6 Best Winter Golf Shoes to Keep Those Toes Warm

Toughing it out just to get some holes in during colder months is the mark of a golfer committed to improving their game. The drive to succeed can be measured by how willing someone is to put in the work to get better. That could mean playing a round when it’s downright cold out in the wintertime. 

Your hands and body are chilly, but you have jackets and winter golf gloves for that. So what about your feet? You need a pair of winter golf shoes. These are warmer and less breathable than traditional golf shoes. So you can keep the warmth in around your feet. The last thing you want when you’re walking to your ball is not to be able to feel your feet.

Winter golf should be celebrated, but proper attire is required. Here is a guide to the best winter golf shoes on the market and what you should look for when shopping for a pair.

Best Winter Golf Shoes: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: adidas S2g Recycled Polyester Mid Cut
Best Winter Golf Boots: Skechers Torque Brogan Relaxed Fit
Best for Warmth: Acushnet Footjoy Cascade Spiked
Best for Cold and Wet Rounds: PUMA Ignite Proadapt
Best for Grip: ECCO Biom G 3 Gore-tex
Best Spikeless Boot: Oregon Mudders CM700N Waterproof

adidas Men’s S2g Recycled Polyester Mid Cut Golf Shoes (Best Overall)

Best Overall
adidas Men’s S2g Recycled Polyester Mid Cut Golf Shoes
$140.00 $98.72

Built to cover more of your foot, these are perfect to wear at all times of the year. It won’t matter how wet or dry the turf is, as these provide a sustainable grip for comfortable golf shots.

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01/28/2023 12:38 pm GMT

The adidas Men’s S2g style of golf shoe is mid-cut, meaning they go up a little bit higher than a traditional golf shoe. These will provide more coverage and warmth for your feet. They have a rubber sole that helps keep in the heat.

They are designed for wet weather but can be worn in any weather. They offer waterproof coverage to keep you dry and focused on your swing. The bottoms have a four-spike outsole that lets you keep a confident grip across wet and cold fairways and greens.

Meant for a wider fit, they won’t suffocate your feet. But they do have a textile lining that keeps each shoe durable. With a lace closure, you’re sure to keep them up tight. They are offered in sizes ranging from 7 to 15 for men. 

Skechers Men’s Torque Brogan Relaxed Fit Winter Golf Boots Shoe (Best Winter Golf Boots)

Best Winter Golf Boots
Skechers Men's Torque Brogan Relaxed Fit Winter Golf Boots Shoe

Made for winter golf, these rise up high and give you a ton of coverage. They feature replaceable soft spikes to let you pick what length you want for the winter.

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If you’re looking to wear a few pairs of golf socks during a cold round, you will love these boots. They offer a relaxed fit design to give you more room to wear a few layers on your feet. They provide a smooth leather upper that is comfortable on your ankle. 

Thanks to the ultra-lightweight, responsive Ultra Flight midsole, you’ll barely feel like you’re wearing them. It features a molded rubber grip bottom plate and RESAMAX technology in the insole, allowing for a high rebound. That means these will respond to each step that you take in them.

The shoes have H2GO waterproof protection that lasts for two years. They feature a Velcro top strap to keep your foot secure. 

Acushnet Footjoy Cascade Spiked Golf Boots (Best for Warmth)

Best for Warmth
Acushnet Footjoy Cascade Spiked Golf Boots
$119.99 $99.99

These offer both comfort and warmth in a boot-style design. These do well in mud and wet weather as well.

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01/28/2023 12:13 pm GMT

FootJoy is known for quality, as the company makes our pick for the best golf shoe overall. These are no exception as they offer warmth and comfort. They have a soft, lightweight fitbed for the comfort you need as you walk down a frozen fairway.

The Duramax outsole is made from a soft rubber compound that provides flexibility. Made from full-grain leather, the upper material locks in warmth. These have Pulsar cleats that are super soft but that offer grip that you need.

These are waterproof, but they only last for a year. The boots are offered in both standard and wide sizing, making them more accessible to many golfers.

PUMA Golf Men’s Ignite Proadapt Golf Shoe (Best for Cold and Wet Rounds)

Best for Cold and Wet Rounds
PUMA Golf Men’s Ignite Proadapt Golf Shoe
$200.00 $132.07

Not only can these keep your feet warm, but they also have quality waterproofing. With an adaptive fit system, you’ll have a proper fit for your round.

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01/28/2023 12:13 pm GMT

You want the grip and the warmth when playing on a cold and wet day. These shoes will deliver both. Thanks to the adaptive fit system, it basically sculpts to your foot. The molded comfort collar on the inside and Atlantis leather on the outside makes for a quality warm shoe.

Underneath your foot is Ignite foam alongside the proadapt outsole, delivering comfort that lets you walk 18 holes without much issue. The dual durometer Tornado cleats provide spectacular grip for all kinds of wet surfaces.

The waterproof is built to last, and you can lace these shoes up as tight as you need. They are offered in a variety of sizes and multiple colors.

