Improve Your Golf Swing Tempo With These Drills & Techniques

Golfer taking the club back during a swing

Have you ever experienced some days on the golf course where the game feels easy? Chances are there are days that your swing feels effortless. Everything clicks, from the full swing on the first tee to the short game around the green. However, there are days where everything feels entirely off. Many golfers will say that they are having trouble with their swing tempo and timing.

Swing tempo is often confused with swing speed, which are two very different things. Understanding what golf swing tempo is and how to improve it can undoubtedly help you become a better player.

I’ve come up with some of my favorite golf drills for helping you improve your swing tempo. Take a look, and then head out to the range to make some changes to your game.

What is Swing Tempo in Golf? 

Golf swing tempo is the measurement of time that it takes you to swing a golf club. From the start of your backswing to the end of your follow-through, you can measure the time it took you to complete this action. That time is your golf swing tempo.

The Golf swing tempo will vary from one golfer to another. It seems as though the players on the PGA tour have some of the fastest tempos around. However, some golfers have a moderate swing tempo and find it more effective for their overall game.

You can have a fast swing speed and a moderate golf swing tempo. When great players struggle, they often feel as though they slow down their tempo. They don’t slow down their swing speed but rather their tempo to try and get everything more balanced.

Why is Golf Swing Tempo Important? 

One of the most commonly asked questions from amateur golfers is whether or not there is a perfect golf swing tempo. The answer is no. Swing tempo will vary from one player to another. It is essential to be consistent with your swing tempo. 

If your swing tempo is off or inconsistent, new shots that you hit will also be unpredictable. The goal of any golfer is to know where the ball is going before hitting it. Professionals know that even their mishits are not too bad. These golfers have a general understanding of where their misses will end up.

Consistent golf swing tempo will help decrease dispersion seen on the golf course. If you want to lower your handicap and become a better player, this is essential.

Also, excellent golf swing tempo leads to better balance and more distance. Golf swing tempo is an essential factor in the game to work on, and there are some easy-to-implement techniques and drills to help improve your tempo.

How to Improve Your Golf Swing Tempo 

So many golfers aim to improve their golf swing tempo by slowing down their swing. This typically does not work out very well. When a golfer slows their swing down, they often decelerate as they get through the impact position.

When you decelerate through impact, the ball will not travel as far, and it could end up heading to the right, or you may even hit behind it. When you want to work on your golf swing tempo, follow these tips and drills that we have put together for you. Do not slow down your golf swing.

Be More Deliberate & Establish a Routine

Have you ever watched the PGA Tour professional approach a golf ball? Their entire routine is extremely deliberate. Their approach to getting ready for each shot is done precisely the same way, every time. It’s rare to find a professional golfer who runs up to their shot, takes the club back, and swings.

Professional golfers are incredibly deliberate about the way that they swing the golf club. These players often feel as though they are strong, the club is heavy in their hands, and their legs are solid and balanced. 

This deliberate feeling can help golfers remember and repeat their golf swing tempo. Without these clues for your brain and body, keeping golf swing tempo consistent can be challenging.

Start creating a pre-shot routine for yourself. Practice this routine off the golf course and the next time you head out to the golf course, try to implement it into play. With every shot you hit, the routine needs to stay consistent to become more deliberate about your golf shots.

Watch Out For Grip Pressure

Some golfers try to control golf swing tempo in their hands. This is not possible. The grip is our only connection with the golf club; if the grip is too tight, we will be restricted in what we can do when swinging. Therefore, golfers need to be very conscious of grip pressure.

When my game starts to struggle, one of the first things I do is grip the club harder. It seems like a natural move for any golfer, but in the end, it makes the problems much worse.

Grip pressure can sneak up on us. When you least expect it, you will think to yourself, why does the club feel so different in my hands. Many golfers soon find out it’s because they’re gripping the club to death.

Check your grip pressure several times throughout a round of golf. You don’t have to think about it on every swing or every hole. However, throughout your round, ensure that you are loosening your grip and allowing for the natural motion of your golf swing.

If your grip pressure continues to stay too strong, ensure that you have grips on your clubs that are tacky and capable of keeping your hands from slipping.

Get Stronger

If you can increase your strength, you may be able to speed up your golf swing tempo while remaining in balance. Getting stronger allows you to be more balanced and swing the club faster without it impacting your consistency. 

When you become stronger and more physically fit, your body is capable of more. There is no question that Bryson Dechambeau and Phil Mickelson have changed by getting into better shape, which positively impacted their golf swing tempo. 

