6 Best Women’s Golf Irons to Improve Your Game in 2023

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With irons making up most of the golf club set, women players must have a set they feel confident with. Many women golfers are unsure if the best women’s golf irons are hybrids, include a wedge, should be a game improvement style, etc. With all the options out there, it can be hard to make a decision. 

The good news is some irons feature impressive technology, plenty of distance, and a ball flight that will help to score tremendously. We have tested all the latest releases in women’s irons this year, and here is how they ranked. 

Best Women’s Golf Irons: Reviews

TaylorMade Women’s Stealth Irons & Hybrids Combo Set

Best Overall
TaylorMade Women's Stealth Irons and Hybrids Combo Set

The TaylorMade Stealth Golf Irons are fast, and have Echo Damping technology for a better feel and incredible overall forgiveness; this is a club that will have leading technology for years to come. 

  • Available as a combo set
  • Fast and forgiving
  • Echo damping technology
  • Better feel than SIM 2 Max
  • High release price
  • TaylorMade Stealth Rescue to complete the set is expensive as well
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Set Makeup: 4, 5 Hybrid / 6 – PW, AW (8-Club Set), Graphite Shafts

Each year that TaylorMade releases its new set to the market, we wonder how much better it could be. To be completely honest, some years, there is not all that much difference in the set. However, in the case of the TaylorMade Stealth golf irons, we noticed some really impressive advances in both the feel and total distance. 

One of the things that helped the TaylorMade Stealth irons earn the top spot on the list is the new Cap Back Design with toe wrap construction. Some women’s golf irons are made a little bulky and missing that sleek, workable design from which great players benefit. You won’t find that to be the case with Stealth. 

In addition, this TaylorMade Stealth has features like the 450SS face that will help higher handicappers. The Speed Pocket technology also encourages more distance to the mid-handicappers. In other words, you can purchase this set, and it can stay with you for many years. 

Wilson Women’s D9 Irons

Budget Pick
Wilson Women's D9 Irons

The Wilson D9 Golf irons have high ball speeds, tons of distance, and a classic cavity back-looking profile. 

  • Large sweet spot
  • Higher launch angles
  • Increased greenside control with a bit more spin
  • Lightweight enough for slower swing speeds
  • Distance and ball speeds are not quite as high
  • Top-down look is not the best on this list
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Set Makeup: 6 – PW, GW, SW (7-Club Set), Graphite Shafts

If you are on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice performance or distance, the Wilson D9 could be an excellent option. These clubs were specifically designed for the woman golfer and had a mix of speed and forgiveness. We highly recommend this set for the slower swing speed woman golfer. 

When testing the Wilson D9 irons, we noticed they were extremely consistent. Although not the longest irons on this list, we could predict the performance almost every time we swung the golf club. This game improvement club has a wider sole and a low center of gravity to help increase launch. 

Titleist Women’s T400 Irons

Premium Pick
Titleist Women's T400 Irons

The Titleist T400 Irons are for golfers looking for longer distances, higher launch, and some of the most premium performance in the game. 

  • Tungsten weighting in the heel and toe
  • Higher and farther launch
  • Great for moderate swing speeds
  • Progressive set design
  • Expensive golf iron set
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Set Makeup: 6 – PW, AW, GW (7-Club Set), Graphite Shafts

There are a few companies in the golf industry that are known for premium performance and feel; Titleist is without a doubt one of the best. As Titleist has expanded their iron choices through the years, more and more good options have opened up for the female golfer. These Titleist T400 are our favorite premium golf irons for women. 

The Titleist T400 has a super thin face to help improve overall ball speed. In addition, the club is built into almost a hybrid style with a thick sole and lower enter of gravity. Launching the golf ball won’t be a problem, regardless of your lie. 

One of the things that stood out about the T400 irons is the feel. These golf irons have an impressive feel you will notice as soon as you start hitting golf shots. Ask any great player in the game, and they will explain that a Titleist set of irons will last for quite some time. 

Callaway Women’s Big Bertha Reva Irons

Most Forgiving
Callaway Women's Big Bertha Reva Irons

The Callaway Big Bertha Reva features the Tungsten Energy Core and AI Flash Face Cup to give players some of the most fine-tuned forgiveness in the game. 

