6 Most Comfortable Golf Shoes in 2022

When you’re playing golf, it’s essential to have the most comfortable golf shoes. That’s especially true if you play regularly and like to walk the golf course.

You might be out there for up to five hours to complete 18 holes. The last thing you want is golf shoes that dig into your feet, causing cuts and blisters.

Trust us. It’s a horrible feeling when you’re limping around the course. Not only will you suffer, but your golf will suffer too.

Here are the most comfortable golf shoes so you won’t have to go through that.

Most Comfortable Golf Shoes: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: FootJoy Hyperflex Boa
Runner-Up: Skechers Go Golf Elite 3
Best Value: Adidas Tech Response
Best Grip: Under Armour HOVR Drive
Best Traditional Style: Cuater New Men’s by Travis Mathew The Legend
Best Waterproofing: New Balance Striker Waterproofed Spiked Comfort

Best Overall

FootJoy Men's Hyperflex Boa Golf Shoe

$129.95 $119.95

Thanks to the built-in StratoFoam, this is one of the softest pairs of golf shoes you’ll find. It mixes breathability, comfort, and waterproof technology to help you play in any condition.

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01/28/2023 11:44 pm GMT

Overall, FootJoy Hyperflex Boa golf shoes are the most comfortable golf shoes on the market. You won’t have to worry about cuts or blisters when wearing these golf shoes.

Performance mesh gives these shoes a lightweight feel with plenty of breathability, making them fantastic for golf on those hot days. The mesh also plays a part in the comfort of these shoes.

And the StratoFoam insole feels amazing underfoot. It’s super soft, and the optimal energy transfer it gives you means your feet won’t feel tired when you walk the course.

The flex fit almost feels like you’re not wearing anything at all on your feet. However, these golf shoes still give you excellent support.

The Laser Sport Fit has a full rounded toe character and toe spring for comfort. A slightly narrow heel offers the support needed in golf shoes.

Also, these golf shoes are waterproof in everyday use out on the golf course. FootJoy backs that up with a two-year waterproof warranty.


Skechers Men's Go Golf Elite 3 Golf Shoe

These golf shoes are lightweight and comfortable. Put your feet in these for a round and they’ll thank you, especially if you walk the course.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Skechers Go Golf Elite 3 golf shoes are the runner-up for most comfortable golf shoes. They feel great during your round of golf.

These golf shoes are lightweight and super comfortable. The responsive 5Gen midsole offers soft cushioning for the soles of your feet.

You get the comfort Skechers are renowned for with these golf shoes right out of the box. And they offer excellent support for the rigors of golf.

The all-new spikeless-designed traction outsole means your feet won’t shift during your swing. And the durable grip TPU bottom plates give you fantastic traction on the grass.

Also, these shoes are waterproof to keep you protected on those wet days. Skechers offers a two-year waterproof warranty that gives you confidence in that protection.

Best Value

Adidas Men's Tech Response Spiked Golf Shoes

These are the best golf shoes for the money. Hands down. They offer fantastic comfort in spiked golf shoes, are lightweight, breathable, and affordable; players of all abilities can benefit from the technology in these shoes. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Adidas Tech Response are the most comfortable golf shoes that offer the best value. With these golf shoes, you’ll love the comfort and the price as well.

They have lightweight mesh and a synthetic upper that gives you excellent breathability. These shoes feel very light on your feet, which is welcome when walking for 18 holes.

The lightweight Cloudfoam sock liner makes these shoes super comfortable. It feels soft against your feet and cushions them as you walk.

They offer solid support as well and hold your feet firmly in place. And the six-spike ThinTech Outsole gives these golf shoes a fantastic grip.

If you have wide feet, these golf shoes are a great choice. Your feet won’t feel squashed or restricted in them.

Best Grip

Under Armour Men's HOVR Drive Woven Golf Shoe

These golf shoes are incredibly lightweight and add more grip to your game. It feels like wearing nothing on your feet with a breathable upper and membrane.

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Under Armour HOVR Drive golf shoes are the most comfortable golf shoes that offer the best grip. That grip is down to UA Rotational Resistance and Softpike Silver Tornado spikes, a combination that gives you lockdown horizontal traction.

