How Much is a Golf Simulator in 2022?

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Golf simulators have become more and more popular in recent times. However, you may not know much about how much they cost.

You’re not alone if you ask how much a golf simulator is. The truth is that the cost of golf simulators ranges widely.

In this article, we’ll tell you the cost of a golf simulator and break down everything associated with that cost.

How Much Does a Golf Simulator Cost?

A golf simulator package can range anywhere from $250 to $75,000. You can get golf simulators for under $1,000, while some of the best golf simulators can cost thousands of dollars. Whatever suits you best comes down to your individual needs.

A decent golf simulator package will include a launch monitor, impact screen or enclosure, hitting mat, projector, and software.

Serious golfers who already put a lot of time into playing golf are likely better served spending some extra money on a reliable golf simulator. The best simulators can help you make vast improvements to your game, as these are the most accurate.

However, casual golfers who want a simulator for a bit of fun won’t need to spend as much. Accuracy likely won’t be a big issue for you if you fall into that category.

And then there are simulators such as the OptiShot 2 Golf-In-A-Box Golf Simulator that have a range of games. Simulators like this are great for entertaining the whole family.

As you can likely tell by now, golf simulators fall into low, mid, and high-end price ranges. We can break down the ranges like this: low (under $5,000), mid ($5,000 – $10,000), and high (over $10,000).

The following table gives you the golf simulator cost of popular models.

SimulatorPrice in DollarsPrice Range
SwingLogic SLX MicroSim Home Golf Simulator$235Low
OptiShot 2 Golf-In-A-Box Golf Simulator$999Low
FlightScope Mevo PlusStarts at $4,690Low
SkyTrakStarts at $5,399Mid
Bushnell Launch ProStarts at $8,199Mid
TruGolf Vista 8Starts at $9,895Mid
Foresight Sports GC3Starts at $13,499High
TrackManStarts at $21,495High
Full SwingStarts at $44,900High

As you can see from the table, golf simulator cost varies greatly. What may not be apparent is why the price range varies so much.

Why Does Golf Simulator Cost Vary So Much?

Golf simulator cost varies because you generally need a lot of equipment to set up a golf simulator. Like anything you buy, this equipment can be of higher or lower quality.

You’ll get the most accurate readings and the best golf simulator experience with a high-range setup. These setups look professional and include many worldwide golf courses for you to play.

However, you need the best equipment to get that experience. So, let’s break down the costs associated with the golf simulation experience.

Launch Monitor

A launch monitor gives you data relating to the club when you swing and the ball when you hit it. With a launch monitor, you can get data points such as carry/total distance, ball speed, clubhead speed, launch angle, and attack angle.

Launch monitors are fantastic tools for improving your golf game. Knowing the data behind your game allows you to make the proper adjustments and improve.

Many launch monitors connect to another device like a phone, PC, or TV to give you visual feedback. You can get video playback of your swing with a data overlay.

Also, you can get feedback on your shot shaping through shot tracking. Of course, this visual feedback looks the best on a full simulator.

Launch monitors are super important when setting up a golf simulator. Depending on what launch monitor you choose, it can significantly impact the golf simulator cost.

Check out the Best Personal Golf Launch Monitors for our top picks and more information on launch monitors.

Impact Screen and Enclosure

The impact screen and enclosure you choose will also add to the golf simulator cost. You need something that’ll stand up to the rigors of repeatedly smashing balls against. So, durability will play a big part in any choice.

Also, the impact screen and enclosure you choose affect the picture quality of your simulation. You don’t want blurred images from a bad screen or too much light getting past the enclosure, which will affect picture quality.

These are just some of the things you need to consider when it comes to an impact screen and enclosure. But don’t worry. We cover the rest in the Best Golf Simulator Impact Screens and Enclosures.


A golf simulator projector will also add to the overall golf simulator cost. The projector transfers the image onto the screen so you can step onto the virtual golf course.

