15 Funny Golf Gag Gift Ideas That’ll Keep ‘Em Laughing

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Us golfers can take the game a little too seriously at times. So, why not lighten the mood with some golf gag gifts for your significant other or playing partners?

They’re a great way to get the laughs going around golf, especially when you can prank your unsuspecting buddies. Also, golf gag gifts are an excellent idea when your partners or buddies have all the golf equipment they’ll ever need.

These gifts are different from your typical box of golf balls or a golf umbrella. So, let’s check out 15 golf gag gift ideas.

1. Fairly Odd Novelties Golf Drinking Game

Fairly Odd Novelties Golf Drinking Game
$22.99 $16.99
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01/28/2023 07:53 am GMT

The fairly odd novelties golf drinking game is an excellent gift for Father’s Day or a game to bring to an office party. So get the game out, fill the shot glasses, and get the party started.

You get a board with a felt-topped putting surface, two putters, two golf balls, a 19th hole flag, six shot glasses, and even a bag of sand to fill the bunker. The instructions for the game are written on the shot-glass holders – for example, you make everyone drink if you get a hole-in-one.

This miniature golf course can be set down anywhere you choose to play. We support the responsible drinking of alcohol here at TopRankGolf. So, if you’re so drunk you score a six, follow the game’s rules and stop playing.

2. MySack Golf Ball Storage Bag

MySack Golf Ball Storage Bag
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01/28/2023 07:58 am GMT

The MySack Golf Ball Storage Bag is a cheeky golf gift for a male golfer in your life. With the space to store two golf balls, we’re sure you can guess what this suede sack looks like with golf balls inside.

If you’re in any doubt, the declaration ‘it takes balls to golf’ is stitched into the sack. There was never a truer declaration made, and it ensures your husband, dad, or grandad will get a chuckle out of this golf gag gift.

Also, this gift has a practical side because you can attach it to your golf bag for easy storage. The balls are hanging there waiting for you when you lose one out on the course, so you don’t need to go searching in your golf bag.

3. Golf Potty Time Putter

Golf Potty Time Putter
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01/28/2023 04:34 pm GMT

Instead of scrolling through social media when you’re sitting on the can, why not get in some putting practice? We could all benefit from improving our putting.

You can do just that with the Golf Potty Time Putter while also answering nature’s call. This golf gag gift is sure to get a laugh out of the golfer in your life.

It comes with a putting green, a hole and flag, a putter, two golf balls, and a ‘do not disturb’ door hanger. It’s important to let people know you’re occupied.

Who said men couldn’t multitask?

4. Shanker Golf Exploding Balls

Shanker Golf Exploding Balls
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01/28/2023 08:03 am GMT

Catching someone out with Shanker Golf Exploding Balls will give them quite a shock. They’ll expect the ball to sail down the fairway only for it to explode in white smoke on impact.

You’ll need to be creative to trick a buddy into hitting one of these balls. If they touch it or read the logo, your gag could be blown.

Try switching out their ball when they’re not looking and hide the logo of the exploding ball. The next shot will give them quite the surprise.

Just don’t do it if you’re playing in a competition. You’ll get disqualified, and any chance of winning will go up in smoke.

5. GoSports Battleputt Putting Game

GoSports Battleputt Putting Game
$159.99 $144.04
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01/28/2023 08:03 am GMT

The GoSports Battleputt Game is excellent if you want to go head-to-head against friends or family. To score, you must sink a putt before covering the hole and taking it out of play.

Whether in your kitchen or backyard, you can easily roll out the 11 ft. putting matt and start playing. It’s sure to go down well at your next social gathering.

You can play the standard game rules or use the beer-pong-inspired party rules. Golf and beer, what’s not to like?

This game comes with the putting matt, two putters, two balls, and 12 cup caps for scoring.

6. Grilljoy Golf-Club Style BBQ Tools

Grilljoy Golf-Club Style BBQ Tools
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01/28/2023 07:58 am GMT

Grilljoy Golf-Club Style BBQ Tools are an excellent gift for those who love golf and grilling. This set will get a laugh and is practical for those backyard summer BBQs.

This eight-piece BBQ set has a golf-club style spatula, grill tongs, grill fork, grill cleaning brush, extra brush head, two golf-ball style salt and pepper shakers, and a storage bag in the style of a golf bag. Also, the rubber handles look like golf grips.