However, these golf shoes also give you incredible levels of comfort. The HD Woven upper delivers lightweight support that molds around your foot for comfort.

The integrated lacing system gives you a locked-in fit. Therefore, you’ll feel supported as well as comfortable.

The 100% waterproof UA Storm technology repels water without sacrificing breathability. So, these golf shoes are a great choice for wet days and hot ones.

And a two-year limited waterproof warranty gives you confidence in that waterproofing. Don’t be afraid to test that out when it’s raining.

Best Traditional Style

Cuater New Men's by Travis Mathew The Legend Golf Shoes


These golf shoes by Travis Mathew are perfect for those who like the traditional look. They offer great comfort and support out on the golf course.

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01/28/2023 09:34 pm GMT

Cuater the Legend golf shoes are the most comfortable golf shoes with a traditional style. These golf shoes are for the purists who want the best comfort and support.

With these golf shoes, you’ll get premium performance and protection. Cuater’s Sweet Spot Technology Cushioning System gives these shoes great comfort levels. And the molded insole only adds to that comfort.

These golf shoes are also made with waterproof construction. There’s nothing like dry feet to ensure your comfort during a round in wet conditions.

The Softspike Pulsar cleats have a 16-component design that reacts to every angle of force exerted by the golfer for an amazing grip. And the cleats are removable, so you can even wear these stylish golf shoes off the course.

Best Waterproofing

New Balance Men's Striker Waterproof Golf Shoes

$119.95 $104.49

The New Balance Men’s Striker golf shoes come with a microfiber upper, lightweight cushioning, and a two-year waterproof warranty. 

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01/29/2023 02:23 am GMT

The New Balance Striker Waterproofed Spiked Comfort golf shoes are the most comfortable golf shoes that offer the best waterproofing. New Balance shoes are known for comfort, and these golf shoes don’t disappoint.

The CUSH+ insole gives you all the comfort you need while playing. However, the comfort on offer doesn’t stop there.

The REVLite 10mm drop midsole gives you added comfort from lightweight cushioning. Both features are designed to feel responsive to your feet.

With ultralight FantomFit support, the microfiber leather upper makes your feet feel supported. It offers a fantastic structure for walking the course.

And if it’s raining, you don’t have to worry. These golf shoes are waterproof and come with a two-year waterproof warranty.

What to Consider When Buying Golf Shoes Fit for Comfort

When buying golf shoes fit for comfort, you should consider outsole, insole, upper, toe box, support, grip, and waterproofing.


The outsole connects you to the ground and can be viewed as the foundation for comfort. You’ll want a padded outsole to get more comfort from your golf shoes.

You’ll see that the golf shoes on our list have padded outsoles. That gives your feet a good spring between them and the ground.

When buying golf shoes fit for comfort, it’s essential to consider the outsole.


Your feet are in direct contact with the insole, so you’ll want it to be comfortable. The best insoles will give your feet excellent cushioning.

It’s crucial that the insole feels soft when you’re walking. Otherwise, the bottoms of your feet will get sore and are more likely to blister.

Also, the best insoles will efficiently transfer energy. That means your feet won’t feel tired after you’ve walked the course.

And insoles that mold to your feet offer high levels of comfort. That’s because the usual areas of your feet will feel the pressure when you walk, lessening any chance of soreness and blisters.


It’s essential to consider the upper when buying golf shoes fit for comfort. This material makes up the outer portion of the top of the shoe.

For comfort, you’ll want an upper that is lightweight. That means it’ll move with your foot, whereas some uppers can be rigid and take a while to break in.

Because your feet move a lot during the golf swing, a rigid upper can cause soreness. As it won’t give way, it’ll rub against your feet when you swing or walk.

That’s a guaranteed way to get cuts and blisters on your feet. And those just aren’t comfortable.

Also, it’s best to have a breathable upper if you’re after comfort. That especially helps on warm days.

Having a breathable upper in golf shoes means your feet won’t get stuffy and sweaty. That can make you feel really uncomfortable during 18 holes.