  • Impressive total distance and ball speed
  • Use of Tungsten for higher speeds but more personalized forgiveness
  • Low center of gravity
  • Manufactured with forgiveness in mind
  • Doesn’t feel quite as long as the Callaway Rogue ST Max
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Set Makeup:

  • 6 – PW, AW, (6-Club Set), Graphite Shafts
  • 5 – PW (6-Club Set), Graphite Shafts
  • 6 – PW, SW, (6-Club Set), Graphite Shafts
  • 5 – PW. AW (7-Club Set), Graphite Shafts
  • 5 – PW. AW. SW (8-Club Set), Graphite Shafts
  • 5 – PW. SW (7-Club Set), Graphite Shafts
  • 6 – PW, SW, AW (7-Club Set), Graphite Shafts

When Callaway put together the Big Bertha Reva iron, they decided to make it all about forgiveness. Knowing what we know about Callaway and performance, there is still plenty of distance and great feel in this set of clubs. However, the forgiveness is hard to beat. You will benefit from a Tungsten Energy Core and the Urethane Microspheres that help promote an impressive feel and reduce unwanted vibration. 

The iron is high launching and comes with a premium golf shaft. One of the things that players notice about a forgiving golf iron is that the feel is sometimes off. It can feel a little soft or almost dead when contact is made. The Reva still has a strong jump off the clubface, even though so much forgiveness is built in. 

Callaway Women’s Rogue ST Max OS Lite Irons

Best Game Improvement
Callaway Women's Rogue ST Max OS Lite Irons

The Callaway Rogus ST Max OS Lite has tons of ball speed, precision tungsten weighting, and the patented Urethane Microspheres; the combination allows for distance, forgiveness, and feel. 

  • One of the highest launching Callaway irons for women
  • Wide soles for added forgiveness
  • Enhanced offset to straighten out the ball flight
  • Impressive feel with Urethane Microspheres
  • The club head is a little large in the OS version
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Set Makeup: Several configurations, all Graphite Shafts

The Callaway Rogue ST Max OS Lite are the best game improvement irons for women golfers. These clubs are built with really high ball speed coming off the face, impressive launch, and spin that can help you control the ball. So many women’s golf irons are lower spinning to help with distance, but at some point, it becomes important to stop a ball on a gree. 

If you know anything about the Rogue series, you know that there was some trouble with feel and sound in the past. Those issues have all been corrected, and the new precision tungsten weighting and AI Face optimization allow for some of the better feel you will find in a game improvement club. 

Cobra Air-X Women’s Iron and Hybrid Combo Set

Best For Beginners
Cobra Air-X Women's Iron and Hybrid Combo Set

The Cobra Air X Combo is a lightweight, low-profile design specifically built for the beginner player and those needing extra distance and forgiveness. 

  • High launching
  • Very lightweight golf shaft and grip
  • Variable thickness face for higher ball speeds
  • Fair pricing
  • Too lightweight for the faster swing speed golfers
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Set Makeup: 5, 6 Hybrid / 7 – PW, SW (7-Club Set), Graphite Shafts

As a beginner choosing golf clubs can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily the Cobra Air X Combo makes this considerably easier with this impressive combo set. The Cobra Air X irons hit on all the key points that a beginner woman golfer would need. They are lightweight, have forgiveness and ball speed in the club head, and are more affordable than other options on the market. 

One of the reasons we love the Cobra Air X Combo is that it includes the hybrid. These irons flow perfectly into the iron set and will help new players learn how to transition between golf clubs. The Air X Combo is also an offset design to help eliminate a slice for the new players. 

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What to Consider When Buying Women’s Golf Irons?

Now that you know which golf women’s golf irons will stand out as the best this year, it’s time to narrow down which could be for your needs. Some golfers are brand loyal and choose from one brand only. Others will go for the lowest-priced iron on the market. However, before you decide, some things are worth considering. 

Set Makeup

Probably the most critical part of this decision is deciding on the right club set makeup for your golf bag. Years ago, irons were sold for women in a 5-PW set, and that is just what players grabbed off the set. Today, everything in the golf world is customizable, including the club set makeup. 

Don’t purchase the 5 iron if you never use it. In fact, many of these sets only go as high up as the 6 iron. Many women players feel they don’t have the speed necessary to hit the ball far enough with the 5 and 6 irons in their hands. 

On the other end of the iron set in the short irons, make sure you are smart about the wedges and which ones suit your needs the best. A gap wedge is an excellent addition to span that space between the pitching wedge and the sand wedge. A gap (or approach wedge) that matches your irons is typically a good idea. 


The brand of women’s golf irons you choose will likely be a personal decision. However, some golf club manufacturers make clubs specifically for women players. Callaway, Cobra, and Wilson have long been known in the women’s golf industry as looking after those with slower swing speeds and helping to improve overall launch and distance. 