The set is easy to pack away and carry wherever the BBQ might be. Made from high-quality materials, the tools are durable and will make your next BBQ fun and easy.

7. Nice Shot The Bird Golf Glove

Nice Shot The Bird Golf Glove
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01/28/2023 07:59 am GMT

The Nice Shot Golf Glove offers you a rude way to compliment your playing partner on the course. Sometimes it gets annoying giving your buddy compliments, especially when you’re playing a match and they’re on fire.

This golf glove allows you to express your disgust in a fun way. The next time they hole a 20-foot putt, just flip them the ‘nice shot’ bird.

But this glove is more than a fun golf gag gift. It’s hand-crafted and made from high-quality Cabretta leather.

This glove is comfortable, breathable, adjustable, and gives you a good grip. Also, it comes in 11 sizes, so there should be something for everyone.

8. Eject-a-Putt Golf Prank

Eject-a-Putt Golf Prank
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01/28/2023 08:03 am GMT

We all know golf is hard, so make it even harder on your buddies with the Eject-a-Putt Golf Prank. They won’t know what hit them.

Sneak it into the hole when they’re not looking. The ball will jump back out of the hole when they sink a putt.

You need some stealth to pull off this prank. But if you do it, you can sit back and laugh at the looks on their faces.

9. Golf Flask Gift Set

Golf Flask Gift Set
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01/28/2023 08:13 am GMT

This classy golf flask set isn’t only a golf gag gift but also extremely practical. You get a divot repair tool, a ball marker, and four tees with the 7 oz flask.

That keeps you covered during your round. And if you’re shooting a good score, a swig from the flask can calm the nerves.

A stylish leather pouch holds all the accessories, so you can keep things classy on the course. If you ever strike that elusive hole-in-one, you can toast the golfing gods with this flask set.

It’s a functional and fun gift for Christmas or Father’s Day.

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10. Oji-Emoji Golf Balls

Oji-Emoji Golf Balls
$39.99 $24.00
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01/28/2023 08:13 am GMT

These golf balls are a great golf gag gift for kids or for anyone who likes having some fun. They come in 12 unique emoji designs, from an angry face to a pirate.

There won’t be any ball mix-ups if you’re playing these on the course. And the bright colors are super easy to see, so it’s easier to find the balls. Anyone getting on in age will know how hard seeing white balls can be.

These golf balls are made for distance as well. So, you can gain a few yards off the tee while having a bit of fun on the course.

They make a nice gift for kids and adults who are still kids at heart.

11. Funny Golf Socks

Funny Golf Socks
$15.99 $12.99
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01/28/2023 08:13 am GMT

These golf socks are a fun and practical gift for the golfer in your life. They come in three designs and various sizes.

Made from quality materials, they’re breathable, so the feet won’t sweat. That makes them perfect to wear on the golf course.

They’re also practical if you’re watching golf at home with your feet up. The message ‘SHHH… GOLF IS ON’ should let everyone know you’re preoccupied with the important stuff.

If you’re stuck for a Christmas or Father’s Day gift, these funny golf socks can come to the rescue.

12. ProActive Sports Farting Golf Ball

ProActive Sports Farting Golf Ball
$14.99 $11.99
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01/28/2023 08:18 am GMT

Sorry, but we had to include a farting golf ball on the list. It’s just too funny when you catch someone out with this prank on the golf course.

This golf ball looks realistic, so you can easily swap it with a playing partner’s ball on the green without them realizing it. The magic happens once they take their putt.

It jumps, skids, balks, and farts when they hit it. Just hope they have a sense of humor and don’t take their golf too seriously.

Or that might make it even funnier. You decide.

This farting golf ball is a great way to lighten the mood on the course.

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13. Hide Your Beer Sleeve

Hide Your Beer Sleeve
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Sometimes you want to enjoy a few beers on the course without any judgment. But how do you hide it from other players?

Enter the Unofa Hide Your Beer Sleeve. You just slip it over your beer can, and it looks like you’re drinking a Coca-Cola.

The sleeve fits almost all standard 12 fl oz beer cans, except skinny cans like Coors Light and Michelob Ultra. It covers any markings on the beer can, so you can just see the bottom and the rim.