Toe Box

You should consider the toe box when buying golf shoes fit for comfort. If your golf shoes don’t fit the widest part of your feet properly, they’re not going to be comfortable no matter how much cushioning they have everywhere else.

You should pay particular attention to the toe box if you have wide feet. Usually, golf shoes should be labeled as narrow, regular, wide, or extra wide. That tells you how the shoes fit in the toe box.


Support is also crucial to comfort, so you should consider it when buying golf shoes fit for comfort. Shoes with good support will hold your feet in place.

That’s critical when you’re playing golf. You need that support during your swing.

If your feet move in your shoes, it’ll mess up your tempo. That’ll get you feeling uncomfortable out on the course very quickly.

Also, that movement within the shoes can cause rubbing between them and your feet. So, a lack of support can lead to cuts and blisters on your feet. No good!


The grip is essential for your overall comfort out on the golf course. It’s in your best interests to consider this when you’re buying golf shoes fit for comfort.

You don’t want to slip on wet grass or mud as you walk around the course. You won’t be very comfortable if you have to be careful with every step.

Also, you can forget about comfort if you’re slipping with every swing. Having no grip on your golf shoes on a wet day is a good way to stress yourself out.

And the discomfort of having no grip may not be only mental. Slipping during the golf swing can also cause physical injury. Your comfort will be badly disrupted if you throw your back out.


When buying golf shoes fit for comfort, you’ll want to consider waterproofing. Once your feet get wet, any comfort your golf shoes offered vanishes pretty quickly.

Now, waterproofing may not be necessary if you’re a fair-weather golfer. You can head out onto the course on a sunny day and not worry about getting your feet wet.

However, if you play in any weather conditions or live in a wet climate, you’ll want waterproof golf shoes. They’ll ensure that you stay comfortable even in the rain.

Once your feet become wet, it makes the rest of the round miserable. That’s your comfort out the window for the day.

What Golf Shoes Offer the Best Support?

Traditionally, leather golf shoes with a rigid outsole and upper offered the best support. However, that has changed with golf shoes like FootJoy Hyperflex Boa Golf Shoes.

The outsole isn’t as rigid as traditional golf shoes, while the upper is lightweight and moves with your feet. But the heel is specifically designed to offer the support needed for golf.

So, companies are now finding ways to offer golfers support without making golf shoes rigid. The combination of support and movement is much better than a stiff golf shoe.

Are Spikeless Golf Shoes More Comfortable?

Generally, spikeless golf shoes are more comfortable. They tend to be more lightweight, don’t have spikes, and are usually less rigid.

Being lightweight makes them more comfortable because you don’t feel them on your feet as much. Spiked golf shoes can feel a little heavier, making them a bit less comfortable.

Spikeless golf shoes don’t have cleats or the insert system that holds the cleats. The cleats create added pressure points for your feet when you stand on them. Therefore, spikeless golf shoes are a little more comfortable, as they don’t have the added pressure.

Also, spikeless golf shoes are usually less rigid than spiked golf shoes. The rigidity can cause the shoes to dig into your feet, making stiff golf shoes less comfortable.

Do Pros Use Spikeless Golf Shoes?

Yes, some pros use spikeless golf shoes. The type of golf shoes pros wear often comes down to personal preference and what’s best for their games.

Some pros use a lot of leg movement in their golf swings and need spiked golf shoes for extra stability. Other pros don’t need as much grip and use spikeless golf shoes.

However, it can also depend on the weather conditions. If the golf course is wet and muddy, pros might change to spiked golf shoes. They’ll give them the extra grip they need on the slippery ground.


The FootJoy Hyperflex Boa Golf Shoes are the most comfortable golf shoes overall. They are lightweight and breathable and offer exceptional comfort. These golf shoes are also 100% waterproof. So, you can wear these comfortable golf shoes no matter the weather.

If you want the most comfortable golf shoes at the best value, the Adidas Tech Response golf shoes are the ones for you. They are incredibly comfortable golf shoes and come at a fantastic price. You’ll get excellent grip with these golf shoes. And they are a perfect choice for golfers with wide feet.

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