Which Bridgestone Golf Ball is Best for You? (e6, e12, TOUR)

There are many options out there for golfers who are in the market for new golf balls.  While there are many reliable companies like Titleist, TaylorMade, Wilson, etc., Bridgestone is one of the best in manufacturing golf balls.  After all, the GOAT (Greatest of All-Time) Tiger Woods hits Bridgestone golf balls, so that settles that argument fairly quickly (LOL).

Now that you know you want to hit a Bridgestone ball, there are still many options to choose from out there.  Bridgestone really does offer a golf ball for any golfer at any skill level.  Keep reading to learn about the different golf balls Bridgestone offers and select the best version for you and your game.

A Brief Breakdown of each Bridgestone Golf Ball

e6 Series

Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls
  • E6 is the soft feel, long-distance golf ball
  • More power – softer and larger core for faster compression and longer distance
  • More feel – a soft seamless cover for better spin and feel
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06/27/2022 12:19 pm GMT

I must confess I personally play E6 Bridgestone golf balls, and I am a huge fan of them.  Now that we got that possible bias out the way let’s focus on why this golf ball is so great.  This golf ball is designed for golfers who want maximum distance but do not want to pay maximum prices.  A dozen of these beauties will only run you about twenty bucks.  You really cannot beat that level of value, especially if you are golfing on a tight budget.  Bridgestone made this golf ball for golfers who have average skill level with mid-level swing speeds.  These come in white or yellow colors.

e12 Contact

Bridgestone e12 Contact Golf Balls

Good for golfers that struggle with a slice. This delivers more friction for a greater spin around the green.

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06/27/2022 07:44 am GMT

The E12 Contact series is a small step above E6 as far as price and performance.  The price still is not bad as a dozen will only take about thirty bucks from your wallet.  What is cool about the E12’s is they have differently engineered dimples that cut down on excessive spin.  If you struggle with a hard slice or a duck hook, this is the ball for you, as this ball was designed to minimize horizontal rotation during flight.  Another neat feature for the E12 is that it is available in the standard white and yellow and two striking matte colors of green and red.  The matte red is super unique and always easy to find, even in the rough!

Lady Precept

Bridgestone e6 Lady White Golf Balls (One Dozen)
  • Engineered for Consistency
  • Improved Aerodynamics for Added Distance
  • Softer Feel, Long Distance
  • Soft Golf Ball that also Provides Long Distance
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06/27/2022 01:24 pm GMT

Bridgestone designed these to be similar to the E6 line but specifically for women.  The price is about the same as the E6 and sometimes a tiny bit cheaper.  Okay, I will admit I have hit these Lady Precepts a few times.  There I said it (LOL).  I am not ashamed to admit it because these golf balls are tremendous on and around the greens.  You will not find a softer feel and these babies are great if you want to hit exceptionally high iron shots.


Bridgestone Tour B X Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Premium golf ball designed for golfers with swing speeds over 105 mph.

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06/27/2022 09:49 am GMT

Now we get into the TOUR Series of Bridgestone golf balls.  These are designed for high-level players with low handicaps who do not mind paying a few extra bucks for outstanding performance.  All of the TOUR Series run in the mid forty dollar price range for a dozen.  The B X was designed for folks with insanely fast swing speeds of at least 105 miles an hour.  This golf ball provides maximum distance and maximum spin, and scratch-level golfers definitely appreciate that feature.  It is definitely a rarity to find a golf ball that offers both max distance and max spin, but Bridgestone has done this with all of their TOUR Series balls.  In fact, PGA pros like Big Beefy Bryson DeChambeau, Matt Kuchar, and Lexi Thompson all hit this version of Bridgestone!  It is hard to argue with that level of success!


Bridgestone Tour B XS Golf Ball (One Dozen)

Premium golf ball designed for golfers with swing speeds over 105 mph, with added spin and control.

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06/27/2022 12:21 am GMT

The Bridgestone TOUR B XS was created by the man himself, Tiger Woods.  Woods teamed up with the high-level engineers at Bridgestone to create this golf ball similar to the B X but has a little softer feel and gives a little more spin when chipping around the greens.  No, this golf ball will not make you chip like Tiger, but at least you can say you hit the same golf ball as him.


Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls

Premium golf ball for golfer's with swing speeds under 105 mph who want maximum distance.

