Low Compression Golf Balls (A Complete Guide)

low compression golf balls

Low compression golf balls have really changed the game for many slower swing speed players. Understanding what a low compression ball is and how it can help will only help you get closer to shooting the scores you need.

I know that it took me a long time to settle in on the best golf ball for my game, and I still test out anything new that comes to the market. Playing with the right golf ball can help everything from the tee to the green. Here is everything you need to know about low compression golf balls. 

What Are Low Compression Golf Balls? 

Low compression golf balls are those with a softer exterior and core that are easier to compress. When you compress a golf ball, it activates the technology in the ball’s core, and you see better ball flight and more carry. 

Golf balls typically have a compression rating from around 40 to 110. The compression rating of a golf ball will let players know how much swing speed they will need to hit the ball well. The higher your swing speed, the easier it is for you to compress a ball. 

How Do They Differ From Higher Compression Golf Balls?

High compression golf balls typically have a compression rating of around 90 or above. These golf balls require a much stronger hit and impact position for them to compress. The higher compression golf balls are typically more than two pieces. 

Golf balls have anywhere from two to five pieces. Each of the pieces within a golf ball adds different types of performance attributes to the ball. The balls that have four or more layers are typically considered tour-level premium golf balls. 

With a tour-level premium ball, the results you get on the course will be just as good as the tee as they are around the green. Some of the ball layers are going to help with distance and forgiveness, while others create spin and feel around the greens. 

Higher compression golf balls are typically known for being better for the short game than a lower compression ball. Since the lower compression is just two pieces and tends to focus more on distance over feel, you have to make sure you choose a ball that still feels good in the short game area.  

Soft vs. Hard Golf Balls

Just because a golf ball is lower compression, it will not always feel soft. With how golf ball technology has changed in the last few years, there are lots of different materials being used. In fact, if you look at the history of the ball, the materials used today are nothing like what we saw in the past. 

The materials combined with modern technology help players to get an increase in their golf shot abilities. For instance, golfers who could not spin the ball in the past use high greenside spin golf balls. Players that struggle with distance are enjoying lower compression balls to get better ball flight and carry. 

You will want to avoid a distance golf ball or two-piece ball with a hard feel around the green. It is tough to get control of this ball when you are putting and chipping. Something with a soft cover like the Callaway Supersoft will be a much better fit for the slower swing speed players. 

With a low compression ball, you can get distance but still get the softer feel around the greens. 

Do Low Compression Golf Balls Go Further? 

Compression in golf balls has a lot to do with resistance and potential energy. For a player with a slow swing speed, compressing the ball and getting distance is essential. However, for faster swing speed players compressing a golf ball is not a challenge. 

When a faster swing speed golfer hits a low compression ball, they can easily get the distance. However, if that same faster swing speed player tries to compress a higher compression golf ball, they will get even more distance. This is gain because of the resistance and potential energy in the ball. 

As you can imagine, this is the exact reason that not all golfers are using a low compression golf ball. As great as the low compression technology is, it is not for all players. 

One thing that you should do to ensure that you are playing with the proper golf ball is to determine what your swing speed is. If you can determine this, you will be better able to choose the proper golf ball for your game. 

Most golf balls will recommend who they are for, based on the player’s swing speed using it. 

Who Should Play A Low Compression Golf Ball? 

As great as a low compression golf ball technology can be, it is not a ball that will work for all golfers. You must ensure that your swing speed falls within the proper range; otherwise, you could actually lose distance by playing with a lower compression golf ball. Here are a few of the golfers who will benefit the most from a low compression golf ball. 


Whether we like it or not, golf swing speeds slow down as we age. This can be very difficult to deal with because it seems there is no control over this. As our bodies age, the muscles are just not as strong, and it’s a tough reality for golfers. 

Luckily, seniors can get quite a bit of their distance back with modern technology, both for equipment and golf balls. The lower compression golf balls are often marketed to seniors, and this is a simple and easy change to make to gain some distance back. 

Low Ball Flight Hitters

If you struggle to get the golf ball up in the air, the lower compression ball can make all the difference. Low ball flight may seem like it helps you hit the golf ball lower and longer, but this is not the case. Lower ball flight typically makes you lose distance, and you certainly won’t be able to stop the ball on the green. 

A lower compression golf ball helps increase the ball flight, gives you spin on the greens, and gets the ball to stop where you want it to stop. 


Beginner golfers tend to struggle with distance and ball flight. Until you get a little more established in the game, making consistent contact can be challenging. Beginners that want to help increase distance initially will like the low compression golf balls. 

As a beginner, when your game starts to improve, you can make the necessary adjustments to your use. Many times beginners find that they have more clubhead speed than they originally thought. At this point, you can move to a higher compression ball and see better results. 

