The Best Women’s Golf Bags in 2022 (Stand & Cart Bags)

A golf bag is more than just a place to hold your golf clubs. The bag can ensure that your clubs are protected from damage, and it is also a way to stay organized on the golf course. The golf bag is a way to represent your style as well. 

Finding the best women’s golf bags can be a tough task. There are so many great options on the market for women golfers to choose from. We have picked some of our favorite women’s stand bags and women’s cart bags in 2022. 

Best Women’s Golf Bags: Our Top Picks

Women’s Stand Bags

Women’s Cart Bags 

Best Women’s Stand Bags: Reviewed

Best Overall: Callaway Chev 2022 Women’s Stand Bag

Best Overall Stand Bag
Callaway Chev 2022 Women’s Stand Bag
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The Callaway Chev 2022 Women’s Stand Bag is the best option for women golfers looking for a stand bag. This design is great looking, has bold colors and patterns, and is very lightweight. 

The new ripstop fabric from Callaway ensures that this bag will last a long time. If you like to walk the golf course and even carry your bag from time to time, the Callaway Chev 2022 is a perfect choice. 


  • Full length dividers to keep clubs protected
  • LIghweight golf bag 
  • Insulated water bottle pocket


  • Only four dividers means some clubs will be touching 

Best Premium: Ping Hoofer Lite Stand Bag

Best Premium Stand Bag
PING Hoofer Lite Women's Stand Bag
  • Weighs just 5 pounds 
  • Backpack to single strap conversion
  • Large apparel pocket
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The Ping stand bags for women have always stood out as some of the best. This new Ping Hoofer Lite is one of the best-looking stand bag options, even if it does cost a few dollars extra. The bag has a cart strap pass-thru to help for the days you want to walk instead of ride. 

A 4 way top helps you create some separation between clubs. In addition, there are added storage areas inside of some of the pockets. We love the convertible strap, so you can use this bag on carts or while carrying. 


  • Very lightweight option 
  • Zip-off ball pocket
  • Cart strap channel 


  • Can be more expensive than other bags 

Best Lightweight Women’s Golf Bag: Sun Mountain 3.5 LS Stand Bag

Best Lightweight Women's Stand Bag
Sun Mountain 3.5 LS Stand Bag
  • 3.5 pounds
  • Has 14 way top 
  • Dual strap system 
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The Sun Mountain 3.5 LS golf bag has a 14 way top, making it one of the only bags on the market for keeping your golf clubs separated. The bag has a total of ten pockets to help ensure that you can organize all of your gear. 

One of the interesting things about the Sun Mountain 3.5 LS is that it is one inch shorter than a standard bag for men. This is not a common feature in women’s golf bags, but it makes a lot of sense! 


  • Very lightweight option 
  • Still has plenty of club protection 
  • Comfortable carry 
  • Includes matching rain hood


  • Expensive golf bag 

Best Women’s Cart Bags: Reviewed

Best Overall: Sun Mountain Stellar Cart Bag

Best Overall Cart Bag
Sun Mountain Stellar Cart Bag
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Don’t be surprised to see the Sun Mountain name on this list a few times. The Sun Mountain Stellar is a brand new release, and it has fourteen individual dividers and eleven total pockets. The dividers are full length, so your clubs will have complete protection. 

The cart strap pass-through will help ensure that your bag stays stable on the cart. There are also cart bumpers on the bag, a new technology for 2022. So essentially, once you have this bag in place, it’s not going anywhere. 


  • A few colors to choose from
  • Great protectin of the clubs 
  • Weighs less than 6 pounds 
  • Matching rainhood
  • Front facing pockets


  • Large golf bag can be a bit cumbersome to lift in and out of car 

Best Value: TaylorMade Select ST Cart Bag

Best Value Cart Bag
TaylorMade Women's Select ST Cart Bag
  • 15 full-length dividers
  • Very fair pricing
  • Built-in putter well 
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The TaylorMade Select ST is one of the best value cart bags on the market. This bag has 15 full-length individual dividers to keep your clubs from hitting each other as you make your way around the course. In addition, the fabric is fade resistant and easy to maintain. 

Overall the color options for the TaylorMade Select SP are limited, but the functionality and features of this bag are pretty good. 


  • Fade resistant fabric
  • Built in putter 
  • Great looking golf bag 
  • Impressive club protection for the price 


  • Does not have additional color options 

Best Premium: Glove It Pixel Plaid Cart Bag

Best Premium Cart Bag
Glove It Pixel Plaid Cart Bag
  • Great looking golf bag
  • Comes in several different patterns 
  • 15 way padded dividers
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The GloveIt Pixel Plaid is a unique-looking premium golf bag and is an excellent choice for the woman golfer who wants to stand out from others. This bag has 9 pockets that are easy to get to when your bag is on the cart. In addition, there is a thermal-lined cooler pocket to keep your drinks cool. 

