5 Best Women’s Petite Golf Club Sets in 2022

Best Womens Petite Golf Clubs

The large majority of women golfers like to purchase complete golf sets. Golf sets are often offered at a fair value, they have tremendous technology, and they can help any female golfer get the distance and forgiveness they need. In addition, the best women’s petite golf club sets are the perfect length for a shorter woman golfer. 

If you are in the market for one of the best women’s petite golf clubs sets in 2022, we have you covered. There is an option on this list for all playing styles and budgets. 

Best Women’s Petite Golf Clubs in 2022: Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: Aspire Pro X Petite Complete Golf Club Set

Best Overall
Aspire Pro X Petite Complete Set
$549.99 $447.00
  • Fast ball speeds
  • Premium ladies shafts 
  • Thinner club face than other petite sets
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02/23/2024 12:35 am GMT

The Aspire Pro X Petite Complete Set is our best overall choice for the female player. Petite women golfers get a perfect club set makeup, consistent launch, and impressive distance with the Aspire Pro X. Without sacrificing any of the forgiveness this club has to offer, Aspire was able to increase the ball speed that women golfers can get. 

Increased ball speed helps to ensure that the petite golfers can get the distance they deserve from their shots. The very thin face on the Aspire Pro X golf clubs has helped to increase overall performance and roll. In addition, the premium shaft is lightweight and easy to swing. 

This Aspire Pro X set includes a driver, 3 wood, 4 & 5 hybrids, 7-SW, putter, cart bag, and four headcovers. For the price, this is an excellent value for petite women golfers. 


  • High ball speed helps increase distance
  • Perfect set makeup with two hybrids included 
  • Tour pride multi material grips for better feel 


  • One more fairway wood would help round out the set 

2. Best Value Ladies Petite Set: Founders Club Believe Women’s Petite Complete Golf Club Set

Best Value
Founders Club Believe Women's Petite Complete Golf Club Set
$499.00 $429.00
  • Maximum forgiveness 
  • Very fair pricing 
  • High launching irons 
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02/23/2024 07:06 pm GMT

For the woman golfer on a budget, the Founders Club Believe Women’s Ladies Complete Set is a great choice to consider. This set comes with a large 460cc driver, 3 wood, two hybrids, 7-SW, putter, golf bag, and even a matching rain hood. 

The Founders Club Believe clubs are made with flexible graphite shafts for the slower swing speed player. This would be a set that focuses more on forgiveness than on distance. Therefore if you are looking to keep things consistent and down the center of the fairway, this would be a great option to consider. 


  • Easy to hit a fairway wood
  • Very lightweight golf clubs 
  • It comes with a practical and durable golf bag 


  • Not a great golf set for faster swing speed players 

3. Best Premium Ladies Petite Set: Tour Edge Moda Silk 

Best Premium
Tour Edge Moda Silk Womens Golf Club Set
  • Lage 460cc offset driver
  • Great set makeup with plenty of clubs 
  • Sturdy and long-lasting cart bag
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Although the Tour Edge brand may not advertise the same way Callaway or TaylorMade does, their technology is just as good. The Tour Edge Moda Silk is one of the best premium ladies’ petite set options on the market. The pricing is slightly higher than other petite sets, but this is still a valuable option. 

The Tour Edge Moda Silk comes with a large 460cc offset driver, two fairway woods, two hybrids, the 7-SW, a putter, a golf bag, and headcovers. Most players will not find any reason to add to the clubs in this bag and instead will be completely satisfied with the set makeup offered. 


  • Very low center of gravity 
  • Impressive hybrids that are easy to launch from the rough 
  • Oversized irons with all graphite shafts 


  • Pricing can be a little higher than other brands 

4. Best Ladies Petite Set For A Beginner: Ram Golf Accubar Plus Ladies Petite Golf Club Set

Best for Petite Beginner
Ram Golf Accubar Plus Ladies Petite Golf Clubs Set
  • Oversized golf driver head
  • Graphite shafts in all clubs 
  • Comes with two hybrids 
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02/24/2024 02:35 am GMT

Finding a great set of beginner golf clubs for ladies can take some work. The Ram Golf Accubar Plus Ladies Golf Clubs are perfect for a beginner golfer. This set comes with a fantastic makeup and has a very fair price associated with it. 

If you are a beginner player on a budget but do not want to sacrifice forgiveness and distance, the Ram Golf Accubar is an excellent option to consider. This set comes with a 460cc driver, 3 wood, two hybrids, 6-SW, and a putter. 

This is a perfect set makeup for the new golfer that needs to learn how to hit irons, hybrids, and fairway woods. Each of the clubs is lightweight and will get impressive launch and distance control. You won’t have to worry about your ability to get the distance and forgiveness you need with the Ram Golf Accubar Plus Ladies set. 