ECCO Men’s Biom G 3 Gore-tex Golf Shoe (Best for Grip)

Best for Grip
ECCO Men’s Biom G 3 Gore-tex Golf Shoe
$250.00 $179.98

Not only are these shoes comfortable, but they provide you with the grip you need on cold days. They are waterproof, keeping your feet warmer too.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/28/2023 12:13 pm GMT

With a synthetic sole and X-Tensa invisible technology, these shoes provide you with comfort and stability during a colder round. But it’s the cleats that really shine for winter golf.

The Zarma Tour spikes, combined with hybrid elements, enable these cleats to adapt to all kinds of landscapes. You won’t find yourself sliding when hitting on a slicker surface that may be frosted over. The rotation line on the toe helps make sure of that.

With Biom natural motion technology, these breathe and protect your feet from the elements. The Ortholite inlay sole is removable and washable, so you don’t have to let potentially wet and smelly socks continue to be that way. It also offers long-term cushioning for many rounds.

While the sizes may run a bit small, Ecco is known for comfort and style.

Oregon Mudders Men’s CM700N Waterproof 6-Inch Golf Boot (Best Spikeless Boot)

Best Spikeless Boot
Oregon Mudders Men's CM700N Waterproof 6-Inch Golf Boot

These spikeless boots are waterproof to keep you dry, as well as boast a fleece lining for warmth. They feature a turf nipple sole for traction.

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01/28/2023 12:18 pm GMT

If you’re someone who prefers to wear spikeless shoes, these are winter golf boots made for you. Featuring a turf nipple sole, the bumpiness allows for added traction on any kind of surface.

They have a waterproof microfiber upper and a waterproof membrane bootie. The fleece lining on the inside provides a warm environment for your feet. The boot is flexible and lightweight with Oregon Mudders’ unique Five Piece Golf Traction Foot Bed.

The lateral stability in these is strong, and the new extended tongue gusset keeps your feet dry. These are great shoes to wear on the course and in the clubhouse. They are durable, built to last, and come in standard and wide sizes.

What to Consider When Buying Winter Golf Shoes

The first thing that comes to mind when you’re playing winter golf is how cold you might be. So obviously, what you want to focus on first and foremost is warmth. If a pair of winter golf shoes has a fleece lining, that is your best bet. 

If you can’t find one with a fleece lining, that’s okay. But you should ensure that the tops aren’t mesh, which is designed to be breathable. That’s great for the summer, but it lets air into and out of the shoe, meaning when it’s cold out, your toes are getting chilled.

A leather upper or microfiber upper should do well. You also need to consider the cushioning for your golf shoes. That is always important when you’re walking during a round. But in the wintertime, it’s crucial to have comfortable shoes that allow you some wiggle room. That’s because you’re likely to wear more than one pair of socks at that time of year.

The shoe should almost definitely be waterproof as well. Some shoes have longer waterproofing than others. But winter shoes need to be waterproof, as you can play in nastier and colder temperatures more easily when your feet aren’t wet. 

Your traction is vital when it’s winter as well. It can be very slick if there is a bit of frost or dew during those early morning rounds. You’re going to want spiked shoes if possible. If you aren’t someone who likes spiked shoes, a thicker tread is essential.

Finally, you want a closure that you can pull tight. You may want the flexibility of having shoes that can be tight with laces or a strap. Loose shoes are a recipe for disaster.

What’s Different About Winter Golf Shoes?

As you saw with a few of our picks, winter golf shoes can be shaped in the style of a boot. They have a higher backing, covering more of your ankle and maybe up to the bottom of your shin. That allows you more coverage on your foot and, in turn, a warmer place for your feet.

They have a sturdy build to last during tougher rounds. These also can withstand many rounds in all kinds of conditions. Winter golf shoes tend to be waterproof to protect your feet from inclimate weather.

You may have to strap these up to play in them, but they will look the part of golf shoes. You can get spiked or spikeless winter golf shoes, as that is a personal preference. They both come in the higher-rising style. 

Do You Need Winter Golf Shoes If You’re Playing in Warmer Conditions?

Honestly, no, you don’t. If you’re not worried about dire conditions in the winter, you don’t really need to be concerned about having warmer golf shoes.

That said, you should still ensure you have enough traction for the conditions you’re playing in. If you like the idea of a spikeless winter golf boot, that is definitely an option. But you can also get away with regular spikeless golf shoes if the temperature has just dropped a bit.

Finding the right golf shoe for your conditions really depends on where you tend to play the most. You still may want a more durable upper on your shoe if it’s cooler out, and it’s always good to have a waterproof shoe because you never know when a front may move in.


If you’re someone who plays golf in the winter, you will want shoes that keep your feet warm. For those who tend to play in colder temperatures when the winter rolls around, something like either the adidas S2g Mid Cut Golf Shoe or the Skechers Men’s Torque Brogan Relaxed Fit Winter Golf Boot should do nicely to keep your feet and ankles warmer.

While winter golf shoes aren’t a necessity, they make a lot of sense for people who hate having cold feet. So give yourself enough room and warmth, and keep improving your game, even in the winter. 

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