If you want your GloveIt bag personalized, the zip-off ball pocket is easy to zip off and customize. 


  • Cooler pocket
  • Integrated putter well
  • Unique pattern options 
  • Keeps clubs well protected 


  • Fabric will eventually fade over time

How to Choose the Best Women’s Golf Bag 

Now that you have some of the best women’s golf bag options on the market, it’s time to narrow down which ones are best for your needs. There are several important factors to look for when choosing which golf bags are the best for women. 


The two basic types of golf bags for women are the stand bag and the cart bag. Either the stand bag or the cart bag can be an excellent choice for golfers. The key is to think about the type of golf you enjoy. For the most part, golfers that walk will want a stand bag, and those that ride will need the cart bag. A new style of hybrid golf bag mixes the cart and the stand bag. 


The price of a golf bag for women will vary. You can get a great golf bag in the $150-$300 range most of the time. However, some premium bags are made with leather or have unique features and personalization, and they will be more than $300. 

It does make sense to spend a little extra money on a great bag so that you can get five or more years out of it. 


When looking for a high-quality golf bag, try to find options that have zippers that won’t rust, some waterproof capabilities, durable fabric, and UV resistance. If you play a lot of golf, spending the extra money on a great golf bag makes sense. 


Golf bags have to have a certain amount of storage for your gear. All golf bags should hold golf balls and tees. However, it can be beneficial when a bag also contains room for clothing, rangefinders, valuables, and more. 

Look for various pockets to ensure that you can stay organized while you are on the golf course. 


The more lightweight golf bags will be the stand bags or carry bags. You will want to look for an average weight of fewer than five pounds or so for these bags. With the cart bags, anywhere from 5 to 8 pounds is standard. 

The weight of the bag is very important for golfers who will be walking the course or heading out with a push cart. However, for players who own their golf cart and never take the bag off, the bag’s weight really doesn’t matter. 

Most people get overly concerned with bag weight, even though this is mainly controlled by the golfer after the fact. You will have no problem keeping the weight down if you can manage the number of accessories that you keep in your bag. 


 The features of a golf bag can range from anything to 14 way dividers to an umbrella holder to a cart strap pass through. The features to look for are those that will help you remain more organized and the ability to protect your clubs. 

Some of the latest features to come to market are magnetic close pockets and forward-facing pockets to help for better access. If you have large grips on your clubs, make sure that the size of the putter well will accommodate your putter. 

Each company has different features to consider; try to look at other players’ bags and see what they have that your current bag is missing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a golf bag can be tough because you end up keeping it for years to come. So here are a few questions to consider when deciding on a golf bag. 

Should I Choose a Stand Bag or Cart Bag?

The golf bag and the stand bag can both be an intelligent choice; however, if you like to walk the golf course, the stand bag is a better choice. Many women golfers have a hard time lifting their bags as they get older, and the stand bag is a much better overall option for this. 

What Is The Difference Between A Men’s and a Women’s Golf Bag?

A men’s and a women’s golf bag are typically different colors, slightly different weights, and sometimes different heights. Some companies will just take a bag and offer it in a few more appealing colors to women. Other companies will manufacture a golf bag specifically designed for the female player. 

Women’s golf clubs are not as long as men’s golf clubs. Therefore finding a slightly shorter women’s golf bag can also be a smart idea. 

Do Women Need A Women’s Golf Bag? 

Women do not need a women’s golf bag. In fact, women do not even need women’s golf clubs. Instead, women golfers should find a bag that works for the gear they carry in their bag, and they will be more than satisfied with what they end up with. Always check the weights and overall style and design of a bag to ensure it is the exact fit you are looking for in your game. 

Is An Expensive Golf Bag Worth It?

We always like to try and save you money when possible. However, it does make sense to invest a few hundred dollars in golf bags. This bag can last you as long as ten years if you purchase a great one. Golf equipment changes considerably yearly, but golf bag technology will not experience nearly as much change.


We hope that you now feel as though you can choose a great women’s golf bag in 2022. With all of these strong options, many women golfers have difficulty deciding which is best for them. Luckily you can make your decision based on how you like to play the game, how often you play, and what features you are specifically looking for in your golf bag.

It makes sense to do a bit of research before purchasing, as women’s golf bags should last you for more than five years if you purchase the right design. 

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