Although it can be tempting to choose a considerably less expensive knock-off brand, we encourage you to think about longevity on a set of irons. Brand selection could be important for a woman golfer who plays a few times a week. 

We have Titleist golf irons that have held up well, with no damage to the grooves for ten years. Although the technology is slightly dated by the 10-year mark, the clubheads are still in great shape.

Iron Type

Women golfers have trouble getting a golf ball up in the air. This leads many golf manufacturers to create hybrid-type golf solutions for women players. The hybrid clubs are very effective but aren’t always great for the short game. 

This is why a set with a progressive design is often the best option. Progressive design golf irons have a wider sole in the mid to long irons and a thinner sole in the short irons. This gives you a bit more feel and playability in the shorter clubs but still allows for that extra distance and forgiveness in the long clubs. 

The iron type choices for women are limited. Low handicap women players looking for more of a players distance or blade style club will need to purchase a “men’s club” and have it re-shafted to fit their specifications. 

Golf Shaft 

Without going for a custom golf club fitting, it can be hard to determine if you need a custom golf shaft in your irons. For most women golfers with a slower swing speed, a lightweight graphite shaft that is typically the stock shaft in the club will be a perfect fit. Some women players have fast swing speeds, and these golfers need to consider even a men’s golf shaft. 

Typically speaking, the stock shaft in the club is a good choice unless you go after the ball. For instance, women LPGA players sometimes use steel shafts in their irons because of their club head speed. If you fit into this category of players, think about custom golf shafts. 

Club Fitting? 

The golf shaft options bring up the topic of whether or not a custom golf club fitting is necessary. Custom golf fittings can be a great way to learn about your game, but they often result in unrealistic recommendations for you as a player. If you are a casual woman golfer who plays golf a few times per month, chances are the data and statistics that point you to the $2500 set of irons are unnecessary. 

Club fitting is a smart choice for the avid woman golfer that needs something that will work for their game day in and day out. Beginners don’t typically need the fitting because they have not established much consistency in their golf clubs. 

If you update your clubs every few years, have a good idea of your strengths and weaknesses, and know your swing speed, most women’s golf clubs do not need to be custom fitted. Of course, it’s good to know if your height puts you into a petite or tall club, but that is an adjustment that can be made without a club fitting. 


As you saw from our list of the best women’s golf irons, these clubs will range in price from around $600 a set to more than $1000. It’s a good idea to figure out the cost per club when you compare one set to another. Sometimes it looks like TaylorMade or Callaway are $100 more, but they are really just including an extra golf club. 

The iron set as a whole is the most expensive part of a golf bag, but when you look at the individual price per club, the irons are considerably more affordable than hybrids, fairways, and the driver. 

With the technology we found in these top six best women’s golf irons, you can expect at least 5 years of solid performance and relevant speed and distance. In other words, think about the price you are paying and split it up over the life of the irons. Try not to focus on the release price. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

As we mentioned, golf irons should last you 5-10 years; therefore, this is a big decision, and it’s wise to ask some good questions before making the final purchase. Here are a few questions we are most frequently asked about the best golf irons for women. 

What are the most forgiving women’s irons?

We found the Callaway Big Bertha Reva to be the most forgiving irons. However, besides being forgiving, these golf clubs also had impressive feel and distance. This set was designed from the ground up to offer forgiveness, and they succeeded in their mission. 

What size golf clubs do I need as a female?

Women’s golf irons are made for women who are 5’4″ to 5’8″; if you fall outside of this range, a custom set of golf irons will be the best option for you to consider. 

What are the best golf irons for a lady beginner?

The best golf irons for a beginner lady are the Cobra Air X Combo irons. This set is fairly priced, has excellent distance performance, and will be some of the more forgiving clubs on the market. These are all features that help it stand out for the woman beginner. 

What’s the difference between men’s and women’s golf clubs?

The main difference between men’s and women’s golf clubs is the length and weight of the club. With a women’s golf club, you will deal with something about an inch shorter than a men’s golf club. In addition, the shaft is often lighter and more flexible in the women’s golf clubs, making it easier for women players to get the distance. 

Can women play with men’s golf clubs?

Women golfers can play with men’s golf clubs if they are taller or have very fast swing speeds. Most women golfers will not do that well with men’s golf clubs, but some can handle it. Many LPGA tour golfers play with women’s golf clubs. 


We hope you can now confidently choose a set of women’s golf irons. There are so many great options, but the TaylorMade Stealth irons check all the boxes for the female golfer. With incredible distance technology, high ball flight, and impressive overall feel, the TaylorMade Stealth is an iron that should be on your list as you shop this year. 

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