14. Putt Cup Coffee Mug

Putt Cup Coffee Mug
$23.99 $19.99
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01/28/2023 08:18 am GMT

The Putt Cup Coffee Mug is the perfect gift for the coffee and golf lovers in your life. Not only can you use it to drink delicious coffee, but you can use it to practice your putting.

The mug has a flat side that lies on the ground. This creates the perfect hole for putting practice.

You can place the mug anywhere and practice long or short putts. And the green color simulates the grass on the course.

If you like to have a putt before your morning coffee, this mug will fit your dual purposes. Just make sure you wash it before pouring the coffee.

15. Golf Ball Ice Molds

Golf Ball Ice Molds
$43.98 $14.84 ($4.95 / Count)
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01/28/2023 08:23 am GMT

Some golfers always need an attachment to the game, even when they’re not playing. This golf ball ice mold set lets you keep the game in mind when you’re chilling out.

The 2.5-inch ice sphere looks like a real golf ball with dimple details on the ice. Slow melting, these ice molds are awesome for cooling whiskey and other spirits.

The ice tray is durable and has a leak-proof design, so you don’t need to worry about any leaks. Also, the flat base means you can easily stack the molds in the freezer for your convenience.

What to Consider When Buying Golf Gag Gifts

With so many golf gag gifts on the market, it’s best to know what to consider when buying them for the golfers in your life. That way, you won’t get overwhelmed when trying to find the perfect fun gift. You should consider practicality, humor, budget, and personalization when buying golf gag gifts.


Not all golf gag gifts need to be practical, but it’s always good if they have some sort of practicality. The gift might only be practical in certain situations, like a party, but that’s enough.

The golfers don’t necessarily have to use the gift on the course. Maybe they can practice at home while having fun at the same time.


The best golf gag gifts should be funny for the person getting the gift. Of course, that’s going to change from person to person.

Think about what makes that person laugh. A farting golf ball might do the trick, or a MySack storage bag might get them howling.

Some golfers might like pranks more. So, you can get them exploding golf balls to get them laughing.


The price of golf gag gifts varies widely, with some being much cheaper than others. You might be able to pick up a few great gifts for the price of one.

It depends on the person you’re buying for and how much you want to spend. Consider that when buying golf gag gifts for golfers.


When buying golf gag gifts, personalization can make the gift more special. It’ll likely cost more to add that personal touch, but it makes the gift more memorable.

Personalization can also add humor to the gift. Maybe you could get a personal joke included on the gift, for instance.

Also, a funny message could make the gift better. Whether you make the gift more personal is up to you, but you should consider it with the other things we’ve listed when buying golf gag gifts.

Can I Use a Novelty Golf Gift During a Round of Golf?

Yes, you can use a novelty golf gift during a round of golf. There are no rules against using novelty golf balls, tees, and markers when you’re playing golf.

You should use novelty golf gifts that involve pranks with caution. Never do a prank during a competition round.

Also, if you’re doing a prank during a social game of golf, make sure it doesn’t disturb other players on the course. You don’t want to distract golfers or slow play, for instance.

What Can I Get Someone Who Likes Golf?

There are plenty of golf gifts available for someone who likes golf. If you want to get a serious gift, there is plenty of golf equipment you could buy, from balls to clubs to clothing.

However, you can also buy them golf gag gifts like the ones on our list. These will make golfers laugh and ensure they have some fun with the game.

How Much Should I Spend on a Golf Present?

How much you spend on a golf present depends on the type of gift you want to buy. Getting golf equipment can be expensive, especially if you buy golf clubs.

However, if you want to buy golf gag gifts, these can be very cheap. You don’t need to spend much on these presents. If they make the golfer in your life laugh, it doesn’t matter how cheap they are.


That concludes our list of 15 golf gag gift ideas and our guide to buying them. You want the best golf gag gifts to lighten the mood, make the golfer laugh, and have some fun.

The Fairly Odd Novelties Golf Drinking Game is one such gift. It allows the golfer to have a laugh and enjoy a fun game with friends.

However, it’s good to get novelty gifts that offer some practicality as well as a laugh. The MySack Golf Ball Storage Bag fits the bill perfectly here.

It’s slightly rude in a fun and light-hearted way, but the sack stores your golf balls. You don’t need to go searching in your pockets for balls when they’re right there in the sack.

We think that’s very practical indeed!

Whether you want golf gag gifts for all-out laughs or practicality, you can find the right gift for the golfer in your life on our list.

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