Slower Swing Speeds 

The golfers who benefit the most from low compression golf balls are those with slower swing speeds. The slower your swing is, the harder it is to compress a golf ball. With these lower compression balls, the distance is much easier for a player to obtain, and the overall ball flight will be higher. 

Slower swing speed golfers need to pay very close attention to the compression of the golf balls they purchase. This is a situation where you could end up with a ball that actually makes the game of golf quite a bit harder. 

Best Low Compression Golf Balls

Now that you know everything there is to know about low compression golf balls, it’s time to find some of the best on the market for your game. One of the great things you will notice about low compression golf balls is that they tend to be some of the more affordable golf balls on the market. 

Best Overall: Callaway 2021 Supersoft Golf Balls 12B PK

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

The Callaway Supersoft is one of the lowest-compression golf balls in the game. A new PARALOID Impact Modifier in the cover, high launch, and low spin make it a tremendous addition for any slow-swing speed beginner.

  • Easy to compress
  • Excellent performance for slow swingers
  • Great distance
  • Helps with launch
  • Good greenside spin
  • Many color options
  • Not optimal for fast swingers
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02/24/2024 10:10 am GMT

The Callaway Supersoft golf balls were made to help players that have slower swing speeds. The Supersoft has become one of the best-selling golf balls that Callaway has ever created, and when you play with one, it’s easy to see why. With a compression rating of less than 40, seniors, women, slow swing speed golfers, and juniors have found success with Supersoft. 

In addition to offering great distance, the feel around the greens with a Supersoft is quite impressive. 


  • Available in many colors
  • Durable outer core
  • Easy to compress
  • Higher launching golf ball 


  • Not the best choice for a higher swing speed player 

Best For Seniors: Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Srixon Soft Feel golf balls are incredibly soft, have impressive distance capabilities, and are fairly priced.

  • Excellent value
  • Impressive distance
  • Good feel around the greens
  • Low spin rates and reduced drag for slicers
  • Lower compression golf ball
  • Not as durable as firmer golf balls
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02/24/2024 10:40 am GMT

Although many senior golfers will be pretty happy with the Callaway Supersoft golf balls, the Srixon Soft feel are another great choice to consider. The thing I love most about the Srixon Soft Feel is the way that it responds around the greens. 

The last thing you want is a golf ball that can travel for miles off the tee but feels like a rock on the putting green. With a 338-speed dimple pattern, the Soft Feel cuts through the air with ease, and you will have no issues with getting a higher ball flight from the Srixon Soft feel. 


  • Fairly priced golf balls
  • Great feel in the short game
  • Can produce greenside spin 


  • The cover is a bit thin and won’t be as durable 

Best For Slower Swing Speed: Wilson Staff DUO Golf Ball, Soft, White

Wilson Staff DUO Golf Ball, Soft
$34.99 $30.53

At a ground-breaking 29, Duo soft has the lowest compression, best feel of all competitive premium 2-piece golf balls

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If you thought the Supersoft had a low compression rating at 38, the compression rating of the Wilson Staff Duo soft is going to shock you. The compression of the Wilson Staff is 29, which is considerably lower than any other golf ball on the market. This is a two-piece ball that has some of the lowest spin on the market. 

Low spin off the tee means more roll for you. In addition, there is a harder ionomer blend cover that increases the total distance performance with the Wilson Staff Duo. One thing to keep in mind is that even with all the distance capabilities, the Duo Soft still offers a bit of performance around the green. 


  • Very long distance
  • Lowest compression available 
  • Extremely low spin and higher ball flights


  • Not the best golf ball for greenside spin, and feel

Best For Visibility: Bridgestone E6 Speed Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Bridgestone E6 Speed Golf Balls

The e6 speed is a smart choice for golfers that want speed, distance, and visibility in their golf ball. 

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Bridgestone golf balls are perfect for the golfer looking for a custom fitting in their golf ball selection. Bridgestone has so many golf ball choices, and they have developed an easy-to-use system to let you find the best golf ball for your game. The e6 speed is a smart choice for golfers that want speed, distance, and visibility in their golf ball. 

The Delta Dimple design in the e6 helps ensure that the ball can cut through the air and reach higher ball flights. If you want to ensure that your shots have that proper arc, the e6 can do it. In addition, the optic yellow color of the e6 makes it much easier to find a ball that travels slightly off track. 


  • High ball speed capability 
  • Optic yellow color 
  • Easy to compress 


  • Priced a bit higher than other low compression golf balls 


Hopefully, now you feel a bit better about the low compression golf ball and all that it has to offer golfers. If you hit your driver less than 200 yards, the low compression golf ball could end up making a significant difference in your game. Golf is complicated enough on its own, don’t make it any harder by playing with the wrong equipment. To try out a low compression golf ball today, go with the Callaway Supersoft; the price and the performance make this a brilliant choice. 

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