There are different types of golf simulator projectors, such as laser and lamp projectors or short-throw and long-throw projectors. Whichever one you get should depend on your individual needs.

For example, short-throw projectors are a good option if you have limited space. You can position these projectors close to the screen, limiting the space you need for the simulator.

However, more than that goes into choosing the best projector for your setup. Check out Best Golf Simulator Projectors for our list and a detailed look at projectors.

Hitting Mat

Getting the right hitting mat is another factor that adds to the cost of a golf simulator. If you’re a serious golfer, you’ll want a hitting mat that feels realistic. That ensures you’re ready for the course after all your practice on the simulator.

Our Pick
DuraPRO Premium Commercial Golf Mat

The DuraPRO Premium is a 5'x3' size mat with club shock, several tee positions, and UV Sun Protection. This golf hitting mat offers tremendous value. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/23/2023 08:04 pm GMT

Also, you’ll have to consider things like size. You don’t want a mat too big or too small for your golf simulator setup.

Luckily, we outline everything you need to know about the Best Golf Mats. You can easily choose the best one for your needs.

Hitting Nets

Depending on your budget, you might want to go for a hitting net instead of an impact screen and enclosure. Using a hitting net means the simulation picture won’t be directly in front of you like on a screen.

Best Overall
Spornia SPG-7 Golf Practice Net

This golf net is reasonably priced. You can use it for a variety of shots, including full swings.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

However, you can view the simulation on an iPad or TV when you use hitting nets. The experience isn’t as good, but at least you can still use the simulator.

Also, using a hitting net lowers the golf simulator cost. Check out the Best Golf Practice Hitting Nets for a rundown on hitting nets.

Device to Run Simulator Software

With simulators, you get software such as E6 Connect and WTG (World Tour Golf) that allows you to play golf courses worldwide. Running this software needs a lot of computational power.

The simulation can freeze and skip if you try to run the software without the correct equipment. You don’t want your game at the iconic Pebble Beach to be interrupted due to a lack of power.

For the best simulator experience, you should get a gaming laptop. It’ll have the power and storage you need to hit the virtual course without any rude interruptions.

If you only use the simulator for the practice range, you likely won’t need a gaming laptop to run that software. A regular laptop or an iPad should be enough for the driving range.

How Much is a Home Golf Simulator?

A home golf simulator can range from $250 to $70,000 or more. It just depends on the equipment’s quality and the setup type.

Of course, you’ll get the best of the best if you pay $70,000 for a golf simulator. But that model isn’t necessary if you’re not a professional golfer.

At the other end of the price range, you’d likely get one of those simulators for entertainment. Simulators that cost $250 are more like games.

How Much is a Good Golf Simulator?

Determining a good golf simulator depends on why you want the golf simulator. For instance, you can get a good golf simulator for around $250 if you want it only for entertainment.

However, a serious golfer who wants to improve will pay more for a good golf simulator. In that case, you can get a good golf simulator for between $3,000 – $6,000.

How Much Does a Custom Golf Simulator Cost?

A custom golf simulator costs much more than your average setup. For instance, the TrackMan simulator has custom pricing starting at $49,995.

That’s a lot of money for a golf simulator. However, TrackMan is top of the range, so you know it will be exceptional quality.

Is Buying a Golf Simulator Worth it?

Yes, buying a golf simulator is worth it. A golf simulator is a fantastic way to improve your game. You can practice at any time and in any weather, which gives you much more time to practice.

Also, golf simulators are great just for playing games and having fun. With a golf simulator, you can entertain the whole family without leaving home.

For more information, check out Golf Simulators: Are They Really Worth the Money?.


As you can see, we were telling the truth when stating that golf simulator cost varies widely. You’re not just buying one thing when it comes to a golf simulator.

The different equipment needed for a simulator can quickly add to the price. So, it all depends on the setup you want to have at home.

Now that you know the price of some popular models, you can choose the best home golf simulator for your needs.

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