  • Comes in petite size of one inch short
  • Has a perfect set makeup for a beginner 
  • Comes with matching headcovers


  • Not the same feel as other more premium ladies petite sets 

5. Most Forgiving Ladies Petite Sets: Wilson Golf Profile SGI Women’s Complete Golf Set 

Most Forgiving
Wilson Golf Profile SGI Women's Complete Golf Set
  • It comes with nine golf clubs
  • The cart bag is lightweight but has lots of storage
  • Very stable and forgiving at impact 
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The Wilson Complete Package Set is an excellent option for female golfers that needs extra forgiveness in their golf clubs. Wilson has been known for creating forgiving golf clubs for years. Each of the clubs they make helps promote higher launch and increased distance. 

This particular Wilson Complete Set comes with a driver, 3 wood, 5 hybrid, 6-PW, and putter. Although these clubs are very forgiving and easy to hit, we do wish that Wilson through in an extra hybrid or fairway wood. In addition, the sand wedge is a club that you will have to add to the set. 

Essentially these clubs are designed to be very high launch and promote a straighter ball flight. Regardless of the petite lady golfer’s skill level. In addition, the higher trajectory is an excellent option for those that struggle to get higher ball speeds. 

Some women golfers that are shorter have a hard time generating enough club head speed, but the Wilson Complete Package Set can make a real difference. 


  • Will help with both distance and launch control 
  • No long irons, only hybrid and 3 wood
  • Impressive performance from the rough 
  • Lightweight golf clubs 


  • Set makeup really needs a sand wedge and maybe one more hybrid 

What to Consider When Choosing Golf Clubs for Petite Women

Choosing the best set of women’s golf clubs for a petite lady requires a bit of knowledge. First, you must understand the difference in these sets to adequately select the best one for your needs. 

One of the most important things to look for in a petite set is the length. Petite golf clubs typically are one inch less than the standard women’s golf clubs. Here are a few other things to consider when purchasing the petite ladies’ sets. 

Club Set Makeup

The club set makeup is the number of clubs and the types of clubs in the golf bag. Most women’s golf club petite sets will come with a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, irons, wedge, and a putter. 

The most important thing that we recommend looking for in a petite ladies’ set is a mix of woods, hybrids, and irons. You will want to ensure that you have the proper tools to hit from any area on the golf course. Ensuring that these tools are in place is essential. 

In addition, pay close attention to the short game part of the set makeup; many manufacturers keep the sand wedge out of a women’s set even though it is an essential club to have. 

Shaft Type

There are many different golf shaft types on the market; however, the graphite ladies shaft is almost always the best option for women golfers. With a graphite ladies’ shaft, women golfers can get all the distance and forgiving technology they need. 


The flex is almost always a ladies’ flex unless the female golfer has quite a bit of club head speed. The primary issue that petite women golfers find is that their height will limit the club head speed that they can get. Therefore, a more flexible golf shaft is necessary when your club head speed is limited.


Ladies’ petite golf club sets should always be lighter in weight. However, if you see that the club head has some tungsten weighting or a little extra mass in the club head, this is fine. Golf clubs must have a certain amount of weight in the head to help get the ball out of the rough. 


The great thing about the ladies’ petite sets is that they are like custom golf clubs, but they are offered at the same price as the traditional golf club sets. If you purchase petite clubs for women that are not part of a complete set, chances are you will have to pay extra for customization. With the petite sets, this is not a concern. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, there are not as many women’s petite options on the market as standard women’s golf club sets. Therefore it pays to ask some additional questions and ensure you have all the info you need before your final purchase. 

Who Needs Petite Ladies Golf Clubs?

A golfer less than 5’4″ should consider a petite ladies set. The petite set is the best fit for the golfers around the 5’2″ and below range. These clubs will need to be measured based on the height of the player and the arm length of the player as well. These two measurements will play into a woman golfer’s overall proper club length. 

Difference Between Petite and Regular Golf Clubs for Women?

The only significant difference between a ladies’ petite and a ladies’ regular golf club is the length of the club. The standard ladies’ golf clubs are one inch longer than the ladies’ petite club sets. The most important part of this process is to get fitted to see the club length that would work best for your game. 

How tall should you be for women’s petite golf clubs?

Women’s petite clubs tend to be the best fit for those that are less than 5’4″ tall. If you are shorter than 5’0″, there are times that even the petite set can feel a little too long. 

What is a petite golf set?

A petite golf set is a golf club set designed to help golfers that are not quite as tall as others. With the clubs being about one inch shorter than standard, shorter golfers can still get plenty of ball speed and control.

How Long Are Petite Golf Clubs?

Petite golf clubs are about one inch shorter than a standard women’s golf club. With the way that lofts and center of gravity are played within today’s golf world, it is a good idea to look at the actual specs of each of the clubs in a set before you purchase. Understanding these measurements will help you see if a golf club set will fit you. Try to base everything off of a seven-iron length. 


Hopefully, you now feel as though you can purchase a women’s petite golf club set with confidence. There are some great options on the market, and the most essential part of this process is to ensure that you get a set that is fit for your needs as a player.

The Aspire Pro X Petite is the best choice for the golfer that wants a good mix of technology for a very fair price. The Aspire Pro X also comes with a high-quality golf bag that will last you for many years. Whether you are new to the game or simply ready for an upgrade, this is a set of golf clubs to consider looking into. 

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