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06/27/2022 11:24 am GMT

The TOUR B RX was designed with the weekend warrior hack golfer in mind.  Bridgestone wanted to design a professional-level TOUR Series ball that players of all skill levels could also use.  Research has shown that this ball works well for folks with swing speeds of under 105 miles per hour.  Yes, not many amateurs swing a golf club faster than 105.  Fun Fact:  The swing speed of the average amateur golfer is around 94 miles an hour


Bridgestone Tour B RXS Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Premium golf ball for golfers with swing speeds under 105 mph who want a softer feel and maximum spin.

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06/27/2022 12:22 am GMT

The TOUR B RXS is almost the same as the above B RX but is supposed to be a bit softer around the greens.  This makes it ideal for chip and pitch shots.  Like its B RX counterpart, it was also designed for golfers with less than 105 mile an hour swing speeds.  Legendary PGA Hall of Famer Freddie Couples uses this version of Bridgestone, and who doesn’t love Freddie?

TOUR B XS – Tiger Woods Edition

Bridgestone Tour B XS Tiger Woods Edition Golf Balls

Designed and used by Tiger Woods. For golfers with swing speeds over 105 mph. Softer feel and maximum greenside spin.

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Oh yes, you knew that this one was coming.  The marketing folks at Bridgestone are not dummies.  The Bridgestone executives knew they could sell a ton of these golf balls because they have TIGER written across them.  Also, these golf balls come in a flashy box with Tiger celebrating one of his latest comeback wins which is awesome!  The cool thing is these balls cost the same as any other TOUR Series.  The performance is the same as the B XS, but you have to admit it is a huge boost to any Tiger Woods fan to get to play with the same golf ball as him.  Just keep in mind that these beauties were designed for high-level golfers with swing speeds to exceed 105 miles an hour.  Still, though, we would not blame you if you wanted to play with these bad boys because of the swag factor alone.

Side Note:  Bridgestone also makes the Precept brand of golf balls, including the Laddie Extreme and the Precept Powerdrive. We will not review these in detail since they don’t have the Bridgestone name.  However, both of these versions of Precept have a good reputation in the market.  A nice feature is that both the Laddie Extreme and the Precept Powerdrive typically sell for around one dollar per ball, which is immensely helpful to golfers trying to save money. 

Should I purchase a TOUR Series or an E6/E12 Bridgestone?

This is a tough question as we hate telling anyone how to spend their money, but we will take a stab at it.  Both The TOUR Series and E Series are outstanding options as your golf ball choice but think about a few things before making your purchase.  As painful as it may be, it is time to get gut-level honest about your golfing abilities to choose the correct golf ball for you.  

One, what is your skill level?  If you are a 20+ handicap,  you may be better off sticking with the E6 / E12 / Lady Precept options.  These are all more cost-effective than the TOUR Series, and you could potentially consider using those savings on lessons from a good teaching pro.  Personally, I am about a +25 handicap, so I do not notice much difference in the TOUR Series vs. the E Series.

If you are a single-digit handicap (+9 or better), you can consider purchasing a TOUR Series ball because you may notice a big difference in added performance with this high-level golf ball.  You can justify spending double the amount of money on a higher-performing golf ball because it could actually help shave a few strokes off your next round.  Be honest about your swing speed and select the right TOUR Series ball for you.  Remember, the B X and B XS were designed for swing speeds of 105 or greater.  The B RX and B RXS were designed for golfers with swing speeds of under 105.

Breakdown of Bridgestone’s Online Ball Selector Tool

The folks at Bridgestone offer a very helpful tool for golfers who are struggling to decide what golf ball is right for them due to the enormous number of options they provide.

Check out their Online Ball Selector Tool here Golf Ball Fitting – Find the Ball for You – Bridgestone Golf 

bridgestone golf ball selector tool

Bridgestone calls this their VFIT Ball Selector Guide.  It is immensely user-friendly and easy to navigate on a desktop or mobile device.  Bridgestone studies data from over 320,000 ball fittings to help you determine which golf ball you should purchase.

Here’s a breakdown of the questions that the online guide asks.

