters, weights, and feel are all correct. 

Conclusion: Are Single Length Irons Are They Worth It? 

Single length irons are well worth the money you pay if you can benefit from what they offer. If your irons are the strong point in your game, the single length concept may not be necessary. However, if you experience any inconsistency or lack of confidence in your irons, it is worth considering single length irons. The best thing that I found when testing one length irons is that there were no negatives to switching to this type of iron. 

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