Perfect The Takeaway 

If a golf swing starts too quickly in the takeaway, the entire golf swing tempo can be off. The golf swing tempo should often feel as though it is 1, 2, 3 on the backswing and a single count of one on the downswing. 

Essentially the golf swing is about a 3:1 ratio. This means that when you are taking the golf club back, you will have plenty of time. There is no need to rush the takeaway as it will throw off the rest of the golf swing tempo. 

Learn to perfect that low and slow takeaway, and you will see positive results with your golf tempo. 

Swing Tempo Drills 

Golf swing tempo is a hard thing to just head out onto the golf course and practice. However, there are a few drills that you can practice to become better at golf swing tempo. Here are a few of my favorite golf swing tempo drills. 

Swoosh Drill

For the swoosh drill, you will hold the clubhead end of your golf club and take some swings with the grip end down. The idea is that you want to hear the club make a swoosh noise when you swing. 

Golfers will often slow down their backswing when holding the club this way, as it is more noticeable if you rush the takeaway. 

With the swoosh drill, it is best to work with an iron. You will feel and hear this the best when using this club, and you can increase your overall performance at a faster rate. 

1, 2, 3, 1 Drill 

The 1, 2, 3, 1 drill in golf essentially explains the theory to golfers that as you swing the club back, you will take three counts, and then swinging the club through and forward takes one count. 

Players need to get used to the fact that the time necessary to complete a backswing is much greater than the time needed to complete a follow-through. A golf metronome can be an excellent tool to use when practicing this concept. 

Feet Together

I know we go back to the feet together drill quite often; however, it is one of the most effective golf drills for increasing overall performance on the course. When you stand with your feet together, you will have no choice but to stay balanced. In addition, some other variables in the swing are removed, so players focus more on better tempo. 

If your golf swing is struggling one day, put your feet together and see what kind of a difference this makes in your game.  

Best Swing Tempo Training Aids

Golf swing tempo is something that a player needs to feel, and that can be difficult. Investing in a golf training aid to help assist with swing tempo is often a good decision. 

Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer

Top Pick
Orange Whip Full-Sized Golf Swing Trainer Aid

One of the best-selling golf training aids on the market, the Orange Whip is a tool all golfers can benefit from. This swing trainer improves the golfer’s club head speed, increases their flexibility level, and enables golfers to attain a repeatable rhythm and temp.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/23/2023 10:24 pm GMT

The Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer is perhaps the most well-known golf swing tempo training device on the market. If you are serious about gaining club head speed while simultaneously improve your golf swing tempo, the Orange Whip is a perfect choice to consider. Keep this handy tool in your bag and use it as a way to warm up for a round or perfect your game during the off-season. 


  • Can carry in your golf bag and take out when necessary 
  • It helps improve golf swing tempo 
  • Very easy training device to use 


  • Comes in a few different lengths, but it is not adjustable 

Lag Shot Swing Training Aid

Great Also
Lag Shot Swing Training Aid

Golf swing training can get complicated, but Lag Shot has simplified the process with the Lag Shot Golf Swing Trainer. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/23/2023 09:09 pm GMT

The Lag Shot golf 7-iron is one of the most popular training aids on the market right now. The idea is that this is a very heavy golf club that helps players feel the importance of golf swing tempo and what it will take to speed up and improve tempo. Overall the Lag Shot golf training aid is a device that will help improve several areas of your golf game. 


  • Can help with short game and accuracy in addition to tempo 
  • It Will make your golf muscles stronger
  • Works indoors and outdoors


  • Expensive pricing for a single weighted club 

Eyeline Golf Metronome Tour Edition – Tempo Trainer Pro Audible + visual Pacing Device

Eyeline Golf Metronome Tempo Trainer
  • Easy to use
  • Loud enough to hear while swingings
  • A lower-priced golf training device
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/23/2023 07:14 pm GMT

The Eyeline Golf Metronome can help players to feel that 1231 rhythm that we have talked about. If you struggle to take enough time on your backswing, we recommend giving this metronome a try. Don’t worry about the exact tempo; instead, focus on the difference between the backswing and downswing and the transition. 


  • Sets up within a matter of minutes
  • Can learn to be more deliberate about golf swings
  • It helps players understand the importance of speed and tempo


  • Not something that you will want to become too reliant on 


Now that you know everything there is to know about golf swing tempo and how to improve it, it’s time to head out on the practice tee and get started working. There are so many great ways to help improve golf swing tempo, and the work you put in will be well worth the time.

Players with great tempo often look like they are barely swinging the club, yet they are getting tons of club head speed. Applying club head speed correctly and creating consistent shots will make you a much better player. Don’t underestimate the importance of golf swing tempo. 

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