  • What brand of golf ball do you currently play?  12 different options are then listed, such as Bridgestone, Titleist, Srixon, TaylorMade, etc
  • After selecting a brand, you are then asked to select the type of golf ball you currently hit.  For example, I did a test run and selected E6.
  • After clicking the golf ball type, the simulation is run, and the selector makes a suggestion.  In my test run, it recommended the TOUR B RXS.
  • Next, you get the option to add in further details to really hone in on what ball you should use.
  • The first option is Performance Preference, and you must choose either Distance, Accuracy, or Spin. Since I sometimes struggle with a slice (hey, it’s a power fade on a good day, LOL), I chose the Accuracy option.  The simulation was re-run, and they now recommended the E12 for me.
  • Next, you select your gender, which did not change the recommendation.
  • Next, you select your age group from the following options:  Under 35, 35-49, 50-65- Over 65
  • Next, you select your normal driving distance off the tee:  Under 220, 220-245, 245-270, and Over 270
  • The next step is selecting your average score.  I know it can be hard to click but be honest (haha).  Under 80, 80-84, 85-93, 94-105, Over 105
  • Shop Shape is the next selection: Hook, Draw, Straight, Fade, Slice.
  • The last option is Shot Trajectory: Choose from Low, Medium, or High.
  • After choosing all those options, you can then proceed to the Fitting Summary Page.  This page provides some intriguing statistical information about your golf ball fitting.  For example, it will give you stats like 91% of E12 golf ball users are male, 82% of E12 users drive the ball under 220 yards, 53% of E12 users hit a slice, etc.  Then down at the bottom of the page, it shows how many golfers have fit to hit that exact version of golf ball.

How would you rate the Online Ball Selector Tool?

We would give Bridgestone’s Online Ball Selector Tool a very high rating, maybe something like 4.8 out of 5 stars.  The user-friendliness allows you to type in your information and get a recommendation in only a couple of minutes.  A beneficial feature was the ability to toggle your performance preference between Distance, Accuracy, or Spin.  Both Distance and Accuracy recommended an E12 for me, but when I chose Spin, it reran the simulations and implored me to purchase the B XS.

The Ball Selector Tool would be fun to play around with before getting together with your buddies for your next round of golf.  If you are playing a wide-open course with not many hazards, choose the Distance option and see what ball is recommended.  If you are playing a new course that you have heard has tight fairways, choose the Accuracy option and adjust your golf ball choice accordingly.  If you are playing a course with tough greens, maybe you choose the Spin option and see what ball the system says you should play.  Overall, the Ball Selector Tool was beneficial, and we would highly recommend checking it out!

Get a more Personalized Ball Fitting by sending a Video

Another innovative feature that Bridgestone offers is personalized ball fittings.  Fred Couples states on their website that all you need is your phone and a friend to film your swing.  Bridgestone calls the process VFIT Video Ball Fitting.

The best way to get fitted for your next version of Bridgestone golf balls is to attend one of the many in-person fittings they offer around the country.  However, Bridgestone offers the video option for those who cannot attend in person.

Here’s a brief breakdown of how to submit a video to Bridgestone:

  1. Take your Driver and tee up a ball.  Then place the box of whatever brand of golf balls you currently hit.  Ensure your buddy knows how to work your cell phone and make sure that it is filmed in Landscape mode (sideways, not vertical).  Also, make sure your friend is roughly ten feet away from you to capture your entire swing.
  2. Line up, let her rip and let the “Big Dog” eat (LOL).  Make sure your buddy records you with the Slow Motion option on.  This helps the Bridgestone engineers fully break down your entire swing.
  3. After making sure your film assistant has captured your entire swing from take away to follow through, send in your video.
  4. Bridgestone will then ask you some follow-up questions about your typical shot shape and your golf game’s skill level.  This further helps them recommend the right golf ball for your particular skill set.

Still Not Convinced Bridgestone offers the Best Golf Balls?

Here are a few more key points that show why Bridgestone is an excellent company that makes phenomenal golf balls.  Bridgestone’s founding father, Mr. Ishibashi, was an avid golfer who had a burning passion for the game.  He came up with Bridgestone’s company slogan, which is “Serve Society with Superior Quality.”  

Bridgestone also has a customer service team that is second to none in the industry.  The Bridgestone Golf corporate office is in Georgia, and they stand by their products with warranties and generous return policies.

Bridgestone has been manufacturing quality golf balls since 1935, so these folks are definitely not rookies in this business.  Perhaps no other golf ball company invests more resources in engineering and research than Bridgestone.  If PGA Tour greats like Tiger Woods, Bryson DeChambeau, Matt Kuchar, Fred Couples, and Lexi Thompson all trust Bridgestone golf balls to consistently outperform other brands, then so can you!

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