Recommended Ceiling Height for a Golf Simulator

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Golf simulators are an excellent way to improve your game and can be great fun for the whole family. But there are some things you need to consider before getting one, like the recommended ceiling height for a golf simulator.

You must have enough space to install the simulator. That includes having enough room overhead to install the screen and to comfortably swing the driver.

You could get away with less space, but that means restricting the clubs you can use. For instance, you likely won’t be able to use the driver and 3-wood if the ceiling is too low.

Also, you must account for your height or the height of the tallest user. You’ll need more ceiling height for taller players.

Best Ceiling Height for a Golf Simulator

The best ceiling height for a golf simulator is at least 10 feet. That should be enough space to cover most players swinging a driver unless they’re exceptionally tall.

Some golfers might get away with a ceiling height of nine feet. But that should be the absolute minimum ceiling height for a golf simulator.

Let’s look at some factors affecting the best ceiling height for a golf simulator.

Player’s Height

As we’ve mentioned, the player’s height affects the recommended ceiling height for a golf simulator. You or anyone going to play will need to be able to swing without hitting the ceiling.

It’s crucial to be able to swing freely without any anxiety about hitting the ceiling. Also, you don’t want to risk damaging your clubs by striking them against the ceiling.

Swing Height

Swing height is another factor to consider when looking at the best ceiling height for a golf simulator. Sometimes even short players have a high swing.

So, you need to measure the high point of your swing with the driver to make sure it won’t hit the ceiling. And you want to add at least six inches to that so you can make a comfortable swing.

Also, you don’t want to change your swing plane to fit the space. You can start to flatten your swing if the ceiling height is too low. Changing your swing like this defeats the purpose of practicing in the first place.

It’s no good if playing on the simulator makes your game worse. You want to keep your swing the same as you usually play.

We all love hitting the driver and seeing how far we can send the ball. So, it’s best to ensure your ceiling height allows you to comfortably swing your driver. How else are you going to play long-drive contests with your buddies?

Simulator Requirements

Different simulator packages have different space requirements. So, you factor that in when looking at the recommended ceiling height for a golf simulator.

Some simulators need a minimum ceiling height of 10 feet, while others must have a minimum of nine feet. You need to check that before buying the simulator.

You can follow these requirements as long as your, or any other user’s, swing isn’t higher than that.

Launch Monitor Requirements

Most launch monitors with simulation capabilities need a minimum of 8.5 to 9ft to work optimally. The launch monitor might struggle to capture your golf shots in spaces lower than this.

That results in a poor simulation experience. You won’t know if you can trust the readings from your launch monitor.

That’s especially bad if you want to use your simulator to practice and get better. The incorrect data will end up being bad for your game.

Projector Requirements

A ceiling that is too high or too low can negatively affect the projector’s picture quality. For instance, the simulation can appear squashed if you mount the projector too high at an incorrect angle.

You could mount a frame to the ceiling and attach the projector to it. But this is more work for you and could cause some problems.

Installing a projector at floor level is another solution to this problem. These projectors tend to be of lesser quality, though.

golf impact screen

Other Factors to Consider for a Golf Simulator

You must consider some other factors before installing a golf simulator. Accounting for the width and depth requirements is a must.


You should have a space of at least 10 feet wide for your golf simulator setup. That gives you enough room for any wayward shots off the heel or toe.

The ball could bounce off a wall if the space is too narrow. That could lead to an injury for you or the destruction of your property.

Also, the equipment you’re using determines the minimum width of your space. For instance, the SkyTrak launch monitor needs a minimum width of 10 feet.


The minimum depth for a golf simulator is around 10 feet, with the optimal being about 15 or 16 feet. That gives you enough space to swing comfortably and hit the ball far enough for the technology to capture data on it.

Again, different setups have different depth requirements. For instance, you must place the Garmin Approach R10 6-8 feet behind you and allow at least 8 feet ahead of you.

So, this launch monitor needs a minimum depth of 14 feet for optimal performance. But you also need to have enough room to comfortably perform a full swing, which will be different for everyone.

Golf Simulator Checklist

  • Player’s Height – consider the height of the tallest user because they’ll need a higher ceiling.
  • Swing Height – you’ll need the high point of the swing plus 6-12 inches of headroom for a comfortable swing.
  • Simulator – not all simulators have the same height requirements, so always check the minimum ones for your setup.
  • Launch Monitor – they need certain space requirements for optimal performance, so ensure you’ve enough ceiling height for the one you want.
  • Projector – most ceiling-mounted simulator projectors work best at a height of about 10 feet, but you can get floor projectors as well.
  • Golf Clubs – you need a higher ceiling if you want to swing your driver rather than irons.
  • Width and Depth – a golf simulator has width and depth requirements, generally 10ft x 10ft, but some launch monitors have their own dimensions for optimal performance.
  • Budget – premium simulators usually need more space, while cheaper ones generally need less.


How Tall Does a Room Need to be for a Golf Simulator?

The optimal ceiling height for a golf simulator is 10 feet. But the average person can get away with a ceiling height of 9 feet.

Some simulators have a minimum requirement of 8.5 feet. That makes taking a comfortable swing very tight, especially for tall players.

Most golfers wouldn’t be able to swing a driver under an 8.5 feet ceiling.

What is the Ideal Size for a Golf Simulator?

The ideal size for a golf simulator is 10 feet high, 10 feet wide, and 15 feet long. Those dimensions allow you to swing comfortably and get the best out of most equipment.

But some technology like launch monitors has different requirements. It’s always best to check any specific ones the technology you use needs.

Can You Swing a Club With an 8-Foot Ceiling?

You can swing many clubs with an 8-foot ceiling. But most golfers won’t be able to swing every club in the bag.

For instance, many players won’t be able to swing the driver or any fairway woods under a ceiling this height. So, they would only be able to swing irons and possibly hybrids.

But shorter golfers should be able to swing more clubs under an 8-foot ceiling. Also, players with flat swings could possibly use more clubs.

What Do You Put on a Ceiling for a Golf Simulator?

You can put gym flooring mats on the ceiling for a golf simulator. These will protect the ceiling from any possible damage.

Also, these foam mats can protect your clubs if you accidentally hit the ceiling. They’re soft and won’t cause any damage.

What Golf Simulator Does Tiger Woods Use?

Tiger Woods uses the Full Swing Golf Pro Series golf simulator. This simulator is also the officially licensed golf simulator of the PGA Tour and the official simulator partner of the Golf Channel.


Knowing the recommended ceiling height for a golf simulator is crucial before you buy one. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a simulator only to discover you don’t have enough space.

Your ceiling should be at least 10 feet high if you want an optimal simulation experience. But most people can get away with a 9-foot ceiling.

It’s crucial to make sure you can swing your clubs comfortably. Check the high point of your swing with the driver if you want to use it on your simulator.

You want to be able to swing it comfortably without worrying about hitting the ceiling. Also, you don’t want to change your swing and make it flatter just so you can hit the driver. It defeats the purpose of practicing on the simulator in the first place.

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